The Bucher/Booker Family, 1686-1990: Chapter VII


The Abraham Booker and Rachael Eads Family

(Son of David Booker and Theodosha Smith)

Abraham Booker was born 29 August 1805 in Kentucky, most likely in Jefferson County. His father, David Booker, is on the Jefferson County, Kentucky tax list dated September 2, 1805, residing on 47 acres near Floyd’s Fork. At the time of Abraham Booker’s death on 10 January 1892 in Newton, Illinois, his obituary states his birthplace as West Virginia. In each Census from 1850 through 1880, Abraham listed his birthplace as Kentucky, not West Virginia. It is more likely that when his family asked him where he and the Bookers came from, he answered from Western Virginia.

As stated in Chapter I, his father and mother, David and Dosha, were married in 1791 in what was then Shenandoah County, Virginia. Abraham Booker’s obituary was found in “The Newton Press“, dated 13 January 1892, page 5, fourth column: “Abraham Booker died at his residence in Newton Sunday, January 10, 1892 at 3 A.M., aged 86 years, 4 months and 11 days. Deceased was born in Virginia [incorrect] August 29, 1805; moved to Kentucky when quite young and from there to Indiana in 1818; in 1829 he was married to Miss Rachel Eeds [sic] who survives him. To this union eleven children were born, five of whom are living, two sons, Howell and Carroll, and three daughters, Mrs. T. [Thomas] G. Gambill, Mrs. Jennie [Rachael Jane] O’Neal, and Mrs. Sarah Willard. In 1882 he came to Jasper County and has resided here since. He and his wife have been members of the Christian (Disciples) Church for more than 60 years. Mr. Booker was a man of wonderful vitality, strong in mind, of generous impulses, and gathered around him and the family circle hosts of friends. For more than three score years himself and wife have been traveling along life’s journey together, exemplifying in their own actions the beauties of religion and teaching by their own conduct the moral precepts that fit the human soul for a home beyond the grave.”


As mentioned in the obituary above, Abraham Booker married Rachael Jane Eads in 1829 in Carlisle, Indiana. Rachael, born in Kentucky on 15 November 1811, was the daughter of Howell Eads (born in Virginia) and Jane McClanahan (born in Tennessee). (Every Census lists Rachael born in Kentucky except 1880 which lists her born in Indiana.) Rachael’s obituary from “The Newton Press“, dated 12 August 1896, front page, 5th column, is as follows:


 “Death of Grandma – Booker

Rachael Eeds [sic] was born in Kentucky, November 15, 1811; moved to Indiana at an early age and was married to Abraham Booker in 1829. They lived happily together for 63 years, his death occurring Jan. 10, 1892.

>From a file of the PRESS we take the following: To this union...[see obit. above]...Mrs. Booker has resided with her son, Dr. Carroll Booker, in the southwest part of this city since the demise of her husband. Sunday morning she arose and prepared breakfast. In the afternoon she became ill and in the evening, about 6:30, passed quietly away. Deceased was a good woman. She was loved and respected by all who knew her. Like her husband she bore her age remarkably well. Monday afternoon services were held at the family residence, Rev. Geo. T. Smith, in charge, after which the remains were laid to rest in the Newton Cemetery. We extend to the relatives the sympathy of the community.”


Abraham’s first land purchase was recorded in the Vincennes Tract Records book on 26 March 1836. Abraham bought 116.65 acres at T 6 N R 8 W, Section 3 West 1/2 Northwest in Haddon Township (now Jefferson Township). Abraham’s last land transaction in Sullivan Co., Indiana was dated 21 August 1863. Although Abraham, his wife, Rachael, and son, Carroll are on the Jefferson Twp., Sullivan Co., Indiana 1880 Census, the earliest record of Abraham Booker in Jasper County, Illinois is recorded 17 February 1880 in the Grantee/Grantor Index, Book 13, page 631. The Grantor is William C. Parks. The property is located at Northwest 4, Northeast 4, Northeast 4, Section 10, Township 7, Range 14. Abraham Booker and Rachael Eads had ten children, but only six survived to adulthood. Their first son, William O. Booker, died from disease during the last month of the Civil War. Here are the children of Abraham Booker and Rachael Eads, Sullivan Co., IN to Jasper Co., IL c.1881

Rachael Jane Booker b. 12/8/1830 Carlisle, IN, d. 6/5/1912 Vincennes, IN.

Children: Rachael Wolfe, George Wolfe, Rebecca Wolfe, Marcus Lafayette Wolfe, Calvin S. Wolfe, Keziah Wolfe, & Sarah Wolfe.

William O. Booker b. 1832 Carlisle, IN, d. 3/5/1865 at sea, Buried Beaufort, NC

Children: Martin Luther Booker, William H. Booker

Keziah Booker b. 1836 Carlisle, IN, d. before 1860

David E. Booker b. 1838 Carlisle, IN, d. before 1860 Carlisle, IN

Howell Leland Booker b. 29/1/1840 Carlisle, IN, d. 9/5/1906 Newton, IL

Children: Thirzah M. Booker, William C. Booker, & John Wesley Booker

Catherine Booker b. 1842 Carlisle, IN, d. living in 1891

Children: Rachael J. Gamble, William C. Gamble, Elizabeth Gamble, & Joseph F. Gamble

Sarah Ann Booker b. 1845 Carlisle, IN, d. 1898 St. Francisville, IL?

Children: ?

John Thomas Booker b. 1847 Carlisle, IN, d. age 12 on 1860 Census

James Booker b. May 1850 Carlisle, IN, d. before 1860 Carlisle, IN

Carroll C. Booker b. 3/3/1852 Linton, IN, d. 18/11/1939 Newton, IL


Rachael Jane Booker Wolfe O’Neal

Rachael Jane (Jenny) Booker married twice – first to Levi Wolfe, date unknown, later to an O’Neal, first name unknown. Levi, born 5 Sept. 1827 in Preeble Co., Ohio, was the son of George A. (1781-1858) and Rebecca Simpson (1782-1856) of Sulilvan Co., Indiana. From her first marriage Rachael and Levi had eight children and two from her second; this information was given to me by Ralph Woodward of Carlisle, Indiana and Sandra Lee Edwards Tessitore. Based on Mr. Woodward’s information and Mrs. Tessitore and the 1860 Census, here are Rachael and Levi’s children:

Rachael Jane Wolfe b. 1849 Carlisle, IN, d.. Marr. 21/9/1870 to James Gilman

George W. Wolfe b. 1851 Carlisle, IN, d.

Rebecca Wolfe b. 1853 Carlisle, IN, d.

Marcus de Lafayette Wolfe b. 1855 Carlisle, IN, d.

Calvin S. Wolfe b. 1856 Carlisle, IN, d. 1937. Marr.

Sarah Keziah Wolfe b. 1858 Carlisle, IN, d.

Alitha Ann Wolfe b. after 1860, d.. Marr. Joe, last name unknown

Joseph Wolfe b. 1863

George W. Wolfe is found living with Eli Woodward, father-in-law of George’s uncle, William O. Booker, on the 1870 Census of Jefferson Township, Sullivan County, Indiana, page 19. George’s brother, Marcus, is found on the following page of the 1870 Census residing with Levi Woodward, brother-in-law of Marcus’ uncle, William O. Booker. George W. Wolfe lives for awhile in Akron, Ohio.

I found Calvin S. Wolfe living with his first cousin once removed, Dorcas Booker Bedwell (see Chapter IV – The George W. Booker Family) and her family, on the 1870 Census in Jefferson Township, Sullivan County, Indiana, page 29, dated 7 September 1870. When Abraham and Rachel Booker moved to Jasper Co., ILlinois, Calvins S. Wolfe went with them and lived with or near them for a couple of years before starting his own family.

Sarah Keziah was raised by her father and step-mother. Joseph moved after 1880 to Puget Sound, Washington.

Marcus D.L. Wolfe and Naoma J. Osborn, married 14/5/1876 in Sullivan Co., Indiana had one child: Myrtle b. 1877. Naoma died and Marcus remarried to Sarah Jane Osborn 27/4/1884 in Sullivan Co., Indiana.

Calvin S. Wolfe married Henrietta Jones 7/91884 in Jasper Co., Illinois. They had six children:

Louise Jane Wolfe b. 1885, d. 1968

Emery Wilbur Wolfe b. 1889, d. 1965

Lori Wolfe b. 1889, d. 1940

Laura Mae Wolfe b. 1892, d. 1942

Elsie Wolfe b. 1895, d. 1970

Edna Wolfe b. 1900, d. 1973

Alitha Ann Wolfe was married twice. She married Harmon G.Wilson in Vigo Co., Indiana on 6 December 1880. Her second husband was William McKellip. Alitha was killed by a hit and run driver in Danville, Indiana in 1928. She and her first husband had five children:

Hermie Wilson

Minerva Wilson

Lawrence Wilson

Thomas B. Wilson

Mark D. Wilson

Jenny or Rachel Jane Booker Wolfe subsequently married a Mr. O’Neal and according to the 1900 Census, had two more children with him. The census shows her as a mother of 10. She is a widow and supporting herself as a washerwoman in Vincennes. Jenny died in Vincennes in 1912 and is buried in Fairview Cemetery there.

The William O. Booker and Celisia Ann Woodward Family

Second child of Abraham Booker and Rachael Eads, was William O. Booker. William married Celisia Ann Woodward on 10 September 1857 in Sullivan Co., Indiana. Henry Dooley, Justice of the Peace certified the marriage. Celisia or Selissa, born 4 November 1840 (from Eli Woodward’s Bible), was the daughter of Eli Woodward (b. 1818 Preble Co., Ohio, d. 1890 Sullivan Co., Indiana) and Eliza Jane Ammerman (b. 1820 Preble Co., Ohio, d. 1863 Sullivan Co., Indiana). Ralph Woodward, also a descendant of Eli Woodward, writes: “Eli gave each of children forty acres when they got married. William O. Booker, who had married Celicia Ann Woodward was not a strong man, as my Grandpa tells it,…he [William O. Booker] did not think he could stand the rigors of the military and offered their forty acres to anyone who would go in his place, but found no takers…”


William was drafted at the close of the Civil War on 24 March 1865. He mustered in at Indianapolis, Indiana, and was originally unassigned to a company in the 53d Regiment of Indiana Volunteers. He was described as age 33 years, eyes gray, hair light, 5’10”, complexion fair, native of Sullivan Co., Indiana, and occupation farmer. The story of his death was told by two of his comrads in arms (also cousins):


George Bedwell and Thomas Bennett residents of Sullivan County, Indiana, being duly sworn upon oath say and just said George Bedwell… lately a Private of Company “K” in the 53d Regiment of Indiana Volunteers, and said Thomas Bennett… lately a Private of Company “A” of same Regiment and both…say that they were well acquainted for upwards of 20 years with William O. Booker, deceased late a resident of same county, and an unassigned drafted private in said 53d Regiment of Indiana Volunteers – that said William O. Booker previous to his being drafted into the said Regiment was a robust healthy man working for his living as a farmer, that said affiants and William O. Booker were all drafted into the service of the United States from said Sullivan County, Indiana and were mustered into said 53d Regiment Indian Volunteers at Indianapolis, Indiana on the 24th March 1865, and went into Camp Carrington at that city – that they continued there until the latter part of April 1865, when they were sent with other soldiers to New York City, and on the 1st May 1865 they together with said William O. Booker were placed on board a steam Transport and started for Wilmington, North Carolina to be assigned to some Company in said Regiment as soon as they could reach it – that said William O. Booker whilst in Camp Carrington suffered from an attack of Diarhea, but appeared to recover from same – that about 10 o’clock on the evening of the 2nd May 1865 on said Transport said William O. Booker became suddenly sick with apparantly a congestive chill – that there was no Physician on board nor any medicines as affiants knew, that said affiant George W. Bedwell attended said William O. Booker during his sickness and did all in his power to relieve him, using a potent limiment or pain killers both internally and externally, but without producing any effect – and affiants say that said William O. Booker rapidly sunk under said disease, and died thereof in their presence, at about 9 o’clock in the morning of the 3d May 1865 – and affiants say that said William O. Booker, was a very steady moral man of good habits – and did not cause said sickness by any misconduct on his part at all – said William O. Booker was buried in the hospital graveyard at Beaufort, North Carolina – and lastly affiants say they have no interest whatever in the Pension claims of Eli Woodward. [Signed] George W. Bedwell [his mark] and Thomas Bennett [his mark].

William O. Booker and Celisia Anne Woodward [was pronounced “See-Lisy”, accent on the “L”], had two children. After William’s death, Celisia and their two children lived with their grandfather, Eli Woodward. Celisia or Sellissa remarried to James M. Usery on 24 December 1865, but soon afterward, Sellissa died. Eli Woodward became the guardian of William O. Booker’s two boys, Martin Luther Booker and William H. Booker. Eli’s son, Septimus Woodward, was close to the same age as the two Booker children, so they grew up together, uncle and nephews. Here are William’s and Celisia’s children:

Martin Luther Booker b. 6/1/1860 Carlisle, IN, d. 1931 Sullivan Co., IN. Bur. Woodward Cemetery

William H. Booker b. 1/5/1864 Carlisle, IN, d. unknown

The Martin Luther Booker and Mary Belle Robertson Family

Martin Luther Booker married Mary Belle Robertson on 8 November 1882. According to her obituary, Mary (b. 1866, d. 14 March 1927) was the daughter of J. R. and Eliza Robertson, who came to Indiana from Kentucky. I know that Martin and Mary had two children:

I. Ode Hansford Booker b. 26/4/1884 Carlisle, IN, d. 6/11/1975 Sullivan Co., IN. Bur. Woodward Cemetery, Sullivan Co., IN. Marr. 1/11/1908 to Josie Hall in Sullivan Co., IN. Josie was born 1/11/1885, and died 28/9/1965. Bur. Woodward Cemetery. Four children:

1. Irmel Fern Booker, b. 21/1/1911 Sullivan, IN. Living Montverde, FL

2. Clovis Eugene Booker, b. 2/8/1909 Carlisle, IN. d. 1/7/1979 Sullivan Co., IN. Bur. Woodward Cemetery. Marr. 30/8/1930 to Sparkle Robertine Woodward (2/1/1914-August 1968) in Sullivan Co., IN. Four children:

i. Merriel Booker, Marr. Bob Chambers. Living Jasonsville, IN. Six children:

a. Gary Chambers

b. Mildred Chambers

c. Pamela Chambers

d. Robert Dale Chambers

e. Marian Chambers

f. Marty Chambers

ii. Kenneth Warren Booker. Marr. Delores Archer – div.. Living in Linton, IN. Five children:

a. Deborah Booker

b. Penny Booker

c. Tim Booker

d. Michael Booker

e. Kenneth Booker

iii. Murle Gilbert Booker, b. August ?. Marr. Sue Ann Duncan. Liv. Dugger, IN. Four children:

a. Tammy Booker

b. Lisa Booker

c. Kechia Booker

d. Terry Booker

iv. Ronnie Max Booker, b. 8/1/1945 Sullivan, IN. Living Dugger, IN. Marr. 13/6/1970 to Marylin Hutchinson. Two children:

a. Karri Lynn Booker, b. 2/10/1973 Sullivan, IN

b. Lane Allen Booker, b. 6/1/1979 Sullivan, IN

3. Eula Gaylle Booker, b. 2/10/1913 Sullivan Co., IN, m. Harold Goodman. Living in Groveland, FL. Two children:

i. Drexel Goodman, Liv. Groveland, FL

ii. Yvonne Goodman, Marr. Paul Turpen

4. Gardeth Lorraine Booker, b. 10/7/1916 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 16/7/1918 Sullivan Co., IN. Bur. Woodward Cemetery

II. Effie Mae Booker b. 17/4/1886 Carlisle, IN, d. 1961 Sullivan Co., IN. Bur. Dugger Cemetery. Marr. 21/2/1904 to Frank F. Blake in Sullivan Co., IN. Three children:

1. Thelma Clohe Blake, b., d. Dugger, IN. Marr. Frank Thompson. Two children:

i. Wanda Thompson. Marr. to Bill Ranard

ii. Myrna Thompson. Marr. to Fred Barger

2. Lodema Blake. Marr. Joe Marra. Two sons

i. Ancel Blake. Marr. Maxine ?. Lived in Farmersburg, IN . Four children:

a. Melba Blake

b. Kay Blake. Marr. ? Rehmel?

c. ? Blake

d. Terry Blake

3. Darryl Blake. Marr. Sue ?. One son

The William H. Booker and Margaret Sherman Family

William H. Booker married Margaret (Maggie) Sherman 4 November 1888 in Sullivan Co., Indiana. According to the 1900 Census, Maggie was born May 1869 in Indiana. In a letter dated 14 December 1986 from Ralph Woodward, he wrote the following:


I remember “Willie” Booker – Dad’s cousin. He was a tall thin man…probably 5’10” tall, rather active at about 74 yrs. of age. I think Dad said Martin Luther [Booker] was short. He [Willie] owned property north of Bucktown on the east side of what is now SR 159. I suppose this incident was in Spring of 1938, and I was a Freshman at Purdue. I came home for Spring break. (No Florida trips in those days.) Willy Booker had sold his farm to the coal company to be stripped. Someone had bought some white oak trees and Dad was cutting fence posts out of what was left. Dad, Brother Bob, and I went there in an old Model T Ford truck and cut and loaded oak fence post. Many were split. It was warm spring weather, and I had a cyanide bottle, and when not pulling on a saw or hammering on a wedge, I was collecting insects for an entomology course that I was taking at Purdue.

William H. Booker and Maggie Sherman had three children:

I..Jessie M. Booker b. 10/11/1889 Carlisle, IN, d. 5/3/1890 Carlisle, IN. Bur. Mt. Moriah Cemetery

II. Emmett Sherman Booker b. 12/5/1891 Carlisle, IN, d. 27/1/1917 Carlisle, IN. Bur. Mt. Moriah Cemetery

III. Cuthbert J. Booker b. 1900 Carlisle, IN, d. 1947 Sullivan Co., IN. Bur. Mt. Moriah Cemetery. Married to Grace L. ??. Grace L. (b. 1906 d. 1971). Several children; unknown to author

1. Charles Booker

There are many Cuthbert (“Cuddy”) J. Booker descendants living in Dugger, Indiana. Irmel F. Booker, grandaughter of Martin Luther Booker, stated to me in January 1990 that she remembers that many of Cuddy’s children had moved to South Bend, Indiana.

The Howell Leland Booker and Marinda J. Buck Family

Abraham and Rachael Booker’s son, Howell Leland Booker, enlisted in the Union Army for three years on 22 August 1862, mustering on 20 September 1862 in Indianapolis, Indiana. He was assigned with the rank of Private in Company I, 97th Indiana Volunteer Infantry Regiment. His personal description at the time of his enlistement was height 4’11”, dark complexion, eyes gray, hair dark, and his occupation was listed as farmer. During the “Battle of Atlanta” 15 August 1864, Howell received a gunshot wound in the calf of his right leg, seriously injuring him. He was admitted to the field hospital in Marietta, Georgia; then furloughed off and on out of the Medical authorities in Indianapolis, Indiana until his discharge there on 13 June 1865.

Howell Leland Booker married Marinda J. Buck in Linton, Greene Co., Indiana on 18 December 1866, Rev. John W. Buck officiating. Howell requested a pension for his disabilities in 1875. In his request he stated since leaving the Army, his leg had been permanently weak and lame, and that he could not perform much farm labor that required much walking. According to Marinda Booker’s request for Widow’s Pension in 1906, Howell suffered chronic rheumatism, chronic diarrhea, and piles, all his life. After 1880 Howell Booker’s family moved to Newton, Jasper Co., Illinois. Howell’s and Miranda’s obituaries are as follows:


Howell L. Booker, aged about 65 years, was laid to rest in Riverside Cemetery yesterday by Jacob E. Reed Grand Army post with military honors. Deceased was a good citizen, and is survived by his wife, daughter Mrs. Clay (Thursa) Harris, sons John and Will, grandchildren, and other relatives. He was a soldier in the Civil War. (From Newton Press issue May 11, 1906, page 5 – 3rd column)

Mrs. Miranda Booker, widow of the late H. L. Booker, a Civil War vetern, died Sunday night and was laid to rest at Riverside cemetery, Tuesday, following religious services, conducted by Rev. A. O. Jacobs of Olney. Deceased was well along in years, 75 to 78 and was a most kindly, Christian woman. Surviving are a daughter, Mrs. Clay (Thursa) Harris, son John Booker, grandchildren, and other relatives. (From the December 30, 1921 issue of the Newton Press Front page – 4th column)

Howell and Miranda Booker had three children:

I. Thirzah M. Booker b. 30/7/1868 Sullivan or Greene Co., IN, d.. Marr. Clay Harris

II. William C. Booker b. 15/1/1872 Sullivan or Greene Co., IN, d. bef. 1921. Marr. Margaret L. Kincaid (b. Feb. 1871). Three children as of 1910 Census:

1. Edgar Booker, b. 1900 Jasper Co., IL

2. Everette B. Booker, b. 1904 Jasper Co., IL

3. Ethel G. Booker, b. 1907 Jasper Co., IL

III. John Wesley Booker b. 11/9/1875 Sullivan or Greene Co., IN, d. 1926 Newton, IL. Bur. Riverside Cemetery. Marr. Dollie B. Henry (b. Dec. 1874). Four children:

1. Veva Miranda Booker, b. Dec. 1893 Jasper Co., IL, d. 1969 Jasper Co., IL. Bur. Riverside Cemetery

2. Louis Booker,. b. Nov. 1898 Jasper Co., IL

3. Josephine F. Booker, b. 1900 Jasper Co.,IL. Marr. Lester Carroll Wakefield

4. Providence (Provie) R. Booker (son), b. 1903 Jasper Co., IL, d. 19/1/1926 Jasper Co., IL. Bur. Riverside Cemetery

The Catherine Booker and Thomas G. Gamble Family

Catherine Booker, child of Abraham and Rachael Booker, married Thomas G. Gamble on 25 August 1859 in Sullivan Co., Indiana. According to Abraham Booker’s obituary, we know that Catherine was still living in 1891, and residing in Jasper County, Illinois. Dr. Mike Irons of Columbus, Indiana writes that Thomas was the son of Carroll Gamble of Tennesse and Elizabeth (maiden name unknown), also of Tennesse. Much of the following family information was given to me by Dr. Irons. Also, there was a man by the name of Oran Calvert of Jasper Co., Illinois who has done research on the Abraham Booker family. I have unable to locate Mr. Calvert or his descendants, but some of his family research (from Dr. Irons) is found here. Based on the 1870 Census of Sullivan Co., Indiana, Thomas G. Gambill and Catherine Booker had four children:

I. Rachael J. Gamble b. 1861 Sullivan Co., IN, d., Marr. 2/2/1878 to Thomas Parks in Sullivan Co., IN (Thomas b. 26/5/1858 d. 16/10/1917 – bur. Hickory Cemetery, Sullivan Co., IN). Seven children:

1. William E. Parks, b. Aug. 1879 Sullivan Co., IN, d.

2. Charles B. Parks, b. Aug. 1881 Sullivan Co., IN, d.

3. Maggie P. Parks, b. Oct. 1886 Sullivan Co., IN, d.. Marr. ? Deckark

4. Flossie (Catherine) Parks, b. Nov. 1889 Sullivan Co., IN, d.. Marr. ? Moody

5. Esther V. Parks, b. 2/5/1884 Sullivan Co., IN, d.. Marr. 15/4/1900 to Henry Cowden. Three children:

i. Claude Cowden, b. 13/3/1901 Sullivan Co., IN. Marr. 22/4/1920 to Ethel Brewer

ii. Pearl Cowden, b. 16/4/1904 Sullivan Co., IN. Marr. 30/12/1920 to Bert Chambers

iii. Sylvia Cowden, b. 3/6/1907 Sullivan Co., IN. Marr. Stony Padgett

6. John Thomas Parks,

II. William C. Gamble b. 1863 Sullivan Co., IN, d.

III. Elizabeth Gamble b. 1865 Sullivan Co., IN, d.

IV. Joseph F. Gamble b. 1867 Sullivan Co., IN, d.


Sarah Ann Booker Weller

Sarah Ann Booker, Abraham and Rachael’s next child married 10 August 1868 to a Harvey S. Weller in Sullivan Co., Indiana. According to Abraham’s obituary, Sarah was still living in 1891. At this time I have no information on her family.

Dr. Carroll C. Booker

Next child of Abraham and Rachael Booker that reached adulthood, was Carroll C. Booker. Carroll never married, and his obituaries are as follows:


Dr. Carroll Booker of Bogota, oldest practicing physician in Jasper Co., passed away Thursday morning about 10:00 o’clock at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Oleth Worthey of Newton. He was about 88 years of age and had been a physician for sixty years or more. He was born in Indiana and came to Jasper County as a young man. He was interested in racing and drove many good harness horses. Mr. Booker had a severe heart attack Sunday and was taken to the Worthey home for treatment. At first he was thought to be improving but a relaspe occurred Thursday. He was a resident of Newton for many years, moving to Bogota about twelve years ago. Funeral service will be held Sunday afternoon at 1:30 o’clock at the Central Christian Church in Newton, and burial will be in Riverside cemetery. (From the 17 November 1939 issue of the Newton Press)

Dr. Carroll Booker, son of Abraham and Rachael Eads Booker, was born near Linton, Indiana March 3, 1852 and departed this life at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Oleth Worthey in Newton, November 16, 1939, aged 87 years, 8 months and 13 days. He confessed his faith in Christ in youth and came with his parents to Illinois while quite a young boy. Shortly after his arrival he identified himself with the Central Christian Church in Newton where he was an active member for several years. A few years ago under the ministry of Rev. George Birch he placed his membership with the Christian Church at Bogota. He graduated from the St. Louis College of Physicians and Surgeons in 1884. He was widely known and deeply loved by those who knew him. He was endowed with a strong mentality. He held no high estimate of his own abilities but devoted much of his time to the physical life of his friends. A few years ago he received a gold medal for fify years active service in the medical profession. He was a resident of Newton for many years, later moving to Bogota some fifteen years ago. He was greatly interested in music and sang for a large number of churches and for several years was a member of the noted quartet in Newton. Dr. Booker had four brothers and five sisters and was the last of the family to pass away. His suffering was of short duration. All was done for him that loving hands and medical aid could do.

Card of thanks – “We wish to express our sincere thanks to our neighbors ans friends who assisted us in the last illness of our good friend, Dr. Carroll Booker. Mr. and Mrs. Oleth Worthey and Family.” (from the 24 November 1939 – Friday – issue of the Newton Press)

The Bucher/Booker Family, 1686-1990 © 1990 Charles Lee Booker Jr.


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