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Johann Engel Bücher


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1. Elizabeth

Johann Engel Bücher 2 3 4

  • Born: 1722, , , , DEU 5
  • Marriage (1): Elizabeth 1
  • Died: Mar 1778, Cocalico Twp., Lancaster, PA at age 56 3 6 7
  • Buried: , Lancaster, PA 3 7

   Other names for Johann were Emanuel Becher, Engel Becher,8 Johan Engel Becher,9 Johan Engel Becher,8 Emanuel Beecher,7 Engel Beicher,10 Emanuel Bicher, Imanuel Boger, Engel Bucher, Engelbracht Bucher,11 Engle Bucher, Englehard Bucher, Johan Engel Bucher,12 Johann Engel Bucher, Johan Engel Bücher,9 Emanuel Buecher, Engel Buecher and Englebert Buecher.13

  Noted events in his life were:

1. Relatives To Research: Y-DNA testing proves he is related to other ancestors in 1700's Pennsylvania. For current info please read http://www.SearchTrees.com/beecher and contact jonathan@SearchTrees.com (Jonathan Scott Beacher).

2. Fact: Various records record his given name as Engle; however, the correct spelling would be Engel, which in German means "angel." Other records have him as Englebrecht, which is "bright angel."

Engel Bücher signed his surname on his immigration record and his will with an umlaut -- two dots -- above the u which in German is shorthand for Buecher, which explains why all his descendants have surnames pronounced like Beecher, not Boo-kur or Book-er. His will is indexed in Lancaster County as Engel Beicher.

3. Occupation: shoemaker. A tax list as well as Engel Bucher's list of possessions filed after he died indicate he was a shoemaker by profession.

4. Baptism in 1722 in Burbach, Siegen-Wittgenstein, Nordrhein-Westfalen, DEU. Unproven: he may be the Johann Engelbert Buecher born 1722 in Burbach, Germany. See him at http://www.SearchTrees.com/tree/16738.htm 14

5. Unproven: He may be the Johan Engel Becher baptized in 1731 in Prussia. 8

6. He immigrated on the Ship Neptune, James Wier, captain, from Rotterdam, last by Cowes, Isle of Wright, England on 23 Sep 1751 to Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA. 2 12 15 Among the passengers on the Neptune in 1751 was a Joh. Engel Bucher as well as Johan Henrich Bucher, as recorded in Rupp's Thirty Thousand Immigrants. In the version of the list published by Strassberger in Pennsylvania German Pioneers the spellings are Johann Engel Bücher and Johann Henrich Bücher.

There were so many passengers aboard, they were sworn in over two days: List 171 on 23 Sep and List 172 on 24 Sep.

On the ship are two families of interest. Ludwig Klein is part of the Klein family (American surname later as Little) who are known to move with Henry Bücher/Beecher to found the town Littlestown, Adams County, PA where Henry died circa 1795. Jacob Frey in 1759 has a daughter baptized at Muddy Creek church in Cocalico, Lancaster County, and Engel Bücher was the child's sponsor, so perhaps the Frey and Bücher families intermarried.

The passengers who came to America with Engel are listed here from Pennsylvania German Pioneers:


[List 171 C] Present at the Court House at Philadelphia, Monday, the 23d
September 1751. Joshua Maddox, Esquire.

The Foreigners whose Names are underwritten, imported in the Ship Neptune, Captain James Wier, from Cowes and Rotterdam, did this day take the usual Qualifications. No. 85. 154 whole Freights. Jno. Pemberton.

Johannes Wilhelm Seyn
Johann Phillippus Böhmer
Johan Adam Böhmer
Johann Wilhelm Glässner
Jacob Hetzel
Anthoni Weimmer
Johannes Gies
Michael (X) Wennert
Adam Weiser
Mattheus Lippoth
Johann Heinrich Vetter
Johann Friedrich Gewinner
Johann Bernhardt Blatt
J. Conrad (X) Koch
Johann Georg Seckel
Johann Allexander Schütz
Johannes Manderbach
Herrmanes Müller
Johann Ludwig Klein
Johann Conrad Wülleweber
Johann Christ Zimmerman
Johann Henrich Röhling


J. Jacob (X) Pool
Johan Henrich Kreis
Johan Bernd Greis
Johan Phillippus Anhorn
J. Henry (X) Tillman
Johann Peter Schaaf
Henrich Gerhart
Johan Engel Weber
Johannes Petter Reusch
Johannes Engelberth Jung
J. Jost (X) Walter
J. Friederich (X) Shreiber
J. Henry (X) Shmit
Johan Philips Krum
Philip Henry (X) Shlotz
Johannes Schlutz
Johan Jakob Gonderman
Nicolas (X) Reybolt
Johannes Busch
Johannes Meyer
Hans Jacob Miller
Michell Lauffer
J. Michael (X) Lauffer
Johannes Vetter
Johannes Öxli
Johannes Beer
Paulus Groninger
Johan Michel Raisch
Johannes Hombert
Johanes (X) Baker
Johann Christbaum
Johan Christ Benner
Johann Christ Lintorff
Henry (O) Zimmermann
Johan Philippus Berger
Herman Adolff Schoppenmeyer
Jost (+) Henry, sick
Chrisdian Schmit
Johan Christ Schmitt
Johann Henrich Schmitt
Johann Philipus
Daniel Pfeiffer
Georg Andereas (X) Carle
Balthas Kressmann
Mattheis Lutz
Johan Engl Cuonrad
Johannes Geistweit
Johann Jöerg Christ
Johann Egidius Hecker|R*|r
Johann Engel Bücher
Johann Henrich Bücher
Johanes (X) Thomas
Johan Ebert Steyner
Andereas (A) Steyger
Eberhart (\\\\) Thomas
Johan Henry (X) Reinhart
Johannes Henrich Peiffer
Johann Christ Zimmerman
Christhian Hapffer
Johanes Petter Flick
Johan Fillbus Flick
Gerlach Paul Flick
Johann Merden Flick

[List 172 C] At the Court House at Philadelphia, Tuesday, the 24th September
1751. Present: William Peters, Esqr.

The Foreigners whose Names are underwritten, imported in the Ship Neptune, John Mason, Commander, from Rotterdam & last from Cowes, did this day take the usual Qualifications & subscribe them. By List 144. Whole Freights 300. Messrs Shoemaker.


Johannes Laurenzius Schmidt, Med. et Chirg. Doct.
Joh. Pietersz
Christian Armbruster
Matheis Armbruster
Conrad (X) Newmeyer
Henderick Boors
Jacob (X) Sheyer
Fieliepp Klinger
Jean Pierre Arnoul
Abraham Ports
Leonhart Mentzinger
Hans Georg Anstein
Johanes Höring J
ohannes (+) Hering J
ohann Ludwig Höring
Henrich (+) Lautenschlager
Johan Leonhart Götz
Johannes Adam Winckaus
Johannes Saum
Johanes (+) Redig
Johann Adam Wirdeberger
J. Adam (X) Ewig
Melchior (X) Trautman
Johann Geörg Erhardt
Bernhart (+) Jagel
Adam (X) Pfeiffer
Christoph (X) Cotz
Jurg ( ) Kilnbach, sick
Michael (X) Link
George (X) Crope
Johan Philipp Meyer
Johannes Hinsch [?]
Frans Horn
David (X) Maisheller
Johanes Gessner
Elias (X) Emminger
Conradt Schmidt
J. Michael (+) Kurtz
Jacob Walter (X) Wagner
Jacob Tritsch
Jacob ( ) Cnuber, sick on board
Conrad Schepfnit
Johan Wilhelm Grell
Johan Georg Schiller
Conrad ( ) Rawher, sick on board
Balsatzar (X) Hess
Georg Kimmel
Johann Peter Schindel
Johanes ( ) Hock, sick
Johann Adam Gels
Johannes Geiss
Martin (MH) Hekenturm
Daniel ( ) Erhart, sick on board
Peter Klinger
Johann Georg Eisenbeis
Wilhelm Göttman
Andres Drüschel
Andereas Miller
Hans Georg (X) Heysy
Hans Jerg Spohn
Caspar ( ) Spann, sick
Johann Adam Heist
Johann Georg Heist
Tobias Daumiller
Jacob Bogus
Johann Petter Trautmann
Christoph (X) Hollebach
Henry ( ) Deutch, sick on board
Clementz Frey
Jacob (+) Summer
Ludwig Knoll
Nickelaus Schey
J. Adam (O) Issener
Andereas (O) Reybold
Friederik (X) Zimmerman
Jacob (Z) Zettelmeyer
Georg ( ) Zettelmeyer, on board


Georg Adam (XX) Weys
Andare (++) Weys
Caspar (X) Kesseler
Johannes Welte
Jacob Nagel
Johannes Schnüringer
Lorentz Schniringer
Johann Georg Vollert
Henrich Eysenmenger
Christoph Schropp
Johann Michael Hag
Johann Georg Heist
Johannes Vetter
Johan Ludwig Bilger
Steffan Herth
Henrich Hall
Johann Jacob Gottwalt
Antonins Lamprecht
Johann Jacob Arzt
Joh. Daniel Scharmann
Johan Jacob Schneider
Casper Hoffman
Caspar (H) Hoffman, Junior
Christian ( ) Hoffman, sick on board Jacob Bucs
Jacob Buchs
Jacob Horn
Conrat Selhoff
Christoph (X) Vanterbourg
J. Conrad (+) Essy
Johanis Werner
Georg Schöll
Martin Schänkel
Andereas (X) Berlib
Conrad (X) Bower
Josebh Lehmann
Ewald (X) Trummaner
Jacob Höllerman
Jacob (++) Frey
Albrecht (XX) Shleppy
Baltes Laub
Johs Jerg Must
Joseph Zugmeyr
Philip (X) Mallycoat
Jean Couttiez
George (++) Creesh
Johann Lenhard Schäffer
Conrad ( ) Shäffer, on board
Johan Leonhart (++) Trautman
Johan Wilhelm Müller
Johann Peder Klump
Sigmund Copia
Johann Ulrich Dürr
Johan George (+) Hummer
Benedict (+) Ewig
Henry (X) Shräder
Michael Sattler
Uhllerich (+) Shwenckel
Ludewig Klemmer
Frederik (X) Sullinger
David Kulling
Jacob (X) Peterman
Peter (X) Klases
Hans Jeorg Stehle
Michael Hahn
Martin Kogel
Jacob Appenzeller

7. Tax List: The 1756 Tas Assessment list for Brecknock Township shows Engel Beher with 20 acres., 1756, Brecknock Twp., Lancaster, PA. 16

8. He appeared as a sponsor at a baptism on 14 Oct 1759 at East Cocalico Twp.: Muddy Creek Reformed Church, Lancaster, PA. It is possible that Jacob Frey married Engel's daughter? Also, a Jacob Frey arrived with Engel on the ship Neptune in 1751. 17 18

9. Residence: From "History of Lancaster County": In 1761, William Adams laid out Adamstown. First holders of lots were Bicher, Eichholtz, Fansler, Negle, Kearn, Richards, Brendle, Steffs, Flickinger, Schlough, Reager and others. In 1761 in Adamstown, Lancaster, PA. 19

10. Residence: on 21 Jan 1766 in Brecknock Twp., Lancaster, PA. 20 His daughter's marriage record states "Bucher, Elisabeth, daughter of Engel, of Brecknock". They were married at the Muddy Creek Church in Cocalico Township.

11. Tax List: Cocalico Tax Return, 1769, Cocalico Twp., Lancaster, PA. 21 Bicher Engle shoemaker - 0 0 0 J 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Bicher Henry - 50 30 2 2 0 0 0 0 0 0

Others on this list of interest:
Adam Willem - founder of Adamsbury which became Adamstown

12. Tax List: 1770, , Lancaster, PA. 22 The list shows:
Biecher, Engle, 1770, Cocalico, Inmate
Biecher, Jacob, 1770, Cocalico, Inmate
"Inmate" indicates they were taxpayers who rented rather than land owners. Jacob, Engel's son, would be 12 at this time, so this may not be Engel's son but another relative?
The author of this Lancaster tax list index notes that Engle Biecher appeared in the 1769 list as Engle Bicker, shoemaker. In the 1771 list, Jacob appeared as Jacob Becher.

13. He appeared as a sponsor at a baptism on 20 Aug 1771 at , Lancaster, PA. 23 24

14. Tax List: 1772, Cocalico Twp., Lancaster, PA. 25 Three relatives are listed in the 1772 tax list for Cocalico Township:
Beaker, Peter 70 acres clear & 80 acres of woodland, 2 horses and 2 cows, tax 8 pounds
Bicher, Henry 10 acres clear & 40 acres of woodland, 1 horse and a cow. Tax 4 pounds
Inmates: Engle Beiger, tax 2 pounds

[Note: an "inmate" is someone who owns no property, living in a relative's home or renting.]

15. Inventory of Engle Beicher deceased in 1778. 26

16. The Lancaster County Historical Society conducted a search for deeds in the historic records of Lancaster County and found no deeds in the name of Engel Bucher. However, Engel's will leaves a house and acreage to his wife so he must have owned property.

17. He signed a will on 24 Feb 1778 in Cocalico Twp., Lancaster, PA. 1 27 28 In the Name of God Amen

I Engel Bucher of Cocalico Township in the County of Lancaster and the Province of Pennsylvania being very weak and sick of Body but sound understanding therefor this is to be my last will and Testament and it is my Will that my Wife Elizabeth Bucher after my decease shall have the House wherein she now lives and one acre of Swamp and two acres of upland of which one is free which she shall have in her Possession until after her decease and do and act with the same as she pleases but not to sell it and as to the yarn and other things belonging to spinning or which can be spun my said wife and five smallest children shall have and Jacob and John Bucher shall have the six yards of Linsey for their clothing and my wife Elizabeth shall have aforehand her Bedstead and Bed and her Chest and the large Cow and her spinning wheel and she shall have the third part of the money which is now in the House and the remainder thereof shall be divided in Ten equal shares to and among my Children and of the Leather which I have she and each of the five children shall each have a pair of shoes And the remainder of my household goods shall be sold and of the money she shall have her third part as above mentioned and the Children shall each have an equal share as above said and lastly appoint the said Elizabeth Bucher & Richard Adams Executors. In Witness whereof I have hereto set my hand and seal the 24th day of February in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred & seventy eight.

Engel Bucher (seal)

David Bahrringer (signed) Henry Eichholtz (signed)

Lancaster County as the 19 day of March 1778. Before me the subscriber came David Bahrringer and Henry Eichholtz the two subscribing witnesses to the within written will and on their Corporal Oaths did Declare and Say that they were present and saw and heard Engle Bucher the Testator within named sign seal publish pronounce and declare the within writing as and for his Last Will and Testament and at the doing hereof he was of sound mind memory and understanding to the best of their knowledge observation and belief. John Hubley Regis (signed)

Be it Remembered that on the 19 day of March 1778 the Last Will and Testament of Engle Bucher late of Cocalico Township in Lancaster County deceased was proved in due form of Law and Letters Testamentary thereon were granted unto Elizabeth Bucher and Richard Adams the Executrix and Executor therein named they being first duly qualified well and truly to administer the Estate of the said decedent and a just and true Inventory thereof to Exhibit unto the Registers Office at Lancaster on or before the 19 day of April next and also to render an account of their Executorship when thereto lawfully required Given under the Seals of the said office John Hubley, Regr.

[Note: the executors of the will are Engel's wife Elizabeth and Richard Adams, who is believed to be the son of William Adams who founded Adamstown.]

18. Will Book C Page 520. On 19 Mar 1778 in Cocalico Twp., Lancaster, PA. 29 Engle Bucher Deceased
The last Will and Testament of Engle Bucher late of Cocalico Township in Lancaster County deceased being written in High Dutch could not be recorded but thereon is endorsed as follows viz
The 19 day of March 1778 Before me the Subscribers came David Bahrring and Henry Eichholtz the two Subscribing Witnesses to the within written will and on their Corporal Oaths did declare and Say that they were present and saw and hear Engle Bucher the Testator within named Sign Seal publish pronounce and declare the within writing as and for his last Will and Testament and that at the doing thereof he was of Sound mind memory and Understanding to the best of their observation knowledge and belief.
(signed) John Hubley
Be it remembered that on the 19 day of March 1778 the last Will and Testament of Engle Bucher late of Cocalico Township in Lancaster County decd was proved in due form of Law and letters Testamentary thereon were granted unto Elizabeth Bucher and Richard Adams the Executrix and Executor therein named they being first duly qualified well and truly so administer the Estate of the said decendent, and a just and true Inventory thereof to Exhibit unto the Registers Office at Lancaster on or before the 19 day of April next, and also to render an account of their Executorship where thereto lawfully required given under the seal of the said office.
(signed) John Hubley

19. On 11 Apr 1779 in Stouchsburg: Christ Lutheran Church, Berks, PA. 11 The record for Johan Jacob Bucher's marriage to Catherine Heckedorn at Christ Lutheran Church shows on 11 Apr 1779 that Johan Jacob's father was Engelbracht Bucher deceased.

20. Issue: Engel's will indicates he had 10 children., 24 Feb 1778, Cocalico Twp., Lancaster, PA. We can deterine Engel Bucher's children because Engel Bucher is mentioned in the marriage records of his daughter Elizabeth and sons Peter, Jacob, and Henrich. His will mentions there were ten children but only mentions sons Jacob and John by name (as well as wife Elizabeth.) We have not yet identified the other five children, but we can speculate they should have the given names that were used repeatedly in succeeding generations, such as Peter, William, Benjamin, George.

21. Book: History of Lancaster County, 1844. 30
"In 1761, William Adams laid out Adamstown. First holders of lots were Bicher, Eicholtz, Fansler, Negle, Kearn, Richards, Brendle, Steffs, Flickinger, Scholough, Reager and others."

[Note: it can be presumed that Engel died in Adamstown, since Richard Adams, son of William Adams, was the executor of Engel's will, and a witness to the will was Henry Eicholtz, named above as one of Adamstown's first residents. Also, the Kearn (Kern) family mentioned married Engel's son Henry.]

22. Book: Kentucky Pioneer and Court Records, 1929. 7
Background: In 1929 Mrs. Harry Kennett McAdams published a book, "Kentucky Pioneer and Court Records," and included in it some family histories, in particular two on her own ancestors, John Beecher (1759-1819) and his wife's Albrecht family.

Family history was passed to Mrs. McAdams in the form of stories from Lydia Beecher (born 1805 to John Beecher and Mary Ann Albrecht) to her granddaughter Annie Laurie Wilson, along with recollections of direct descendent and Mrs. McAdam's cousin, Dr. Abraham C. W. Beecher (1844-1900), who is found at http://www.SearchTrees.com/tree/4487.htm . Some of the info presented may be family tales that are or are not true.

The book names Emanuel Beecher as the father of John Beecher (1759-1818) but offers no proof, so this conclusion was likely drawn from family memories alone many years thereafter. Later researchers have been unable to find any evidence that an older Emanuel Beecher, Bicher, or Bucher existed near Lancaster or Berks Counties in Pennsylvania. There was a younger Emanuel Becher born in 1776, but Y-DNA testing on two of his male descendants, who do use surname Beecher today, proves that this Becher family is not related to John Beecher's family.

Y-DNA testing of several living male descendants of John Beecher (1759-1818) as well as many other males with surnames Beecher, Beicher, Biecher, Beacher, etc. reveals that John Beecher (1759-1818) is the son of Engel Bücher who died in 1778. Engel named son John in his will, and church records for Engel's family are found in the same churches of those of John Beecher. The description of sons given in the McAdam's book for John Beecher's siblings match the records found for the descendants of Engel Bücher. Both John Beecher and Engel sign their wills with surname Bücher.

Given the Y-DNA and other evidence one can confidently conclude that the name "Emanuel" recalled years later by descendants in the 1929 McAdams book is indeed "Engel" Bücher, which explains why no researcher has ever found any tax or church or census records or will or immigration record or any proof of an Emanuel Beecher or Bücher.

The above are the thoughts of researcher Jonathan Scott Beacher. Following is the account of the family of Emanuel Beecher exactly as printed in Mrs. McAdam's book:

EMANUEL BEECHER HISTORY (Pennsylvania, Kentucky and Ohio) Compiled by descendants: Dr. A. C. Beecher in Philadelphia, and A. L. Wilson and sister, Mrs. B. K. McAdams, in Kentucky

Emanuel Beecher was born and married in Germany. The names of his two wives are not known. They were buried in Lancaster County, Pa. Dates of birth, marriage, emigration and death are unknown.

(Rupp's list of 30,000 names of Immigrants, gives one, "Immanuel Bager, Aug. 81, 1750-Ship Nancy, from Rotterdam, last from Cowes, landing at Philadelphia. This may be the German spelling of the name, as the two dots over the A makes an "E" sound, but we have no proof of this.)

Emanuel and first wife had one son, Henry, and two daughters. By his second wife two daughters (one of whom married a Mr. Loush), and four sons: Jacob Beecher who died at the age of 70, had two children; Peter Beecher, who died at the age of 92, in 1857, had four children: John Beecher (our ancestor)-Born Apr. 13, 1759; died Mch. 22, 1819; had 16 children; Benjamin Beecher died in 1841 at the age of 60; had four children.

John Beecher, son of Emanuel-Born Apr. 13, 1759; died March 22, 1819, and was buried at Eplers Church, near Reading, Burks County, Pa. [for remainder of this article see John Bucher/Beecher (1759-1819) where the article is printed in full.]

Johann married Elizabeth.1


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Tax & Exoneration Lists, 1762–1794. Series No. 4.61; Records of the Office of the Comptroller General, RG-4. Pennsylvania Historical & Museum Commission, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.), Lancaster, Cocalico, 1772, see iimages 1, 2 and 11 of 113.

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