I would like to first thank my wife, Claudette Booker, for her help, cooperation, understanding, and patience, without all of which this book would never have been written, much less completed. If the truth must be known, it was her side of the family that inspired me to do this. Her family knew so much about their history; when they came to America, and from where in Germany. While stationed in Frankfurt, West Germany in 1980, we knew exactly what village to go to – Windecken bei Hanau. With very little difficulty, Claudette found her Menger and Hochstadt family relatives. The remainder of our stay in Germany was a rediscovery of our German heritage and culture. I began to realize that I really did not know where my family had come from or even what nationality the Bookers were. In 1984 while stationed in Brooklyn, New York, I decided I wanted to know.

Writing this book took a lot of time and energy away from my children, Erik, Adam and Colleen. I want to thank them for their support and patience; I truly believe they understood why “Dad’s on the computer again!”

I want to especially thank Jeanne Woods who got me started in the right direction, and sent me so much information on all the Bookers. Her letters of encouragement and support through the last six years have been an inspiration to me at times when I wanted to say “Forget It!”

Thanks to so many people who sent me information on the book; they are so much a part of its creation. A Special thanks to Helen McClenahan, Dulcie Jewell, Mahala Slingerland, Marjorie Harwood, Mabel Booker, Virgil Booker, Nathan Bowen, Esther Buckles, Louise Peterson, Donna Bell, Linda Scogins, Janet Halstead, Madelene Scott, Eldon Booker, Joy Carter, Edna Brumaster, Wanda Bingham, Mary Jane Moon, Barbara Haulenbeck, Ruth Booker, Myrtle Badgley, Deloris Coker, Faye Booker, Lourine Hullinger, Delores Kupish, Berneice Carrico, Mary Snyder, James Coker, Bill McGuire, Arthur Hedrick, James Leischner, Zelma Young, Dward Moore, Sr., Mildred Huntsman, Doris Rickey, Mildred Smith, Kathy Smith, Marie Vernon, Elizabeth Varner, Maurice Gamble, and Ralph Woodward.

To my good friend, Lavonne Peer, who passed away this last December; I believe you will like the result of your contributions.

I have done my best to keep errors to a minimum, but I am only human. Please forgive my mistakes.

I am a very lucky man. In my job I have the opportunity to meet so many relatives. I can honestly say, our relatives are honest, hardworking people who just want to do their job well and enjoy life surrounded by family and friends. Booker descendants can be proud of their heritage, and their 258 years in America. We came here for freedom, and to fight for it if need be. And we have, many times. For this we should be thankful. Let us never forget the hardships they endured to insure the freedom we have today.

God Bless You All! March 25, 1990

Charles Lee Booker Jr.


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