The Bucher/Booker Family, 1686-1990: Chapter VI, Part 1


The Isaac Booker and Betsy Padgett Family

(Son of David Booker and Theodosha Smith)

Isaac Booker, nicknamed “Ike” according to the notes of Catherine Booker Greene, was the third son of David Booker and Theodosha Smith. Isaac was born 26 February 1800 presumably in Harrison County, Kentucky, and died between August and December 1863 in Sullivan County, Indiana. In Sullivan County, Indiana Order Book #2, August 1863, Simpson Purcell Estate vs. Isaac Booker Administrator, Isaac declares assets for Elizabeth Purcell (Isaac’s daughter) and heirs. Then in the same book, during the December Term 1863, the court writes that Isaac Booker is deceased, and appoints Phillip Pirtle as Administrator of Simpson Purcell’s estate.

Isaac is listed by age under his father, David Booker, on the 1810 Census of Jefferson County, Kentucky – 10 to 16 years old. On the 1820 Census of Sullivan Co., Indiana, page 117, Isaac is listed with his wife, Elizabeth (Betsy) Padgett. (Also on the same page is Isaac’s cousin, John A. Booker). Isaac and Betsy are both annotated as being between the ages of 16 and 26. Most likely Isaac and Betsy were married that same year.

According to William Raymond Booker, Sr., a descendant of both Isaac Booker and brother, George W. Booker, Betsy was the daughter of Henry Padgett and wife, Rachael. Also, Betsy was the sister of Mary (Polly) Padgett who married George W. Booker, Isaac’s older brother. Mary Jane Moon, another descendant of Isaac Booker, writes that Betsy Padgett was born 1 January 1799 in Kentucky and died 23 March 1887 in Sullivan Co., Indiana.Although his two older brothers George and Jacob are listed on the 1830 Census of Sullivan Co., Indiana, Isaac for some unknown reason is not. This does not mean that Isaac Booker was not living in Sullivan County at the time. In fact, his first six children were born there in Carlisle, Indiana between 1821 and 1829. Isaac is found on the 1840 Census of Sullivan County, Indiana in Carlisle on page 91 along with his brothers, Abraham and Phillip. His oldest and youngest brothers, George and James, are on page 111, and his brother, Jacob, is on page 117. Isaac bought 40 acres of land T 6 N R 8 W Section 9 NE NE on 4 October 1838, not far from his brothers.

From several sources I have found that Isaac and Betsy had thirteen children. My first source of information came from Marjorie Booker Harwood, who sent me handwritten notes composed by her father, William Raymond Booker, Sr. In detail William lists the family embers of George W. Booker (Chapter IV) and Isaac Booker. Mary Jane Moon, great-great-grandaughter of Isaac Booker, sent me information containing birth and death records of Isaac Booker’s children. Finally, from Harold W. Johnson of Sullivan County, Indiana, I received a deed which includes not only most of the children of Isaac and Elizabeth (Betsy) Booker, but their spouses as well. Dated 3 September 1864, this deed is found in the Sullivan County Clerk’s office in Book #21, pages 163, and 164, “Elizabeth Booker et al to Joseph W. Wolfe, part of Out Lot 16, T6N, R8W.”

“This indenture witnesseth that we, Elizabeth Booker, Benjamin Plew, America Plew, William A. Plew, Sophia Plew, Ruel Booker, Lovina Booker, Washington Booker, Mary Ann Booker, Jasper N. Bennett, James Mayfield, Rhoda Mayfield, Elizabeth Purcell, Mary Purcell of Sullivan County, in the State of Indiana convey and warrant to Joseph W. Wolfe of Sullivan County in the State of Indiana for the sum of Seventy five dollars the following Real Estate in Sullivan County….”

Here are the children of Isaac Booker and Elizabeth Padgett:

Elie Booker b. 14/2/1821 Carlisle, IN, d. Unknown

Washington Booker b. 20/5/1822 Carlisle, IN, d. 5/1/1881 Pleasantville, IN

Elizabeth Booker b. 20/8/1825 Carlisle, IN, d.

Mary (Polly) Booker b. 20/8/1825 Carlisle, IN, d.

Edward Wilkes Booker b. 9/3/1827 Carlisle, IN, d. 8/3/1910 Carlisle, IN

America Booker b. 15/6/1829 Carlisle, IN, d. July 1899 Carlisle, IN. Bur. Coffman cemetery

Ruel Booker b. 1830/31 Carlisle, IN, d. 26/4/1865 Decatur, Alabama

Rhoda Booker b. 25/6/1831/32 Carlisle, IN, d.

Mahala Booker b. 8/5/1835 Carlisle, IN, d.

Lewis Marion Booker b. 1/4/1836/37 Carlisle, IN, d. 17/2/1920 Pleasantville, IN

Joannah Sophia Booker b. 27/4/1839 Carlisle, IN, d.

William Booker b. 23/3/1840 Carlisle, IN, d.

Elvira Booker b. 2/7/1842/45 Carlisle, IN, d.

The first child of Isaac Booker, Elie, is presumed to have died during her childhood. I have found no information on her, and she is not found on any census.

Isaac Booker and Betsy Padgett, Sullivan Co., IN

Elie Booker

Washington Booker,

Children: Sarah Jane Booker, Joshua A. Booker, Christia A. Booker, & Barthena Booker

Elizabeth Booker

Children: Elizabeth Purcell, Noama Purcell, George Purcell, Daniel Purcell, & Susan Purcell

Mary (Polly) Booker (twin to Elizabeth)

Children: William F. Purcell, George Purcell, Elizabeth Purcell, Ruel Purcell & James Purcell

Edward Wilks Booker

Children: Henry H. Booker, Elizabeth Booker, Isaac Booker, Caroline Booker, Sampson Booker, Nancy Booker, Jacob R. Booker, Sarah Ellen Booker, Mary A. Booker & Samaria Jane Booker

America Booker

Children: Edward Plew, Mary Ann Plew, James Plew, Francis M. Plew, Perry Benj. Plew, & Chas. M. Plew

Ruel Booker

Children: Maria E. Booker, Martha A. Booker, John T. Booker, Florence J. Booker, & Alfred P. Booker

Rhoda Booker

Children: Rosina Mayfield, Marshall S. Mayfield, Sarah E. Mayfield, Marvel A. Mayfield, Miranda C. Mayfield, & John W. Mayfield

Mahala Booker, no children

Lewis Marion Booker

Children: Laura Booker, Burlin Sylvester Booker, Lewis M. Booker, Jr., Daniel Booker, Charles M. Booker, Alice Booker, Minnie Booker, Elmer Roscoe Booker, Homer Booker, Sarah Booker, William Booker & Naomi Maude Booker

Joannah S. Booker

Children: Thomas M. Plew, Permelia Plew, Margaret Plew, James T. Plew, & Lucinda C. Plew

William Booker, no children

Eliza Alvira Booker

Isaac Bennett

Mary Bennett \ “twins”

Elizabeth Bennett /

Hallie M. Booker b. 1880 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 15/12/1889 Sull. Co., IN. Bur. Pleasantville Cemetery

From the Sullivan Democrat, Friday, 9 November 1888: -Pleasantville- Sometime ago Mr. J. A. Booker was driving nails and met with an accident that cost him the sight of his right eye. A nail head became detached, entered the eye and completely destroyed that useful organ of vision. We feel truly sorry for Josh as he is one of our most energetic young men of business turn and qualifications.


The Washington Booker and Lucinda Caroline Moody Family

Washington Booker, Isaac and Betsy’s second child, married Lucinda Caroline Moody in Sullivan Co., Indiana, date unknown. Caroline died 9 February 1902, and engraved on her gravestone is “72y 1m 23d.” The 1860 Census of Indiana gives her birthplace as Indiana, age 34. Washington was first a farmer and later a storeowner. He and Caroline are both buried in the Pleasantville Methodist Cemetery, Jefferson Twp., in Sullivan County. They had four children:

Sarah Jane Booker b. Jan. 1850 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 18/7/1851 Sullivan Co., IN. Bur. Pleasantville Cemetery

Joshua A. Booker b. 22/2/1852 Pleasantville, IN, d. 5/11/1921 Sullivan Co., IN. Bur. Pleasantville Methodist Cemetery

Christia A. Booker b. 1853 Pleasantville, IN, d. 1940 Sullivan Co., IN. Marr. 13/9/1895 to Ambrose Corbin in Sullivan Co., IN; Ambrose 1860 – 1941. Both bur. Pleasantville Cemetery

Barthena Booker b. 1856 Pleasantville, IN, d.. Marr. 13/11/1881 to Charles B. Dougherty in Sullivan Co., IN


Joshua A. Booker

Joshua A. Booker married Sarelda Enochs in Sullivan Co., Indiana on 30 May 1875. Sarelda was born 23 August 1855 and died 3 November 1946. Joshua and Sarelda had two children:

Maude D. Booker b. 8/1/1878 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 20/3/1931 Sull. Co., IN. Marr. 24/12/1900 to George E. Shepherd in Sullivan Co., IN. George b. 19/10/1877, d. 22/9/1960; both bur. Pleasantville Cemetery

The Elizabeth Booker and Simpson Purcell Family

Isaac’s and Betsy Booker’s third and fourth children were twins. The first twin, Elizabeth Booker, married Simpson Purcell prior to 1848 in Sullivan Co., Indiana. On the 1860 Census of Indiana in Jefferson Twp., Sullivan County, page 87, Elizabeth Booker Purcell is found living without her husband, but with her four children. She is listed just above her father and mother on the same page – her household number 590, and her father’s 591. Here are the children of Elizabeth Booker and Simpson Purcell.

Elizabeth Purcell b. 1848 Sullivan Co., IN, d.

Noama Purcell b. 12/5/1852 Sull. Co., IN, d. 16/7/1930 Sull. Co., IN

George Purcell b. 1853 Sullivan Co., IN, d.

Daniel Purcell b. 1855 Sullivan Co., IN, d.

Susan Purcell b. 1858 Sullivan Co., IN, d.

The Noama Purcell and Asher Bedwell Family

The following information was given to me by Mrs. Donna Lea Bell, a descendant of Noama Purcell.

Noama Purcell, daughter of Elizabeth Booker and Simpson Purcell, married Asher Bedwell on 1 April 1870 in Sullivan Co., Indiana. Asher was born 19 June 1848 in Sullivan County and died 17 November 1921. Asher was the son of Robert Bedwell and Phoebe Enoch. Both Asher and Noama were buried in the Mt. Moriah Cemetery in Sullivan County. Their children are as follows:

I. Thomas M. Bedwell b. 21/2/1871 Sullivan Co., IN, d.. Marr. 16/11/1892 to Viola C. Purcell in Greene Co., IN

II. Phoebe Ann Bedwell b. 20/2/1875 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 2/10/1952 Cook Co., IL. Marr. 26/11/1892 to Jesse Thomas Brown in Sullivan Co., IN

III. Elizabeth Sarah Bedwell b. 21/6/1877 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 1954. Marr. 29/11/1900 to William H. Benefield in Sullivan Co., IN

IV. Daniel Bedwell b. 10/12/1879 Sullivan Co., IN, b.15/11/1957. Marr. 29/10/1904 to Rosa Goodman in Sullivan Co., IN

V. Charles Bedwell b. 6/2/1882 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 1945. Marr. 25/4/1903 to Anna Membrick in Sullivan Co., IN

VI. Salena Phoebe Bedwell b. 27/4/1884 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 1/1/1977 Sullivan Co., IN. Marr. 12/3/1907 to Hinkle J. Cox in Sullivan Co., IN (Hinkle 1886-1958) . Three children:

1. Archie Cox, Marr. Vivian Hutchinson. One daughter:

i. Brenda J. Cox, Marr. 20/8/1967 to Allan M. Smith. One son:

a. Noel Lynn Smith. b. 12/7/1970

2. Gale Cox. Marr. Jay Smith

3. Sheryl Ann Cox

VII. William Thomas Bedwell b. 5/10/1886 Sullivan Co., IN. d. 9/1/1955. Marr. 19/2/1908 to Nellie Robinson in Sullivan Co., IN

VIII. Phoebe Ann Bedwell married Jesse Thomas Brown on 26 November 1892 in Sullivan Co., Indiana. Jesse, born 18 December 1871 in Sullivan County, was the son of Edward Brown and Mary Ann Buck. Jesse died 20 December 1945 in Cook Co., Illinois, but both he and Phoebe are buried in the Pleasantville Cemetery in Sullivan Co., Indiana. Phoebe and Jesse Brown had nine children:

1. Lessa Ival Brown b. 25/9/1893 Sullivan Co., IN d. 28/10/1945 Sullivan Co., IN. Marr. 2/4/1910 to Burrel Y. Jackson in Sullivan Co., IN

2. Mabel Brown b. 10/3/1896 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 6/3/1973 Knox Co., IN. Marr. 1/9/1914 to John Reel in Sullivan Co., IN

3. Jesse James Brown b. 8/8/1897 Greene Co., IN, d. 14/12/1971 Marion Co., IN. Marr. 12/9/1917 to Lenore Lynn in Sullivan Co., IN

4. Hazel Brown b. 3/4/1901 Greene Co., IN. Marr. 24/10/1920 to Nelson Stockrahm in Greene Co., IN

5. Carrie Brown b. 23/10/1903 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 22/8/1978 Cook Co., IL. Marr. 9/4/1921 to Gerald Smith in Sullivan Co., IN

6. Herbert Brown b. 11/9/1906 Sullivan Co., IN. Marr. 6/12/1926 to Lillian Cooksey in Sullivan Co., IN

7. Violet Noama Brown b. 10/1/1910 Sullivan Co., IN. Marr. 3/9/1928 to Glen E. Hale in Sullivan Co., IN

8. Darrell Dwight Brown b. 23/11/1912 Sullivan Co., IN, d. April 1938 Cook Co., IL. Marr. Julia Pool

9. Pearl Brown b. 15/11/1915 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 24/11/1973 Cook Co., IL. Marr. 25/5/1935 to Guy O’Haver in Sullivan Co., IN

Herbert Brown, son of Jesse and Phoebe Brown, married Lillian Fern Cooksey who was born 25 November 1908 in Knox Co., Indiana and died 27 October 1942. Lillian was the daughter of Elmer Cooksey and Mary Elizabeth Stewart. Lillian was buried in the Pleasantville Cemetery in Sullivan County. From this marriage four children were born:

Chester Norman Brown b. 1/7/1927 Sullivan Co., IN. Marr. 2/6/1946 to Bonnie Page in Knox Co., IN

Donna Lea Brown b. 10/10/1929 Knox Co., IN. Marr. 1/8/1946 to David Bell in Paducah, KY

Tanis Rae Brown b. 18/7/1935 Knox Co., IN. Marr. 23/2/1954 to James Collins in Marion Co., IN

Rita Aileen Brown b. 1/12/1938 Knox Co., IN. Marr. 1/12/1956 to Richard Tribby in Knox Co., IN

After Lillian died in 1942, Herbert remarried to Nellie Hayes Alton. From this marriage Herbert and Nellie had one child:

Linda Sue Brown b. 26/3/1950 Knox Co., IN. Marr. 1/5/1969 to Dennis Evans in Knox Co., IN

Donna Lea Brown’s husband, David Bell, was born 11 November 1924 in Knox Co., Indiana. He is the son of Alexander Bell and Martha Davidson. Donna and he have four children:

David Bell, Jr. b. 9/8/1947 Lake Co., IN. Marr. 19/8/1972 to Deborah Stanley in Lake Co., IN

Diana Fern Bell b. 12/12/1948 Lake Co., IN. Marr. 17/6/1967 to William Carper in Lake Co., IN

Debra Kay Bell b. 22/6/1950 Lake Co., IN. Marr. 24/4/1970 to Timothy Pulsoni in Porter Co., IN

Danny Keith Bell b. 9/12/1956 Lake Co., IN. Marr. 7/6/1975 to Christina Schlitz in Lake Co., IN


I found Susan Purcell, age 12, living on the 1870 Census, Cass Township, Sullivan County, Indiana, dated 28 July, and residing with Daniel Case.

The Mary (Polly) Booker and John Purcell Family

Isaac Booker’s fourth child and twin to Elizabeth Booker, was Mary or Polly Booker. Mary married John Purcell, most likely brother to Simpson Purcell who had married Elizabeth Booker. Interestingly, Mary also is found living without her husband, but with all her children on the 1860 Census of Indiana in Jefferson Twp., Sullivan County. Mary is listed on page 84, just below her younger brother, Edward Wilks Booker, and just above her older brother, Washington Booker. The absence of both Elizabeth’s husband and Mary’s husband, leads me to believe, that these two brothers were deceased at the time of the Census. Here are the children listed on the 1860 Census under their mother, Mary Booker Purcell:

William F. Purcell b. 1848 Sullivan Co., IN, d.. Marr. 25/1/1866 to Martha J. Copple in Sullivan Co., IN

George Purcell b. 1850 Sullivan Co., IN, d.

Elizabeth Purcell b. 1851 Sullivan Co., IN, d.

Ruel Purcell b. 1853 Sullivan Co., IN, d.. Marr. 1/8/1875 to Annie Borders in Sullivan Co., IN

James Purcell b. 1858 Sullivan Co., IN, d.. Marr. 4/3/1877 to Sarah Borders in Sullivan Co., IN

Ruel Purcell, age 18, is found living on the 1870 Census, Haddon, Township, Sullivan County, Indiana, dated 28 July, and residing with John Hildebrand.

The Edward Wilks Booker and Mary A. Simpson Family

Edward Wilks Booker, was the fifth child of Isaac Booker and Betsy Padgett. Edward married Mary A. Simpson, daughter of John Simpson and Eleanor Cowden, on 13 February 1851 in Sullivan Co., Indiana. He was married by the Elder William McBride. Mary was born 21 March 1827, and died 30 October 1915. Both Edward and Mary are buried in the Booker Cemetery in Haddon Twp., Sullivan Co., Indiana.

Edward Wilks Booker was a farmer, but at the age of 38, he enlisted on 24 March 1865 in the U.S. Army. He served with Company K, 53d Infantry Regiment, Indiana Volunteers. On his way to Wilmington, North Carolina from New York City, he suffered exposure and contracted rheumatism in his back legs, and hips. While in Wilmington, on or about 25 April, 1865, he contracted a severe chronic case of diarrhea. Edward was discharged 21 July 1865 in Louisville, Kentucky, and his personal description was as follows: age 38 years; height 5 feet 8 inches; complexion fair; hair light; eyes gray.

Edward W. Booker declared for a soldier’s invalid pension in 1888, and in 1898 he filled out a questionnaire required by the Bureau of Pensions in which he gave the following the following information:

Question: Have you any children living? If so, please state their names and the dates of their birth.

Answer: 6, Henry Booker Aug. 28, 1853, Caroline Crawley Aug. 20, 1857, Sampson Booker May 29, 1859, Jacob Booker Apr. 25, 1863, Mary A. Booker May 1, 1867, Samara Jane Carrico Feb. 15, 1869.

Edward Wilks Booker and Mary A. Simpson had ten children:

Henry H. Booker b. 29/8/1852 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 23/10/1919 Sullivan Co., IN

Elizabeth Booker b. 24/12/1853 Sullivan Co., IN, d.. Marr. Crawley – 1st name unknown

Isaac Booker b. 20/9/185? Sullivan Co., IN, d. age 2 years (not on 1860 Census)

Caroline Booker b. 20/8/1857 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 5/8/1920 Sullivan Co., IN. Marr. 27/3/1879 to James M. Crawley in Sullivan Co., IN

Sampson Booker b. 29/5/1859 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 9/10/1938 Brazil, IN. Buried Rosedale, IN

Nancy Booker b. 8/3/1861 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 13/9/1896 Sullivan Co., IN. Marr. to Robert Smith. Robert Smith (b. 20/3/1866 d. 29/9/1926) son of John G. and Mary Ann (Posey) Smith. Both bur. Bethany Cemetery Sullivan Co., IN

Jacob R. Booker b. 25/4/1863 Sullivan Co., IN, d.27/6/1930 Sullivan Co., IN

Sarah Ellen Booker b. 29/5/1865 Sullivan Co., IN, d. in infancy

Mary A. Booker b. 1/3/1867 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 20/2/1946 Sullivan Co., IN

Samaria Jane Booker b. 15/2/1869 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 20/12/1936 Sullivan Co., IN

The Henry H. Booker and Mary Jane Carrico Family

Henry H. Booker married Mary Jane Carrico on 5 September 1875 in Sullivan Co., Indiana. Mary, born in 1852, was the daughter of Frank and Elizabeth (Walters) Carrico. Mary died 13 May 1893 at the age of 41 years old. Henry can be found on the 1900 Census living on Sylvan Dells Street in Hamilton Twp., Sullivan County, with four of his children, Matilda, Tilden, Lizzie and John. A cousin is listed as living with them – Anna Grizzle, age 16, born in Indiana May 1884. On the 1910 Census Henry B. or H. Booker is found living in Jefferson Twp., Sullivan County, living with his widowed mother, Mary A. Simpson Booker, age 77, and brother, Sampson Booker, age 52. Mary lists her birthplace as Indiana, her father’s birthplace as Ireland and mother’s birthplace as England. Before Henry Booker’s wife’s death in 1893, he and Mary had seven children:

I. Tilden Booker b. Oct. 1876 Sullivan Co., IN, d.. Marr. Margaret Alsman

II. Edward Wilks Booker b. Aug. 1877 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 1952 Sullivan Co., IN. Marr. (1) 19/1/1900 to Anna Orville, Marr. (2) Mattie Partlow, Marr. (3) Carolyn (Dollie) Smith. Three daughters (unknown to author)

III. Charles Booker b. 1880 Sullivan Co., IN (on 1880 Census), d. in infancy. Bur. Booker Cemetery

IV. Matilda Booker b. 12/4/1882 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 21/3/1956. Marr. William Harry Orville. No children

V. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Booker b. 20/2/1884 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 30/5/1970 Sullivan Co., IN

VI. William Frank (Dude) Booker b. 1886/89 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 1973 Sullivan Co., IN. Marr. 29/6/1911 to Anna Viola Smith in Crawford Co., IL; Anna (b. 1893 d. 1981), d/o Norman Smith and Deloncie Quick. Frank and Anna both buried in Center Ridge Cemetery, Sullivan Co., IN. One child:

1. Carl Francis Booker, b. 5/1/1912 Sullivan Co., IN. Living Sullivan Co., IN. Marr. 31/8/1934 to Dorothy Tribby (d/o Robert Cody Tribby [d. 1951] and Minnie Love [1880-1964]. Two children:

i. Sue Ann Booker, b. 19/2/1935 Sullivan, IN, Two marriages: (1) Marr. 6/6/1954 to John Axel Enstrom in Sullivan Co., IN. Three children:

a. John Antone Enstrom, b. 17/1/1959 Indianapolis, IN

b. Christopher Allen Enstrom, b. 19/10/1961 Indianapolis, IN. Marr. 30/9/1989 to Laurel White of Mooresville, IN

c. Carla Ann Enstrom, b. 20/6/1964 Indianapolis, IN

(2) Marr. 26/7/1975 to Scott McElfresh

ii. Carl Tribby Booker, b. 26/7/1937 Sullivan, IN. Three Marriages: (1) Marr. ?? to Billie ? of TX. One child:

a. Kimberly Kay Booker, b. 9/9/1965,

(2) Marr. ?? to Sue ?

(3) Marr. ?? to Margaret Peggy Priest

VII. John Booker b. 31/7/1892 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 22/10/1974 Sullivan Co., IN. Marr. (1) 7/7/1917 to Hazel Moon in Sullivan Co., IN; Hazel b. 1891 d. 1943. Hazel bur. in Center Ridge Cemetery. Marr. (2) Viola West?


The Elizabeth Booker and Roley Lee Moon Family

Elizabeth, daughter of Henry and Mary Jane Carrico, married Roley Lee Moon on 9 July 1904 in Sullivan Co., Indiana. Roley, born 19 April 1880 in Sullivan County, was the son of Jesse Moon and Melissa (Fannie) Burkhart. Roley Moon and Elizabeth Booker had seven children:

I. Harold Edward Moon b. 21/11/1904 Near Shelburn, IN, d. 22/2/1977 Sullivan, IN. Bur. Center Ridge Cemetery. Marr. 7/11/1937 to Berniece Purcell in Crawfordsville, IN; Berniece, d/o of Daniel Webster Purcell and Anna Brodie. No children

II. Lois Pauline Moon b. 19/7/1908 Near Shelburn, IN, d. 19/8/1975 Waukegan, IL. Bur. North Shore Garden Cemetery (Waukegan). Marr. 11/1/1932 to Paul DeWitt Ruckebeil in Waukegan, IL. Three children:

1. Paul Dewitt Ruckebeil, Jr., b. 5/6/1932 Waukegan, IL, d. 29/4/1979 Waukegan, IL. Bur. Nr. Shore Garden Cemetery. Marr. 30/9/1952 to Judith Marie Lundberg (b. 30/9/1934). Seven children:

i. Jill Marie Ruckebeil, b. 11/3/1953 Great Lakes Naval Base Hospital, IL. Marr. 14/2/1975 to Glen Olson

ii. Paul D. “Skip” Ruckebeil, b. 30/1/1956 Winthrop Harbor, IL, d. 27/5/1987 Cedar Rapids, IA. Bur. St. Joseph’s Cemetery, Cedar Rapids, IA). Marr. 25/9/1983 to Joyce Redding. One child:

a. Dana Ann Ruckebeil, b. 6/6/1985 Cedar Rapids, IA

iii. Rick Matthew Ruckebeil, b. 11/3/1958 Zion, IL. Marr. 5/6/1982 to Laura Lund. Two children:

a. Patricia Marie Ruckebeil, b. 10/1/1983

b. Matthew Paul Ruckebeil, b. 25/5/1985

iv. Mark Charles Ruckebeil, b. 4/12/1963 Winthrop, IL. Marr. 28/9/1985 to Sandy Molinder

v. Scott Lee Ruckebeil, b. 14/11/1965 Winthrop Harbor, IL

vi. Amy Elizabeth Ruckebeil, b. 5/9/1968 Winthrop Harbor, IL

vii. Mary Jane Ruckebeil, b. 5/8/1971 Winthrop Harbor, IL

2. Elizabeth Alvina Ruckebeil, b. 2/1/1934 Sullivan Co., IN. Marr. Aug. 1955 to James S. York. One child:

i. Brenda Lee York, b. 1/6/1956 Indianapolis, IN. Two marriages: (1) Marr. 12/10/1974 to Steven Gwin in Indianapolis, IN, (2) Marr. 12/2/1983 to Ronald L. Robertson. One child from 1st Marriage:

a. Dawn Michelle Gwin, b. 25/1/1976

3. Mary Jane Ruckebeil, b. 23/1/1937 Waukegan, IL. Marr. 29/9/1964 to Thomas Paul Koranda in Waukegan, IL (Thomas was adopted by Joseph Koranda and Margaret Glasser; his natural parents were Steve Jangecic and Caroline Vanderhoof). Four children:

i. Sharon Ann Koranda, b. 24/6/1965 Grand Rapids, MI

ii. Stephen Paul Koranda, b. 17/7/1968 Enid, OK

iii. Scot Alan Koranda, b. 17/10/1969 Imperial (Chase), NE

iv. Shane David Koranda, b. 13/4/1972 Friend, NE

III. Charles Hubert Moon b. 11/11/1910 Sullivan Co., IN, d. Jun. 1959 Seelyville, IN. Bur. Terre Haute, IN. Marr. Mary Rossi. Two adopted children:

1. Rebecca Charlene Moon

2. Catharine Moon

IV. Francis Eugene Moon b. 8/10/1912 Sullivan Co., IN, Two marriages: (1) Marr. to Urvona Burton, (2) Marr. 10/6/1950 to Billie Letha Kirby in Lakeview, GA; (Billie b. 5/8/1918 in Sparta, TN. One child:

1. Sherry Yvonne Moon, b. 12/2/1952 Somerset, KY. Marr. 21/10/1972 to Kerry Lane Hicks. Divorced

V. Orville Woodrow Moon b. 4/9/1916 Sullivan Co., IN. Marr. 9/12/1939 to June Miriam Cooper in Rockville, IN (June Cooper b. 16/6/1920 in Merom, IN). One child:

1. John Randall Moon, b. 27/12/1943 Sullivan Co., IN. Marr. 7/10/1972 to Susan Michelle Carr in Indianapolis, IN. Two children:

i. Randall Parker Moon, b. 27/1/1975 Indianapolis, IN

ii. James Michael Moon, b. 20/8/1978 Indianapolis, IN

VI. Samuel Madison Moon b. 11/11/1918 Sullivan, IN. Marr. 18/12/1952 to Maxine Marilynn Erickson in Reno, NV. Two children:

1. Steven Roley Moon, b. 27/1/1954 Huntington Park, CA. Marr. 11/10/1981 to Margaret Ann Whitman in Corpus Christi, TX. One child:

i. Stephanie Jill Moon, b. 17/9/1982 Corpus Christi, TX

2. Richard Glenn Moon, b. 31/12/1961 Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Marr. 16/7/1982 to Virginia Lynn Crisp in Tulsa, OK. One child:

i. Melinda Dawn Moon, b. 18/10/1986 Tulsa, OK

VII. Fannie Mary Jane Moon b. 28/11/1922 Sullivan, IN. Not married; liv. in Sullivan, IN


Sampson Booker

Most of the following information on the Sampson Booker family was given to me by Sampson’s eldest daughter, Mary Ethel (Booker) Decker, of Flat Rock, Illinois.

Sampson Booker, son of Edward Wilks Booker and Mary A. Simpson, married 22 January 1892 to Lucinda A. Smith in Sullivan Co., Indiana. Lucinda, daughter of Henry J. and Nancy J. Smith, died 8 August 1900 in Curry Township Sullivan County. There were no children by this marriage. Sampson Booker remarried to Elizabeth Smith on 6 April 1914 in Sullivan County. Elizabeth was born 23 July 1898. From this marriage there were three children:

I. Mary Ethel Booker b. 17/2/1915 Pleasantville, IN. Marr. Harry Franklin Decker (b.12/10/1908, d. 11/1/1987 Flat Rock, IL). Mary living in Flat Rock, IL. Seven children:

1. Harriet Irene Decker, b. 8/12/1939 Bruceville, IN, d. 9/3/1978 Vincennes, IN. Two marriages: (1) Marr. Billy Joe Brown 10/1/1962 (Billy Joe died June 1966). One child:

i. Randy Allen Brown, b. 10/12/1965. Child by ?? Parker:

ii. Deborah Lynn Parker, b. 25/9/1967

(2) Marr. 20/3/1970 to Dean Lesley Weger; Two children:

iii. Robert Eugene Weger, b. 12/1/1971

iv. Janet Marie Weger, b. 25/2/1978

2. Glen Franklin Decker, b. 17/11/1941 Vincennes, IN. Marr. 17/3/1962 to Doris Gawin. Five children:

i. Donald Wayne Decker, b. 9/4/1963

ii. Ronald Eugene Decker, b. 28/9/1964. Marr. 9/3/1985 to Elizabeth Emmons

iii. Richard LeRoy Decker, b. 26/6/1967

iv. Russell Allan Decker, b. 27/10/1973

v. Amy Sue Decker, b. 16/2/1978

3. Wayne Herbert Decker, b. 8/1/1946 Bruceville, IN. Marr. 11/6/1966 to Carol Hinderbrand. Two children:

i. Adam Lee Decker, b. 2/8/1967

ii. David Wayne Decker, b. 5/12/1970

4. Jack Lee Decker, b. 10/4/1948 Oaktown, IN, d. 30/7/1959 St. Louis, MO

5. James Edward Decker, b. 8/9/1949 Flat Rock, IL. Two marriages: (1) Marr. 9/3/1971 to Patirco Bell. One child:

i. Gregory Scott Decker. b. 24/6/1972

(2) Marr. 24/4/1980 to Linda Stewart

6. Linda Lou Decker, b. 29/12/1954 Flat Rock, IL, d. 29/12/1954 Flat Rock, IL

7. Cheryl Ann Decker, b. 26/4/1958 Lawrenceville, IL. Marr. 11/12/1980 to John Scott Hussey. Two children:

i. Jessica Marie Hussey, b. 15/5/1982

ii. Sarah Ann Hussey, b. 3/12/1984

II. May Ellen Booker (Changed her name to Mildred Iline Hensley), b. 6/11/1916 Flakeman, MO, d. 14/8/1986 Lawrenceville, IL. Marr. 11/12/1935 to Richard Eugene Walters. Three children:

1. Barbara Jean Walters, b. 3/12/1937, d. 9/2/1982 Lawrenceville, IL. Marr. 26/10/1961 to John Thomas Anderson in Lawrenceville, IL. Two children:

i. Joseph Eugene Anderson, b. 3/11/1962

ii. Mildred Lucille Anderson. 26/12/1966

2. Carolyn Kay Walters, b. 3/10/1944, Two marriages: (1) Marr. 25/1/1963 to Dick Berry. Three children:

i. Harold Eugene Berry, b. 26/4/1964

ii. Richard Lee Berry, b. 8/5/1965, d. 8/5/1965

iii. Edward Roy Berry, b. 30/12/1966

(2) Marr. 23/1/1978 to Melvin W. Crowell. Two children:

4. Mae Ellen Crowell, b. 27/6/1984

5. Raymond Richard Crowell, b. 31/1/1986

III. Edward Lesley Booker b. 12/10/1918 Flakeman, MO. Living Wichita, KS. No children

The Jacob R. Booker and Josephine Plummer Family

Most of the following information was given to me by Margaret Joan Booker Austin and Berneice Booker Carrico. Jacob R. Booker, youngest son Edward Wilks Booker and Mary A. Simpson, married Josephine Plummer on 23 December 1891. Josephine, born on 20 July 1873 in Marion Co., Indiana, was the daughter of Henry Newton Plummer (22 September 1849 – 23 August 1935) and Nancy Katherine Weaver (4 November 1850 – 16 September 1933). Jacob and Josephine are found on the 1900 Census with their family in Marion Co., Indiana, Franklin Twp. In 1910 they are found on the Census living in Haddon Twp., Sullivan Co., Indiana. Berneice Booker Carrico writes:

“We use to take Uncle Samp to visit Lizzie [Elizabeth Booker Moon] when he had finished visiting us. My Grandpa, Jake [Jacob R. Booker], used to go barefoot summer and winter, and he would take us (my sister and I) to hunt wild-flowers in the spring. He could walk among the briers just as tho’ he were wearing shoes. My Grandpa, Jake, had only one eye. I don’t know how that happened.”

Josephine died March 10, 1948 and she is buried next to Jacob in Bethany Cemetery, Sullivan County. Jacob and Josephine had five children:

I. Ervin Booker b. 11/10/1892 Sull. Co., IN, d. 1/3/1966. Marr. 12/9/1917 to Olga Parks in Sullivan Co., IN

II. Lillian M. Booker b. 17/9/1894 Morgan Co., IN, d. 24/12/1964. Marr. 25/2/1925 to Booth Bedwell in Crawford Co., IN

III. Earl Booker b. 20/12/1896 Morgan Co., IN, d. 28/6/1976 Long Beach, CA. Marr. 28/8/1918 to Allie Gadberry in Sullivan Co., IN

IV. Goldie Booker b. 20/1/1899, d. 19/3/1946 Sullivan Co., IN. Marr. 28/3/1921 to Clarence Alumbaugh. Buried Bethany Cemetery, Sullivan Co., IN. One child:

1. Doyle Wayne Alumbaugh, b. 23/9/1928, d. 18/2/1956. Bur. Dugger Cemetery, Sullivan Co., IN

V. Lloyd Eugene Booker b. 30/12/1904 Paxton, IN, d. 8/9/1970 Sullivan Co., IN. Marr. 19/5/1926 to Olive Moody in Crawford Co., IL

The Ervin Booker and Olga Jane Parks Family

Ervin Booker, oldest son of Jacob R. Booker and Josephine Plummer, married Olga Jane Parks on 12 September 1917 in Sullivan Co., Indiana. Olga was born 25 September 1899 and died 12 August 1946. Both Ervin and Olga are buried in Carlisle, Indiana in the Odd Fellows Cemetery. Ervin and Olga Booker had two children:

I. Gaynell Iris Booker b. 7/5/1920 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 17/3/1921 Sullivan Co., IN. Bur. Odd Fellows Cemetery

II. Geneva Booker b. 23/12/1921 Sullivan Co., IN (1) Marr. ? Wilson. Two children:

1. David Wilson

2. Nancy Wilson

(2) Marr. ? Hoover

Geneva has not been heard from since 1966

The Lillian M. Booker and Booth Bedwell Family

Lillian M. Booker married Booth Bedwell in Crawford Co., Illinois in 1925, and from this marriage two children were born:

I. Norma Jean Bedwell b. 22/6/1928. Marr. 14/6/194? to Donald Bowers. Four children:

1. Christine Rae Bowers, b. 15/10/1953

2. Jeffrey Earl Bowers, b. 9/6/1955. Marr. 27/11/1982 to Nancy Ruth Muris. One child:

i. Amy Elizabeth Bowers, b. 15/6/1985

3. Brenda Susan Bowers, b. 6/8/1959

4. Scott Everett Bowers, b. 13/4/1962

II. Norman Paul Bedwell b. 10/2/1931, d. 5/5/1978 Tacoma, WA. Bur. Fairbanks, Alaska. Marr. ? to Joan Ruth Blevens. Three children:

1. Elizabeth Ann Bedwell. Marr. ? July 1975 to Robert C. Strong

2. Brian Lee Bedwell. Marr. ? July 1977 to Cynthia June Russell. One child:

i. Christopher Robin Bedwell, b. 20/3/1985 Fairbanks, Alaska

3. Brent Allen Bedwell, Marr. ? Nov. 1983 to Sylvia Seeley. Liv. in Denver, CO. One child:

i. Tiffany (step-daughter)

The Earl Booker and Allie Gadberry Family

Earl Booker, third child of Jacob R. Booker and Josephine Plummer, and his wife, Allie Gadberry, are both buried in Forest Lawn Cemetery in Cypress, California. Allie was born in 12 August 1897 near New Lebanon, Sullivan Co., Indiana, and died 30 December 1977. Earl and Allie had two children:

I. Berneice Booker b. 21/3/1920 Sullivan Co., IN. Marr. 12/6/1938 to Max W. Carrico (born 25/10/1914). Two children:

1. Paul Richard Carrico, b. 18/5/1941 Sullivan Co., IN. Marr. 20/6/1962 to Sallie Kay Embrey in Virginia (Sallie b. 4/11/1946). Two children:

i. Kay Michele Carrico, b. 9/11/1962 Long Beach, CA. Marr. 22/5/1982 to Eugene Tapia (Eugene born 29/9/1958). Two children:

a. Anthony Max Tapia, b. 6/5/1984 Long Beach, CA

b. Daniel Edward Tapia, b. 13/4/1987 Long Beach, CA

ii. Richard William Carrico, b. 18/8/1965

2. Michael Stephen Carrico, b. 11/1/1948 Sullivan Co., IN. Marr. 7/9/1972 to Ellen Rebecca Rosenfeld in Long Beach, CA. Two children:

i. Melissa Louise Carrico, b. 19/11/1968 (child by mother’s 1st marriage)

ii. John Leslie Earl Carrico, b. 16/8/1973

II. Lois Evylin Booker b. 7/4/1922. Two marriages. (1) 13/1/1939 to Dennis Wilkey in Sullivan Co., IN, (2) 13/4/1963 to William H. Howell in Long Beach, CA. One child from 1st marriage:

1. Paula Le Ann Wilkey, b. 8/9/1939 Sullivan Co., IN. Marr. 26/11/1958 to James A. Flynn in Indiana. Three children:

i. Timothy Allen Flynn, b. 10/3/1959

ii. Karen Flynn, b. 23/4/1961

iii. Debbie Flynn, b. 24/8/1967

The Lloyd Eugene Booker and Olive Mary Moody Family

Fifth child of Jacob R. Booker and Josephine Plummer, was Lloyd Eugene Booker who married on 19 May 1926 in Sullivan County to Olive Mary Moody, grandaughter of Harrison Booker ( Harrison Booker was a grandson of George W. Booker – see Chapter IV). Lloyd and Olive Booker were buried in Odd Fellows Cemetery in Sullivan Co., Indiana. They had three children:

I. Coy Lee Booker b. 8/4/1928, d. 28/9/1983. Marr. ? Nov. 1947 to Mazie Ellen Owens. Two children:

1. Kimble Eugene Booker, b. 30/1/1951. Marr. ? to Linda Ann Garrett. Two children:

i. Megan Lynn Booker, b. 11/8/1979

ii. Jeremy Lee Booker, b. 23/8/1982

2. Ronald Lee Booker, b. 2/11/1954

II. Joan Margaret Booker b. 14/12/1929. Marr. 26/5/1949 to Robert James Austin – born 20/5/1928. Four children:

1. Robert James Austin, Jr., b. 17/10/1950. Marr. 13/4/1974 to Karen Gay Beder. One child:

i. Andrea Brooke Austin, b. 16/9/1975

2. Jane Ellen Austin, b. 3/2/1955. Marr. ? August 1972 to Dennis Lee Landry born 1/10/1953. Three children:

i. Kristopher James Landry, b. 14/3/1973

ii. Gregory Nelson Landry, b. 23/2/1977

iii. Drew Lee Landry, b. 6/5/1982

III. Doris Jean Booker b. 27/3/1940, Marr. 17/5/1958 to James Wilbur. Two children:

1. Kelly Kay Wilbur, b. 19/1/1962

2. Erica Ann Wilbur, b. 30/10/1972

The Mary A. Booker and Lewis M. Booker, Jr. Family

Ninth child of Edward Wilks Booker (son of Isaac Booker and Betsy Padgett) and Mary A. Simpson, was Mary A. Booker. She married her first cousin, Lewis M. Booker (Jr.). Lewis M. Booker, Sr. was a younger brother of Edward Wilks Booker. Mary A. Booker and Lewis M. Booker (Jr.) were both buried in the Sullivan Cemetery. They had three children:

Floyd Clifford Booker b. ? May 1895 Sullivan Co., IN, d.. Last heard from Chicago, IL

Dorothy Catherine Booker b. ? Nov. 1899 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 1924. Bur. Sullivan Cemetery

Paul Booker b. 1911 Sullivan Co., IN, d.

The Samaria Jane Booker and Maxwell Carrico Family

Tenth child of Edward Wilks Booker and Mary A. Simpson, was Samaria Jane Booker. She married Maxwell Carrico, son of Joseph Carrico and Jane Purcell on 7 August 1893 in Sullivan County, Indiana. She and Max had four children:

I. Glessie Carrico b. 4/8/1896 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 13/8/1989 Vincennes, IN. Bur. Christian Cemetery in Freelandville, IN. Obit. states 4 G-children, 6 Great-Grand-children. Marr. Amelia Held (d. 10/5/1987)). Four children:

1. Maxwell Carrico. Marr. ?. Two children:

i. Paul Edward Carrico

ii. Rita Carrico

2. unknown daughter

3. Lois Carrico. Marr. ? Wampler

4. Ruth Carrico. Marr. Wampler. Two children:

i. Kim Wampler

ii. Bonnie Wampler. Marr. Bruce Brown

II. son Carrico b.

III. son Carrico b.

IV. Josie Carrico b., Living in Vincennes, IN. Marr. Lloyd Hill

The Bucher/Booker Family, 1686-1990 © 1990 Charles Lee Booker Jr.


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