Using Y-DNA testing we’ve identified the unique unrelated families with surnames Bucher, Beecher, Becker, Booher, Bougher, Bicher, Becher, Beacher and similar B260 Soundex codes.

Any male who has a similar sounding surname (even if spelled differently) can take a simple Y-DNA test to prove which ancestors you are and are not related to. Click to purchase a test kit and then under “MALE LINE TESTING” choose a Y-DNA kit. A 12-marker test for $49 will simply prove which ancestors you are or are not related to. A 37-marker or 67-marker test is more detailed and can reveal when in time you are related – how many generations ago you shared a common ancestor. If you have questions use our contact form. Click for general info about this Y-DNA project.

FYI, our Y-DNA testing is done by the largest genealogy testing firm, FamilyTreeDNA. If you try other firms such as and 23andMe for testing you will not get any matches on the surnames we are studying; those firms have too few participants and hence you get no matches. (FYI, we run the project at FamilyTreeDNA as unpaid volunteers and earn nothing for our research work.)

Y-DNA Research Findings…

We have already identified Y-DNA signatures for all the major Bucher, Beecher, and Booher ancestor lines in America, so taking the test can show which family line you are related to. We continue to collect many Becker signatures and at this time we are discovering there are many unique Becker lines, rather than a few major related lines as is this case with our other surnames.

You can view our test results to see the different family lines by clicking the button below to go to In the displayed results table, each colored row begins a unique family identified by a code like E-001, E-002, etc. and within that colored group are listed the ancestors belonging to that family line who are related in some way. The columns at right identify the Y-DNA chromosome markers that the ancestors share. Many of these ancestor’s family trees are here on so use the search box on our home page to learn more about them.

If you have questions about Y-DNA tests feel free to email