The Bucher/Booker Family, 1686-1990: Chapter III, Part 1


The Jacob Booker Family

(Son of John Phillip Bucher)

As mentioned in Chapter II, the heirs of Jacob Booker, “late of said county, deceased,” are listed in Deed Book K-10, page 423, Sullivan Co., Indiana. Although recorded on 5 May 1853, the deed states that “this indenture made this fourth day of February 1828.” We also know Jacob Booker was mentioned in the Western Sun on 10 January 1822, in a list of names of uncalled mail. Therefore, Jacob Booker, son of Philip Bucher and Molley Roy, died between January 10, 1822 and 4 February 1828. On the 1830 Census in Sullivan County, Elizabeth, widow of Jacob Booker, is listed living with her two youngest daughters, Levicy and Levina. Elizabeth’s age is “of 50 and under 60,” and her daughter’s ages are between “15 and 20.” Elizabeth Booker is not found on the 1840 Census. Here are the known children of Jacob Booker and his wife, Elizabeth Crist.

John A. Booker b. 21/1/1796 [VA/KY], d. 15/2/1844 Asher-Orndorff Cemetery Knox Co., IN

Mary Booker b. @1798 ?KY, d., Married a Matthews. Living in 1828

James Baxter Booker b. 25/2/1799 Jefferson Co., KY, d. bef. 1870 Moultrie Co., IL. Catherine M. Booker b. 18/2/1801 Jefferson Co., KY, d. after 1840 Census Sull. Co., IN

Susannah Booker b. @1802 Jefferson Co., KY, d. listed on 1840 Census Sull. Co., IN as Susan Milam

Keziah Booker b. 28/9/1804 Jefferson Co.) KY, d. after 1870 Sullivan Co., IN

William Jarrett Booker b. 1805/6 Jefferson Co., KY, d. 27/3/1870 Carlisle, IN

Nancy Booker b. @1808 Jefferson Co., KY, d.

Albert Booker b. 1810? KY, d. not on 1830 Census of Sull. Co., IN., The only information I have on Albert Booker, son Jacob and Elizabeth Booker, is that he was living on the date of the Deed mentioned earlier, 4 February 1828. However, the 1830 Census lists no male child living with Jacob’s widow, Elizabeth Booker.

Levicy Booker b. 1/3/1812 Jefferson Co., KY, d. 3/11/1868 Sullivan Co., IN. Buried Engle Cemetery

Levina Booker b. 1815 Jefferson Co., KY, d.

The John A. Booker and Elizabeth Trimble Family

John A. Booker married Elizabeth Trimble, daughter of James Trimble (1798-1830) and Sarah Hinton. Very little information has been found on John A. Booker’s family, but he is mentioned in 1822 in the Western Sun in the same uncalled mail list as his father. Before that he is listed on the 1820 Census of Sullivan Co. Indiana:

One Male age under 10

One Male age between 10-15

One Male age between 16-18

One Male age between 16-26

Two Males age between 26-45

One Female age under 10

One Female age between 16-26

3 in Agriculture

John Booker is not old enough to be the father of all these children. On the 1830 Census John Booker and Elizabeth are listed in Sullivan Co.,Indiana with one male under age 5, one male of 10 but under 15, one female under age 5, one female of 5 but under 10, one female of 10 but under 15. The 1840 Census of Knox County lists John A. Booker with one male of 10 but under 15, one male of 30 but under 40, one female of 10 but under 15, one female of 15 but under 20. John A. Booker is listed age between 40 but under 50, and Elizabeth between the ages of 30 and 40.

According to the records of Winnifred Markee Miles (donated to the Sullivan Co. Historical Society), her “Aunt Betsy” [Elizabeth Trimble Booker] was born around 1798. After John Booker’s death, Aunt Betsy remarried to John Osborn. Knox County marriage records show that Elizabeth Booker, widow of John Booker, married John Osborn 27 July 1848. I did not find John Osborn in Knox County on the 1850 Census, but I did find him and Elizabeth on the 1850 Census of Sullivan County. John Osborn is listed age 63, born in Kentucky, and Elizabeth is listed age 47, also born in Kentucky. This would mean her birth year to circa 1803, not 1798 as written by Mrs. Miles. Only Osborn children are listed.


The Sullivan County Historical Society Newsletter, Volume 6, No. 6, November Jacob Booker and Elizabeth Crist , Jefferson Co., KY c.1800 to Sullivan Co., IN c.1819:

John A. Booker

Mary Booker

James Baxter Booker

James Baxter Booker Family to Moultrie Co., IL c.1855

Catherine M. Booker

Susannah Booker

Keziah Booker

William Jarrett Booker

Nancy Booker

Albert Booker

Levicy Booker

Levina Booker

There are some Bookers families who lived in Knox County throughout the 1800’s. Although some of them came from Ohio, I have not, as of this writing, been able to establish their relationship to our Booker family. According to Winnifred Markee, John A. Booker and Elizabeth Trimble had the following children:

I. Cassandra Booker b. 1824 Knox Co., IN, d. ?. Married Allen W. Robertson 8/1/1846 Knox Co., IN; Remarried to George Wolfe. Remarried to Wm. Pifer – on 1860 Census, Sull. Co., IN, Haddon Twp., p. 10., three children:

1. Mary E. Pifer, b.1848 Indiana

2. John M. Pifer, b. 1852 Indiana

3. George W. Pifer, b. 1866 Indiana

II. Sarah Booker b. 1827 Knox Co., IN, d. 30/9/1870 bur. Old Oaktown Cem., Knox Co., IN; Two marriages, (1) Marr. 26 November 1844 to Andrew McClure-died, (2) Remarried to Samuel Bond. Sarah and Samuel had one son:

1. Eugene Bond, b.

III. Levi H. Booker b. 1828 Knox Co., IN, d. ?. Two marriages, (1) Marr. 8/1/1852 to Saphronia Murphy at Sullivan Co., IN. On the 1860 Census of Knox Co., IN, Levi and Saphronia (age 26) had one child listed:

1. Mary Booker, b. 1859. (2) On the 1880 Census of Crawford Co., IL, Levi or Levy is found with new wife, Mary, age 33, b. IL, with one child:

i. Clauney Booker, b. 1871 Illinois.

Levi’s older sister Casander Pifer, age 56, b. IN, is living with him. Levi fought in Civil War, Company H, 51st Indiana Infantry, Private, enl. 15/8/1862; Captured – imprisoned in Richmond, VA Paroled; contacted disease of eyes 1865; Living in Soldiers Home 27/3/1896 in Pierce County, Orting, Washington

One final note on the John A. Booker story. His widow, Elizabeth, was widowed again. After John Osborn’s death, she married Benson Jewell.

The James Baxter Booker and Elizabeth Davidson Family

Jacob and Elizabeth Booker’s third child was James Baxter Booker. James was a veteran of the war with Mexico, enlisting in Captain Briggs’ Company (Company H), 2nd Indiana Regiment, on 15 June 1846 at New Albany, Indiana. At the time of his enlistment, James listed his age as 43 years. He participated in the decisive campaign to take Buena Vista in the mountains beyond Saltillo in February 1847. His military records state he was also on detached duty as a hospital attendant at Saltillo on 23 February 1847. James B. Booker was discharged on 23 June 1847 in New Orleans, Louisiana.

James B. Booker married Elizabeth Davidson on 12 June 1821 in Sullivan County, Indiana. Elizabeth Davidson, born 1 October 1800 in Jessamine County, Kentucky, was the daughter of George Davidson. Dorothy P. [Booker] Kious of Murphreesboro, Tennessee has James B. Booker’s Bible. Listed in it are the following:

Almeda Jane Booker b. 27/8/1822 Sullivan Co., IN, d.

Nancy Ann Arminta Booker b. 25/4/1824 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 29/5/1879 Moultrie Co., IL

Mary Booker b. 23/2/1826 Jefferson Co., KY, d.

George Davidson Booker b. 9/9/1827 Jefferson Co., KY, d. 16/8/1828 Jefferson Co., KY

John Davis Booker b. 28/7/1829 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 9/7/1888 Moultrie Co., IL

Thomas Jefferson Booker b. 31/5/1831 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 5/2/1897 Moultrie Co., IN

Elizabeth Booker b. 1/9/1833 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 13/9/1834 Sullivan Co., IN

James Madison Booker b. 17/7/1835 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 15/9/1901 Shelby Co., IN

Richard Davidson Booker b. 15/7/1837 Sullivan Co., IN, d.

Cynthia Vandalia Booker b. 27/5/1839 Sullivan Co., IN, d.

infant daughter Booker b. 18/3/1841 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 18/3/1841 Sullivan Co., IN

Ardelia Booker b. 10/2/1842 Sullivan Co., IN, d.

William Benton Booker b. 16/2/1844 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 22/7/1845 Sullivan Co., IN

For descendants of James Baxter Booker and Elizabeth Davidson, see Chapter III – Part 2.

The Catherine M. Booker and John Ingle/Engle Family

Catherine M. (Maniard?) Booker, daughter of Jacob Booker and wife, Elizabeth, married John Ingle in Jefferson Co., Kentucky on 14 October 1819. The marriage was witnessed by James B. Booker and Henry Ingle. Catherine Booker Ingle, widow, is found on the 1840 Census of Sullivan Co., Indiana on page 125. She lists in her family two sons, one between the ages of 5 and 10, and the other between the ages of 10 and 15. She also lists one male between the ages of 40 and 50, one daughter between the ages 10 and 15, and herself between the ages of 30 and 40. The information on the children of Catharine M. Booker and John Ingle was given to me by Floy Louise Buckles Peterson of Peoria, Illinois, a descendant of James N. Ingle below.

William Ingle b. 1820, d. 11/10/1824

Murell Ingle (?girl) b. 24/5/1821, d. with mother on 1840 Census

John Wesley Ingle b. 26/10/1825 Carlisle, IN, d. 22/1/1879 Moweaqua, IL (Shelby Co.), Marr. Nancy Ann Booker – 1st cousin (daughter of James B. Booker)

Comedoer Perry Ingle b. 18/9/1827 Sullivan Co., IN, d. before 1840 Census

Sally Ann Ingle b. 8/10/1829 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 11/??/1829 Sullivan Co., IN

James Nelson Ingle b. 28/1/1831 Carlisle, IN, d. 27/3/1894 Clyde, KS

Samuel Ingle b., d.

Betsy Ann Ingle b., d.

?Johnson Jay Ingle b., d.

The James Nelson Ingle Family

James Nelson Ingle married on 9 or 25 September 1852 to Elizabeth Shepherd in Sullivan Co., Indiana. Elizabeth was born 24 March 1825 in Porter, Indiana and died 18 February 1917 at Willow Springs, Missouri. According to Floy Buckles Peterson, James and Elizabeth had five children:

I. William Henderson Ingle b. 15/2/1854 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 24/8/1854 Sullivan Co., IN

II. Sarah Ann Ingle b. 6/6/1855 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 8/12/1873, Marr. 24/3/1872 to Harrison Griffith

III. Mary (Mollie) Elizabeth Ingle b. 9/1/1857, d., Marr. 29/8/1878 to Robert Marion Buckles (his 2nd wife). Seven children:

1. Herbert Wiley Buckles, b. 1879, d. 1947. Marr. Bertha Dickinson of Richmond, MO or Willow Springs. One child:

i. Berta Jean Buckles. Marr. Rev. Art Dettamore. Desciples of Christ Church Indianapolis, IN

2. Genella Ethel Buckles, b. 27/2/1881 Mt. Pulaski, IL, d. 2/6/1952. Marr. 21/1/1904 Riley Morris. Children:

i. Gladys Morris, Marr. Howard Brown. One child:

a. Bernadine Brown, Marr. ?. Two children:

1). Sonja ?

2). a son ?

ii. Marguerite Morris, Marr. Roy Nicholson. Two children:

a. Truman Nicholson. Marr. Ruth Kindebach. Two children:

1). Michael Nicholson

2). a son Nicholson

b. Roger Nicholson

iii. Clifford Morris. Marr. ?. Two sons ?

3. Clyde Elias Buckles, b., Marr. Amanda Henderson. One child:

i. Clyde Nelson Buckles. Marr. Zelda Swearingen. Lived Independance, KS. Two children

a. Douglas Buckles

b. Dwight Buckles

4. Carrie Buckles, b., Marr. Arthur C. Klee. Two children:

i. Harold Lloyd Klee. Marr. Maude ?. One child:

a. Connie Klee, Marr. Lawrence Bruns

ii. Floyd Klee

5. Claude Harrison Buckles, b., Lived Triplett, MO. Marr. Delma Johnson. Four children:

i. Claude Harrison Buckles, Jr., Marr. Opal ?. Three children:

a. Janice Buckles

b. Larry Buckles

c. Don Buckles

ii. Ferman Buckles, Marr. Sarah ?. One child:

a. Marjorie Buckles

iii. Wanda Buckles. Marr. John Spurlock of Kansas City

iv. Melba Arlena Buckles, Lived only 4 years

6. Ruby Lee Buckles, b.. Lived Willow Springs, MO. Marr. James D. Holland. One child:

i. Mary Lou Holland. Marr. James Tateman. Liv. Sacramento, CA 1979. Two children:

a. Richard Tateman

b. Dennis Tateman

7. Cecil Robert Buckles, b., Marr. Lowanda Cooper. Lived in Independence, KS. Two children:

i. Douglas L. Buckles, b. 17/7/1937 Tulsa, OK. Marr. 7/6/1958 to Annette Aymer of Nowata, OK

ii. Rodney Gail Buckles, b.. Two marriages, (1) Marr. 8/4/1958 to Louise Antonia Becker; lived St. Louis, (2) Marr. ? to Dorothy Esmerelda Gail Prior; lived Singapore

IV. John Linsy Ingle b. 27/3/1859 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 14/9/1859 Sullivan Co., IN, K. T. Maniard Ingle b. 1/8/1860 Paxton, IN d. 14/5/1945 Independence, KS Marr. 12/2/1879 to Thomas Albert Buckles in Lincoln, IL (Thomas born 14/5/1848 Mt. Pulaski, IL, died 20/5/1933 in Independence, KS) Both buried in Clyde, KS Cemetery. Seven children:

1. Ethel Imogene Buckles, b. 22/12/1879, d. 28/5/1880 Mt. Pulaski, IL

2. Cleo Alberta Buckles, b. 8/5/1881 Mt. Pulaski, IL, d. 4/4/1973 Montrose, KS. Marr. 6/7/1905 to George L. Dempsey. George died 9/8/1961; both buried Mankato, KS. Four children:

i. Marjorie Ruth Dempsey, b. 18/4/1906 Jewell, KS, d. 23/10/1977 Lancaster, CA. Marr. 5/5/1926 Glenn Fred Hastings at Jewell, KS. Three children:

a. Berta Katherine Hastings, b. 27/7/1927 Jewell, KS, Marr. 19/9/1949 to Thomas Lane Moir at Dublin, Ireland

b. Rosemary Joyce Hastings, b. 24/20/1929 Jewell, KS, Marr. 10/8/1946 to James Lowell Bollinger at Robinson, KS (Divorced)

c. Stanley Kay Hastings, b. 26/11/1930 Jewell, KS. Marr. Betty ?

ii. Gerald Robert Dempsey, b. 9/6/1911 Jewell, KS, Two marriages: (1) to Lavelle ?, died 8/1935, (2) 29/10/1939 to June Gail Fearing of Otego, KS. Four children from 2nd marriage:

a. Douglas Eugene Dempsey, b. 15/5/1941 Jewell, KS. Two marriages: (1) 23/12/1962 to Patricia Stevens (Div. 1978), (2) 9/10/1981 to Brigitte Wchwaiger at Chicago, IL. Two children from 1st marr.

1). Kevin Gerald Dempsey, b. 16/4/1965 Detroit, MI

2). Kristin Kay Dempsey, b. 8/1/1969 Stillwater, OK.

Two children from 2nd marr.

3). Robin Amber Dempsey, b. 23/10/1985 Coldwater, Ohio

4). Laura Alicia Dempsey, b. 23/4/1989 Dayton, OH

b. Cheryl Ruth Dempsey, b. 18/8/1942 Jewell, KS. Marr. 19/4/1964 to Lanny Allen Dick (Div. 1979). Four children:

1). Elizabeth Amber Dick, b. 2/4/2967 Denver, CO

2). Rebecca Anne Dick, b. 31/10/1970 Denver, CO

3). Jeffrey Allen Dick, b. 1/10/1972 Denver, CO

4). Jonathan Andrew Dick, b. 21/5/1974

c. George Robert Dempsey, b. 13/7/1945 Beloit, KS. Marr. 14/8/1966 to Janice Eileen Nelson of Goodland, KS. Two children:

1). Bryan Robert Dempsey, b. 30/5/1969 Mather AFB, Rancho Cordova, CA

2). David Martin Dempsey, b. 9/2/1972 Abilene, TX

d. Michael Lynn Dempsey, b. 29/6/1952 Beloit, KS, Marr. 22/8/1981 to Linda Doreen Fierimonte at Denver, CO (Golden Gate State Park). Three children:

1). Kendrick Joseph Dempsey, b. 7/6/1982 Denver, CO

2). Jason Philip Dempsey, b. 2/12/1983

3). Matthew Gerald Dempsey, b. 2/12/1985

iii. Helen Alberta Dempsey, b. 17/11/1913 Jewell, KS, d. 9/2/1955 Scottsbluff, NE. Bur. Mankato, KS Cemetery. Marr. 20/5/1940 to Jacob Elmer Adams

iv. Eleanor Katherine Dempsey, b. 31/8/1915 Jewell, KS. Marr. 7/4/1935 to Gerald Nile Nole at Republic City, KS. One child:

a. Johanna Penn Nole, b. 1/5/1935 Belleville, KS, Marr. ? to Harry Dost Lauterbalk in Cheyenne, WY. Four children:

1). Laura Leigh Lauterbalk, b. 28/9/1963

2). Timothy Pat Lauterbalk, b. 22/5/1965

3). Travis Dost Lauterbalk, b. 20/10/1967

4). Matthew Barris Lauterbalk, b. 26/4/1972

3. Leslie B. Buckles, b. 17/2/1883 Mt. Pulaski, IL, d. 26/4/1884 Mt. Pulaski, IL. Buried Clyde, KS

4. Goldie Lenore Buckles, b. 6/2/1885 Clyde, KS, d.. Marr. 19/6/1907 to Dr. Joseph Brewer Blades at Otego, KS. Both buried Independence, KS. Two children:

i. Josephine Lenore Blades, b. 21/11/1908 Randall, KS, d. 26/?/1971 New York, NY. Bur. Independence, KS

ii. Roger Thomas Blades, b. 20/11/1913 Randall, KS. Marr. 22/2/1947 to Jamesina Hunter. Three children:

a. Brian Hunter Blades, b. 6/7/1950 Bartlesville, OK

b. Brenda Jo Blades, b. 6/3/1952 Bartlesville, OK. Marr. ?/6/1979 to ?

c. Barry Christopher Blades, b. 29/9/1954 Bartlesville, OK. Marr. 27/12/1976 to Janis K. Baldwin

5. Nelson L. Buckles, b. 5/9/1887 Burr Oak, KS, d. 29/5/1941 Cope, CO. Two marriages, (1) Marr. 1/3/1915 to Carrie Josephine Higbee at Mankato, KS (died 15/9/1930), (2) Marr. 1938 to Della McCamon Johns at Denver, CO. Four children by 1st wife:

i. Eileen Ruth Buckles, b. 12/2/1916 Otego, KS. Marr. 23/9/1939 to Martin Goble at Ft. Collins, KS. Two children:

a. Michael Allan Goble, b. 2/3/1953 Broomfield, CO. Marr. 19/5/1979 to Debra Gale Anderson. Three children:

1). Heather Nicole Goble, b. 21/11/1982

2). Matthew Alan Goble, b. 3/6/1985

3). Alexander Michael Goble, b. 3/11/1987

b. Gene Goble, b. 26/2/1955, Marr. ? to Debra Ann Di Rito, One child:

1). Stacia Marie Goble, b. 23/4/1986 Denver, CO

ii. Beth Madelyn Buckles, b. 1/8/1918 Otego, KS, Marr. 1941 to Oren Jesse Casey at Washington, DC. No children

iii. Lois Adean Buckles, b. 17/7/1920 Cope, CO. Marr. 1945 to Frank Grand (Div.). One child:

a. Bryant Nelson Grand, b. 5/2/1948

iv. Lyle Nelson Buckles, b. 3/10/1926 Cope, CO. Marr. 9/12/1949 to Alice Louise Brady at Denver, CO. Three children:

a. Mark Jeromme Buckles, b. 3/8/1951 Denver, CO

b. David Lyle Buckles, b. 2/14/1953 Denver, CO

c. Kathryn Louise Buckles, b. 9/11/1956 Denver, CO. Marr. 14/10/1989 to Robert Edward Blackburn

6. Ruth Hazel Buckles, b. 16/11/1892 Burr Oak, KS, d.. Marr. 25/12/1915 Otego, KS to Harry Clay Bird (died 29/11/1960 Great Bend, Kansas). Six children:

i. Daniel Keith Bird, b. 8/6/1917 Albert, KS. Two marriages, (1) Marr. 28/6/1942 to Mary Ella Howell at Kinsey, KS; Mary d. 1978, (2) 11/8/1979 to Dorothy Marie Macklin Moore at Oakland, CA. Three children by first marriage:

a. Michael Keith Bird, b. 3/1/1944 Wichita, KS, Marr. 24/7/1970 to Miroslava Janeckova. Three children:

1). Daniel Zoenik Bird

2). Don Michael Bird

3). Anna Marie Bird

b. Joan Ruth Bird, b. 23/5/1949

c. Mary Katherine Bird, b. 29/8/1952

ii. Jean Katherine Bird, b. 26/11/1918 Albert, KS, Marr. 17/8/1954 to Jerre McClelland at Raton, NM. No children

iii. Homer Lynn Bird, b. 6/4/1923 Independence, KS. Marr. 29/5/1944 to Virginia Marie Amerine at Great Bend, KS. Two children:

a. Lynn David Bird, b. 12/9/1947 Albert, KS. Marr. 22/6/1968 to Patricia Anne Evans at Great Bend, KS. Three children:

1). Jason Nathaniel Bird, b. 12/2/1971 Topeka, KS

2). Joshua Evans Bird, b. 17/5/1975 Moscow, ID

3). Stefanie Anne Bird, b. 25/5/1978 Boulder, CO

b. Lisa Marie Bird, b. 9/10/1956 Great Bend, KS. Marr. 8/4/1978 to Albert Joseph Riedel at Hays, KS. One child:

1). Bret Joseph Bird, b. 5/11/1981 Hays, KS

iv. Patricia Kathleen Bird, b. 5/7/1926 Independence, KS, Marr. 11/8/1953 to Lawrence Leo Metcalfe. Two children:

a. Timothy Clay Metcalfe, b. 3/9/1954 Fairfield, CA

b. Susanne Leigh Metcalfe, b. 14/4/1973

v. Maurice Theodore Bird, b. 17/8/1929 Independence, KS. Marr. 15/10/1961 to Ingrid Newman at Great Bend, KS. Three children:

a. Thomas Maurice Bird, b. 15/1/1963 Albert, KS. Marr. 16/9/1989 to Gah Monn Huey at Prairie Village, KS

b. Stefan Andre Bird, b. 20/6/1967 Albert, KS

c. Carolyn Ann Bird, b. 8/3/1967 Albert, KS

vi. Max Joseph Bird, b. 17/8/1929 Independence, KS. Three marriages: (1) 10/11/1951 to Patricia Price Miller (div.), (2) 29/7/1960 to Mary Lou Yowell at Larned, KS (div.), (3) ? to Mable ?. Two children by 1st marriage:

a. Joel Allen Bird, b. 17/11/1952

b. Susan Leigh Bird, b. 1/8/1954 Great Bend, KS

One child by second marriage:

c. Cynthia Lin Bird, b. 7/12/1963 Tulsa, OK

vii. Clifton Orion Buckles, b. 5/7/1895 Burr Oak, KS, d. 7/4/1988. Marr. 7/6/1923 to Esther Lucille Kennedy in Lincoln, NE. Five children:

a. Orval Dale Buckles, b. 11/7/1924 Ames, KS, d. 5/5/1928 Ames, KS

b. Doris Carol Buckles, b. 9/7/1926 Ames, KS, d. 3/12/1962. Marr. 17/8/1952 to George Loughridge at Kansas City, MO. Two children:

1). Tiamara Su Loughridge, b. 16/8/1956. Two marriages, (1) 16/4/1977 to David Bartow at Stillwater, OK (div.), (2) 31/12/1986 to Don Phillips at Tulsa, OK, One child by 2nd marriage:

a). Dontae Lokahi Phillips, b. 16/8/1987 Tulsa, OK

2). George Loughridge III, b. 30/8/1958, Marr. 6/10/1984 to Valinda de Voorde at ?. One child:

a). Karel Ann Loughridge, b. 6/2/1987

c. Floy Louise Buckles, b. 4/12/1927 Ames, KS. Marr. Lowell Nielson Peterson 4/6/1950 in Manhatten, KS (same as sister Lavona Buckles), Living Peoria, IL. Three children:

1). Elisabeth May Peterson, b. 19/12/1958. Marr. 7/11/1981 to Terry Leonard Forbes. Two children:

a). Daniel Andrew Forbes, b. 20/11/1984

b). Dianna Leah Forbes, b. 13/12/1986

2). Jerrold Lowell Peterson, b. 25/11/1961

3). Janis Katherine Adelaide Peterson, b. 24/6/1965. Marr. 13/5/1989 to Richard Anthony Stone

d. Lavona May Buckles, b. 11/8/1929 Ames, KS, Marr. 7/6/1950 to Wayne Alan Pearce at Manhattan, KS. Four children:

1). Jon Gregory Pearce, b. 19/11/1952. Marr. 25/11/1979 to Judy Colvin. Three children:

a). Melissa Lynne Pearce, b. 7/1/1984

b). Jennifer Laura Pearce, b. 17/3/1988

c). expected fall 1989

2). Kara Allison Pearce, b. 10/6/1955

3). Kimberly Megan Pearce, b. 23/2/1961. Marr. to Douglas Kendrick

4). Barrett Logan Pearce, b. 2/5/1962. Marr. ? to Michele Lynn Hughes. Two children:

a). Brian Andrew Pearce, b. 29/4/1986

b). Sandra Kay Pearce, b. 8/11/1988

5). Coralie Irene Buckles, b. 5/1/1932 Ames, KS. Two marriages, (1) 24/5/1952 to Joseph Shelby Chronister (died 1979), (2) 6/5/1984 to Charles Torrey Williams. Two children:

a). Carmen Rachel Chronister, b. 15/10/1954, Marr. 31/7/1976 to John Joseph Karpf (div.). Two children:

i). John Joseph Karpf III, b. 30/5/1980

ii). Jessica Lya Karpf, b. 25/12/1983

a). Christine Esther Chronister, b. 15/7/1959. Marr. 24/5/1982 to David Matthew McClure. Two children:

i). Colleen Nichole McClure, b. 19/10/1983

ii). Caitlin Christiana McClure, b. 8/1/1989

John Wesley Ingle

John Wesley Ingle and Nancy Ann Booker are found on the 1860 Census of Sullivan Co., Indiana, page 26, Haddon Twp., 13 June 1860. John and Nancy are listed with their eight children:

I. John L. Ingle b. 1846 Sullivan Co., IN, d.

II. Jacob H. Ingle b. 1848 Sullivan Co., IN, d.

III. James N. Ingle b. 2/4/1850 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 31/12/1907 Lovington, IL. Marr. 24/2/1876 to Mary Elizabeth Gould at Moultrie, Co., IL (Mary b. 29/9/1859 at Oskaloosa, IA d. 24/9/1934 Lovington, IL). At least one child:

1. Angie May Ingle, b. 7/4/1878 Lovington, IL, d. 3/7/1966 Gridley, Butte, CA. Marr. 21/7/1897 to Otis C.

IV. Sutter Edgar Ingle b. 1851 Sullivan Co., IN, d.

V. Mary J. Ingle b. 1853 Sullivan Co., IN, d.

VI. Thomas Jefferson Ingle b. 1855 Sullivan Co., IN, d.

VII. Sarah A. Ingle b. 1857 Sullivan Co., IN, d.

VIII. Martha J. Ingle b. 1859 Sullivan Co., IN, d.

John W. Ingle and Nancy Booker are found in Moultrie Co., Illinois on the 1870 Census, town of Lovington, page 4, 31/39.

From the Sullivan Union Newspaper dated 26 August 1874: Death of John Ingle, Sr. – Evansville, Indiana August 22 — John Ingle, Sr., eighty-seven years of age, died at his residence, ten miles from this city, on Saturday. He was a prominent citizen, and was the father of John Ingle, for many years President of the E & C.R.R. Mr. Ingle has been postmaster at Ingle Station forty-five years, consecutively, having been appointed to the office by President Monroe. I do not know if this John Ingle is any relation to our Catharine M. Booker’s husband, but I felt I should include the above obituary for Ingle researchers.


According to Judy Pirtle of Sullivan County, Indiana, Susannah Booker, daughter of Jacob Booker and wife Elizabeth, married first to John Milam, circa 1822. After his death, Susannah supposedly married an Atherton. Susan Booker Milam, a widow, is listed on page 113 of the 1840 Census of Sullivan Co., Indiana. She lists one son 5 to 10 years; two sons 10 to 15 years; and lists her age 30 to 40 yrs.

The Keziah Booker and Hiram A. Benefiel Family

Keziah Booker, next daughter of Jacob and Elizabeth, married Hiram A. Benefiel in Sullivan Co., Indiana circa 1822. Hiram Benefiel was the son of Colonel John Benefiel 1760-1835 and Rebecca Fitzjames 1762-1860, both buried in the Johnson Cemetery in Carlisle, Indiana. John was a Revolutionary Soldier, served from Cumberland Co., Pennsylvania; a Delegate from Knox Co., Indiana to the first State Constitutional Convention; a signer and framer of the Indiana State Constitution, and a member of the Indiana State Legislature in 1820. According to the following sources, Hiram and Keziah had eight children: Allumbaugh Family Book by Donna Allumbaugh of Tonasket, Washington; The Benefiel Families of Indiana and Their Descendants by Evelyn Benefiel Stout; and Mary Sirmay, descendant of Lavicy Benefiel.


Franklin W. Benefiel b. 15/7/1823 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 7/9/1823 Sullivan Co., IN. bur. Johnson Cemetery

John W. Benefiel b. 1824, d.

Rebecca E. Benefiel b. 17/1/1826 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 9/12/1842 Sullivan Co., IN. bur. Johnson Cemetery

Robert R. Benefiel b. 1827 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 1883

Lavicy Benefiel b. 1829/30 Sullivan Co., IN, d. before 1860 (most likely 1854)

Francis M. Benefiel b. 16/11/1830 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 5/3/1836 Sullivan Co., IN. bur. Johnson Cemetery

Hiram A. Benefiel b. 1835 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 1918 Sullivan Co., IN

Mary J. Benefiel b. 17/12/1836 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 5/10/1842 Sullivan Co., IN

John W. Benefiel

John W. Benefiel, son of Hiram and Keziah, married Elizabeth A. Maxwell (born about 1826) on 3 December 1848. Their children:

Edwin R. Benefiel b. 1855

George W. Benefiel b. 1857

John W. Benefiel b. 1858

Edwin R. Benefiel, son of John W. and Elizabeth, married Blanch Durand and had one child, Anna B. Benefiel, born 1882.

George W. Benefiel, son of John W. and Elizabeth, married Kate Carver (born 1861), and had one child, Lucy Benefiel, born 1888.

Robert R. Benefiel

Robert R. Benefiel, son of Hiram Benefiel and Keziah Booker, married Mary J. Ingram (born 1830) in Sullivan Co., Indiana on 13 February 1851. Their children:

Sarah L. Benefiel b. 1853

Maggie I. Benefiel b. 1856/7

Robert A. Benefiel b. 1862/3

Laura J. Benefiel b. 1864/5

William S. Benefiel b. 1869

Clarence Benefiel b. 1871

Clarence Benefiel married Bertha A. ? (born 1875) and had one child,

Helen M. Benefiel, born in 1899.

Lavicy Benefiel

Lavicy Benefiel, daughter of Hiram Benefiel and Keziah Booker, married Edward Chauncy Hall (b. 1817), and had one child:

I. Laura Louise Hall b. 9 May 1849 Sullivan Co., Indiana, d. 15 July 1904 Sullivan Co., Indiana. Buried in Center Ridge Cemetery. Laura Louise Hall married on 13 Sept. 1867 in Russellville, Lawrence Co., Indiana to William Harrison Goins (b. 7 May 1843 d. 24 Jan. 1917 – buried in Center Ridge Cemetery). They had seven children:

1. Anna Goins b. 1868, d.

2. Sue Goins b. 1870, d.

3. Frank Goins b. 1873, d. .married Margaret Griffith, and had one daughter

i. Eva Goins, b. 1899 in Carlisle, Indiana, died in early 1988. Eva married Clem Graves Willis of Carlisle, Indiana, and had six children:

a. Margaret Willis b. 6/2/1921, d. 31/5/1977

b. Max Richard Willis b. 25/6/1922, d. 13/8/1977

c. Wanda Claire Willis b. 18/7/1924, d. ?

d. Donnis Wayne Willis b. 25/9/19??, d. 10/6/1943 in Burma (WWII)

e. Simone Louise Willis b. 17/2/1934, d. 13/8/1980

f. Joseph Willis b.. Liv. in Montgomery, Alabama. Has two sons

4. Dan Goins b. 1876, d.

5. Mary Goins b. 1879, d.

6. Bonnie Goins b. 1881, d.

7. Hazel Lora Goins b. 27/2/1887 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 10/6/1970 Terre Haute, IN. Bur. Highland Lawn Cem. Terre Haute, IN., married on 26 November 1904 in Sullivan Co., Indiana to Edward L. Stitt (b. 11 Oct. 1871 d. 9 May 1930 in Terre Haute, Indiana, buried in Highland Lawn Cemetery in Terre Haute). They had three children:

i. Laura L. Stitt b. 6/7/1906 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 17/11/1977 Las Vegas, NV. Bur. Calvary Cem., Terre Haute, IN

ii. Edward H. Stitt b. 3/9/1907 Sullivan Co., IN, d. April 1967 in Terre Haute, IN. Bur. Jasonville Cem., Greene Co., IN

iii. Mary E. Stitt b. 22/2/1915 Linton, IN. Living. married first to Doyle Nixon Wyre (b. 1896), and then to Emery Joseph Sirmay (b. 1897). Mary and Doyle had one child:

a. Doyle Edward Wyre, born on 25 December 1940 in Toledo, Ohio.

iv. Edward H. Stitt, son of Hazel Lora Goins and Edward H. Stitt, married Ernestine Royer (b. 1909), and had two children:

a. Judith Stitt b. 1944 . Judith Stitt married Laurence James and had two children:

1). Rachael James b.

2). Gretchen James b.

b. Mary Kathryn Stitt b. 1948. Mary Kathryn Stitt married Ernest L. Haney (b. 1946), and they had five children:

1). Jeffery Scott Haney b. 22/10/1969

2). David Leroy Haney b. 25/5/1971

3). Erik Lee Haney b. 2/12/1973

4). Sabrina Lynn Haney b. 16/10/1976

5). Amando Jo Haney b. 11/8/1980

Hiram A. Benefiel

Hiram A. Benefiel, son of Hiram Benefiel and Keziah Booker, married 1 January 1857 to Sarah Mary Shawn/Sharon (1840-1875). Hiram remarried on 28 April 1881 to Martha Elizabeth (Alumbaugh) Lloyd (1850-1936). Hiram A. Benefiel had eight children by his first marriage:

I. Edwin Ruthoen Benefiel b. 1857, d. 1914. married Nora ?, and had two children:

1. Edith I. Benefiel b. 1885, d. married Owen P. Conklin.

2. Emmett Harrison Benefiel b. 1887, d. , married Ethel May Nichols, and they had eleven children:

i. Edith Pauline Benefiel b. 1913

ii. Emmett Harrison Benefiel b. 1915

iii. Mildred Louise Benefiel b. 1917

iv. Lenora Jane Benefiel b. 1919

v. Jack Nichols Benefiel b. 1920

vi. Jesse Richard Benefiel b. 1923

vii. Francis Marion Benefiel b. 1926. married Virginia Irene Daniels. Their children:

a. Daniel Wayne Benefiel b. 1949

b. Stephen Bruce Benefiel b. 1951, married Patricia Irene Oakleaf (b.1950). One child:

1). Benjamin Joseph Benefiel, born 1977.

c. Carol Ann Benefiel b. 1954

d. Kenneth Harrison Benefiel b. 1956

e. Stanley William Benefiel b. 1958

f. Mary Frances Benefiel b. 1960

g. Dorothy Marie Benefiel b. 1963

viii. Winnifred May Benefiel b. 1929 \”Twins”

ix. William Malcom Benefiel b. 1929 /

x. Lawrence Edward Benefiel b. 1931

xi. Evelyn Pearl Benefiel b. 1933

II. Clara May Benefiel b. 1859, d.

III. Katie Bele Benefiel b. 1861, d. , married Caleb Woodward.

IV. Lenora Elizabeth Benefiel b. 1862, d.

V. Alonzo Benefiel b. 1865, d.

VI. Leota Maude Benefiel b. 1866, d. , married Ulysses E. Johnson.

VII. Emma Ellen Benefiel b. 1869, d.

VIII. Claude Lee Benefiel b. 1871, d.

Second marriage:

IX. Bessie Odell Benefiel b. 1881, d. , married Carl M. Rotramel.

X. Albert Benefiel b. 1883, d.

The William Jarrett Booker Family

William Jarrett Booker, son of Jacob and Elizabeth Booker, married Elizabeth, maiden name unknowned, sometime before 1830. On the 1830 Census of Sullivan Co., Indiana, William J. Booker is found on page 388, the same page his widowed mother, Elizabeth is on. William and wife are both listed between the ages of 20 and 30; he is also listed with one male child, under the age of five. On the 1840 Census of Sullivan County, William J. Booker’s family is listed on page 117, along with his cousin, Jacob Booker, son of David Booker and Theodosha Smith. By this time William J. Booker and his wife, Elizabeth, have three males, two under the age of five, and one between five and ten. In addition, they have four females, living with them, ages one under five, two between five and ten, and one ten to fifteen.

On 31 March 1870, Thursday in the Sullivan Democrat (Sullivan Co., IN), there appeared the following obituary: -Carlisle Items- Uncle William Booker, for many years a resident of Haddon, died in Carlisle on Sunday–his remains were interred in the old Hackett grave yard, on Monday. Thus, one by one, the old settlers are passing away.


Using the 1850 Census, and subsequent research, here is the family of William Jarrett Booker and his wife, Elizabeth:

son b. between 1825-1830 Sullivan Co., IN, d.

Levinia Booker b. 1831, d., married Ruel Booker s/o Isaac Booker (Chapter VI)

Jacob Nelson Booker b. 28/3/1833 Sullivan Co., IN, d. after 1900 Montgomery or Wilson Co., KS, married Elizabeth Ann Booker d/o Phillip Booker (Chapter VIII) 1979, page 3, gives an account of the “Life of Mary Ann Ferree.” When Mary’s father (Philip Ferree) died, the Ferree family was left penniless orphans, and was farmed out to different relatives. Winnifred Markee Miles tells the story of her mother, Mary Ann Ferree.


“Aunt Betsy (Trimble) Booker was a sister of mother’s mother. She lived in Shakertown and was a tailoress. Her daughters were married…and Aunt Betsy asked mother to make her home with her. Mother was a young, strong, capable woman. Aunt Betsy was busy at tailoring, and it was extremely good judgement on her part to invite so capable a niece to become a member of her family; perhaps she was no more selfish than the others; I am sure they all lived hard, plodding lives, but Aunt Betsy made a drudge of mother. The truth must be told. John Booker was so stingy that he let her carry the fuel and water up long flights of stairs; there was an unmarried son at home, and these men slept while mother made early morning fires. Mother finally was stricken with a serious illness. Aunt Betsy nursed her, but mother by this time decided to try her fortunes elsewhere.”

Alfred Perry Booker b. May 1837 Sullivan Co., IN, d. after 1900 Census – Sull. Co., IN. Alfred never married, and can be found on the 1900 Census of Sullivan County in Haddon Township, age 63. As mentioned earlier, he is found living with his niece, Florena J. Ash and her husband, Henry Ash. Alfred is not found on the 1910 Census of Sullivan County. William Jarrett Booker’s son, William J. Booker, is found only on the 1850 Census, age 10.

William J. Booker b. 1840 Sullivan Co., IN, d.

George W. Booker b. 8/5/1841 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 7/12/1879 Sullivan Co., IN

William Jarrett Booker’s wife, Elizabeth Booker, died 16 December 1871. We know this by the following excerpt from the Carlisle Democrat: -The mother of Perry Booker died last Monday evening and was buried the following day. Mrs. Booker had been afflicted for a great number of years.


Levinia Booker and Ruel Booker

Levinia Booker, eldest daughter of William J. Booker and wife, Elizabeth, married cousin, Ruel Booker, on 28 November 1853 in Sullivan Co., Indiana. Ruel was the son of Isaac Booker and Betsy Padgett (See Chapter VI for descendants).

Jacob Nelson Booker

Jacob Nelson Booker was married twice. First, he married his second cousin, Elizabeth Ann Booker, daughter of Phillip Booker (see Chapter VIII), on 8 November 1854 in Sullivan Co., Indiana. (Phillip – son of David and Theodosha Booker.) Most of the following information was given to me by Mildred Booker Smith of Orlando, Florida, a descendant of Phillip Booker. She found this information in a letter dated 7 February 1926 from Sarah (Booker) McCart (daughter of Elizabeth Booker and Jacob N. Booker) to Katherine (Booker) Greene, daughter of Perry R. Booker. Jacob’s wife, Elizabeth Ann Booker, died 12 September 1864 in Carlisle, Indiana, and was buried in the churchyard of the Missionary Baptist Church of Indian Prairie [No stone found]. Children of Jacob N. Booker and Elizabeth Ann Booker are as follows:

I. infant b. 11/12/1855 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 11/12/1855 Sullivan Co., IN

II. Sarah Jane Booker b. 9/11/1856, d.. Married Edward McCart 20/6/1876, Sullivan Co., IN; At time of the letter, her children:

1. Mrs. Laura Davidson – liv. Scammon, KS

2. Mrs. Alma O’Malley – liv. Scammon, KS

3. Mrs. Pearl McComas – liv. Louisiana

4. Mrs. Maud McGee – liv. near Peru, KS

5. Jesse McCart of Arma, KS

6. Joseph McCart – liv. KS

7. two sons liv. in CA

III. Mary A. Booker b. 1859 Carlisle, IN, d.

IV. Margaret Ellen Booker b. 6/9/1861 Carlisle, IN, d. 28/12/1907 McCune, KS. Married sometime in 1886/87 in Arkansas or Kansas to Andrew Jackson Booker (cousin), son of Samuel Hodge Booker. Their children:

1. Andrew Booker, b. 4/6/1889 Long Creek, IL, d. 4/6/1889 Long Creek, IL

2. Mable Mae Booker, b. 22/2/1893 Bentonville, AR, d. 2/9/1977

3. Chester Charles Booker, b. 22/2/1893 Bentonville, AR, d. 28/10/1970 Glendale, CA

4. Jacob A. Booker, b. Feb. 1896 Bentonville, AR, d. bef. 1905 Kansas State Census

5. Samuel Luther Booker, b. 13/10/1899 Crawford Co., KS, d. 11/3/1966 KS. Marr. 14/8/1920 to Margaret Nutt in Columbus, KS, 1st Methodist Church, Rev. E. M. Daniels

On the 1900 Census, Margaret Ellen Booker, wife of Andrew J. Booker is listed as having had 8 children, but only four living. (For the descendants of the children of Margaret Ellen Booker and Andrew Jackson Booker, see Chapter IX – The James Booker Family.)

V. Lavicia Booker b. 17/11/1863 Carlisle, IN, d., Lavicia married a man named Williams. Only record of children of Lavicia at the time of Sarah’s letter, was that a son named Charles Williams was killed 25 November 1925 in Dallas, TX. (In the letter mentioned, there is a reference to Mrs. Addie Love – living in Galveston, TX. which may refer to Lavicia.)

Jacob Nelson Booker remarried 17 February 1865 to Martha Ann Grizzle, widow of William A. Grizzle – killed in the Civil War. Martha’s maiden name was Taylor. She had a son, John W. Grizzle, from her previous marriage to William Grizzle. Based on the 1880 Census of Harrison Co., Missouri, and the 1900 Census of Montgomery Co., Kansas, Jacob and Martha Ann had three children:

Charles Jarrett Booker b. Jan. 1866 Carlisle, IN, d.

Benjamin A. Booker b. 1866/67, d.

Martha Elizabeth Booker b. 1873, d.

On the 1895 Census of Kansas, Jacob N. Booker, and his wife, Martha Ann, are found living in McCune, Kansas. The only children listed is their eldest son, Charles, and his wife, Minnie, and their one grandson, Archie. The Kansas Census’ held between the Federal Census’ are very helpful in that they not only give the location on the family, but also give the previous state or territory the family had lived in. Jacob, Martha, and Charles are listed as having lived in Arkansas prior to moving to Kansas.

Charles J. Booker’s son, Archie, is listed as five months old, born in Kansas. On the 1900 Census of Cherryvale Township, Montgomery Co., Kansas, Jacob Nelson Booker and his wife, Martha, are listed living with their eldest son, Charles J. Booker and his wife, Minnie J. Martha Ann, Jacob’s wife, lists that she has had four children, only two living.

On the 1900 Census mentioned above, Charles J. Booker, railroad laborer, is listed with his wife, Minnie, married seven years, Minnie, born January 1868 in Minnesota, lists her father born in Ohio, and mother in Scotland. Minnie lists she has had three children, only one living. Clara E. Booker is listed, born October 1899, age seven months. On the 1910 Census Charles J. Booker and Minnie are listed with their four children as follows:

Clara Booker b. Oct. 1899

Grace Booker b. 5/1/1903 Montgomery Co., KS., d. 27/9/1963 Los Angeles, CA.

Effie Booker b. 1906

May Booker b. 1909

Sarah Jane (Booker) McCart further stated in her letter, “My half-brother’s wife [Minnie], Mrs. Charlie Booker, died on Declaration Day (which would have been 30 May 1925), and left four children.” I do not know at this time the dates of death of Jacob N. Booker and Martha Ann Taylor/Grizzle/Booker, but they are not listed on the 1910 Census of Kansas.

I found that Martha E. Booker, daughter of Jacob N. Booker and Martha Taylor/Grizzle/Booker, married 11 March 1891 to Dalma L. Headley of McCune, Crawford County, Kansas. In the 1943 obituary of Mary Delilah Grizzle Booker, Martha Booker Headley is mentioned as a sister living in Cherryvale, Kansas. (See Chapter VIII)

I found Dalma and Martha Headley on the 1900 Census living in the city of Cherryvale, Kansas.

Headley, D. L. born October 1865 in Ohio; Married Nine years; Father born in Ohio, and Mother born in Scotland; occupation day laborer

Headley, M. E. born November 1872 in Indiana; Father born in Indiana, and Mother born in Indiana; Married Nine years; gave birth to four children, four living.

Headley, E. C., daughter, born April 1892 in Kansas, at school

Headley, Chas. L., son, born Nov. 1893 in KS

Headley, Wm. L., son, born Jan. 1896 in KS

Headley, Mary M., daughter born April 1899 in KS

On the 1910 Census of Cherryvale City, Kansas, dated 28 April 1910: Headley, D. S. age 44, b. Ohio, Father b. Ohio, Mother b. Scotland, Occupation Nietal drawer at Smelton

Headley, Lizzie, age 37, b. Indiana, Father b. Indiana, Mother b., Indiana, seven children, six living.

Headley, Emily C., age 18, b. KS

Headley, Charles L., age 18, b. KS

Headley, William L., age 13, b. KS

Headley, Mary M., age 11, b. KS

Headley, Harry, age 8, b. KS

Headley, Maggie, age 4, b. KS

George W. Booker

George W. Booker, last son of William Jarrett Booker and wife, Elizabeth, was born 8 May 1841. George married Mary Jane Cox (born 18 February 1844) on 28 August 1865 in Sullivan County, Indiana. George and Mary had five children:

John H. Booker b. 1/9/1866 Sullivan Co., IN, d.

Rebecca E. Booker b. 11/12/1868 Sullivan Co., IN, d.

Harriet A. Booker b. 27/12/1871 Sullivan Co., IN, d., Married Jason L. Wall on 9/10/1890 in Sullivan Co., IN

William A. Booker b. Jan. 1875 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 29/9/1876 Sullivan Co., IN. Buried Hackett Cem., Haddon Twp., Sullivan Co.

James Franklin Booker b. 7/9/1876 Sullivan Co., IN, d., Married 2/3/1904 in Sullivan Co., IN to Samantha Carrico. James is listed on the 1900 Census of Jefferson Twp., Sullivan Co., living with Lon Wall his brother-in-law. He is listed under his middle name “Frank.” James is not found on the 1910 Census of Sullivan Co., Indiana.

George W. Booker enlisted in the U.S. Army for three years during the Civil War on the 18th of January 1862. During the war George was a member of Company C, Fifty Ninth Regiment, Indiana Volunteers, Infantry. His military records state he was born in Carlisle, Sullivan Co., Indiana, twenty years of age, 5′ 10 and 1/2 inches high, light complexion, gray eyes, light hair, and occupation farmer. Private George W. Booker received a certificate of disability for discharge on the 13 of January 1863 at Jackson, Tennessee. He returned then to Carlisle, Indiana. George W. Booker died 7 December 1879 in Sullivan County, and was buried in Hackett Cemetery in Haddon Township. Mary Jane Cox Booker remarried to Wingrove Bennett and later after Wingrove’s death on December 18, 1910, received a pension based on George W. Booker’s military service. Mary J. Cox Booker Bennett died 26 May 1919.

Nancy Booker

Nancy Booker, daughter of Jacob and Elizabeth Booker, is believed to have married Lee Milam, son of Stephen Milam. But I have no proof. Found on the 1870 Census of Greene Co., Indiana, Stafford Twp., there is listed a widow, Nancy Milam, age 57, born in Kentucky. Perhaps this is Nancy, daughter of Jacob Booker. Living with this Nancy on the 1870 Census is a daughter, Mary S., age 15, born in Indiana, and a son, Abraham, age 9, also born in Indiana. Also, listed in Nancy’s household, is John T. Owen, age 30, and his wife, Mary Ann, age 26, born in Indiana. More research needs to be done on this family.

The Levicy Booker and James M. Gobin Family

Levicy Booker married James M. Gobin in 1834 in Sullivan Co., Indiana. She and James had three children:

I. William T. Gobin b. Nov. 1834 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 25/6/1853 Sullivan Co., IN. Buried Engle Cem.

II. John L. Gobin b. 1836 Sullivan Co., IN, d., Druggist. (On the 1870 Census Sull. Co., IN). Married 29/12/1857 in Sull. Co., IN to Margaret J. Hall. Children on 1870 Census:

1. Rufus D. Gobin, b. 1859

2. James M. Gobin, b. 1863

3. Perlina B. Gobin, b. 1867

4. French Gobin, b. 1869

III. Paulina J. Gobin b. 5/1/1838 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 30/1/1903 Carlisle, Sullivan Co., IN. Married Tilford Alumbaugh in Sullivan Co.,IN on 11/9/1856. Three children:

1. Libbie G. Alumbaugh

2. James F. Alumbaugh b. 10/9/1857, Haddon Twp. Sullivan Co., IN

3. William H. Alumbaugh – died in infancy

The above information was given to me by Mrs. Donna Alumbaugh from her book, Allumbaugh – Alumbaugh Family, 1740 to 1981.

The Levina Booker and John R. Davidson Family

Levina Booker, last child of Jacob and Elizabeth Booker, was born sometime between 1814 and 1820. According to Knox County, Indiana marriage records, Levina Booker married John R. Davidson (brother of Elizabeth Davidson) on 27 August 1836. This marriage date does not fit with the 1850 Census, Haddon Twp., Dist. #106, 103/105. From Sullivan County Census’ and Records, John R. Davidson and Levina Booker’s children are as follows:

Mary Davidson b. 1832 Sullivan Co., IN, d.

John Davidson b. 1833 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 1833

infant dau. b. & d. 21/6/1835 Sullivan Co., IN

Eliza Davidson b. 1836 Sullivan Co., IN, d.

George W. Davidson b. 1838 Sullivan Co., IN, d.

John P. Davidson b. 1840 Sullivan Co., IN, d.

Francis Marion Davidson b. Aug. 1841 Carlisle, IN, d. 6/2/1890 Carlisle, IN

William J. Davidson b. 1845 Sullivan Co., IN, d.

Elizabeth P. Davidson b. 1849 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 16/6/1880 Sullivan Co., IN

John R. Davidson, son of George Davidson, was born in Jessamine Co., Kentucky in November 1807 and died 16 September 1851 in Sullivan County, Indiana. He was buried in the Hackett Cemetery in Haddon Township. Levina was living in 1860 (see 1860 Census – Sullivan Co., Haddon Twp., page 32, line 33, household 226/226, post office Carlisle, dated 15 June 1860). Note that John R. Davidson was the brother of Elizabeth Davidson who married James Baxter Booker.

From Jane Wiley of Hebur Spring, Arkansas, I received the following information on the John R. Davidson and Levina Booker family, most of which can be found in Sullivan Co., Indiana probate records. The probate record is dated 26 February 1917. Mary, the oldest, child of John R. Davidson and Levina Booker, married a cousin, Daniel Davidson, Jr. on 13 January 1853 in Carlisle, Indiana.


The 1860 Census of Sullivan County, Haddon Twp., page 36, dated 18 June, shows them with the following children:

Laura J. Davidson b. 1853 Carlisle, IN, d.

Nora Davidson b. 1855 Carlisle, IN, d.

Mary E. Davidson b. 1857 Carlisle, IN, d.

Hellen T. Davidson b. 1857 Carlisle, IN

Elizabeth Davidson b. Dec. 1859 Carlisle, IN

Listed on the same page as the Daniel Davidson family on the same census is Harvey S. Weller and his wife, Eliza Davidson, also daughter of John R. Davidson and Levina Booker. Harvey married Eliza in Carlisle on 22 July 1854. Their children were as follows:

Samuel M. Weller b. 1855 Carlisle, IN, d.

John F. Weller b. 1857 Carlisle, IN, d.

George H. Weller b. 1859 Carlisle, IN, d.

Mary M. Weller b., d., Marr. to ? Green

Francis M. Davidson married twice. The name of his first wife was Mary W. ?, and from her he had the following children:

I. Percy Davidson b., d., Not on 1870 Census in Sull. Co., IN

II. Francis Davidson b. 1862 Sullivan Co., IN, d.

III. Edward Davidson b., d.. Living in California as of Feb. 1917

IV. Elizabeth Davidson b. 1866/67 Sullivan Co., IN, d. on 1870 Census Sull. Co., IN,

V. Noah Davidson b. 1866/67, d. on 1870 Census Sull. Co., IN

VI. Anna Davidson b. 1869 Sullivan Co., IN, d., Marr. Otto South. Two children:

1. Fred South, Marr. Pearl ?. Two children:

i. Kenneth South

ii. Francis South

2. Elsie South

Francis M. Davidson married his second wife, Hester Jane Figg, in Carlisle, Indiana on 2 December 1874. From his second marriage, Francis and Hester had the following children:

I. Roll Davidson b., d. 1905 Carlisle, IN, Never married

II. Charles T. Davidson b., d., Resident of Sullivan, IN in 1917

III. Stella Davidson b. 3/7/1878 Carlisle, IN, d. 27/12/1938 Indianapolis, IN. Marr. 6/9/1899 to Clarence Christian Frederich in Sull. Co., IN. Liv. Indianapolis, IN in 1917. At least one child:

1. Evelyn Marguerite Frederich, b. 12/8/1915 Bicknell (Knox Co.), IN. Liv. Kirnville, CA in Nov. 1986

IV. Nelle Davidson b., d., Marr. Omer Hammond. Resident of Sullivan, IN in 1917

V. May Davidson b., d., Marr. Charles Dufriend. Resident of Sullivan, IN in 1917

The Bucher/Booker Family, 1686-1990 © 1990 Charles Lee Booker Jr.


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