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  • Beecher 1876 – will find surname Beecher with that year mentioned.
  • Smith marriage Riegel – will find surname Smith with spouse Riegel.
  • Snyder Berks County – will list Synder ancestors in Berks county.
  • Bucher Obituary – will find any Bucher for whom we have an obituary.
  • Eisenhuth 1850 Census – will find all Eisenhuths with census listings in 1850.

Exciting News: Dec 2023! I have written a FREE huge e-book “One Y-DNA Family Tree: Beecher, Beacher, Beicher, Biecher, Bicher, Beechert, Beeker, Beher, Buecher, Bücher” that is being registered with the The Library of Congress and will be distributed FREE on Google Books, Amazon Books, from libraries, etc. But I can send you a link to read it now if you email Jonathan Scott Beacher at Let me know the name of your ancestor. It includes the report I commissioned from our professional genealogist in Germany.

About SearchTrees is an archive of many different family trees that begin in colonial Pennsylvania prior to the Revolutionary War. These family trees descend in later generations into the midwest (Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois) and as far as California and we trace them down to about 1930 or so when possible.

This website is part of the Bucher/Beecher Y-DNA research project and contains thousands of ancestors with Bucher, Beecher, and alternate spellings of those surnames.

These records were collected by Bruce Beacher Ph.d., his nephew Jonathan Beacher, and the many genealogists who have contributed info since we published Bruce’s research on the Internet. Sources are cited at bottom of most tree pages. If no citation, info is unproven.

Locations given are in the counties/townships as they exist today, except for census listings which use the location that existed then.

All information is ©2023 and may not be reproduced in whole or part without our permission on websites featuring advertising or subscription fees, but may be reproduced in your own personal family tree online or in reports if you provide a source citation to this website.

This website has family trees for all Beecher, Bucher, Beicher, Biecher, Bicher, Beacher, Becher families in 1700-1900s Pennsylvania and information about the Bucher – Beecher Y-DNA project that can tell which Beecher, Bucher etc. ancestors you are related to.

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