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Peter Biecher


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Peter Biecher 1

   Another name for Peter was Peter Bicher.2

  General Notes:

Using Y-DNA testing, we have proven the person you are reading about is related to a number of other Bücher, Bicher, Beecher ancestor lines in the 1700's in Pennsylvania. Please see http://www.SearchTrees.com/beecher for the latest research findings.

If you are a male Beecher or Bicher or similar spelling, we may pay for a free Y-DNA test (send in your saliva by U.S. mail) to prove your relationship. Please contact Jonathan Beacher at treeinfo@searchtrees.com with the name of your earliest known Beecher for details.

  Death Notes:

Record in the Muddy Creek Reformed church book, burial by Rev. John Christian Wilms: 1791, Nov 25, died, Peter Biesser, age 61 yrs 7 mos 17 d.

  Noted events in his life were:

1. Relatives To Research: Y-DNA testing proves he is related to other ancestors in 1700's Pennsylvania. For current info please read http://www.SearchTrees.com/beecher and contact jonathan@SearchTrees.com (Jonathan Scott Beacher).

2. He immigrated on the ship Edinburgh on 30 Sep 1754 to Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA. 2 The complete passenger list:

Henry Whiel
Fredk. Wm. Frick
Jurg Eberhard Mill
Joh. Henr. Phiefer
Joh. Conrad ShiblerJohann Henrich Pfeiffer
Joh Henry Blecker
Jurg Hilt
Herman Gerlach
Johannes Gerlach
Philip Spitius
Jurg Wilhelm
Christopl. Kniel
Melchior Strump
Paul Leshorn
Herman Sommer
Philip Sommer
Johan Peter Wolf
Bernhard Mathias
Bernhard Mathias
Johannes Mathias
Jurg Wiesick
Anthony Peter
Andreas Wiel
Jurg Henry Rung
Ludwig Kam
Conrad Neyhart
Johannes Ludwig
Conrad Ludwig
Casper Zorn
Joost Pingman
Fredk. Shimpf
Anderas Dien
Philip Baster
Daniel Fetsberger
Henry Walter
Johannes Pot
Johannes Linker
Henry Langstorf
Jacob Ludwig
Engelbart Ludwig
Anderas Hebnar
Ludwig Winckler
Jacob Shimpf
Rudolph Troogh
Baltzer Faulsteg
Jurg Lohr
Casper Erb
Samuel Haubt
Johans. Do ("? Haubt) * Samuel Haubt
Nichs Do ("? Haubt)Johannes Haubt
Peter Heght
Conrad Lohr
Philip Ludwig
Johannes Huber
Valentin Ulrich
Eberhard Diel
Henry Winckler
Henry Gebhard
Jacob Hammersteyn
Conrad Enters
Peter Wiesman
Conrad Bour
Jacob Slotter
Daniel Grugh
Adam Leobold
Johannes Weaver
Philib Ries
Jurg Kob
Henry Kob
Adam Stram
Henry Stram
Wilhelm Baltzer
Henry Louia
Erhard Weaver
Philib Tauberman
Henry Hock
Anthony Hecht
Jurg Wietzel
Jurg Metzer
Jacob Kern
Maths. Kern
Michael Wentz
Christoph Essig
Christoph Rable
Jacob Do ("? Rable)Christoph Reble
Henry Hass
Peter Paul
Anthony Morgel
Adam Maurer
Nichs. Hemb
Michl. Grui
Christophel Do ("? Grui)Johann Chruy
Conrad Krim
Johans Do ("? Krim)Johannes Grim
Jurg Do ("? Krim) Jeorg Grimm
Conrad Philips
Peter Kiel
Conrad Messer
Werners. Dickel
Peter Do ("? Dickel) * Werner Dickol
Conrad Snyder
Anderas Grauthamel
Bastian Fretz
Daniel Langster
Conrad Langster
Conrad Demand
Fredk. Shimpf
Jacob Gibel
Herman Mathias
Johannes Bender
Conrad Bender
Philip Rorich, on board * Phillip ( ) Rorich, on board * Philip ( ) Roorig, sick
Conrad Snyder
Johannes Bup
Jurg Diel
Johannes Cappies, sick * Johannis ( ) Cappias, on board * Johanes ( ) Kopins, sick
Johannes Kemmer
Henry Loub
Casper Zigler
Jurg Holl
Peter Dorter
Henry Mengin* name crossed outPetter Derdter
Johannes Mengin
Ernst Mengin
Peter Bicher
Rienhard Wies
Henry Rietz
Mathias Ludwig
Lorentz Albon
Gothard Do ("? Albon) * Gotthardt Allwohn
Jacob Hellrich
Christofel Do ("? Hellrich) * Christn (X) Helrich Christoff (X) Hellerich
Johannes Sommer
Johannes Sommer
Conrad Kiessel
Herman Kiessel
Johannes Kiessel
Jurg Sorg
Conrad Diel
Jacob Hoffman
Frans Shalter
Jurg Perstler
Johannes Nothymer
Diedrich Fontin
Michl. Kausler
Johannes Knab
Jacob Renner
Jacob Renner
Jurg Do ("? Renner)Gorg Gottfridt Volcker
Michael Esber
Gotfried Felker
Christian Meckel
Henry Froder
Johannes Becker
Casper Do ("? Becker) * Johannes Schmeh
Henry Stecken
John Smee
George Weitzel
George Kraa

3. A lot on Eighth St. Near Cumberland St. In 1759 in Lebanon, Lebanon, PA. 1 Peter Biecher was among the first to purchase a land lot in Stites Town, which became Lebanon.

From the book Old Salem in Lebanon : a history of the congregation and town:

The year 1759 was a busy year for Stites and his little town, and at this time he gave deeds for many of the most valuable and prominent sites in the place. The lot diagonally opposite the Farmer's Flotel, where Charles B. Rauch now resides, he deeded to George Beetrich. This was evidently the year in which the lots along Eighth street were sold. The corner lot, with the old house on it, belonging to Geo. Krause & Co., was deeded by Stites to Martin Light on February 28, 1759. The witnesses to this transaction were George Reynolds and two others who signed their names in German.

It was numbered lot 54. No. 53, the lot on which Boger's Drug Store now stands, was also sold shortly afterward by Stites to Martin Light. On the 4th of March Stites sold the lot at Eighth and Willow streets, where John Henry Miller's property now stands, just opposite the Salem church, on Willow street, to George Hats. Less than a week later John Huber buys from Stites lot No. 48, where the Court House now is, at a rent of six shillings annually. Not so long afterward this Court House lot came into the possession of Jacob Stieb, one of the first members of Salem church. Lot No. 47, the central one on the Court House block, was sold to Philip Gloninger, and with lot 46, was finally sold to Charles Greenwald and the County Commissioners. In this same year lots No. 28, 29 and 30, beginning at Eighth and Cumberland streets, and running from the Central Hotel and First National Bank to the hardware store, Stites sold to Jacob Shofner. Lot No. 27, further down, was sold to Peter Biecher. The P. O. S. of A. Hall property, on the opposite side of the street, Stites sold in the same year to Philip Ollinger. Lots No. 31 and 32, now the properties of Dr. Mease and the Colonial Hotel were also sold this year.

4. Tax List: 1772, Cocalico Twp., Lancaster, PA. 3 Three relatives are listed in the 1772 tax list for Cocalico Township:
Beaker, Peter 70 acres clear & 80 acres of woodland, 2 horses and 2 cows, tax 8 pounds
Bicher, Henry 10 acres clear & 40 acres of woodland, 1 horse and a cow. Tax 4 pounds
Inmates: Engle Beiger, tax 2 pounds

[Note: an "inmate" is someone who owns no property, living in a relative's home or renting.]

5. Tax List: Peter Beecher [indexed as Beeher], 150 acres, 2 horses, 2 cattle, total value 324, hard money tax 5, state money tax 4 1 6, 1779, Cocalico Twp., Lancaster, PA. 4


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