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1. Irene Miller

George Meily Beicher 2 3 4 5

  • Born: 13 May 1856, Lebanon, Lebanon, PA 6 7 8
  • Christened: 16 Aug 1856, Lebanon: Salem Evangelical Lutheran Church, Lebanon, PA 6
  • Marriage (1): Irene Miller on 10 May 1881 in Marion, Marion, OH 1
  • Died: 16 Nov 1926, Milwaukee, Milwaukee, WI at age 70 5
  • Buried: Delaware: Oak Grove Cemetery, Delaware, OH 5 9

   Other names for George were George Meily Bicher 7 and George Meily Biecher.8

   FamilySearch ID: KFN1-B75.

  Birth Notes:

From the bible of Wilhelm Bicher: George Meily Biecher was born May 13th A. D. 1855. Baptized by the Reverend Y. S. Miller. His parents were the sponsors.

  Noted events in his life were:

1. He has conflicting birth information of His cemetery birth in 1855 conflicts with his church christening records. Cemetery is in error., 13 May 1855 and Lebanon, Lebanon, PA.

2. Census in 1870 in Lebanon, Lebanon, PA. 10 The 1860 Census in Lebanon lists William Biecher, 58, tinsmith. He is married to Susan, age 57. Living with him is his son, George, 15, who is a shoemaker's apprentice. Everyone is born in Pennsylvania.

3. Newspaper: Lebanon Daily News: Left for the West. Last night Mr. Geo. Beicher, formerly clerk in the hardware store of Messrs. Smith & Co., left for Massillion, Ohio, which he purposes making his future home.", 20 Apr 1878, Lebanon, Lebanon, PA. 11

4. Census in 1880 in Marion, Marion, OH. 12 The 1880 census recorded Manual Beeker, plasterer, 32, living with wife Margret, 31; daughter Cathrine, 12; son George, 16; and brother George, 25. Everyone and their parents were born in Pennsylvania.

5. Newspaper: Marion Daily Star: death notice for William Beicher, 20 Aug 1880, Marion, Marion, OH. 13 DIED yesterday morning, at Lebanon, Pa., Thursday. Wm. Beicher, father of George Beicher, the young man at Wm. Fies' furniture store. The deceased died of cancer of the stomach; he was also a broth of mother Meily, dec'd. George received a telegram announcing the sad news, but circumstances are such as to prevent him from leaving here to attend the funeral.

6. Newspaper: Lebanon Daily News: "George W. Beicher, of Marion, Ohio, is visiting relatives in Lebanon.", 10 Mar 1885, Lebanon, Lebanon, PA. 14

7. Newspaper: Lebanon Daily News: "Mr. Geo. Biecher, of Marion, Ohio, who is now on a visit to this place, spent Thursday afternoon in the first male grammar school, of which he was formerly a member, and delivered an intercating address to the pupils.", 14 Mar 1885, Lebanon, Lebanon, PA. 15

8. Newspaper: Marion Daily Star, 21 Jun 1886, Marion, Marion, OH. 16 John Frame and George M. Beicher have formed a partnership under the firm name of Frame & Beicher, and will enter into the undertaking profession in Marion and vicinity. Their goods and hearse will arrive this week, and they will offer their services to the people on and after July 1st. Mr. Beicher's experience, promptness and care in the management of funerals needs no recommendation to the public.

9. Court: Probate Court: on 13 Mar 1896 in Marion, Marion, OH. 17 Probate Court Journal 1896 Page 49

Assignee Received F. Page 263
Assignee Received F Page 297
Assignee Received F Page 289

In Probate Court, Marion County, Ohio

3 Deeds of Assignment Filed

March 13th A. D. 1896

In the matter of Assignment of John R. Frame and Geo. M. Beicher partners doing business as Frame and Beicher in trust to Issac A. Merchant for the benefit of creditors

On this 13th day of March A.D. 1896 at 7:45 o'clock P.M. came Isaac A. Merchant and filed herein a deed of assignment to him from John R. Frame and Geo. M. Beicher partners doing business as Frame and Beicher in trust for the benefit of all their creditors.
F. J. Schultz Probate Judge.

10. Newspaper: Marion Star: Court Actions re Frame & Beicher, 14 Mar 1896, Marion, Marion, OH. 18 Page 5:

Fred E. Guthery, as attorney for himself, Friday filed in the court of common pleas a petition in foreclosure against George M. Beicher and Irene Beicher, his wife. The Ohio Building and Loan company, Carrie Ladd, Jane King, Mary A. Coffy and T, P. Wallace doing business as the Deposit bank.
In his petition Mr. Guthery sets up three notes signed by Geo. M. Beicher, one for $300, one for $541.25 and one for $1000, the first due on or before one year, the second on or before three years and the third due on or before five years after date, and secured by three mortgages, the first on lot 689 in Patten & Wallace's addition to Marion, the second on lots 689, 702 and 703, in the same addition the mortgage being on the undivided half of lots 702 and 703, and the third mortgage being on the same premises as the second mortgage.
The plaintiff says that all the notes are due and payable, that the defendants aside from Mr. Beicher and his wife claim some interests in the premises and asks that they may be compelled to set up their interests.
Page 7:

The Deeds Were Made by Frame & Beicher
John R. Frame and George M. Beicher.
The Assetts Amount to About $14,000.
Liabilities Not Given Out.

At 7:45 o clock Friday night three deeds of assignments were filed in the probate court.

All the deeds were made to Isaac A. Merchant and in the first the grantors were Frame and Beicher, in. the second John R. Frame and in the third George M. Beicher.

The property conveyed in the deeds by Frame & Beicher to Merchant was the stock of furniture and undertaking supplies owned by the firm at their place of business on west Center street. The stock is valued at $3000.

In the Frame deal lots 828 in Wallace's and True's second addition to the city is forty-eight acres of land in Big Island township, this county, and all his personal property, which is estimated to be worth $4500.

Mr. Beicher conveyed in the deed lot 689 and the undivided half of lots 702 and 703 in Patten and Wallace's addition to the city, all his personality and any interest which he might have in any other realty. It is estimated that Mr. Biecher's assets will be in the neighborhood of $6000.

The assignment was brought about by the extreme depression of the times and the hardness of the money market and it is more than likely that three judgments taken by Mary A. Coffy and the Marion deposit bank in the court of common pleas, aggregating $1200, may have somewhat precipitated the step.

The affair is a most unfortunate one and the many friends of Messrs. Frame and Beicher are filled with regret that those gentlemen find it necessary to make the assignment.

11. Newspaper: Marion Star, 16 Mar 1896, Marion, Marion, OH. 19 Appraisement ordered.
Isaac A. Merchant qualified as assignee of the Frame & Beicher, John R. Frame and George M. Beicher. James A. Knapp, William Fies and P G. Harvey appointed to appraise the furniture stock of Frame & Beicher.

12. Newspaper: Marion Star, 28 Mar 1896, Marion, Marion, OH. 20 It is unofficially given out today that the stock of furniture and undertaking equipments of the firm of Frame and Beicher has been sold by Assignee Merchant to Geo. W. Cook, who will conduct the business with the assistance of G. M. Beicher.

13. Newspaper: Marion Star, 30 Mar 1896, Marion, Marion, OH. 21 George W. Cook has taken possession of the Frame & Beicher furniture and undertaking establishment. Jack Witt will look after Mr. Cook's interest without delay, while G. M. Beicher will manage business and look after the undertaking.

14. Newspaper: Marion Star, 27 Jul 1896, Marion, Marion, OH. 22 Real Estate Transfer. Isaac A. Merchant, assignee, of Geo. M. Beicher, to Fred E. Guthery, undivided half of lots 702 and 703 in Patten & Wallace's addition to Marion, $1500.

15. Newspaper: Marion Star, 3 Oct 1896, Marion, Marion, OH. 23 A BUSINESS CHANGE
Joseph Schneider and William Ackerman Enter A Partnership.
William Ackerman, the upholsterer, and Joseph Schneider, formerly an express messenger, have purchased the furniture store of G. W. Cook, which was formerly conducted by Frame & Beicher, and took possession this afternoon.
Mr. Schneider was with the firm of Frame & Beicher for several years. Mr. Ackerman is at present in business in the Y.M.C.A. building. They only purchased the furniture department.

16. Newspaper: Marion Star, 19 Nov 1896, Marion, Marion, OH. 24 The case of Fred E. Guthery against George M. Beicher and others has been dismissed at the costs of plaintiff.

17. Occupation: 1898 Columbus City Directory: Beicher, George M, undertaker, b 392 Oak; Beicher, George, brakeman, h 1209 N 4th. In 1898 in Columbus, Franklin, OH. 25

18. Census in 1900 in Marion, Marion, OH. 26 The 1900 census indexed George as Geo. M. Bercker, due to poor handwriting on the census form. Renting a home at 128 John Street: George, occupation shipping clerk, 44, born May 1856, with wife Irene, 40, Dec 1859; Harry F., apprentice machinist, 18, Feb 1882; Mary Edith, 12, Jan 1888; Paul Thomas, 10, Mar 1890, and a boarder, Ben B. La Rue, apprentice machinist, 18, Jul 1881. George and Irene were born in Pennysylvania, the others in Ohio. Everyone's parents were born in Pennsylvania except Ben's father in Ohio.

19. Census in 1910 in Racine, Racine, WI. 27 The 1910 census recorded at 914 Lake Avenue: George M. Beicher, undertaker, 54, living with wife Jenna, 50; Edith, bookeeper, 22; and Paul, school, 20. Edith and Paul were born in Ohio. George, Jenna and everyone's parents were born in Pennsylvania.

20. Residence: Racine City Directory: Beicher George M. Undertaker, 513 Main, h. 809 Lake av.; Beicher M. Edith, clk, 305 6th, h 809 Lake av.; Beicher Paul T. Appr. H 809 Lake av. In 1910 in Racine, Racine, WI. 28

21. Residence: on 17 Jan 1910 in Racine, Racine, WI. 29

22. Occupation: Minneapolis City Directory: Biecher Geo M trav salsn r 4449 Abbott av S in 1912 in Minneapolis, Hennepin, MN. 30 Biecher Edith M bkpr E E Atkinson & Co b 4449 Abbot av S
Biecher Geo M trav salsn r 4449 Abbott av S
Biecher Paul T draftsman Stone & Webster r 4449 Abbott av S.

23. Residence: on 31 Aug 1912 in Racine, Racine, WI. 31

24. Census in 1920 in Minneapolis, Hennepin, MN. 32 The 1920 census recorded at 3405 3rd Avenue S.: Geo. M. Beicher, laborer, paper company, 63, living with wife Irene, 60; and daughter Edith, bookkeeper flour co., 31. Everyone and their parents were born in Pennsylvania except Edith was born in Ohio.

25. Residence: 1924 Columbus City Directory: Beicher Geo M (Irene) slsmn r3, 1415 Madison av, " Neveaux M. Bkpr r3 1415 Madison av in 1924 in Columbus, Franklin, OH. 33

26. Residence: 1396 E. Long St., Columbus, OH on 16 Feb 1925 in Columbus, Franklin, OH. 2

27. Obituary: Journal Times: obituary of George M. Beicher on 16 Nov 1926 in Racine, Racine, WI. 5 George M. Beicher, aged 71 years, died this morning at 4 o'clock, at the home of his son, Harry F. Beicher in Milwaukee, where he had made his home since the death of his wife a year ago. Besides the son with whom he made his home, he Is survived by another son, Paul Belcher, an architect with the Hoffman Architect company of Racine, and one daughter, Edith Neveaux of Columbus, O. Mr. Beicher was born In Pennsylvania. He was a former resident of Racine, where he was for years an undertaker with the Porter Furniture company. Ten years ago he left Racine for Minneapolis. The body was taken to the Weiss funeral parlors, 315 Kartell avenue, Milwaukee, and will be shipped from there to Delaware, O., where funeral services will be held.

George married Irene Miller, daughter of Franklin Miller and Harriet Keiler, on 10 May 1881 in Marion, Marion, OH.1 (Irene Miller was born on 25 Dec 1859 in Catawissa, Columbia, PA,2 34 died on 16 Feb 1925 in Columbus, Franklin, OH 2 4 35 and was buried on 18 Feb 1925 in Delaware: Oak Grove Cemetery, Delaware, OH 2 4 35.)


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