Johannes Buecher
Elisabeth Catharina Hommel
Henry Beecher Sr.
(Bef 1752-After 1820)
Samuel Beecher


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1. Barbara Winterode

Samuel Beecher 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

  • Born: 16 Dec 1767, , , PA 7 8 9 10
  • Marriage (1): Barbara Winterode
  • Died: 8 Oct 1821, Hagerstown, Washington, MD at age 53 3 4 7 8
  • Buried: Hagerstown: Reformed Congregation, Washington, MD 3 4

   Other names for Samuel were Samuel Beaher,11 Samuel Beeker, Samuel Boucher, Samuel Bücher,12 13 Samuel Buecher,14 Samuel Buger and Samuel Büger.10

   FamilySearch ID: LDMX-XNP.

  Birth Notes:

Event Description: Death noticed in the Baltimore Patriot newspaper
Died, at Hagerstown, Mr. Samuel Beecher, merchant, at an advanced age.

  Noted events in his life were:

1. Alt. Name: Original surname Bücher with umlaut above u pronounced as Beecher which became the surname used by descendants, in 1767,.

2. Property in 1783 in Germany Twp., York, PA. 15 Samuel Beeher & Barbara of Petersburg, Germany Twp. sold land to Michael Depert. N side of King St. / W bounded by Lot #48 / N by land of Mathias Baker / E by 16' alley / Known on plat as 49 & 50.

3. Census in 1790 in Germany Twp., York, PA. 16 Samuel Beeher is listed with:
White male over 16 = 1 (Samuel)
White females = 1 (wife Catherine)
Henry Sr. and his sons John, Frederick, and Samuel are each indexed in the 1790 census as follows on images on image 252 Henry Becher; on image 248 his sons John Beher and Frederick Becker; on image 249 his son Samuel Beeher. Sons William and Peter are not found so they were living with Henry Sr. These 1790 census record pages don't identify the township, but we know it is Germany Township because on the same pages are the Klein/Kline/Little family that founded Littlestown as well as families related to the Beechers: Winterode/Winrode, Sell, etc.

4. In 1791 in Littlestown: Christ Reformed Church, Adams, PA. Samuel appears in church records for the baptisms of his children.

5. Tax List: Henry, Samuel, and William Beecher appear on 1793 enumeration list for Germany Townshp, York (now Adams) county, 1793, Germany Twp., Adams, PA. 5

6. Tax List: Saml. Beecher appeared as Wintrott's Hiers on 1798 tax list., 1798, Germany Twp., York, PA. 17 126. Sam Beecher, Winrott's Hiers, 1 dwelling house, 20 x 25 feet, construction: log, 1 story, 3 windows, 12 lights, 2 acres, adjoining Jas. McSherry. Assessed 275. On same property: Widow Winrott. Wintrott's Hiers, 1 dwelling house, 20 x 30 feet, construction log, 1 story, 4 windows, 12 lights, 2 acres.

7. He appeared as a sponsor at a baptism on 24 Nov 1798 at Littlestown: St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church, Adams, PA. Samuel Bücher and Barbara were sponsors for the baptism of Samuel Rek [Reck], son of Christian and Sophia, b. Sep 28 1798. 18 19

8. Tax List: History of Adams County, 1799, Germany Twp., Adams, PA. 20 In the History of Adams County book appears the tax assessment list for Germany Township for 1799. Included on the list:
William Beeher . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $100
Lewis Beeher . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . $267
Samuel Beeher . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . $110
And under single men:
William Beeher . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $1.

9. Census in 1800 in Germany Twp., Adams, PA. 11 Several related families appear on the same Census page in 1800 in Germany Township. (The Beechers were recorded as Beahers.)

Samuel Beaher is listed with this household:
Males (born)
Under 10 (1791-1800) = 1 son (Henry)
26-44 (1756-1774) = 1 father (Samuel)
Females (born)
Under 10 (1791-1800) = 3 daughters (Mary, Elizabeth, Salome)
26-44 (1756-1774) = 1 wife (Barbara)

The listing for William Beaher indicates he had a first wife (because he didn't marry Elisabeth Herr until 1810):

William Beaher has this household:
Males (born)
16-25 (1775-1784) = 1 son (?)
26-44 (1756-1774) = 1 father (William)
Females (born)
45 & over (<=1755) = 1 wife (? first wife)

On the same census page are several allied family surnames that marry the Buecher/Beecher families:

Barbara Wintrode married Samuel Buecher, and Catherine Wintrode married his brother Frederick Beher. On this page we find their father, "Jacob Winterode Capt." and the households of a younger Jacob Winterode, Adam Winterode, and Barbara Winterode.

10. Newspaper: Adams Sentinel: Samuel Beecher mentioned as a deputy in the Federal Party, 16 Sep 1807, Gettysburg, Adams, PA. 21 IN pursuance of Public Notice, the Deputies from the several townships in the county of Adams met, at the Court house in the borough of Gettysburg, on Monday the 21st of September, 1807, in order to fix upon and recommend suitable persons to be run at the ensuing election - John Morrow was appointed Chairman, and John McConaughy Secretary of the meeting - and, having taken the matter into consideration, do recommend the following persons to their fellow citizens, for their support at the next general election, as men well qualified to service in the several offices.


Deputies present - from
Gettysburg - John McConaughy.
Cumberland - Hugh Dunwoody, David Horner.
Liberty - John Morrow, Peter Carpenter.
Hamibltonban - Amos Maginly, esquire, William McMillan.
Mountjoy - Wilhelmas Hooghtalin.
Franklin - Nathaniel Paxton, David Neuman.
Straban - John Dickson, esq. Wm. King.
Conowago - Henry Bernhard.
Huntington - Daniel Funk, Daniel Shaffer.
Latimore - John Bonner, esquire, James Robinette.
Berwick - Sebastian Hafer, David Slagle, Henry Lilly.
Tyrone - James Neely.
Germany - Frederick Keefer, Samuel Beher.
Mountpleasant - James Horner, Moses Lockhart.

JOHN MORROW, Chairman,

11. Census in 1810 in Germany Twp., Adams, PA. 12 Living in the household of Samuel Beecher:
Males (born)
Under 10 (1801-1810) = 1 son (William)
10-15 (1795-1800) = 1 son (Jacob)
16-25 (1785-1794) = 1 son (Henry)
26-44 (1766-1784) = 1 father (Samuel)
Females (born)
10-15 (1795-1800) = 2 daughters
26-44 (1766-1784) = 1 wife (Barbara).

12. Moved: 1814, Hagerstown, Washington, MD. 22

13. Census in 1820 in Hagerstown, Washington, MD. 23 In 1820 the William Beacher household had:
Males (born)
Under 10 (1811-1820) = 2 sons
45 & over (<=1775) = 1 father William
Females (born)
26-44 (1776-1794) = 1 wife

On the next census page 111 are two more Beachers:

Samuel Beacher's household had:
Males (born)
10-15 (1805-1810) = 1 son (William)
16-25 (1795-1804) = 2 (son Jacob and father Samuel in wrong age bracket)
Females (born)
10-15 (1805-1810) = 1 daughter (Salome)
16-25 (1795-1804) = 1 daughter (Elizabeth)
45 & over (<=1775) = 1 wife (Barbara)

Catherine Beacher's household had:
Females (born)
26-44 (1776-1794) = 2 daughters
45 & over (<=1775) = 1 catherine.

14. Newspaper: Torch Light: "DIED Yesterday afternoon, at an advanced age, Mr. Samuel Beecher, merchant, a respectable and worthy citizen of this place.", 9 Oct 1821, Hagerstown, Washington, MD. 24

15. Newspaper: Baltimore Patriot: "DIED At Hagerstown, Mr. Samuel Beecher, merchant, at an advanced age.", 12 Oct 1821, Baltimore, Baltimore, MD. 25

16. When Samuel died without a will, Washington Co. MD bound Jacob Beecher, Samuel Eckleberger and Frederick Rohaer for $5000, as administrator's of Samuel's probate, the bonded sum to be voided when they submitted the estate accounts. on 17 Oct 1821 in Hagerstown, Washington, MD. 26

17. Court gave Jacob Beecher, administrator, permission to sell Samuel Beecher's merchandise inventory on 6 Nov 1821 in Hagerstown, Washington, MD. 27 On application of Jacob Beecher Administrator of Samuel Beecher, It is ordered by the Court that he sell at private sale all the merchandise returned in an Inventory to this Court if practicable, if not then at Public Sale with the rest of the property contained in said Inventory on a credit of six months and that he give three weeks notice thereof, He is also permitted to sell at private sale a Negro Girl for not less than the Appraised Value.

18. Newspaper: The Torch Light: Estate notice for Samuel Beecher, 13 Nov 1821, Hagerstown, Washington, MD. 28 PUBLIC SALE
I will sell, on Wednesday, 5th December next, at the late store of Samuel Beecher, deceased, adjoining the Swan tavern, and opposite the store of Messrs. Neill & Swope, in Hagers-town, on the credit of six months,
Consisting of
Super and Common Cloths, Cassemeres, Coatings, Flannels, Blankets, Cottons, Calicoes, Silks, Muslins,
&c. &c. &c.
Hardware, Queenware
At his late residence, all the
Of said deceased, consisting of a variety of Household and Kitchen Furniture, among which are one Eight Day Clock, Side-board, Secretary, Bureaus, Tables, Chairs, Beds, Bedsteads, several Ten Plate Stoves.
One HORSE and COW;
And a variety of other articles too numerous to insert.
Sale will commence at 9 o'clock, A. M. -- Due attendance given, by
November 13

THAT the subscriber, of Washington county, hath obtained from the Orphan's Court of said county, in Maryland, Letters of Administration on the personal estate of Samuel Beecher, late of said county,deceased. All persons having claims against the said deceased, are hereby warned to exhibit the same, with the vouchers thereof, to the subscriber, on or before the 14th day of May next : they may otherwise, by law, be excluded from all benefit of the said estate. Given under my hand, this 13th day of November, 1821.
November 13
N. B. All persons indebted to said estate are requested to make immediate payment.

19. Hagerstown Torch Light newspaper: William Beecher's notice to settle accounts for deceased Samuel Beecher on 2 Jul 1822 in Hagerstown, Washington, MD. 29 Notice
ALL persons indebted to the Estate of Samuel Beecher, deceased, are requested to call & settle their accounts immediately, otherwise they will be given into the hands of an officer for collection.
And those who purchased at the sale of said deceased, are informed, that their Notes have become due, and immediate payment is expected.
June 11. 32--3w.

20. Jacob Beecher filed his 1st account of the estate of deceased father Samuel Beecher. List online at on 3 Nov 1823 in Hagerstown, Washington, MD. 30

21. Newspaper: The Torch Light: "Notice. I have appointed Mr. John H. Fechtig my Agent, and hereby authorise him to settle all accounts relating to the estate of the late Samuel Beecher, deceased, during my absence. Jacob Beecher, Adm'r.", 4 Nov 1823, Hagerstown, Washington, MD. 31

22. Jacob Beecher filed his 2nd account of the estate of deceased father Samuel Beecher. List online at on 1 Jun 1825 in Hagerstown, Washington, MD. 32

23. Newspaper: 18 Jan 1854, Hagerstown, Washington, MD. 33 Hagerstown Herald Freedom & Torch Light newspaper, 18 Jan 1854, Page 3 column B:


By order of the Circuit Court for Washington County, sitting as a Court of Equity, resigned, as Trustees, will sell at public auction at the Court House in Hagerstown,
Tuesday the 31st day of January, 1854,
at 10 o'clock, A. M., the following property, of which Samuel Beecher, late of Washington county, died, seized, to wit: The west half of Lot No. 125, on the plat of Hagerstown. This property is situated in East Washington Street, and adjoins the premises of Samuel Newman. The improvements consist of a comfortable ONE STORY
with a BACK BUILDING, a LOG STABLE, a Well of excellent Water with a Pump in it, a Spring House, and some Fruit Trees. It is now in the possession of Mr. Daniel Feigley. Also, Lot No. 25, on the page of Hagerstown. This property is situated on East Church Street, and is now occupied by Mr. Steinbuck and Catherine Hayden. The improvements on it consist of TWO SMALL LOG HOUSES, some Fruit Trees, &c.
The Terms of Sale as prescribed by the Decree, are: -- One-third of the purchase money on the day of sale, and the residue in two equal annual installments with interest thereon from said day, the deferred payments to be secured by the notes of the purchaser or purchasers, with sureties to be approved by the Trustees. On the payment of the whole purchase money, the Trustees will by good and sufficient deeds convey the property said, to the purchaser or purchasers.
January 18, '54.

24. Evidence: 4 historic Geburt and Taufschein fracturs for Samuel Beecher's family, 1972, Charleston, Charleston, SC. 10 Proof of Samuel's family history is preserved in four historic Geburt and Taufschein fracturs, a PA Dutch tradition of hand painting commemorative papers to celebrate a birth, death or other occasion. The following letter written in 1972 and on file at the Adams County Historical Society describes them. The author mentions surname "Büger" but probably wasn't aware that in 1700's German handwriting a "ch" combination appears like a "g":

March 11, 1972

Letter to V. Adm. W. Gordon Beecher
2500 N. Van Dorn St.
Alexandria, Virginia 22302

Dear Adm. Beecher:

Recently in clearing out some things in my mother's house I found four Geburt und Taufschein fractures that were listed as being from the Beecher side of the family and I thought you would be interested. They in a way give some lead as to where the family may have come from.

Listed below are the names and dates on several I have.

Samuel Büger son of Heinrich and Cathariun Büger
December 14, 1766 [might be Dec 16, 1767]
[Handwritten note on back: Samuel Beecher d. Mon @ 1PM.]

Maria Barbara Winteroth daughter of Jacob and Maria Barbara Winteroth
November 24, 1770

Salome Bücher daughter of Samuel and Barbara Bücher
February 27, 1797
Sponsor Elizabeth Winteroth

Catharina Bücher daughter of Samuel and Barbara Bücher
January 21, 1793
Sponsor Grandmother, Catharina Bücher
[note attached at the foot records birth as January 23, 1798 and death as death as March 15, 1798.]

It is easy to understand how a wrong date or spelling might have occurred in the light of history of such items in that period of the Pennsylvania Germans. They are all in German I might add. In light of finding these papers it seemed to me that the family might very well have been German. That the name might well have been Büger/Bücher, and then Beecher, with no connection with the New England family of Beecher at all.


Craig M. Bennett
31 Meeting St.
Charleston, SC 29401

[Note: In another letter, Bennett stated the following: "He [Samuel Bücher] is said to have died October 8, 1821 according to a pen and ink note on the reverse side. This fractur along with three others of the family seem to have been painted about 1800 and seem to be the work of "the Adams County Artist".].

Samuel married Barbara Winterode, daughter of Johann Jacob Winteroth Sr. and Anna Maria Barbara Mayer. (Barbara Winterode was born on 13 Nov 1771 in Frederick, Frederick, MD 34, christened on 8 Mar 1772 in Frederick: Evangelical Reformed Church, Frederick, MD 34 and died on 7 Jun 1851 in Wellersburg, Somerset, PA 35.)


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