William W. Beecher
Sarah Maria Guthrie
(1808-Bef 1870)
Howard Swain
Charlotte Hayward Martin Banks
William Newton Beecher
Almira Correlia Swain
William Gordon Beecher Sr.


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1. Mary Gertrude Robertson

William Gordon Beecher Sr. 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14

  • Born: 13 Mar 1877, Baltimore, Baltimore, MD 4 5 6 7 8 10 15 16 17
  • Marriage (1): Mary Gertrude Robertson on 19 Nov 1902 in Baltimore, Baltimore, MD 1 2
  • Died: 27 Jan 1963, Annandale, Fairfax, VA, USA at age 85 4 7 8 10
  • Buried: 30 Jan 1963, Baltimore: Loudon Park Cemetery, Baltimore, MD 7 8 10 18

   Another name for William was Gordon W. Beecher.1 15

  Burial Notes:

Cedar Section Plot 265

  Noted events in his life were:

1. Census in 1880 in Baltimore, Baltimore, MD. 16 Wm. M. Beecher, clerk in wooden ware store [woolen?], 33, was living with wife Myra C., 27; Nellie C., 5; and Wm. G., 3. Everyone was born in Maryland. William's parents and Myra's father were from Pennsylvania, her mother from Virginia. Also in their home is Edward H. Yates, brother in law, 39, a clerk born in South Carolina of parents from same; and sister in law Mary E. Yates, 29, and brother in law Howard Swain, 31, both were born in Maryland from father from PA and mother from VA. Also, Charles Gregg, nephew, 8, born in Maryland of parents from same.

2. Census in 1900 in Baltimore, Baltimore, MD. 15 Renting at 308 Euclid was William Beecher, 53, born Mar 1847, married for 27 years to Almira, 47, born Feb 1853. She had birthed 3 children, 2 still alive: Nellie C., 25, born Mar 1875; and Gordon W., 23, born Mar 1877. Everyone was born in Maryland. William's parents and Alvina's father were from Pennsylvania, her mother from Virginia. William was employed as a deputy clerk; his son William was an architectural draftsman.

3. Newspaper: Baltimore Sun: Beecher-Robertson, 20 Nov 1902, Baltimore, Baltimore, MD. 2 Beecher Robertson.
Miss Mary Gertrude Robertson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William J. Robertson, 718 North Arlington avenue, was married yesterday at 11.30 A. M. to Mr. W. Gordon Beecher, a son of Mr. William Beecher, clerk of the Orphans Court, at the home of the bride's parents, which was tastefully decorated for the occasion. The officiating clergyman was Rev. Henry A. Geismer, pastor of the Franklin Square Baptist Church. The maid of honor was Miss Ethel K. Robertson, a sister of the bride, and the best man was Mr. William J. Fizone. The bride was attired in white Liberty satin, trimmed in duchess lace and pearls, and carried a shower bouquet of lilies of the valley. The maid of honor wore white organdy over white taffeta and carried pink chrysanthemums. The ceremony was very quiet, owing to a recent death in the family of the bride. It was followed by a wedding breakfast, after which the couple left for a trip North. They will be at home at the Plaza after January 15.

4. Census in 1910 in Baltimore, Baltimore, MD. 1 Renting at 401 Seminole Ave was Gordon W. Beecher, architect, 33. He was married for 7 years to wife Gertrude R., 29. She had given birth to 3 children: W. Gordon Jr., 6; Mary, 4; and Clara G., 11 months old on May 9, 1910 when the census was recorded. Also in the home was Clara B. Robertson, mother in law, 55, married for 32 years with 4 children, including 2 daughters living with her: Ethel K., 27, single; and C. M., 23, single. Everyone was born in Maryland except the mother-in-law in Virginia.

5. Book: R. L. Polk & Co.'s Directory for Baltimore, 1912. 19
The following Beecher's were listed in the 1912 R. L. Polk & Co.'s Directory for Baltimore:
Beecher Harriet, Mrs. 1920 Wilkens av
Beecher J Gregg, collr. 2551 Pa av
Beecher J Maurice, clk. 1243 Riverside av
Beecher Jas B, lab, h 1243 Riverside av
Beecher Marian, tchr, 421 n Carey
Beecher Mary Mrs., h 217 President
Beecher Wm, lab, 15 e Williamson
Beecher Wm N, clk. h 2001 e 31st n

6. Newspaper: Baltimore Sun: May Win $100,000 Contract, 12 Feb 1916, Baltimore, Baltimore, MD. 20 -----
Baltimoreans' Design For Buchanan Memorial Favored.
Two Baltimoreans, Hans Schuler and W. Gordon Beecher, are expected to be chosen to erect the $100,000 memorial in Washington to President Buchanan. This memorial will be made according to a clause in the will of Harriet Lane Johnston, niece of the former President of the United States. She presided at the White House during his administration.
The Commission of Fine Arts, which has charge of all monuments and other works of art in the capital, is expected to soon give final sanction to the design of Mr. Schuler. He and Mr. Beecher have been at work on the models for several months and are said to have evolved a beautiful design. Representative J. Charles Linthicum has introduced a bill in the House of Representatives asking authority to erect the memorial in Meridian Hill Park. General Lawrason Riggs is the sole surviving trustee under the will of Mrs. Johnston and he is much interested in the selection of the memorial.

7. Military on 12 Sep 1918 in Baltimore, Baltimore, MD: Civilian Draft Regstration. 21 World War I Draft Registration
William Gordon Beecher
Addr: Seminole Ave, Catonsville, Balt. Md.
Age: 24 Marh 13 1877
White, Native Born Citizen
Occupation: architecht
Employer: W. B. Wood
712 Connecticutt Ave Washington D.C.
Relative: Gertrude Robertson Beecher
Height: tall, Build: slender, brown eyes, dark brown hair.
Sept 12 1918

8. Occupation: architect in 1919 in Upper Marlboro, Prince George's, MD. See photo at http://www.sos.state.md.us/MMMC/UpperMarlboro.htm
The Prince George's County World War I Monument, erected in 1919, is significant for its commemoration the citizens of the county who served and died in the war. A collaboration of Baltimore sculptor Joseph Maxwell Miller and architect William Gordon Beecher, the monument is a representative example of the stele memorial type and of the common soldier Sentinel or Parade Rest figure, first made popular during the Civil War.

9. Census in 1920 in Baltimore, Baltimore, MD. 22 William G. Beecher, architect, 42, was living with wife Gertrude, 38; William G. Jr., 15; Mary I., 13; C. Gertrude, 10; and C. Robertson Beecher, 7. Also with them: Clara B. Robertson, mother in law, 64, widowed; and C. Myrtle Robertson, sister in law, clerk in a telephone company, 32. William was renting his home at 254 Frederick Ave. Everyone and their parents were born in Maryland, except Gertrude's mother Clara was born Virginia of Virginian parents.

10. Occupation: architect in 1920 in Prince Frederick, Calvert, MD. The Calvert County World War I Monument stands in front of the main entrance to the courthouse in Prince Frederick. The high-relief bronze figure, representing the "Dawn of Victory," is mounted in a white limestone stele on a granite base. Erected in 1920 by the citizens of Calvert County, the monument is dedicated to "the three hundred and fifteen patriots from the county who answered the call for liberty and humanity." This stele memorial, a type derived from the ancient Greek gravestone, is the work of sculptor Edward Berge and architect William Gordon Beecher.
See photo at: http://www.sos.state.md.us/MMMC/vt9-calvertwwi.html

11. Organizations: member of the American Association of Architects, 1921.

12. Residence: 1923 Baltimore City Directory: Beecher Wm G (Smith, May & Beecher) h Athol Fdk rd in 1923 in Baltimore, Baltimore, MD. 23

13. Magazine: American Art Annual Volume 21, 1924. William Gordon Beecher was mentioned in "Who's Who In Architecture." on page 366.

14. Newspaper: Baltimore Sun, 14 Feb 1924, Baltimore, Baltimore, MD. An article discusses William Gordon Beecher as the architect for the rennovation of the Hotel Emmerson.

15. Newspaper: Baltimore Sun, 23 May 1925, Baltimore, Baltimore, MD. The article discusses his work as architect for client Carville D.Benson for a housing development on Carville Ave (between Francis & Sulpher Spring avenues, North Halethorpe.).

16. Residence: Beecher Wm G (Gertrude) archt 12 E Pleasant h7 Dutton av (Catonsville) in 1927 in Catonsville, Baltimore, MD. 24

17. Magazine: Gardens, Houses & People; A News Magazine Published by the Roland Park Company, Oct 1927, Baltimore, Baltimore, MD. An article in the magazine discusses William Gordon Beecher's work for his client, The Roland Park Company, as architect for the Roland Park development on Paddington Rd (west of Goodale Road).

18. Residence: 1929 Baltimore City Directory: Beecher Wm G (Gertrude) archt 12 E Pleasant r Catonsville Md in 1929 in Catonsville, Baltimore, MD. 25

19. Newspaper: Baltimore Sun, 28 Sep 1929, Baltimore, Baltimore, MD. The article discusses his work as architect for Jacob France's home, "Hidden Waters", on Old Court Road in Baltimore.

20. Occupation: architect who designed the Buchanan Memorial in Meridian Hill Park in 1930 in Washington, District of Columbia, DC, USA. 26 Meridian Hill Park was designed and built between 1912 and 1936, and has been under the jurisdiction of the National Park Service since 1933. A number of important monuments and memorials have been placed in the park since the 1920s. The Buchanan Memorial (Hans Schuler, sculptor; William G. Beecher, architect), was one of the first planned although it was not dedicated in its site until 1930. It remains the only memorial to President James Buchanan in Washington.

21. Newspaper: Lebanon Daily News: Monument To Jas. Buchanan Unveiled Today, 26 Jun 1930, Lebanon, Lebanon, PA. 27 Monument To Jas. Buchanan Unveiled Today
Pres. Hoover and Gov. Fisher Were the Speakers
Washington, Today -- The unveiling of a monument to James Buchanan, Pennsylvania's only President, held the interest of Washington today with the dedicatory address by President Hoover and a response by Governor John S. Fisher on behalf of the State.
The memorial is located in the southeastern section of Meridian Park and is the work of Hans Schuler, sculptor, and William Gordon Beecher, architect. Funds for its construction, in bronze marble, were provided in the will of Mrs. Harriet Lans Johnston, niece and hostess of the Bachelor President.

22. Occupation: William Gordon Beecher, Architect of Memorial to James Buchanan, unveiled by President Hoover in Washington, D.C.'s Meridian Hill Park on 26 Jun 1930 in Washington, District of Columbia, DC, USA. 28

23. Newspaper: Baltimore Sun: Planting In North Square Of Washington Place Begun, 17 Jan 1932, Baltimore, Baltimore, MD. 29 -----
Baltimore Sun: Planting In North Square Of Washington Place Begun
Improvements, Paid For By Anonymous Citizen, May Be Completed In Ten Days -- Scheme Planned By William G. Beecher, Architect
Improvements having been started in the north square at the Washington Monument at the expense of an anonymous resident of the city, nurserymen yesterday said the planting should be completed in ten days provided present weather conditions continue and first blooms could be expected early in April.

Planned By W. G. Beecher

The same donor last year paid $10,000 for plant and floral improvements to the east and west squares, the planting scheme having been planned by William Gordon Beecher, architect, who also planned the present improvements. According to plans, all of the blossoming plants in the three squares should bloom simultaneously.
Nurserymen are planting in the north square 160 pink azaleas, 80 white azaleas, 10 magnolias, better known but erroneously called tulip trees; 40 Japanese yews, 100 evergreen tivets and 1,500 periwinkles as ground covers. The planting is being confined to the edges of the square and nothing will be placed in the central grass plot.

Will Bloom All Summer

The white azaleas will follow the pink into bloom, while the magnolias will blossom about the same time. The tivets will bear a tiny white flower throughout the summer and in the fall will bear large clusters of black berries. The periwinkles also will bear a tiny blue flower during the summer months. The yews will remain green throughout the year.
The elm trees bordering the square will be left in their places, forming eventually an arch through which the monument will be seen from the upper reaches of Charles street.

24. Census in 1940 in Catonsville, Baltimore, MD. 30 The 1940 census recorded William G. Beecher, 63, living with wife Gertrude R., 59.

25. Military Draft: World War II: note on draft card: He insisted upon registering regardless of age., 25 Apr 1942, Centreville, Queen Anne's, MD. 17

26. Occupation: Federal Housing Adm., 915 Fidelity Bldg., Baltimore on 25 Apr 1942 in Baltimore, Baltimore, MD. 17

27. Residence: 7 Dutton Ave, Catonsville, Baltimore, MD on 25 Apr 1942 in Catonsville, Baltimore, MD. 17

28. Book: The "Century of Baltimore Architecture" book discusses William Gordon Beecher, 1957.
See: Baltimore: The Peale Museum, 1957., p. 43 in Century of Baltimore Architecture; An Illustrated Guide to Buildings Designed by the Members of the Baltimore Chapter, A.I.A., by Hunter, Wilbur H., Jr. and Charles H. Elam.

29. Residence: 401 Woodlawn Rd., Baltimore, MD in 1960 in Baltimore, Baltimore, MD. 8

30. Cause of Death: arteriosclerotic heart disease, 27 Jan 1963, Annandale, Fairfax, VA, USA. 8

31. Residence: 9201 Columbia Pike, Annandale, VA on 27 Jan 1963 in Annandale, Fairfax, VA, USA. 8

32. Obituary: Baltimore Sun: W. G Beecher Dies on 28 Jan 1963 in Baltimore, Baltimore, MD. 10 W. G. BEECHER, ARCHITECT, DIES

Designer of Many Baltimore Buildings Was 85

William Gordon Beecher, 85, a leading Baltimore architect for many years, died yesterday in Annandale, Va., after a long illness. Mr. Beecher, a native of Baltimore, designed many well -known buildings in the city, including the Emerson Hotel and the electrical and civil engineering buildings at the Johns Hopkins University.

Designed Hotel

He also served from 1934 to 1946 as chief architect for the Federal Housing Administration's Baltimore office. In that post he passed on plans for thousands of FHA-insured homes in all of Maryland and the Eastern Shore of Virginia. Mr. Beecher attended Baltimore city public schools and began architectural work in 1897. One of the first major jobs he worked on, while employed in by Wyatt and Nolting, was the construction of the Baltimore Courthouse.

He designed the Emerson Hotel while on the staff of Joseph Evans Sperry and later did an addition to the hotel structure.

Practicing independently, Mr. Beecher designed the office of the Motor Vehicle Commissioner at Guilford avenue and Twenty-First street, and the Catonsville Presbyterian Church, of which he was a member for many years.

Working with Hans Schuler, the sculptor, he designed the Buchanan Memorial in Meridian Hill Park in Washington, for the National Commission of Fine Arts.

Lucius R. White, Jr., architect, said yesterday, "Gordon was a very, very capable architect with a great deal of talent. He was an especially good planner. He was always genial and a good friend."

Painted As A Hobby

Mr. Beecher painted for a hobby, and was interested in old scenes of Baltimore. "I think that many of the picturesque by-ways of the older parts of the city are well worth preserving," he said in 1922, "especially as they are fast disappearing. The newer and more impressive buildings of Baltimore will be with us for a long time yet I would like to see the old scenes preserved before it is too late."

He was a member of the American Institute of Architects, the Charcoal Club and the Maryland Historical Society. For some years he taught architecture at the Maryland Institute School of Architecture.

He is survived by a son, Vice Rear Adm. William Gordon Beecher, Jr. (USN retired), of Arlington, Va.; two daughters, Mrs. Harry H. Henderson of Virginia Beach, Va., and Mrs. H. Graham Wood of Baltimore; and four grandchildren and one great-grandchild.

He was married to Gertrude Robertson Beecher, of Virginia, who died September 23, 1954.

A funeral service will be held at 2 P.M. Wednesday at the William J. Tickner & Sons funeral establishment at North and Pennsylvania avenues, with the Rev. David I. Rees, pastor of the Catonsville Presbyterian Church officiating. Burial will be in Loudon Park Cemetery.

William married Mary Gertrude Robertson, daughter of William John Robertson and Clara Bell Tabb, on 19 Nov 1902 in Baltimore, Baltimore, MD.1 2 (Mary Gertrude Robertson was born on 29 Jan 1881 in Baltimore, Baltimore, MD,1 31 died on 23 Sep 1954 in , Baltimore County, MD 10 31 32 and was buried on 25 Sep 1954 in Baltimore: Loudon Park Cemetery, Baltimore, MD 31 33.)


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Mar 11 1972 letter from Craig M. Bennett, 31 Meeting St, Charleston Sc 29401, to Vice Admiral William Gordon Beecher of Alexandria, VA, describing the antique hand-painted fracturs cica 1800 proving birth of Samuel to father Henry Büger in possession of Craig, a descendent.
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