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1. Eleanor

Samuel W. Beecher Sr. 1 2 3 4

  • Born: 17 Dec 1785, , Lancaster, PA 1 2 4 5 6
  • Christened: 19 May 1786, , Lancaster, PA 1 6
  • Marriage (1): Eleanor
  • Died: 30 Dec 1870, Manheim Twp., Lancaster, PA at age 85 3 4
  • Buried: 2 Jan 1871, Lancaster: City Cemetery, Lancaster, PA 3 4

   Another name for Samuel was Samuel Bücher.2 5 7

   FamilySearch ID: 9KP6-NQR.

  Christening Notes:

Baptism appears in the Personal Register of Reverend Traugott F. Illing. The translation as provided by author F. Edward Wright in his Church Records of the 18th Century volume: "Samuel, of John Bucher and wife Mary, b. 17 Dec 1785; bapt. 17 May 1786. Sponsor: John Geigel."

  Burial Notes:

Section 1549.

  Noted events in his life were:

1. He has conflicting birth information of 17 Nov 1785 and , Lancaster, PA. 3

2. Newspaper: Lancaster Intelligencer, 20 Jan 1817, Lancaster, Lancaster, PA. 8 List of Letters
Remaining at the Post Office at New Holland, January 1, 1817, viz.
Samuel Beecher...<snip>
Samuel Holl, Postmaster.

3. Residence: on 20 Jan 1817 in Earl Twp., Lancaster, PA. 8 See 1817 newspaper article on List of Letters at New Holland post office.

4. Residence: Lancaster Intelligencer: List of Letters at New Holland Post Office: Samuel Beecher on 21 Jan 1825 in Earl Twp., Lancaster, PA. 9

5. Census in 1830 in Earl Twp., Lancaster, PA. 10 The household of Samuel Beeker [indexed as Beeker but could be Becker?] was listed with:

Males (born)
Under 5 (1826-1830) = 1 son
5-9 (1821-1825) = 1 son
15-19 (1811-1815) = 1 son
40-49 (1781-1790) = 1 father Samuel
Females (born)
Under 5 (1826-1830) = 1 daughter
5-9 (1821-1825) = 1 daughter
10-14 (1816-1820) = 2 daughters
40-49 (1781-1790) = 1 wife.

6. Samuel Beecher of East Earl Township purchased land in Manheim Township from Andrew and Barbara Clements of Lampeter Township. Lancaster Deed Book Q Vol. 6 Page 160. on 2 Apr 1840 in Manheim Twp., Lancaster, PA. 11

7. Moved: 1843, Manheim Twp., Lancaster, PA. This was mentioned in son William C.'s obituary printed in 1895.

8. Census in 1850 in Manheim Twp., Lancaster, PA. 12 Samuel Beecher, age 62, laborer, has real estate valued at $1,500 in the 1850 Census for Manheim Township, Lancaster County. Living with him is Ellen, 60; Balinda, 28; Samuel Peifer, 8; and William Peifer, 6. Everyone was born in Pennsylvania.
On the previous page is William C. Beecher and Henry Albright, 33, and his wife Matilda, assumed to be a relation to Samuel's mother, Mary Albright.

9. Newspaper: Lancaster Examiner: Samuel Beecher buys Groff business, 18 Aug 1852, Eden, Lancaster, PA, United States. 13 The property of I. W. Groff, dec'd in Eden, with all the machinery, water-power, foundry, dwelling, &c., was sold on the 10th inst., for $10,000. Samuel W. Beecher, Benj. Harnish, and Wm. C. beecher, were the purchasers; all of whom have served as apprenticeship to different branches of the business, at that place. They will commence business immediately, and are well-prepared to execute contracts for all kinds of machinery.

10. Samuel W. Beecher, William C. Beecher, Benjamin W. Harmish purchased from the estate of Israel Groff deceased land in East Lampeter Township containing a factory, machine shop, foundry, two-story house, farm stable on 29 Mar 1853 in East Lampeter Twp., Lancaster, PA. 14

11. Pension in 1854. 15 Following in a copy of a letter from U. S. Department of the Interior, Bureau of Pensions, received by Mrs. Harry Kennett McAdams, 309 N. Broadway, Lexington, KY. [Ms. McAdams is a descendent.]

"I advise you that form the papers in the Revolutionary War Pension Claim, S.39982, it appears that John Beecher, or Becher, enlisted in Lebanon, in what was later Lebanon County, Pennsylvania, April, 1788, served as a Private in Captain Meng's Company, Colonel Benjamin Flowers Artillery Artificers Regiment and was discharged April 3, 1779.

"He was allowed a Pension on his application executed November 28, 1818, while a resident of Berne Township, Berks County, Pa., aged over fifty-six years. He died March 22, 1819.

"Soldier's wife, Mary Ann Beecher, died November 11, 1837. Her maiden name and date of marriage not stated.

"In 1854, Jacob Nyswender and Henry Carpenter stated in Columbus, Ohio, that the following were the children and only heirs of said John and Mary Ann Beecher:

"John Beecher, of Berks County, Pa.

"William Beecher and Barbara Nyswender, both of Franklin County, Ohio.

"Margaret Mulliner, of Philadelphia, Pa.

"Benjamin Beecher, Jacob Beecher, and Catherine Paxon, all of Chester Co., Pa.

"Samuel Beecher, of Lancaster Co., Pa.

"Lydia Cook, of Clark Co., Va.

"There is no record in this bureau of land having been granted by the United States, on account of the service of the above named Revolutionary War Soldier, John Beecher, or Becher.

Winfield Scott, Commissioner, Rev. and 1812 Wars Section."

12. Newspaper: Lancaster Examiner: ad to sell estate at Eden Machine Shops of Beecher & Bro., 8 Dec 1858, Lancaster, Lancaster, PA. 16 -----
ON TUESDAY, the 21st day of December inst., will be sold by public vendue on the premises of the Eden Machine Shops, about 3 miles from the city of Lancaster, near the New Holland Turnpike, the following personal goods and chattels fo the firm of Beecher & Bro., viz:
Beds and Bedsteads, Clock and Case, Cow, Fat Hog, Stove and Pipe, 3 Bushel Bags, Carriage and Rockaway, Sleigh and Sleigh Bells, Carriage Harness, Clover Huller, Corn Sheller, 1-Horse Wagon, 4 set Double Harness.
ALSO, about 2000 feet of 1 1/2 inch Iron Water Pipes, a lot of Lead Pipe, and a great variety of casting, &c.
Saddles and Bridles, Barrels, Tubs, Stands, &c., Set of Harness, Sled; also, 2 Shares in the Lancaster County Normal School, 2 Bonds in the Lancaster Cotton Mills No. 1, and 2 in No. 3, par value $100;
Sale to commence at 1 o'clock in the afternoon of said day, when attendance will be given by

13. Newspaper: Lancaster Examiner: Ad by Samuel W. Beecher to sell Swan Tavern in Sadsbury Township, Chester County, 9 Feb 1859, Lancaster, Lancaster, PA. 17 PUBLIC SALE. ON MONDAY, FEBRUARY 28, 59, will be sold at public sale, at the Swan Tavern, in Sadsbury township, Chester county, all the right, title and interest of Samuel W. Beecher, in all that certain property, known as tbe SWAN TAVERN, and the improvements thereon erected, with the tract of land thereto belonging adjoining lands of Jonas Chamberlin, Susanna W. Large, J. F. Paxson, James Williams and Christian O. Woodland, CONTAINING 73 3/4 ACRES, strict measure. Sale to commence at 1 oclock P. M., when attendance will be given and terms made known by the under signed. HENRY H. KURTZ, JAC ESBENSHADE, Assignees of SAM. W. BEECHER.

14. Samuel W. Beecher assigned land to son William C. Beecher on 21 Apr 1859 in East Lampeter Twp., Lancaster, PA. 18

15. Census in 1860 in Manheim Twp., Lancaster, PA. 5 Samuel Beecher, age 74, farmer, is living in the 1860 Census in Manheim Township, Lancaster County, with his real estate valued at $2000 and possessions at $500. With him is wife Eleanor, 72. Also in the home is Balinda Catherine Peifer, widow, 36 with her sons, Samuel Peifer, 18 and William Peifer, 16. Everyone was born in Pennsylvania. The post office listed is Oregon.

Also living nearby are the households of William C. Beecher and Mary Beecher, who are likely Samuel's children.

16. Newspaper: The Daily Evening Express, 25 Jan 1860, Lancaster, Lancaster, PA. 19 NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC. -- The undersigned, Proprietor of the National House, hereby notifies his friends and the public in general, that he will serve up lunch during the season, every day between the hours of 10 and 12, when and where every attention will be paid to his customers, by Saml. W. Beecher, who has charge of the Bar. GEORGE HORTING, Proprietor.

17. Newspaper: Lancaster Intelligencer, 1 May 1860, Lancaster, Lancaster, PA. 20 ASSIGNED ESTATE OF BEECHER & BRO. -- The undersigned Auditor, appointed by the Court of Common Pleas of Lancaster County, to distribute the balance of said Assigned Estate in the hands of Henry H. Kurtz, Esq , and Jacob Esbensnade, Assignees of Samuel W. and Wm. C. Beecher, late partners as Beecher & Bro., to and among those legally entitled thereto, hereby gives notice to all persons interested, that he will attend, for the purpose of his appointment, on TUESDAY, the 29th day of MAY, instant, at 2 o'clock in the afternoon, at the Library Room in the Court House, Lancaster, when and where all persons interested may attend. W. CARPENTER, Auditor.

18. Newspaper: Lancaster Intelligencer, 3 Mar 1863, Lancaster, Lancaster, PA. 21 AUDITOR'S NOTICE -- Assigned Estate of Sam'l W. Beecher and Wife. -- The undersigned auditor appointed to distribute the balance remaining in the hands of Henry H. Kurtis and Jacob Esbenshade, assignees, to and among those legally entitled to the same, will sit for that purpose on FRIDAY, the 10th day of APRIL next, at 2 o'clock, P. M. in the Library Room of the Court House, in the City of Lancaster, where all persons interested in said distribution may attend. WM. CARPENTER, Auditor.

19. Residence: 1866 Lancaster City Directory: Samuel W. Beecher, machinist, home Shippen near R R bridge in 1866 in Lancaster, Lancaster, PA. 22

20. Newspaper: Intelligencer Journal, 21 May 1866, Lancaster, Lancaster, PA. 23 -----
LANCASTER COUNTY AGAINST THE WORLD. -- Messrs. Sam'l W. Beecher and Wm. Kirkpatrick, both superb mechanics, have on exhibition to-day in the Southeast angle of Centre Square one of Marsh, Grier & Co's. celebrated Mowers and Reapers, which for beauty of finish and mechancial skill, will be hard to excel. They claim it to be the best machine in the country. Farmers and all others interested, should call and examine it. It will be on exhibition at the same place during the season.

21. Samuel W. Beecher purchased from Henry Hilton and wife land in Manheim Township. on 3 Apr 1869 in Manheim Twp., Lancaster, PA. 24

22. Census in 1870 in Manheim Twp., Lancaster, PA. 2 Samuel Beecher, age 84, farmer, is living in the 1870 Census in Manheim Township, Lancaster County with his wife Ellen, 82, and daughter Belinda Peifer, 48. His real estate is valued at $5,000 and his possessions worth $400. Everyone was born in Pennsylvania. The post office was Landis Valley.

23. Book: Kentucky Pioneer and Court Records, 1929. 15
Samuel married; lived at Lancaster, Pa.; had 7 or 8 children; died, aged 85 years.

Samuel married Eleanor. (Eleanor was born on 28 May 1788 in , , PA,2 3 5 25 26 died on 29 Jan 1874 in Eden, Lancaster, PA, United States 3 25 26 and was buried on 31 Jan 1874 in Lancaster: City Cemetery, Lancaster, PA 3 25 26.)


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