The Bucher/Booker Family, 1686-1990: Table of Contents

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Table of Contents

Chapter I

Germany to Frederick County, Virginia

Myths, Legends, and Family Traditions

The Indianapolis – Deitrick Records

Johann Ulrich Bucher of Frederick County, Virginia

John Michael Bucher of Frederick County, Virginia

John Bucher of Frederick County, Virginia

The Jacob Bucher and Mary Ann Whitzel Family of Stephens’ City, Frederick County, Virginia

John Philip Bucher in Shenandoah County, Virginia

John Philip Booker [Bucher], Jr. of Shenandoah County, Virginia

David Booker in Shenandoah County, Virginia

Known Bucher Marriages in the Shenandoah Valley Virginia

The Moses Bucher and Lydia Caroline Van Horn Family Son of Phillip Peter Bucher


Chapter II

The John Phillip Bucher/Booker Family

The Isaac Booker and Margaret Watson Family

The George Booker and Nancy Conyers Family

The Jesse Booker Family

The John Booker and Nancy Wallace Family

The Mary (Polly) Booker and Elizah Arterburn Family

The David Booker and Jacob Booker Families In Kentucky

Male Children of David Booker and Theodosha (“Dosha”) Smith

Children of Jacob Booker and Elizabeth (?Crist)


Chapter III

The Jacob Booker Family (Son of John Phillip Bucher)

The John A. Booker and Elizabeth Trimble Family

The James Baxter Booker and Elizabeth Davidson Family

The Catherine M. Booker and John Ingle/Engle Family

The James Nelson Ingle Family

John Wesley Ingle

The Keziah Booker and Hiram A. Benefiel Family

John W. Benefiel

Robert R. Benefiel

Lavicy Benefiel

Hiram A. Benefiel

The William Jarrett Booker Family

Levinia Booker and Ruel Booker

Jacob Nelson Booker

George W. Booker

Nancy Booker

The Levicy Booker and James M. Gobin Family

The Levina Booker and John R. Davidson Family

The James Baxter Booker Family of Moultrie Co., Illinois

The John Davis Booker and Susannah Hastings

Charles Dexter Booker

Harriet Ellen Booker and Amos A. Ross

John Wesley Booker

The Thomas Jefferson Booker and Charlotte Ann Bell Family

Thomas Albert Booker

Florry Bell Booker

William Lowe Booker

Samuel Arthur Booker

The James Madison Booker Family

The Richard Davidson Booker Family


Chapter IV

The David Booker and Theodosha Smith Family

The George W. Booker and Mary (Polly) Padgett Family

The Delilah Booker and Charles T. Bennett Family

Mary A. Bennett

The Wingrove Bennett and Margaret Ann Dunbar Family

The Juley Ann Bennett and Thomas Atticus Headley Family

The George Bennett and Florence Miller Family

The Louvisa Bennett and Herman Milburn Family

The Vance Bennett and Mary Jane Headley Family

The Martha A. Bennett and John Plummer Family

The William S. Bennett and Mary Garfield Brewer Family

The Emma Rilla Bennett and James Dunbar Family

The Emeline Booker and Theopolis Padgett Family

The Silas Booker and Rebecca Cox Family

Josiah Booker

The Abraham Booker and Sarah E. Jett Family

The Harrison Booker and Maryam Jett Family

The William George Booker and Charlotte Cox Family

Harrison Allen Booker

The Mary Elanore Booker and James Marion Bowen Family

William Albert Booker

The Martha A. Booker and Amzy Clark Wells Family

James T. Booker

The Dorcas Booker and Squire Jordan Bedwell Family

The Louisa Booker and Christopher H. Cox Family

The Alexander Evan Booker and Harriet Cox Family

The George Booker and Delilah Ann Matthews Family

Groomes Booker

The William Albert Booker and Emma A. McNair Family

Harry V. Booker

Millard McNair Booker

Williard M. Booker

The Theophelus H. Booker and Sophia Young Family


Chapter V

The Jacob Booker and Henrietta Cowden Family

The Nancy Ann Booker and Coatney Walters Family

The John Booker and Mary Jane Walters Family

The Julia Ann Booker and Samuel H. Robbins Family

The David J. Booker and Mary Ann (Polly) Howard Family

The Elizabeth Ann Booker and George Samuel Blakeman Family

Mary Belle Blakeman Land Leckie

The Henrietta Dosha Blakeman and Calvin O. Lisman Family

Jacob F. Blakeman

Aaron Blakeman

The Tacy Jane Blakeman and Stanford Chambers Family

Nancy M. Blakeman Griffith

The George Allen Blakeman and Adelaide Brown Family

The Iva Ellen Blakeman and Jacob Walters Combs Family

The Jacob C. Booker and Christiana Clayton Family

The William Perry Booker and Alpha A. Moore Family

The Clarinda Alice Booker and Edward Shepherd Family

The Anna Jane Booker and Charles Edwin Wall Family

The Henrietta Ida Booker and Jacob Louis Pirtle Family

The Eva Bernice Pirtle and Cecil W. Gambill Family

The Jacob Harold Pirtle and Daisy Brodie Family

The Milton Opal Pirtle and Martha Cecilia Pinkston Family

The Eunice May Pirtle and Claude Walters Family

The Clara Elizabeth Pirtle and Henry A. Milam Family

The Dulcie Irene Pirtle and Denver Jewell Family

The Ada Katherine Pirtle and George W. Atkinson Family

The Ralph Edward Pirtle and Betty Jean Turpen Family

The Francis Wayne Pirtle Family

The John Thomas Booker and Clara Maud Robertson Family

The Albert Wilks Booker and Bessie G. McCammon Family

Eli Francis Booker

The Sarah Ann Booker and Thomas Clayton Family

The Anna E. Clayton and John M. Ladson Family

The Mary L. Clayton and Elmer H. Robertson Family

The William J. Clayton and Louettie Robertson Family

The Thomas Perry Clayton and Mary Blanche Shake Family


Chapter VI

The Isaac Booker and Betsy Padgett Family

The Washington Booker and Lucinda Caroline Moody Family

Joshua A. Booker

The Elizabeth Booker and Simpson Purcell Family

The Noama Purcell and Asher Bedwell Family

The Mary (Polly) Booker and John Purcell Family

The Edward Wilks Booker and Mary A. Simpson Family

The Henry H. Booker and Mary Jane Carrico Family

The Elizabeth Booker and Roley Lee Moon Family

Sampson Booker

The Jacob R. Booker and Josephine Plummer Family

The Ervin Booker and Olga Jane Parks Family

The Lillian M. Booker and Booth Bedwell Family

The Earl Booker and Allie Gadberry Family

The Lloyd Eugene Booker and Olive Mary Moody Family

The Mary A. Booker and Lewis M. Booker, Jr. Family

The Samaria Jane Booker and Maxwell Carrico Family

The America Booker and Benjamin Plew Family

The Mary Ann Plew and John William Grizzle Family

The Ruel Booker and Lavinia Booker Family

The Rhoda Booker and James Mayfield Family

The Lewis Marion Booker and Mary Alsman Family

The Laura Booker and George Cox Family

Burlin Sylvester Booker and Flora A. Lucas Family

The Robert A. Booker and Verna E. Douthitt Family

The William Raymond Booker and Elva Raye Bedwell Family

The Charles M. Booker Family

The Nettie Opal Booker and Monnie James Russell Family

The Donald Commodore C. Booker and Della M. Hummell Family

The Alice Booker and Sherman Sumner Family

The Minnie Booker and Jonas Ladson Family

The Elmer Roscoe Booker and Nora O. Davidson Family

The Homer Booker and Lou Stella Fearnot Family of Greene Co., Indiana

The Goldie Maye Booker and Glenn McGlothlin Family

The Luther Martin Booker and Verna Porter Family

The Emma Booker and John Mowery Family

Ethel Booker Duncan Moore

Lucille Booker Sullivan Larson

Elsie Booker Johnson

The Joannah Sophia Booker and William Allen Plew Family

The Elvira Booker and Jasper N. Bennett Family


Chapter VII

The Abraham Booker and Rachael Eads Family

Rachael Jane Booker Wolfe O’Neal

The William O. Booker and Celisia Ann Woodward Family

The Martin Luther Booker and Mary Belle Robertson Family

The William H. Booker and Margaret Sherman Family

The Howell Leland Booker and Marinda J. Buck Family

The Catherine Booker and Thomas G. Gamble Family

Sarah Ann Booker Weller

Dr. Carroll C. Booker


Chapter VIII

The Phillip Booker Family

The Simon Plew and Elizabeth Jones Family

The Richard Gott and Elizabeth Jones Plew Family

The David Booker and Elizabeth Solomon Family

The Cynthia Ann Booker and Phillip Solomon Family

Josiah or Joseph Booker

The Elizabeth Booker and Jacob Nelson Booker Family

The John Ross Booker and Elizabeth Cowden Family

The John Ross Booker and Louisa B. Tarver Family

George W. Booker

The Perry Ruffin Booker and Margaret Ann Gott Family

The Thomas Benton Booker and Emily C. Taylor Family

Family of John Taylor and Delilah Cox

The Richard C. Booker and Emily Jane Jett

The Mahala Sophronia Booker/Jones/Ferree Family

The Ruel Howard Booker and Mary Delilah Grizzle (Griswold) Family

The James F. Booker and Ida ? Family

The William Nelson Booker and Mary Jane Elizabeth Cox Family

The Marquis Lafayette Booker and Mary Ann Lee Family

The Winnifred Ann Booker and Charles Halstead Family

Samuel Francis Booker


Chapter IX

The James Booker and Christena Ready Family

The John Ready Family of Sullivan Co., Indiana

The Catherine E. Booker and Davison McGuire Family

The Elizabeth Booker and Henry W. Howell Family

The Mary Ann Booker and James Linsey Reynolds Family

The Samuel Hodge Booker and Sarah Ann Rouse Family

The David D. Booker and Mary Elizabeth Tohill Family

The James Jackson Booker and Virginia Ann Querry Family

Christena Caroline Booker

Children of Catherine Booker and Davison McGuire

Ruth A. Eaton

F. L. McGuires to Celebrate 50th Wedding Anniversary

The Reynolds and Hedrick Families

The Charles Harden Reynolds Family

Effie Ann Hedrick

Thomas Reynolds

Children of Samuel Hodge Booker and Sarah Ann Rouse

Andrew Jackson Booker

Chester Charles Booker

Samuel Robert Booker

John M. Booker

William Henry Booker

Charlie’s Newstand Battle Is Over

James N. Booker

Sarah Catherine Booker

John Irving Mason

Cordelia Adeline Booker

James F. Coker

Alva Leonard Booker

Children of David D. Booker and Mary Elizabeth Tohill

The James Clinton Booker and Rena Hill Family

Wayne H. Booker

Mabel Hammes

The George Webster Booker and Myrtle Jane Smith Family

Ervin Lewis Booker

Ada May Tammen Booker

David D. Booker, Jr.

The Martha Bell Booker and Emery Hullinger Family

Fred D. Hullinger

Ross Leon Hullinger

Children of James Jackson Booker and Virginia Ann Querry

The Christina Adeline Booker and David Mitchell Clements Family

The Elsie Ethel Booker and John Riley Jewell Family

The Edward Adam Booker Family of Natchez, Mississippi

The Holt Family

The Kaufeldt/Coffelt Family

The Lon Edward Booker, Sr. and Marvel A. Graves Family

The Gupton/Patterson/McCaa Families of Union Church, MS

Marie Kathleen Booker

Ray Irving Booker

Faye Alma Booker

Charles Lee Booker, Sr.

Charles Lee Booker, Jr.

Appendix A

Computer Listings of the Descendants of Phillip Booker (Chapter VIII)

Appendix B

Computer Listings of the Descendants of James Booker (Chapter IX)


Jacob Bucher and Anna Margaretha of Michelbach, parents of Johann (Hans) Ulrich Bucher


Note To The Reader

It is necessary to point out that our name, Booker, was originally spelled Bucher, long “u” and “ch” = “k”. When first arriving in the Shenandoah Valley between 1732 and early 1735, our immigrant, Hans Ulrich Bucher and his children were mistakenly recorded in civil and religious records as Buger, Burger, Boger, Boucher, and “Poker”. The similarity of the “B” and “P” sound spoken by the early Bucher settlers was not differentiated enough, causing the civil authorities to record our name as “Poker” until about 1775. In the Frederick County Courthouse Will Index, under the name Bucher, you will find the statement, “also, see Poker, Boogher, and Boucher”. I have worked diligently to authenticate all documents in the Shenandoah region that pertain to our Bucher/Booker family. I sincerely hope that the reader finds this labor of love as interesting and exciting as I did during my six years of research.