The Bucher/Booker Family, 1686-1990: Chapter I, Part 3


John Michael Bucher of Frederick County, Virginia

According to the 1782 and 1785 count of persons living in Frederick County, Virginia, Michael Bucher, had at least five children (by his wife Catharine, maiden name unknown). Based on Hammond’s book, and my own research, I can only account for three:

I. Jacob Bucher, b., d. left the Frederick County area after 1802, Married to a Margaret, possibly Crum, daughter of Anthony Crum on 15/3/1795; Jacob – Revolutionary War Veteran – units were 7th and 9th Continental Line

II. Philip Peter Bucher, b. 5/6/1751 Frederick County, VA, d. 14/10/1842 Frederick County, VA, Married Margaret Strosnider ? no date recorded; Revolutionary War Veteran – Twice drafted, and twice volunteered. With Capt. Wilson’s company and Capt. Gilkinson’s Company, and Col. Smith’s (Gen. Daniel Morgan’s troops). Eight children:(Information from Hammond’s book)

1. Elizabeth Bucher, b. 1794-1796 Fred. Co., VA, d., Marr. Levi Carr

2. Catharine Bucher, b. 1795 Frederick Co., VA, d., Marr. 10/12/1814 to James Carr

3. John Jacob Bucher, b. 1796 Frederick Co., VA, d., marr. Sarah Brill (1809-1885)

4. Samuel Bucher, b. 1800 Frederick Co., VA, d. Frederick Co., VA, Marr. Mary Elizabeth Pier on 8/2/1840 Frederick Co., VA. Bur. Bucher Cemetery on Furnace Run. Four children:

i. Mary Elizabeth Bucher, b. 1841 Fred. Co., VA, d. 10/4/1910, Bur. Furnace Run, Fred. Co., VA; never married

ii. Samuel Wesley Bucher, b. 1843 Fred. Co, VA, d. 29/41865 Fort Delaware, died in Fed. Confinement Center for Confederate Prisoners of War; Bur. nearby

iii. James Alexander Bucher , b. 9/10/1847 Fred. Co., VA, d. 18/12/1933 Shenandoah Co.,VA; Bur. Lebanon Cem., Shenandoah Co., VA (See Gene Paige Hammond’s book, Shenandoah Valley Pioneer Settlers for descendants)

iv. infant daughter Bucher, Bur. in Bucher Cemetery

5. Rachael Bucher, b. 1801 Frederick County, VA, d., Marr. 11/1/1827 to William Hoffman in Fred. Co., VA. Six children:

i. Henry A. Hoffman, b. 1828

ii. Margaret A. Hoffman, b. 1831

iii. Mary E. Hoffman, b. 1833

iv. James W. Hoffman, b. 1835

v. Harriet S. Hoffman, b. 1837

vi. Leah J. Hoffman, b. 1839

6. Moses Bucher, b. 1804 Frederick Co., IN, d. 27/12/1891 Berlin, IL, Marr. 7/3/1833 in Fred. Co., VA to Lydia Van Horn (See Chapter I, Part 2 for descendants of Moses Bucher and Lydia Van Horn)

7. Leah Bucher, b., Unmarried

8. Philip Alexander Bucher, b. ?, Marr. 10/12/1832 to Hannah Dutton in Frederick Co., VA; moved family to Fayette County, PA

III. George Bucher, b., d., Found on the Frederick County Personal Property Tax, 1784, 1787, 1788 and 13 Mar. 1789. Mentioned in Fred. Co. Order Books through 1798. Believed to be Revolutionary War Veteran found in Gwathmey’s Historical Register of Virginians in the Revolution, page 76. Also, found in index of the Revolution Records in VA State Archives, Compiled by Dr. H. J. Echenrode, 1912 & 1914. Indexed as George Bougher.

In Frederick County, Virginia Deed Book #21, page 1104, dated 16 April 1789, we find Michael Bucher selling land to his son, Philip Peter Bucher:

“This Indenture, made the 16th of April in the year of our Lord 1789 between John Michael Bucher and Catharine his wife of the county of Frederick…of the one part and Philip Peter Bucher of the county and commonwealth aforesaid of the other part…for and in consideration of the sum of 200 pounds…to the said John Michael Bucher and Catharine his wife unto the said Philip Peter Bucher, his heirs and assignees a curtain tract of land in the said county of Frederick on a branch of Cedar Creek and bounded as follows…containing 100 acres which said tract was granted by Patent from the proprietor [Lord Fairfax] of the Northern Neck to the said John Michael Bucher (therein called Michael Poker) [parentheses and the reference to Michael Poker are in the original deed] bearing date 24 June 1751. Also one other tract on drain of Cedar Creek…containing 27 acres which was part of a larger tract of 156 acres granted by Patent..25 August 1766…said to the said John Michael Bucher (who is therein called Michael Poker). [signed] John Michael Bucher & Catharine X Bucher [by her mark] sealed and delivered in the presence of Elias Kackley at a court in Frederick County 6 October 1789, Moses Russell Clerk J. A. Keith, Henry Richards, Joseph Longacre

In Deed Book #22, page 372, 6 April 1789 John Michael Bucher and wife, Catherine, sell to their son, Jacob Bucher:

“This Indenture made the 6th day of April 1789 between John Michael Bucher and Catharine his wife of the county of Frederick and the Commonwealth of Virginia of the one part and Jacob Bucher of the county and commonwealth aforesaid of the other part..sum of 80 pounds…tract of land in the said Michael’s old tract…containing 109 acres which said tract…is part of a larger tract of 136 acres granted by Patent bearing the date 20 August 1766 from the proprietor [Lord Fairfax] of the Northern Neck to the said John Michael Bucher (who is therein called Michael Poker)…[parentheses and reference to Michael Poker are in the original deed]. [signed] John Michael Bucher & Catharine Bucher [her mark] signed and sealed Elias Kackley, Moses Russell, Henry Richard, Joseph Longacre, At a court for Frederick County, Virginia 1 December 1789, cont. and held 6 April 1791

From the diary of Rev. Christian Streit (on file at the Handley Library in Winchester, Virginia), I found an entry dated 9 November 1788. “In the afternoon preached on the last verse of the Gospel in Winchester. Election for deacons: Jacob Bucher and Simon Lauck were chosen.

Lists of Buchers found on the Personal Property Tax of Frederick County, Virginia, 1782 – 1798 (horses and cattle not included by author):

1782 Whites above 16: John Poker – 1, Jacob Poker – 1

On Longacre’s List: Michael Poker – 2, Philip P. Poker – 1

1783 On Longacre’s List, White males above 21 & White males above 16: Philip Poker – 2

On McGuire’s List: Jacob Poker – 1

On McWilliam’s List: John Poker – 1 – 1

1784: Poker, Philip Peter – 3, Poker, George – 1, Bougher, Jacob – 1

1785: Poker, P. Peter – 1, Poker, Michael – 1, Poker, Jacob – 1, Poker, John – 2, Poker, Jacob – 1

1786 On Longacre’s List, White males above 16: Poker, Michael – 1, Poker, P. Peter – 1

On Abraham Jones List: Boucher, Jacob – 1

1787 Names of white males, Tax charged to tithable above 21

List “A”:

George Poker – Richard Carter

Winchester Town:

Jacob Poker – self

Spencer Cooper -Jacob Poker

John Will – Jacob Poker

List “B” March 27

John Poker – John Poker and Burrells

May 16

Michael Poker – Michael Poker

Phillip Peter Poker – P.P. Poker

1788 March 31, White males above 16: John Bucher -1

March 21: George Bucher – 1

March 12: Phillip P. Bucher – 1

March 12: Michael Bucher – 1

1789 March 12: Phillip P. Bucher – 1

March 11: Michael Bucher – 1

March 13: George Bucher – 1

March 21: John Bucher – 1

1790 April 30, White males above 16

On White’s List: Jacob Bucher – 1

May 6: Philip P. Bucher – 2, John Bucher – 2

1791 March 17

On John White’s List: John Bucher – 2

April 11: Jacob Bucher – 1

1791 May 27: Philip P. Bucher – 1

1792 Lost

1793 On Joseph Williams’ and George Clopton’s List

March 20: Jacob Boucher – 1

March 30: John Poucher – 2

1794 On George Clopton’s List

March 30: Jacob Boucher 1 1

Sept. 16: Philip P. Booker – 1

March 20: John Poucher – 2

1795 1st 16 pages lost, probably included Buchers

1796 On George Clopton’s List

April 5: Philip P. Bucher – 2

June 25: Jacob Bucher – 1

30 November: John Bucher – 3

1797 On George Clopton’s List

March 23: Philip P. Bucher – 2, John Bucher – 3

1798 On George Clopton’s List: Jacob Bucher 1, John Bucher – 2, Philip P. Bucher – 2

In Philip Peter Bucher’s declaration for Revolutionary War Pension in 1832, we find the complete history of Philip Peter’s military service:

Virginia, Frederick County

On this 7th day of November, personally appeared in open court, before the court of Frederick County, in the state of Virginia, now sitting – Philip Peter Bucher, a resident of the aforesaid county of Frederick, and state of Virginia, aged eighty-one years in the month of June last, who being first duly sworn according to law, doth on his oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the United States under the following named officers and served as herein stated. That in the latter end of July 1777, or perhaps the beginning of August, he, this deponant was drafted to serve a three months tour in the militia, which was called only from the county of Frederick, state of Virginia aforesaid, that Capt. James Wilson commanded the company to which this deponant belonged. Capt. Marquis Colmes commanded the regiment and Robert White was our Major. The company marched from Winchester in Virginia about the first of August 1777, and this deponant was appointed by his Captain, Orderly Sergeant, and continued to serve as such during the tour, which tour was fully three months. There were two other companies of militia, one commanded by Capt. William Helm, the other by Capt. Barnett (Barnett’s christian name, deponant does not recollect). It was called a regiment of Virginia militia. The regiment crossed the Potomac at Harper’s Ferry, passed through Frederick Town in the state of Maryland, passed through Tarry Town in Maryland, McAllisters Town in Pennsylvania, Little York, Lancaster, from thence through a little village called Runstown, crossed Schuylkile river to Reading, Pennsylvania, halted at Reading and rested a few days. From there we marched and joined the Culpepper, Fauquier, and Loudon militia within about sixteen miles of Philadelphia, (this deponant does not recollect the names of the counties he marched through in Pennsylvania) and continued in that neighborhood until he was discharged by Capt. Wilson. His discharge has been lost or destroyed, and he is not able to produce it. As this deponant further declares that in the month of July 1781, he was again drafted to serve a tour of three months in the militia called out form the said county of Frederick in Virginia, and that he served this tour under Capt. Samuel Gilkinson, and marched through the counties Fauquier, Stafford, Spotsylvania, Caroline, Hanover, New Kent, crossing Pomonky river at Ruffins Ferry, and joined that part of the American Army commanded by General De Lafayette. The regiment to which deponant belonged was commanded by Colonel William Darke. This deponant was detached to serve on the lines and was commanded by Capt. William George, who was under the command of Maj. Reid, an officer of the regular Army. The British were then in possession of Williamsburgh, but upon the approval of Maj. Reid with his detachment, the British retreated and Reid with his detachment passed through Williamsburgh and halted about three hours. The British made their appearance, but immediately retreated. Here Reid was joined by General Mulenburgh’s brigade. The army moved down to the main British picket, took three prisoners and drove in the picket and from thence returned to Williamsburgh, where we encamped on Cottage Green for several days. From this place this deponant was detached to Burwater Point on York river, and there a skirmish took place between the British and American pickets in which several armed boats were taken by the British, one of which was burned by the British. From thence this deponant returned to the main encampment, and was placed again under the command of Col. Darke, and remained under his command until his time expired. This deponant served thirteen days over his time for which he was drafted as a volunteer. During this time this deponant acted as a Sergeant and was discharged by Capt. Ashby, which discharge is lost or mislaid. This deponant further declares that shortly before he was called out in the tour just described, he, this deponant, was one of the volunteers who turned out under the command Col. Smith and Gen. Daniel Morgan to quell the Tory insurrection in the county of Hampshire (now Hardy) commonly called Claypole Rebellion in the month of June 1781. For the tour against the Tories, no written discharge were given. He hereby relinquishes all claim to a pension or annuity except the present and declares that his name is not on the pension roll of the agency of any state or territory.

1. Question by the Court: Where and what year were you born?

Answer: I was born on the Opequon in the county of Frederick and state of Virginia on the 5th day of June 1751, according to the record of my age.

2. Question: Have you any record of your age, and if so, where is it?

Answer: Yes, I have a record of my age in my own house written in the German language in a German Sermon Book.

3. Question: Where were you living when called into service? Where have you lived since the Revolutionary War, and where do you now live?

Answer: I lived in the county of Frederick when called into service. I have lived in the same county and lived my whole life except when in the service.

4. Question: How were you called into service? Were you drafted? Did you volunteer, or were you a substitute, and if a substitute, for whom?

Answer: I was twice drafted, was not a substitute, twice volunteered as stated in the foregoing narration.

5. Question: State the names of some of the officers who were with the troops where you served, such Continental and Militia regiments as you can recollect, and the general circumstances of your service.

Answer: The deponant refers the Court to his narrative of facts in his foregoing general statements.

6. Question: Did you ever receive a discharge from the service, and if so, by whom was it given, and what has become of it?

Answer: I received a discharge signed by Capt. James Wilson for my first tour of service. For my second tour, I received a discharge from Capt. Ashby, by the order of Col. Darke, Capt. Gilkinson having left the service before I was discharged. Both of which discharges have been mislaid or lost, and deponant is not now able to produce them.

7. Question: State the names of persons to whom you are known in your present neighborhood, and who can testify as to your character, for veracity and their belief of your service as a soldier of the Revolution.

Answer: Moses Rupale, Esq., will prove my services, and Joseph Hotzinfiler knows the fact of my services in the second tour.

(Signed) Philip P. Bucher

We, Lewis Eickelberger, a clergyman residing in the county of Frederick in the state of Virginia, and Andrew J. Pitman of the same place, hereby certify that we are well acquainted with Philip Peter Bucher, who has subscribed and sworn to the above declaration, that we believe him to be eight one years of age, that he is reputed and believed in the neighborhood where he resides to have been a soldier of the Revolution, and that we concur in that opinion. (Signed) Lewis Eichelberger & Andrew J. Pitman

John Bucher of Frederick County, Virginia

John Bucher, son of Hans Ulrich Bucher and Barbara, resided in Frederick County, Virginia his entire life. He was a brother to our John Philip Bucher, and was the same John Bucher who bought 200 acres of Frederick County property from John Philip in 1778. I believe John Bucher was married to Magdalena Pfifer. Found in Shenandoah County Will Book A, page 196, dated 16 September 1778, Henry Pfifer “bequeath onto my personal estates as followeth, one Equal Share thereof to my Daughter, Magdalen Bucher”.

John Bucher’s will is found in Frederick County Will Book #12, page 480, and mentions first his wife, Magdalenah and then son, John, who receives the plantation of 200 acres. Daughters listed are Barbara; Anna, wife of George Snyder; Sarah, wife of Philip Miller; Elizabeth, wife of James Watson; son-in-law Adam Kline, “husband of my deceased daughter Catharinah – she has nine children.” Son, Jacob, is given the land purchased from Jacob Luckey of 145 acres. The land owned on Cabin Run in Shenandoah County “is to be sold at public auction.” Executors are son, John and son-in-law, George Snyder, and son, Jacob. Witnesses are John Grove and John and Nicolas Samsel. The will, dated 20 August 1808, was entered into court on 1 June 1824, but was not recorded until 2 August 1824 by Clerk J. A. Tidball.

The transaction for the land John Bucher bought for his son, Jacob, can be found in Frederick County Deed Book #25, page 15, recorded 4 October 1796. The following is a summarized version:

Joseph Luckey and Mary, his wife, sells to John Bucher for 443 pounds, 145 acres on the drains of Opeckon Creek, that was part of 347 acres granted to said Luckey by Valentine Switzer, executor of Stephen Hotzenpeller, dec’d, 3 October 1796, by virtue of the last will and testament of Hotzenpillor, 2 April 1776, and by virtue of power vested in said executor by Stephen Hotzenpiller. The deed is dated 23 September 1796. The land was part of 450 acres granted to Stephen Hotzenpiller by Jost Hite, 23 March 1736. Joseph Luckey signed, and Mary made her X. Witnesses were Joseph Longacre and two Germans. The deed was recorded 4 October 1796, and signed by John Bucher. County Clerk Keith recorded the deed 3 January 1797.

Joyner’s Northern Neck Warrants and Surveys, Volume II contains material on Frederick County and Shenandoah County land before the latter was formed. On page 27 Frederick Bentley had 230 acres in the Manour of Leeds on 3 November 1772 and in 1773. Shenandoah was already a county by then [Dunmore], and the land adjoined the properties of Darby McCarty, Lawrence Bodkin, and [John] Philip Poker [Bucher]. On page 35 John Poker [Bucher] (John Philip’s brother) of Frederick County had 66 acres on Cabin Run adjoining land surveyed for Morgan and Pope, now Henry Funk’s. Again, all this land, first Frederick County, then Shenandoah County, became a part of Warren County in 1836.

John Bucher (son of Hans Ulrich Bucher and Barbara) and his wife, Magdalena, had eight children:

I. Barbara Bucher, b. 27/5/1766 Frederick Co., VA , d. 17/12/1839 Frederick Co., VA

II. John Bucher, b. 21/12/1770 Frederick Co., VA , d. 14/2/1825 Frederick Co., VA, Marr. 25/10/1804 to Mary (Polly) Snyder, daughter of George Sneider in Frederick Co., VA. Two children: [at least]

1. John W. Bucher, b. 13/8/1805 Frederick Co., VA, d. 1874

2. Jacob A. Bucher, b. 18/6/1815 Frederick Co., VA, d. 10/4/1901

III. Anna Bucher, b., d., Marr. 23/2/1802 to George Snyder in Frederick County, VA

IV. Sarah Bucher, b., d., Marr. 7/10/1801 to Philip Miller

V. Henry Bucher, b. 11/12/1783 Newtown, VA, d. 17/2/1786 Newtown, VA. From the diary of Rev. Christian Streit

VI. Elizabeth Bucher, b., d., Marr. to James Watson

VII. Catharinah Magdalena Bucher, b., d. before August 1808, Marr. 4/4/1786 to Adam Kline in Frederick County, VA. Had Nine children (unknown to author)

VIII. Jacob Bucher, b., d. before 1827, Marr. 9/12/1802 to Catherine Snyder in Frederick County, VA. One child: [at least]

1. Simon L. Bucher of Stephensburg, b., d.

The Jacob Bucher and Mary Ann Whitzel Family

of Stephens’ City, Frederick County, Virginia

Jacob Bucher, son of Hans Ulrich Bucher and wife, Barbara, was born in Frederick County, Virginia. Some Jacob Bucher descendants through family tradition believed his birthplace as Hamburg, Germany in 1743. With the publication of this book providing Jacob’s birthdate from Rev. Stoever’s records as 29 April 1739, I believe I have clearly shown that the Jacob Bucher who married Mary Whitzel on 20 April 1773 in Frederick County, Virginia was indeed the son of Hans Ulrich Bucher. Mary Ann Whitzel’s maternal grandfather, was Christopher Cooper, living in Winchester, Virginia on 17 August 1799. Christopher saw service in the American Revolution from 1779 to 1783. Jacob Bucher fought in the Revolutionary War as a Private in Captain Benjamin Biggs Company, 7th Virginia Regiment, also known as Major Taylor’s Company, 13th Virginia Regiment commanded by Colonel John Gibson. Found in the War Department, Record and Pension Office, Washington, D.C., dated December 2, 1896, “His name appears in the rolls from April 1779 to June 1783, which bears the remark: ‘Enlisted Feb. 6 for the War’. The rolls for June 1783, show that he was on furlough.”

According to Eugenia G. Mitchell of Boonville, Missouri, a descendant of George L. Bucher, (son of Jacob and Mary Bucher), Jacob and Mary had 14 children, two of which settled later in central Indiana, Jacob N. Booker of Centerville, and Samuel P. Booker of Indianapolis. Mrs. Mitchell gave the information to Mrs. Dulcie Jewell of Sullivan County, Indiana in 1964, and Mrs. Jewell forwarded it to me in 1985. Also, found in the DAR application of Jane Tress, wife of David E. Pittenger, dated 25 January 1928, I discovered a reference to the Jacob Bucher Bible in the possession of a W. B. Brown of Mt. Vernon, Ohio. In the files of the DAR Library in Washington, D.C., I found eleven pages of genealogical information on the Jacob Bucher Family, author unknown.

New information on The Jacob Bucher and Ann Mary Whitzell Family. As I mentioned in my book, Jacob Bucher or Bougher of Revolutionary War Fame was the younger brother of my Johann Philip Bucher – see proof in Chapter I.

Ann Mary Whitzel Bucher, wife of Jacob Bucher of Stephen’s City, VA, died in Centerville, Indiana 8 January 1834. Her will is found in Wayne Co., IN Will Book B, page 81:

Will of Ann Mary Booker, dec.

In the name of God Amen….do make and ordain my last will and testament…I give bequeath and dispose of in the following manner is to say:

Item: First to my beloved daughter Theresa A. Finch I give and bequeath all my property of every kind whatsoever, except is hereinafter excepted.

Item: Second to my beloved son William Booker, I give and bequeath my portrait at the decease of my said daughter Theresa should be survive her.

And lastly I do make and appoint my well belved daughter Theresa A. Finch sole executrix of ……Signed and Sealed published…30th day of 1829

Soon after Jacob Bucher’s death in late 1799, his eldest daughter Elizabeth Bucher Groves and her husband Michael moved to Mount Vernon, Belmont County, OH. Apparently, they had traveled with William Brown and Sally (Sarah) Bucher Brown, younger daughter of Jacob Bucher and wife Mary. Also, it is possible William N. Booker, their brother journeyed with them. He is found on the Belmont Co., OH Cnesus’ in 1820 and 1830. There are many early deeds of the Groves and Browns in Mt. Vernon and Clairsville. Elizabeth Bucher Groves dies 1812 and Michael Groves remarries in 1813. Sally Bucher dies in 1816 and her husband William Brown remarries in 1817.Gravestones in the Union Cemetery in Clairsville, OH marked their burial plot.

From Tress Pittenger of Palymyra, VA in 1994, I received this information:

“As you know Ann Mary was the first child of Christopher and Catherine Wetzel, born 4 April 1759 in Frederick Co., VA. She married Jacob Bucher [son of Hans Ulrich Bucher and Barbara] on 20 April 1773 and had 14 children, the last being Theresa A. Bucher, born 8 January 1799 according to my grandmother’s DAR application. As you also know Ann Mary W. Bucher subsequently married Jacob Charles Aulick in February 1804 as a marriage bond was issued on the 4th with Aulick and Georg Trisler on the bond. Aulick, a Hessian soldier, who stayed in America after the British left was a widower with a family, but don’t know when his first wife died. According to the pamphlet published by the Corcoran Galery in Washington, DC for an exhibit of the works of Jacob Frymire in the fall of 1975, Ann Mary Wetzel Bucher Aulick’s portrait was painted by Frymire in 1805. He [Frymire] is described as a Limner who makde his living as a self-taught itinerant artist traveling through Maryland, Virginia, Kentucky and PA doing portraits on commission. He may have done other protraits of the Aulick family as the inventory of Charles Aulick’s estate lists seven large pictures, but the one of Ann Mary is the only one so far known.

“Aulick died in 1812 as his will was proven on 1 May of that year. He left a life estate in his property as well as specific bequests to Ann Mary, but in open court when the will was proven, she renounced any inheritance under the will, although later she was distributed $109 as her 1/3 widow’s share of Aulick’s estate after payment of expenses and debts.”

“She (Ann Mary) must have had a falling out with the Aulicks which resulted in her renouncing any inheritance and keeping her Bucher/Booker name thereafter. As you know Ann Mary had two sons, Samuel P. and Jacob N. Booker and her daughter, Theresa A. moved to Centerville, Indiana about 1818 where they all spelled their name Booker. Theresa married Cyrus Finch 16 August 1821, and according to the 1830 Census had three children, two sons born before 1825 and a daughter born after 1825. Cyrus died in 1829 and is buried in the Centerville Cemetery.

“…Ann Mary died 8 January 1834 in Centerville leaving a will in which Theresa inherited all her property, but there was proviso that if Theresa died before her brother William Booker, then William was to inherit the portrait. As it turned out William died before Theresa so her family kept the portrait. On 28 November 1830 Theresa married William Widup whom I believe was a widower with a family and also possibly a successor to Jacob N. Booker’s business as a hatter. According to the 1850 Census, William and Theresa had four children, the second of whom was Theresa, age 14 on census. She later married Thomas Study and had at least three children, one of whom was another Theresa born in December 1870. This latter Theresa married Albert B. Porter about 1893, who was a professor and according to the 1900 Census, was living in Evanston, IL. Apparently they had no children and Theresa died in 1953. She [Theresa] had inherited the portrait of Ann Mary from her mother, Theresa Study, who had inherited it from her mother, Theresa A Booker/Finch/Widup. It was Theresa Study Porter who donated the portrait to the Virginia Historical Society [in Richmond] where it now resides”.


William N. Booker

William N. Booker, son of Jacob and Ann Mary Whitzel or Wetzel, lived in Belmont County, OH for a few years where he married Patience Berry on 9 April 1812 in Belmont County, OH. William and Patience are found on the Belmont Co., St. Clairsville, OH Census’ of 1820 and 1830. After that they supposedly moved to Indiana. A William A. Booker and a Hannah Ellen Fox were married on 22 February 1848 in Belmont Co., OH.


John Bucher/Booker – son of Jacob and Ann Mary Whitzel Bucher

Information from Bobbie Wright of 2750 Branch Road, Loudon, TN 37774

John Booker was born February 19, 1775 in Winchester Frederick Co, VA. A Tipton County, Tennessee deed records John’s name as J. B. Booker. Bible records kept by John’s second wife Lucretia Hunley Townsend listed the children of Jacob Bucher and Ann Mary. (These records were transcribed from the Hunley Bible as they appeared into a book entitled “The Captain and Submarine, CSS H.L. Hunley” by Ruth Duncan, publilshe in 1965 – copy found in TN. State Archives Library in Nashville. The original Bible was printed and published in Philadelphia in 1821 and belonged to the William Hunley Family. In 1965 Mrs. Willis Hunley Winn was owner of the Hunley Bible.

The first recorded report of John Booker is an 1801 Masonic Lodge report for Madison Co., VA listing him in the office of Master. The 1802 report lists him as “Doctor John Booker Worshipful Master.” There is no report for 1803 and by 1804 the lodge is inactive.

The date John’s move from Frederick County to Madison County is not known. There is no information on his earlier movements or his boyhood. An 1801 deed for Madison County indicates he buys a lot in the town of Madison. The move was probably made after the death of his father, Jacob in 1799/1800. John and his two friends, Richard Tutt and Pascal Early lease a lot in the county seat of Madison County. He may have been beginning his medical practice.

The next record of his movements is 1804 when John marries Kitty Taliaferro in Culpeper Count, VA on Feb. 9, 1804. The marriage is performed by William Carpenter, a Lutheran minister. John brings Kitty back to Madison County to live. He has already acquired property and probably established hsi medical practice. No information found on his medical training, but his schooling must have begun earlier because in his father’s will written 7 August 1799, John’s inheritance is limited to one dollar – “except son, John, in consideration of expenses I have been at for his education, shall receive only one dollar, he having already received more than I expect will fall to a share of the rest.”

In 1807 John buys land along the Rapidan River from William Emmons…134 acres.

In 1809 John Booker is on the first Grand Jury of the Superior Court of Madison County. An 1810 Census for Madison Co. Shows in John’s household two males and three females.. Bible records names Theresa A. Amanda M. and Susan G., and Mary as daughters. Most likely, the young boy was John’s younger brother, George L. (John had been appointed guardian of George L. Note that Jacob N. Booker is also found on the 1810 Census of Madison Co., VA. By 1820 he, his mother and brother migrate to Wayne County, IN.

Two more daughters are born after 1810. between 1817 and 1819 John sells his 134 acres along the Rapidan River. The 1820 Census of TN. shows the family is located in Sumner County with two males and five females listed. The second male is possibly George, John’s younger brother who moved with them. DAR records state that George L. married Malinda Rupert in Virginian and that there first four children were born between 1820 and Malinda’s death prior to 1830. Sumner County marriage records show George is listed as bondsman to his niece’s marriage, Amanda M. Booker to Wilkerson D. Austin in 1829.

On November 11, 1820 John buys 200 acres on the East fork of Bledson Creek. The land is now in Trousdale County formed in 1870 from Sumner County. A cemetery was establishe by Dr. John Booker on this land, and a deed in 1857 mentions this cemetery. It is known as the Lauderdale Cemeterin Trousdale County and is located on the Grady Fisher farm. It is located on highway 231 on the road from Bethpage to Hartsville, one mile off the highway onthe southside of the road. Gravesites of Kitty Booker, John’s first wife has been found along with many of his daughters, their husbands and even one son, Thomas Jefferson Booker, son of John and second wife, Lucretia Booker, 1834 “6yrs, 8 mo. and 10 days.”

Kitty died 21 July 1824 in the 38th year of her age. Lucretian Hundley Townsend, widow of Peter Townsend becomes John Booker’s second wife on August 24, 1826.

Important!! On 18 May 1835, John Booker relinquishes the right, title, interest, claim and demands to several lots in Centerville, Indiana to his brother William Booker. In the Bible records mentioned earlier we find “Elizabeth Booker, wife of George M.L. Booker departed this life 20 August 1839 of congestive fever”. We find George M.L. Booker in Grayson County, Kentucky by 1850 with his third wife, another Elizabeth.

John Booker moves west during the 1840s and he is found with his family on the 1850 Census of Tipton County,TN. Listed are John Booker, Lucretia, and daughter, Theresa and her husband, Joseph W.H. Townsend and their children. Two daughters remain in Sumner Co., Amanda T. and her husband, W.D. Austin and children (her first husband was Ashley Austin), and Susan G. and her husband W.H. Dickerson. Daughter Mary and her husband Byrd Turner and family had moved to Obion county, TN (on 1830 Census).

John Booker buys 1200 acres in 1853. At age 75 John may have retired from medicine to manage his farm, and enjoy his family and grandchildren. John dies 25 June 1858 and is buried in the family cemetery located on his farm in Tipton County, TN. The site is presently known as the Townsend Cemetery on the Southall Farm. His will, written on 20 Sept. 1857, disperses the estate among his wife, Lucretia,and his daughters, Theresa, Susan and Amanda. No mention is made of daughter, Mary Turner, but does mention the Turner grandchildren. Susan is identified as Susan Dickerson. She died 31 Jan. 1857, but John does not change his will. He gives land to H. S. Pitt, Susan’s son-in-law as heir to Susan. Theresa receives the home place.

Information on the John B. Booker famiy comes from the Jacob Bucher, Winn Bible records, VA and TN Census records, Sumner Co, Tipton, Co., TN records, photographs of burial sites, Culpeper Co., and Madison Co, VA marriage and deed records, the Will of John Booker Tipton Co., TN Minute Bk “F”, page 121 and Tombstone inscriptions.

I have organized and compiled for the reader all known family information on the Jacob Bucher Family:

I. Elizabeth Bucher, b. 22/4/1773 Frederick Co., VA, d. 18/4/1812, Marr. 14/5/1793 to Michael Groves Frederick Co., VA

II. Susan Bucher, b. 30/12/1774 Frederick Co., VA, d., Marr. 30/4/1802 to John Groves in Frederick Co., VA

III. John Bucher, b. 19/2/1776 Frederick Co., VA, d. 25/6/1858

IV. Sally Sarah Bucher, b. 20/11/1778 Frederick Co., VA, d. 17/3/1816, Marr. 6/6/1799 to William Brown (1763-1827) in Frederick Co., VA. One child at least:

1. Jacob Booker Brown, b. July 1807, d. 1854, Marr. 1829 to Jane Gass Thrift (1811-1885). One child at least:

i. Hannah Ellen Brown, b. 1842, d. 1885, Marr. 1864 to George T. Tress (1843-1902); One child at least

a. Jane Tress, b. in Columbus, OH, liv. 25/1/1928, Marr. David E. Pittinger

V. Mary Bucher, b. 11/12/1780 Frederick Co., VA, d. 3/12/1814

VI. Nancy Ann Bucher, b. 6/1/1783 Frederick Co., VA, d., Marr. a Caldwell

VII. Jacob N. Bucher, b. 20/3/1785 Frederick Co., VA, d. 12/2/1825 Centerville, Indiana, Marr. 3/1/1809 to Sally (Sarah) Broadus at Madison Court House, Culpepper Co., VA. Sally, dau. of James Broadus and Sarah Gaines, b. unknown d. 9/2/1852 Centerville, IN. Nine children:

1. Ferdinand Caldwell Booker, b. 24/10/1809, d. 3?/6/1887

2. Franklin Broaders Booker, b. 26/5/1811, d.

3. Sarah Ann Booker, b. 15/12/1814, Marr. John Chapman

4. Lauretta Elizabeth Booker, 20/4/1813, d. 16/4/1896, Marr. 14/7/1831 to James Neel. Five children:

i. Jacob Neel

ii. Sarah Neel

iii. Martha Neel

iv. Jesse Franklin Neel

v. Samuel Alexander Booker, b. 20/2/1817, d. 21/9/1843

5. Teresa Amelia Booker, b. 4/1/1819 Wayne County, Indiana, d. 1910. Two marriages, (1) Marr. 16/8/1821 to Cyrus Finch, (2) Marr. 27/12/1838 Wayne Co., IN. Hiram Enos Hurlbut, Calif. pioneer of ’49; 11 children:

i. Ellen Sarah Hurlbut, b. 1839, d. childhood

ii. Walter Scott Hurlbut, b. 1840, d. 1920

iii. Mary Esther Hurlbut, b. 6/8/1842, d., Marr. Oct. 1863 to Harper M. Orahood at Central City, CO. Seven children:

a. Walter Hurlbut Orahood

b. Franklin Hall Orahood

c. Gertrude Esther Orahood, Marr. William W. Dale, last address: 1235 Clarkson St., Denver, CO

d. William F. Orahood

e. Harper Hiram Orahood

f. George Hurlburt Orahood

g. Albert Teller Orahood

iv. Franklin Booker Hurlbut, b. 1844, d.

v. Harriet Maria Booker Hurlbut, b. 1845, d. childhood

vi. Gertrude Newman Hurlbut, b. 1847, d., Marr. George L. Holt

v. Elizabeth Noble Hurlbut, b. 1849, d. childhood

vi. Henry Hiram Hurlbut, b. 1851, d.

vii. Edwin Wilcox Hurlbut, b., d.

viii. Ann Julian Hurlbut, b. 1856, d.

ix. Florence May Hurlbut, b. 21/3/1865 Black Hawk, CO. Marr. John Francis Carroll, 1/5/1889, pub. of Portland, Oregon Evening Telegram

6. Jacob John Booker, b. 15/11/1820 Wayne Co., IN, d. 26/6/1849

7. Mary Ann Booker, b. 13/5/1823 Wayne Co., IN, Marr. 27/4/1839 to William H. Dewey

8. Esther Maria Booker, b. 18/10/1825 Wayne Co., IN, d. 25/3/1865 Wayne Co., IN. Bur. Old Centerville Cemetery

VIII. Allison Bucher, b. 17/7/1787 Frederick Co., VA, d.

IX. Samuel P. Bucher, b. 19/7/1789 Frederick Co., VA, d. 19/7/1823 Centerville, Indiana, Marr. Esther Gay, she remarried to James B. Ray, 4th Governor of Indiana, who died 12/8/1848.

X. William N. Bucher, b. 4/3/1792 Frederick Co., VA, d. 9/3/1878, Marr. 9/4/1812 to Patience Berry. From DAR application #401273, dated 20/2/1951. One child at least:

1. Elizabeth Ann Booker, b. 25/9/1813, d. Sept. 1891, Marr. 13/2/1839 to Peter Tallman. One child at least:

i. James Franklin Tallman, b. 30/3/1844 Morristown, OH, d. 27/9/1910 Chicago, IL, Marr. 9/6/1870 to Mary Esther Wilson. One child at least:

a). Raymond A. Tallman, b. 8/4/1872 Washington, KS, Marr. 25/7/1894 to Lacy Hartley. One child at least:

i). Dorothy Tallman, b. 30/9/1895 St. Claireville, OH, Marr. 9/8/1917 to Lowell J. Johnston at St. Claireville, OH

XI. David Dariah Bucher, b. 25/12/1793 Frederick Co., VA, d. 6/10/1816

XII. Henry Alexander Bucher, b. 28/7/1795 Frederick Co., VA, d. 20/10/1816

XIII. George M. L. Bucher, b. 15/4/1797 Frederick Co., VA, d. 1882 Grayson Co., Kentucky, Saddler by trade. Three marriages, (1) Marr. 1820? in Virginia to Malinda Rupert who died c.1830, (2) Elizabeth ?, (3) Emmasetta ?. Four children from 1st wife:

1. Theresa Anne Booker, b., Adopted by Uncle Gideon Rupert, Marr. Thomas N. Gill. Two children:

i. Francis Gill marr. Trowbridge, b. Leida Gill marr. Clarke. One child:

a). Gertrude Clarke

ii. Henry Alexander Booker, b. 1823 Point Pleasant, VA, d. 9/9/1879 Chillicothe, MO. Taken in by Uncle Gideon Rupert, Marr. Rachel Phillips (b. 30/12/1824) in Kentucky. Three children: [at least]

a). Leonora Booker, b. 28/5/1844 Kentucky, d. 2/9/1926 Chillicothe, MO, Marr. 19/10/1866 to Thomas J. Garr; At least two children:

i). Eugene J. Garr, b. 29/8/1868, Marr. Virginia Sims. At least one child:

(a). Eugenia Garr, b. 29/3/1893, d. unknown, Marr. 1/9/1913 in Boonville, MO to Stephen Roy Mitchell,

ii). Lone Garr, b. 31/3/1870 Chillicothe, MO, d. 26/10/1956 Hannibal, MO, Marr. 22/10/1891 to John Thomas Line. At least one child:

(a). Thomas Garr Line, b. 2/9/1892 Malta Bend,, MO, Marr. 29/4/1918 to Ida Mae Cornwell. At least one child:

(a). Betty Jo Line, b. 19/10/1925 at La Clede, MO, Marr. 10/10/1946 to Harold Wheeler. Last address 1967:, El Campo, TX

b). Malinda Booker, b. 20/2/1847, d., Marr. a Kennedy. Six children:

i). John Kennedy

ii). Isabel Kennedy

iii). Maude Kennedy

iv). Charles Kennedy

v). Jennie Kennedy

vi). Robert Kennedy

c). Robert Burns Booker, b. 19/1/1851, d. 8/2/1920 Augusta, IL, Marr. twice (1) 24/9/1868 to Missouri Bracken (1853-1886), (2) 18/1/1890 to Mary Aldrich. Two children:

i). Jean A. Booker, b. 11/10/1890 Augusta, IL, Last address: Augusta, IL

ii). Helen Booker, b. 9/11/1899, Marr. 29/9/1920 to Thomas Sawyer; last address: Monmouth, IL

iii. Samuel Jacob Booker, b. 14/12/1825 Point Pleasant, VA, d. 14/7/1863 Paloma, IL of War Service. Adopted by Benjamin Sears and taken to Illinois, Marr. 22/2/1848 to Sarah Wood Haworth (1827-1891 died Lawrence, KS). Five children:

a. Angeline Rachel Booker, b. 16/12/1849 Georgetown, IL, Marr. 2/6/1867 to William James Tomlinson b. 1837 Waverly, TN, d. 1908 Augusta, IL; Angeline liv. as of 1920 in Augusta, IL. Nine children:

i). Ella Gertrude Tomlinson, b. 17/10/1869, d. 7/11/1869

ii). August Franklin Tomlinson, b. 24/8/1870, Marr. 22/10/1890 to Susan James Raymond in Galesburg, IL; last known address: Long Beach, California. Five children:

a). Kenneth C. Tomlinson, b. 27/5/1892, Last address: 525 Patton Rd., Portland, Oregon

b). William C. Tomlinson

c). Charles Tomlinson

d). Lois N. Tomlinson

e). Lilburn J. Tomlinson

iii). Rosetta May Tomlinson, b. 8/1/1873

iv). Effie Booker Tomlinson, b. 26/11/1876, d. 17/9/1905, Marr. Elmer Ballow. One child:

a). Chellis Ballow

v). Jennie Angie Tomlinson, b. 17/2/1880, d. 21/6/1883

vi). Bertha Arora Tomlinson, b. 20/10/1882, Marr. 24/5/1914 to James Otto Hudson. Three children:

a). Rupert Max Hudson, b. 20/3/1914

b). Carroll Jesse Hudson, b. 23/11/1918

c). Eleanor Tessie Hudson, b. 9/6/1922

vii). Mary Eugene Tomlinson, b. 11/1/1886, d. 9/11/1893

viii). Jessie Alice Tomlinson, b. 20/9/1888, d. 5/2/1897

ix). James Robert Tomlinson, b. 22/3/1892, Marr. 22/7/1911 to Wilma Helen Bowling. Three children:

a). Robert Franklin Tomlinson, b. 26/2/1912

b). Violet Mascal Tomlinson, b. 11/1/1914

c). Mentez Angelina Tomlinson, b. 24/6/1920

b. Benjamin Franklin Booker, b. 25/9/1851 Georgetown, IL. Two marriages (1) 10/4/1882 to Kate Buckalow, (died 1884), (2) 31/8/1892 to Anne L. Pevey. Four children:

i). May Booker, b. 30/7/1893 Lawrence, KS

ii). Cecil Booker, b. 1/2/1894 Lawrence, KS

iii). Maude Booker, b. 1900 Enid, OK

iv). Alberta Booker, b. April 1903 Enid, OK

c. Malinda Lyda Booker, b. 10/10/1855 Adell, Iowa, d. 24/2/1916 Americus, KS, Marr. 2/12/1874 to Dewitt Clinton Grinnell at Emporia, KS. Three children:

i). Clarence Augustus Grinnell, b. 19/10/1875

ii). Dillon Rudolph Grinnell, b. 10/10/1877

iii). Sarah Amelia Grinnell, b. 24/8/1892 Americus, KS, Liv. May 1951, Marr. 25/10/1912 to Elmer Ray Anderson. At least one child:

a). Francis Marie Anderson, b., Marr. Everett Raymon of Topeka, KS

d. Theresa Anne Booker, b. 27/5/1859. Two marriages (1) Marr. 17/11/1878 to John P. Sutter, died 1881. (2) Marr. 26/2/1893 to Joseph D. Underdown; died at Harrison Creek, AR on March 1915. One child:

i). Ella M. Sutter, b. 10/2/1880 Junction City, KS; Marr. B. E. Geiler on 14/6/1899. Two children:

a). Edna Geiler

b). Ernest Geiler

e. George M. Booker, a Mute, b. 13/2/1861 at Coatsburg, IL, Marr. 17/9/1883 to Sarah Cockrel, also a mute. Three children:

i). Vivian May Booker, b. 6/7/1884

ii). George M. Booker, Jr., b. 6/6/1886

iii). Roy Booker, b. 3/9/1890

iv). Benjamin Franklin Booker, b., adopted by Aunt ? Harnish Ran away from home during gold rush in California. Married there, became wealthy, had no children.

v). Lydia A. Booker (1850 Census, Grayson Co., KY, under mother – Elizabeth), b. 1842 KY

vi). Sarah E. Booker (1850 Census, Grayson Co., KY, under mother – Elizabeth), b. 1845 KY

vii). Jacob N. Booker (1850 Census, Grayson Co., KY, under mother – Elizabeth), b. 1847 Grayson Co., KY

viii). Margaret Booker (1860 Census, Grayson Co., KY, under mother – Emma S.), b. 1850 Grayson Co., KY

ix). David S. Booker (1860 Census, Grayson Co., KY, under mother – Emma S.), b. May 1852 or 1849 Grayson Co., KY, Marr. Elmira ? (b. Mar. 1855 KY). Eight children (1st four on 1880 Census of Grayson Co., KY):

a). S. Booker, b. 1874 Grayson Co., KY

b). George M. L. Booker, b. 1876 Grayson Co., KY

c). E. L. Booker, b. 1878 Grayson Co., KY

d). H. Booker, b. March 1880 Grayson Co., KY

e). William Booker, b. August 1882 Grayson Co., KY

f). Hattie Booker, b. April 1886 Grayson Co., KY

g). Lettie Booker, b. July 1887 Grayson Co., KY

h). Sopha Booker, b. July 1893 Grayson Co., KY

x). George M. Booker (1860/1870 Census’), b. 1857 Grayson Co., KY

xi). John Booker (1860/1870/1880 Census’), b. 1859 Grayson Co., KY, Marr. L. ?. One child on 1880 Census Grayson Co.:

a). E. L. Booker (daughter), b. January 1880

xii). James W. Booker (1870/1880/1900 Census’), b. Sept. 1864 Grayson Co., KY. Liv. with brother Samuel on 1900 Census in Grayson Co., KY

xiii). Samuel J. Booker (1870/1880/1900 Census’), b. February 1867 Grayson Co., KY. Marr. Beatrice ? (b. Apr. 1871 KY). Four children as of 1900 Census:

a). Essie Booker, b. August 1889 Grayson Co., KY

b). Lurter Booker (daughter), b. October 1891 Grayson Co., KY

c). Ida Booker, b. May 1894 Grayson Co., KY

d). 4. Oliver Booker, b. October 189? Grayson Co., KY. (On 1900 Census Jane Carter, b. May 1808, is listed as Grandmother in Samuel J. Booker’s household.)

xiv). Benjamin Franklin Booker (1870/1880 Census’), b. 1868 Grayson Co., KY

xv). M. J. Booker (daughter, 1870/1880 Census’), b. 1870 Grayson Co., KY

xvi). L. J. Booker (son, 1880 Census), b. 1873 Grayson Co., KY

XIV. Teresa Amelia Bucher b. 8/1/1799 Frederick Co., VA, d. ?

I received from Mrs. Jackie Hite, of Bethany, Oklahoma, the following poem written in Centerville, Wayne Co., Indiana by Lauretta Eliza Booker, daughter of Jacob N. Bucher, son of Jacob and Mary Bucher. The poem is dated 21 July 1825:


The rose is fragrant but it fades in time,

The Violet’s sweet but quickly past the prime,

White lilies hang their heads and soon decay,

And white snow in minutes melts away;

Such and so with’ring are our early joys,

Which time and sickness speedily destroys.

Jacob Bucher’s will is found in Will Book #6, page 497, dated 7 August 1799 and recorded 31 March 1800. In Jacob’s will he mentions a sister, named May, although Hans Ulrich Bucher’s will in 1750 does not mention a daughter with that first name. I can find no marriage for Ulrich Bucher’s daughter, Rosanna Bucher, so possibly this is her. The following is Jacob Bucher’s will:

“First… To wife, Mary, all my household goods, debts due me and movable property forever…

Secondly, I also bequeath unto her my said wife, Mary, the full possession and use of the house and Lot whereon I now live during the time of her widowhood as also during the said time the other house and Lot together with the stable opposite to it when as my sister is now Building, reserving however the use of the house which she my sister, May, is Building on the said Lot and if she chooses a small yard adjoining it to her my said Sister as long as she lives-

Thirdly… At the end of widowhood or decease of wife, Mary, all real estate to be sold and money equally divided among my children, except son, John, who, in consideration of expenses I have been at for his education, shall receive only one dollar, he having already received more than the rest…”

Exrs: Christopher Witzel, Michael Groves, William Brown

Witnesses: Christian Streit, Christopher Witzel, Michael Groves, William Brown. (on pages 497-498 Christopher Witzel relinquishes exectorship)

From Genealogical Abstracts from 18th Century Virginia Newspapers by Robert K. Headley, Jr., Genealogical Pub. Co., Inc. 1987, I found the following on page 46:

“Boucher, Jacob, carpenter, of Winchester, died Thursday leaving widow and children,” from the Winchester Gazette, dated 18 September 1799.

In Frederick County, Virginia Order Book #33, page 195, dated December 1799, “Jacob Bougher, orphan of Jacob Bougher, age 15 April 1799, “bound out.” (Without commas, and correct sentence construction, understanding some of these records are difficult to follow.)

Also, in the Court Minutes Book 1805-08, page 450, dated 5 April 1808, I discovered “John Bucher was appointed Guardian of George L. Bucher, orphan of John Bucher” (this being the above Jacob Bucher – see list of Jacob Bucher’s children).

In the Virginia Land Warrants for service in the Revolution, Jacob Buker, Pvt. received Land Warrant #11893. Descendants should write the Virginia State Archives for more information on this warrant.

John Philip Bucher in Shenandoah County, Virginia

In the Shenandoah County, (originally Dunmore County), Virginia Court Order Book 1772-1774, May 1773, page 121, Philip Poker versus Edward Cunningham, defendant. Defendant pays Philip Poker 10 Pounds current money. Also, same order book in the Dunmore court July 1774, page 231:

“On motion of Philip Poker of the county of Frederick a witness for John Butt at the suit of James Ellis. It is ordered that the said Butt pay him 359 pounds of Tobacco for Ten days attendance at the court, he having sworn to the same, and for coming and returning twenty-six miles three times.”

This court record shows that Philip Poker [Bucher] was still a Frederick County resident in July 1774. Also, found in the same court order book, dated 27 December 1774, there is listed “Philip Poker was ach’d [acknowledge] land to Rec’d [Record].”

From Gaius Marcus Brumbaugh’s Revolutionary War Records, Volume 1, Virginia, page 447, under Continental Line Warrants, Military District of Ohio, Warrant 4304 is listed. It was given to Clem Hasley, soldier for three years in the Revolution, but Philip Poker, alias “Boker” is the assignee. The actual Warrant is not listed as No. 4304, but 4364. It is recorded as follows:

Land-Office Military Warrant; No. 4364

To the principal SURVEYOR of the Land, set apart for the Officers and Soldiers of the Commonwealth of Virginia. This shall be your WARRANT to Survey and lay off in one or more surveys, for Philip Poker alis Boker ass’e of Clem Hasly his Heirs or Assigns; the Quantity of one hundred Acres of Land, due unto the said Philip Poker alias Boker in consideration of said CH [Clem Hasly] Services for three years as a Soldier in the Virginia Continental line. agreebly to a Certificate from the Governor and Council, which is received into the Land-Office. GIVEN under my Hand, and Seal of the said Office, this 15th Day of August in the Year One Thousand Seven Hundred and 87.

I then discovered that a James Ireland bought the Land Warrant from Philip Bucher. (Land Warrants could be bought and sold by the owner of the Land Warrant – considered legal tender. According to the land office division, Secretary of State for Kentucky, 80% of all military warrants issued for service in various wars were reassigned.) From the Virginia Military District Entry Book A-3, page 102, dated 16 April, 1794, surveyed for James Ireland, Assignee of Phillip “Parker,” Entry No. 2397, VMD (Virginia Military District) Warrant 4304 is used; Acres claimed: 400, located on the waters of the East Fork of Miami. This area is located in what is now Greene County, Clifton Township, Ohio. Soldiers were supposed to locate in either the Military District South of Green River in Kentucky or in lower Ohio. It seems that Philip sold the warrant in 1794, and then used the money to finance his move to a location of his own choosing, namely Harrison Co., Kentucky. We know then that Philip was still residing in Shenandoah County, Virginia as late as April 1794.

Also from Brumbaugh’s Revolutionary War Records, page 600, we find our Philip Poker [Bucher] on the 1775 Militia list of John Netherton in Dunmore County (Shenandoah County but later in the area that became Warren and Page Counties). He is listed with one adult male and five males under 16 and three females. (Other familiar names such as John Roy, Peter Arterburn, Reuben Padget, Reuben Jr. and Theophelus Padget are also on this list.) The number of Phillip’s children matches with the information I discovered in Indianapolis, Indiana.

In Frederick County, Virginia Deed Book #18, dated 7 October 1778, Philip Poker [Bucher] now of Shenandoah County sells to his brother, John Poker [Bucher], of Frederick:

“…witnessth that the said Philip Poker for and in consideration…of the sum of 5 shillings current money of Virginia to him __? and paid by the said John Poker at before the sealing and delivery of these presents…sell unto John Poker’s heirs assigns a curtain [sic] tract or parcel of land includes lying and being on the South side of Opeqon Creek in the said County of Frederick and whereon the said John Poker now lives and is described as follows Beginning at outake in Opekon Creek between the said Poker and the land of Stephen Hotzenpiller dec’d and running thence…. continuing 200 acres be the same of 400 acres of land conveyed by Jost Hite dec’d to John Woolrich Poker dec’d deed dates 6 May 1750 by the last will and testament of the said John Woolrich Poker dec’d willed to the said Philip Poker… At a court continued and held for Frederick County, 7th day of October 1778. This indenture made 9 October 1778 between Philip Poker and Mary his wife of Shenandoah County.

[On the left side of this deed on the first page, there is written in darker ink, obviously added later, the following: “EX’ & D. P. John Poker, 14 May 1809.” Three pages later on the same deed is “EX o Dec’ 14 June 1809.” I was told by a Frederick County courthouse clerk that the “EX” meant examined, but did not know what the rest meant.]

The county clerk signed the name Philip “Poker”; Philip did not sign the actual deed in Court, but in the release, John Poker paid Philip and wife, Mary, 150 pounds. Recorded by Clerk Keith.

It would seem that John Philip Bucher became a resident of Shenandoah County, Virginia in 1775. The part of Shenandoah County he settled, later became Warren County in 1836. From the years 1779 through 1782, very little information on Philip Bucher is found. Fortunately, Shenandoah County made two counts of its inhabitants, first in 1783, and another in 1785. Each family in the county was tabulated in three areas: (1) the name of the head of the family; (2) the number of white members of the family; (3) the number of black servants or slaves. [The total number of families in Shenandoah County in 1783 was 1302.] On the 1783 count Philip Poker [Bucher] is found on Alexander Hite’s list with 10 whites and no blacks. On the 1785 count, Philip Poker [Bucher] is found on John Hutchirson’s list with 11 whites, one dwelling and no blacks. Hutchirson’s list was taken in that part of the county that is now upper Warren County, Virginia – in the area that now includes the towns of Overall, Brownstown, Bentonville, Limeton, Karo, Glen Echo, and Gooney Manor. Incidentally, on another list taken by John Netherton in the very same area, there is found Theophelus Padgett, who years later relocated in Jefferson County, Kentucky and Sullivan County, Indiana. Also, on Netherton’s list was John Roy, James Roy, and John Smith.

In 1782, Virginia established an annual personal property tax list. Starting in that year, and for the next twenty years until his departure for Kentucky, I followed Philip Poker [Bucher] through these Shenandoah County tax records. Note the evolution of our surname, Bucher.

1782 Poker, Philip – 1 person tithable, 2 horses, 4 cattle, paid in taxes – 15 shillings

1783 Poker, Phillip – no persons taxed, 2 horses, 6 cattle, paid in taxes – 5 shillings 6 pence, [with no person taxed, this indicates Philip was “levy free” usually for reasons of old age]

1784 Pg. 25 Poker, Philip – no persons taxed, 2 horses, 3 cattle

1785 Pg. 25 Poker, Phillip – whites over 21 taxable – none, 2 horses, 5 cattle

1786 Pg. 5 Phillip Booker – whites over 21 taxable – none, 1 horse 2 cattle

Pg. 5 David Booker – whites over 21 taxable 1, no horses or cattle

1787 April 9 Poker, David – self charged with tax, 1 horse Poker, Philip – self charge with tax, 2 horses, 5 cattle, Levy Free [tax not charge due to old age and infirmity Poker, Philip – Philip Poker charged with tax [this was John Philip Bucher, Jr. – our John Philip Bucher’s son by first marriage]

1788 May 2 Poaker, Philip – 2 whites over 21, 4 horses

1789 March 28 Boaker, David – 1 white over 21, 3 horses [on Wm. Headly’s list]

1790 April 21 Philip Boucker – 1 white above 16 [on Wm. Headly’s list]

1791 June 29 Phillip Bouker – 1 white above 16, 2 horses [on Wm. Headly’s list]

1792 March 19 Boucker, Phillip – 1 white above 16, 3 horses April 14 Boucker, David – 1 white above 16, 1 horse [Both Phillip and David on Wm. Headly’s list]

1793 April 13 Phillip Boucker – 1 white above 16, 3 horses [on Wm. Headly’s list]

1794 March 17 Boucker, Phillip – 1 white above 16, 2 horses [on M. Allen’s list]

1795 March 23 Boucher, J. Philip – 1 white above 16, 2 horses [on M. Allen’s list] Believe that David and Philip, Senior have departed with families to Kentucky; this would then be Philip Junior who is taxed here.

1796 March 18 Booker, John P. – 1 white above 16, 3 horses [on Wm. Jenning’s list]

1797 March 20 Booker, John Phillip – 1 white above 16, 5 horses [on Wm. Jenning’s list]

1798 April 14 Poker, P. John – 1 white above 16, 2 horses [on Wm. Jenning’s list]

1799 March 25 Booker, P [then Philip John is marked through], on [Edward Jenning’s list – Edward gave bond for David Booker and Theodosha Smith’s marriage in 1791]

This list continues until John Phillip Booker, Jr. dies in 1804. (On the 1803 list Phillip, Jr. is listed as constable, tax exempt.)

In Shenandoah County Deed Book F, page 475, dated 7 May 1791:

“Know all men by these presents that I, John Manuel of the County of Shenandoah State of Virginia for the consideration of the sum of 1200 pounds of inspected tobacco which have wherewith I confess myself fully satisfied contented and paid, have bargained and sold to Philip Bogar, Sen’r [Senior] of the aforesaid County of the State of Virginia one light bay horse about eight years old and about 13 hands high, and not branded as can be perceived and one dark bay mare about 14 hands high…? Naturally branded on the rear buttock thus R the said mare is heavy with fole…to have and to hold the said horse and mare to the said Philip Bogar his heirs exors, admins’ and assigns to his heir proper use…In writing whereof I have…? set my hand this seventh day of May 1791.” signed John X Manuel [his mark] wit: John Humbough, Henry Humbough

 “At the court held for the county of Shenandoah on Thursday the 27th of September 1791. This bill of sale from John Manuel to Philip Bogar was acknowledged by the said John Williams ordered to be recorded.”

John Manuel was the father of Thomas Manuel who married Catharine Bucher, daughter of our Philip Bucher.

The Shenandoah County Land Records list our John Philip Bucher owning land in Shenandoah County.

From 1784 Land Alterations Bocker?, Philip 400 acres

Shenandoah Land Book District of Wm. Headly Commissioner

From 1791 Phillip Boucher on Book B 208 acres

From 1792 Phillip Boucher on Book B 208 acres

From 1793 Phillip Boucher on Book B 208 acres

From 1794 Phillip Boucher on Book B 208 acres

From 1795 Phillip Bouchker on Book B 208 acres

From 1796 Phillip Boacker on Book B 208 acres (This is Philip Jr.)

From 1797 J. Philip Boker on Book B 208 acres

From 1798 John Philip Booker on Book B 208 acres, 165 acres, 92 acres

From 1799 J. Philip Booker on Book B 208 acres, 165 acres, 92 acres

From 1800-1803 Booker, John Philip on Book B 208 acres, 165 acres, 92 acres (and 237 acres on 1803 Book B)

From 1804-1805 Booker, John Philip Heirs on Book B 208 acres, 160 acres, 92 acres, 237 acres

According to the Deitrick records in Indiana, John Philip Bucher, [Sr.] married twice. The Philip Poker [Bucher] deeds found in Frederick County, Virginia prove this is true. I believe that from John Philip Bucher’s first marriage to Elizabeth ?, he had at least of two children:

I. John Philip Booker [Jr.] b. 176? Frederick County, VA, d. April 1804 Shenandoah Co., VA, (now part of Warren Co., VA. Two marriages: (1) Marr. 25/1/1790 to Mary Lawrence, dau. of Edward Lawrence (witness to our David Booker’s marriage to Theodosha Smith) Two children:

1.. William Booker, b.

2.. Sarah (Sally) Booker, b., Marr. 12/10/1808 to Archibald, Allen in Shenandoah Co., VA.

(2) Marr. 22/11/1802 to Nancy Cloud, dau. of Daniel Cloud and Nancy Jennings, (daughter of William Jennings). One child:

3. Mary Booker, b., (Nancy Cloud Booker remarried to ? Hendren; in Daniel Cloud’s Will, dated 17 Feb. 1813, granddaughter, Mary Booker, is listed.

II. Catharine Booker, b. 176? Frederick Co., VA, d., Marr. 22/1/1787 to Thomas Manuel, son of John Manuel. [See Deed mentioned earlier – Philip Bogar, Sr. and John Manuel] (Marriage Bond states that Catharine is daughter of Philip Booker.)

According to several other descendants of the sons of John Philip Bucher, [Sr.], the Indianapolis records, and the court records and deeds of Frederick County, Virginia, Philip Bucher’s second wife was Mary or Molley Roy. Phillip and Molley had seven children:

David Booker, b. 1765 Frederick Co, VA (based on Prop., tax list of Shenandoah Co., VA), d. 1819 Jeff. Co., KY or Sull. Co., IN

Isaac Booker, b. 26/3/1773 VA (from Deitrick Records), d. 13/9/1822 Jeff. Co., KY

Jacob Booker, b. Virginia, d. bef. Feb. 1828 Sull. Co., IN

George Booker, b. 26/2/1778 VA (from Deitrick Records), d. bef. April 1829 Harrison Co., IN

Mary (Polly) Booker, b. Virginia, d. unknown

John Booker, b. Virginia, d. Nov/Dec. 1822 Jeff. Co., KY.

Betsy Booker, b. Virginia, d. unknown

John Philip Booker [Bucher], Jr. of Shenandoah County, Virginia

In Shenandoah County Deed Book ‘S’, page 360, John Curl and Susannah, his wife, sell to John P. Booker for 300 lbs., land on the Northwest bank of the South prong of the Shenandoah River, corner to Curl’s, near Spears, in a line of land Curl purchased from Thomas Ervin, 237 acres. Witnesses were Jas. Young, Sinnett Young, and Daniel Lee. (Lee was a witness on David Booker and Theodosha Smith’s marriage bond.) John Curl signed and Susannah made her X, and was recorded by Clerk Williams on Monday 9 March 1801. The location of the land suggests that this John P. Booker is indeed our John Philip Booker [Jr.] who remained in Virginia.

John Philip Booker [Jr.] died between 4 April 1804 and 13 April 1804 in Shenandoah County. His will mentions his wife, Nancy, a son named William and a daughter, Sally [Sarah]. The third child is mentioned, but gives no name. “Children are to go to their grandfather, Edward Lawrence,” and is witnessed by Charles Sexton and Daniel Cloud [father of Nancy Cloud Booker]. The third child was Mary Booker, only child by John Philip Booker’s [Jr.] second marriage.

David Booker in Shenandoah County, Virginia

In the Shenandoah County Marriage Records, we find David Booker, son of John Philip Bucher [Sr.] , marrying Theodosha Smith on 8 April 1791. The marriage bond found in the Virginia State Library – Archives Department shows that Phillip Bucher was a witness to his son’s wedding.

Page #1

Know all men by these presents that we David Boucker and Edward Jennings are held firmly bound unto his Excellency Beverly Randolph, Esq., Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia and his successor in the pound sum of Fifty pounds current money to be paid to the said Governor, his successors we bind our selves our heirs _____? jointly and severally Firmly by these presents sealed with our seals and dated this 8th day of April 1791. The Condition of the above obligation is such that whereas there is a Marriage Suddenly Intended to be Solemnized between the above bound David Boucker and Theodotia Smith (Spinster). Now if there be no lawful cause to obstruct the said marriage and no damage occurs thereby then the above obligation to be void else to remain in full force and virtue. David Buker & Edward Jennings, Signed and Sealed in the presence of D. Lee [Daniel Lee]

Page #2

Shenandoah County April 8th, 1791

I do hereby certify that my Father and Mother are Both Dece’d and that I my self am Eighteen years of age & Deals for my self and am willing to join in wedlock with David Boucker of the above mentioned County – Given under my hand Theodosia Smith – Wit – Edward Lawrence, Phillip Boucker

Page #3

David Boucker’s M: I: Bond, April 8th 1791

In researching our Smith line, Mrs. Cooper of Woodstock, Virginia, found in Will Book #4, page 371, the will of George Smith of Wolf’s Marsh in Frederick County, dated 23 November 1777. He mentions his wife, his daughters, Polly, Sally, Elsie and Theodosia, and his sons, Stephen, Daniel and George. To be certain that this is indeed our Theodosia, more research will have to be done to confirm our relationship with this Smith family.

Known Bucher Marriages in the Shenandoah Valley Virginia 1770 – 1827

Frederick Co., Virginia

Philip Bucher m. Elizabeth ? bef. 1/3/1759 s/o Ulrich

Philip Bucher m. Mary Roy? bef. 1765 s/o Ulrich

Michael Bucher m. Catharine ? bef. 5/6/1751 s/o Ulrich

John Bucher m. Magdalene Pfifer bef. 1770 s/o Ulrich & d/o Henry Pfifer

Barbara Bucher m. Martin Spohn 14/3/1773 d/o Ulrich?

Jacob Bougher m. Mary Whitsel 20/4/1773 s/o Ulrich

Johannes Bucher m. Rosinna Derrin 6/10/1776 s/o Michael?

Barbara Bucher m. Archibald Hutchison 20/4/1780 d/o Michael?

Catherine Bucher m. Adam Kline 4/4/1786 d/o John

Charlotte Bucher m. Isaac Mantz 1/10/1786 d/o Michael?

Peter Bucher m. Anna Marie Koehlerh 26/2/1788 s/o Michael

Jacob Bucher m. Elizabeth Crist 22/8/1790 s/o John Philip

Frederick Bucher m. Christina Margaret Voltz 16/10/1791 s/o Michael?

Elizabeth Bucher m. Michael Groves 14/5/1793 d/o Jacob

Jacob Bucher m. Margaret Crum 15/3/1795 s/o Michael & d/o Anthony Crum

Mary Magdalene Bougher m. Cyrus Gray 14/8/1795 d/o Jacob

Sally Bucher m. William Brown 6/6/1799 d/o Jacob

Sarah Bucher m. Philip Miller 7/10/1801 d/o John

Anna Bucher m. George Snyder 23/2/1802 d/o John & s/o Geo. Sneider

Susanna Bougher m. John Groves 30/4/1802 d/o Jacob

Jacob Bucher m. Catherine Snyder 9/12/1802 s/o John & d/o Geo. Sneider

John Bucher m. Polly Schneider 25/10/1804 s/o John & d/o Geo. Sneider

Elizabeth Bucher m. Edward Scriviner 16/7/1812

Rachael Bucher m. William Hoffman 11/1/1827 d/o Philip Peter

Shenandoah County, VA

Catharine Booker m. Thomas Manuel 22/1/1787 d/o John Philip

David Buker m. Theodotia Smith 6/4/1791 b’d Edward Jennings; wit: Philip Boucher Ed. Lawrence

John Philip Booker [Jr.] m. Mary Lawrence 25/1/1790 d/o Edward Lawrence

John P. Booker m. Nancy Cloud 22/11/1802 d/o Daniel Cloud

Sarah Booker m. Archibald Allen 12/10/1808 grand-daughter of Edward Lawrence


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The Bucher/Booker Family, 1686-1990 © 1990 Charles Lee Booker Jr.


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