The Bucher/Booker Family, 1686-1990: Chapter V, Part 1


The Jacob Booker and Henrietta Cowden Family

(Son of David Booker and Dosha Smith)

Most of the information on Jacob Booker and his descendants was given to me by Mrs. Dulcie Irene (Pirtle) Jewell of Sullivan, Indiana. A descendant of Jacob and Henrietta Booker, she has been researching her Booker family for over thirty years. As mentioned in Chapter I, Jacob Booker at the time of his death, 22 January 1882, was one of the oldest residents of Sullivan County, Indiana.

According to The History of Sullivan County by Thomas J. Wolfe, page 39, Jacob was born in 1798 [19 September 1798 – based on gravestone markings, died age “83 yrs., 4 mo., 3 days”] in Jefferson Co., Kentucky, and had moved to Sullivan Co., Indiana at age twenty-one (1819), settling in the northeast section of Haddon Township. From the Topographical Atlas and Gazette of Indiana, published in 1871 by George H. Adams and Co., 335 Broadway, Indianapolis, I found listed under Haddon Township, Sullivan County, Indiana, “Booker, Jacob, P. O. 4, [lives] 6 miles from the Post Office, 210 acres, settled 1818, occupation Grain Raiser.” It was not until 13 January 1836 that Jacob Booker officially registered his homestead at the Vincennes Land office. The following is a list of the land that Jacob Booker homesteaded over a period of thirty-five years:

13/1/1836 SE-SW, Section 29, Township 7, Range 8, 40 acres

23/1/1837 NE-SW, Section 29, Township 7, Range 8, 40 acres

3/11/1851 NE-NW, Section 32, Township 7, Range 8, 48 acres

3/11/1851 SE-NW, Section 32, Township 7, Range 8, 48 acres

13/4/1853 NW-SE, Section 29, Township 7, Range 8, 40 acres

Jacob married Henrietta Cowden in Sullivan Co., Indiana sometime between 1824 and 1827, their first child born in 1827. Henrietta, daughter of William Cowden, was born 1 June 1808 [based on gravestone markings, died 85 yrs., 4 mo., 4 days] in Kentucky. Jacob and Henrietta were members of the Shiloh Church of Christ in Haddon Township. The Booker Cemetery, where many early Bookers are buried, is located on land Jacob and Henrietta first settled.


Jacob Booker and Henrietta Cowden

(Sullivan Co., IN)


I. Nancy Ann Booker

II. John Booker

III. Mary Ann Booker

IV. Julia Ann Booker

V. David J. Booker

VI. Elizabeth Ann Booker

VII. Nellie Ann Booker; Nellie Ann Booker, eighth child of Jacob Booker and Henrietta Cowden, never married. She died age 50 years, 3 months, and 15 days, and was buried in the Booker Cemetery.

VIII. Jacob C. Booker

1. William Perry Booker

2. Clarinda Alice Booker

3. Annie Jane Booker

4. Henrietta Ida Booker

5. John Thomas Booker

6. Albert Wilks Booker

7. Eli Francis Booker

8. infant daughter

9. Roy Elva Booker

IX. Sarah Ann Booker

1. Henrietta Clayton

2. Anna E. Clayton

3. Mary L. Clayton

4. Nellie Clayton

5. William J. Clayton

6. Thomas Perry Clayton


From The Sullivan Democrat, Wednesday, 21 Sept. 1881:

-Uncle Jacob Booker, an old gentleman living a few miles east of Paxton, was recently persuaded by his son to undertake a trip to Illinois to visit his brother [James] whom he had not met in 40 years. The old gentleman is 83 years old and his wife 73, yet neither had ever ridden in a railroad car. The journey to Decatur by rail was of course one of great pleasure to them.


This paragraph in the newspaper “The Sullivan Democrat,” proves that James Booker, living in Decatur, Illinois (Long Creek Township) in 1881 was the brother of Jacob Booker. James Booker left Sullivan County Indiana in 1841 settling first in Crawford County, Illinois. His first son, Samuel H. Booker, was born there as proven by Samuel’s military and pension records.

From The Sullivan Democrat, Wednesday, 1 Feb. 1882:

-Another Pioneer Gone–Last Sunday, 22nd inst. the venerable Jacob Booker, who lived in the northeast part of Haddon Township, died after a brief illness of a few hours. He was born in Jefferson County, Kentucky, in 1798 and was consequently in his 84th year. He came to Indiana and located in this county when about 21 years of age, and was one of our oldest settlers. He has been a consistent member of the Christian church for 35 years and always bore a good reputation among his neighbors.


Jacob Booker was buried in the Booker Cemetery, Haddon Twp., Sullivan Co., Indiana. Henrietta Cowden Booker died 5 October 1893, and was buried next to Jacob. Engraved on Jacob Booker’s tombstone are the words, “son of David and Dosha.” Their children were:

Nancy Ann Booker b. 23/10/1827 Haddon Twp., Sull. Co., IN, d. 1/1/1888 Sullivan Co., IN

John Booker b. 6/3/1829 Haddon Twp., Sullivan Co., IN, d. 17/10/1907 Sullivan Co., IN

Mary Ann Booker b. 1832 Haddon Twp., Sullivan Co., IN, d. 11/3/1875 Sullivan Co., IN

Julia Ann Booker b. 1834 Haddon Twp., Sullivan Co., IN, d. 6/10/1883 Sullivan Co., IN

David J. Booker b. 15/5/1836 Haddon Twp., Sull. Co., IN, d. 6/3/1866 Sullivan Co., IN

Henrietta Booker b. 1838 Haddon Twp., Sullivan Co., IN, d. 14/1/1854 Sullivan Co., IN

Elizabeth Ann Booker b. 22/5/1841 Haddon Twp., Sull. Co., IN, d. May 1928 Sullivan Co., IN

Nellie Ann Booker b. 5/2/1843 Haddon Twp., Sullivan Co., IN, d. 20/9/1893 Sullivan Co., IN

Jacob C. Booker b. 3/5/1846 Haddon Twp., Sullivan Co., IN, d. 1/5/1892 Haddon Twp., Sullivan Co., IN

Sarah Ann Booker b. 22/3/1850 Haddon Twp., Sull. Co., IN, d. 24/1/1933 Sullivan Co., IN


The Nancy Ann Booker and Coatney Walters Family

Nancy Ann Booker, first child of Jacob and Henrietta, married Coatney Walters. Coatney, son of Francis and Elizabeth Walters, was born in Kentucky about 1828. Francis Walters died 27 February 1881, and was buried in the Booker Cemetery. Coatney and Nancy Ann had three children:

I. Francis W. Walters b. 1855 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 28/8/1940 Sullivan Co., IN, Married 17/2/1876 to Sarah C. Smith (1860-1941) in Sullivan Co.,IN. Francis and Sarah are buried in the Booker Cemetery. Four children:

1. Lewis Walters, b. 23/8/1883, d. 1954, Marr. Daisy E. Storey. Four children:

i. Herbert Walters, Marr. Georgia Norris

2. Dorothy Walters, Marr. Fred Davis

3. Cleo Walters, Marr. ?

4. Russell B. Walters, Marr. Opal Pool. Six children:

i. Russell Walters, Jr.

ii. Robert Walters

iii. William Walters

iv. Bernard Walters

v. Opal Walters md. ? Maybugh

vi. Darlene Walters md. ? Parron

5. Effie Walters, b. 10/4/1886, d., Marr. 8/12/1903 to James Edward Robertson. Children unknown

6. Albert Walters, b. 4/9/1887, d., Marr. 28/8/1904 to Fay Buck. Four children:

i. James Walters md. ? Bedwell

ii. Kathryn Walters md. ?

iii. Eva May Walters md. ?

iv. Pansey Rea Walters md. Ivan Lee Parr,

II. Henrietta A. Walters b. 1861 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 1935 Sullivan Co., IN, Married 28/8/1879 to John W. Land (1859- 1936) in Sullivan Co.; Henrietta buried in Booker Cemetery. Three children:

1. Jane Land, b., Marr. Lawson Smith. No children

2. James Land, b. 26/2/1882, Marr. 9/8/1905 to Ida McCammon. Six children:

i. Elson Land md. ?Grimes

ii. Woodrow Land

iii. John Land

iv. Roy Land

v. Mildred Land md. ? Wilber

vi. Martha Land

3. Grover Land, b. 9/6/1888, d. 23/3/1904, died at 16 years of age. Bur. in Booker Cemetery

III. Coatney L. Walters, Jr. b. 3/7/1870 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 29/5/1930 Sullivan Co., IN. Coatney L. Walters, Jr., son of Coatney L. Walters, Sr., and Nancy Ann Booker, married Ina May Robertson on 27 May 1896 in Sullivan Co., Indiana. Ina, born 3 December 1877 in Sullivan County, was the daughter of James Robert Robertson and Louiza Jane Hester. Coatney, Jr. and Ina May had two children:

1. Geneva Blanche Walters b. 26/9/1900, d. 25/1/1952, Married 1/6/1922 to Garrett H. Miller in Sullivan Co., IN. Four children:

i. Chester Wayne Miller, b. 10/9/1924, Marr. Rose Mary Slyger. Two children:

a. Reginald Wayne Miller, b. 1/1/1947

b. David Kimin Miller, b. 1/5/1957

ii. Robert Lester Miller, b. 27/2/1926, Marr. Bertha Nolan. Two children:

a. Julia Ann Miller, b. 21/2/1948

b. daughter Miller, b. 17/2/1956

iii. Jack Pershing Miller, b. 25/9/1931, Marr. Patricia Boone. One child:

a. Thad Pershing Miller, b. 6/2/1965

iv. Phil Edward Miller, b. 20/5/1937, Marr. Elizabeth Abrams. Two children:

a. Kyle Edward Miller, b. 13/6/1961

b. Kelly Joann Miller, b. 1/3/1965,

2. Gerald Curtis Walters b. 13/7/1906, d.5/1/1967, Married 27/6/1941 to Sybil Sweeney in Washington Co., IN. One child:

i. Linda Walters, b. 25/8/1942, Marr. Larry F. Rambis. Three children:

a. Sherri Linn Rambis, b. 25/9/1962

b. Kristi Lane Rambis, b.

c. Gerri Leigh Rambis, b.


Ina May Walters, a member of the Shiloh Church of Christ, died 10 December 1973 in Sullivan Co., Indiana. She is buried near her husband in the Odd Fellows Cemetery in Carlisle, Indiana. Ina, who was 96 years old at her death, was always a great source of genealogical information for Dulcie Jewell. She personally knew Henrietta Booker, wife of old Jacob Booker. Ina told Dulcie Jewell that Jacob Booker, son of David and Dosha, was the older brother of Abraham Booker (see Chapter VII).

The John Booker and Mary Jane Walters Family

John Booker, son of Jacob and Henrietta, married Mary Jane (Polly) Walters on 28 March 1850 in Sullivan Co., Indiana. Polly, born in 1835 in Indiana, was also a daughter of Francis Walters and his wife, Elizabeth. John and Polly had six children:

Levi Booker b. 1851 Sullivan Co., IN, d.

Henrietta Booker b. 1853 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 6/11/1869 Sullivan Co., IN. Buried Booker Cemetery

Elizabeth Booker b. 1856 Sullivan Co., IN, d.

Francis M. Booker b. 1860 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 13/12/1935 Sullivan Co., IN

Jacob D. Booker b. Sept. 1864 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 16/12/1881 Sullivan Co., IN. Buried Booker Cemetery

John Booker b., d.

Mary Jane (Polly) Walters Booker died 20 January 1889 in Sullivan Co., Indiana, and was buried in the Booker Cemetery in Haddon Township.

Levi Booker, eldest of John Booker and Polly Walters, married Mary Jane Cooper in Sullivan Co., Indiana on 8 September 1870. Levi and Mary had three children:

Relina Booker b. 1874 Sullivan Co., IN, d.

Vandalia Booker b. 1877 Sullivan Co., IN, d., Married Edward B. Cook in Sull. Co., IN on 22/6/1897

Johnnie Booker b. March 1879 Sullivan Co., IN, d., Married Oliva Cook on 5/9/1896 in Sullivan Co., IN

Francis M. Booker, fourth child of John Booker and wife, Polly Walters, married three times. His first marriage to Isabell Wyatt on 28 May 1881 in Sullivan Co., Indiana, ended in Isabell’s sudden death. On 25 September 1887 Francis remarried to Abbie L. Arnett in Sullivan Co., Indiana. Later Francis remarried again on 11 June 1892 to Hattie L. Colvin. Francis M. Booker and Abbie L. Arnett had one child:

I. Walter Virgil Booker b. 19/9/1888 Flat Rock, IL, d. 30/7/1970 Sullivan Co., IN. Buried Haddon Twp., Providence Cemetery. Married 6/6/1914 to Lena B. Hancock in Knox Co., IN. Two children:

1. C. Harold Booker, b. 31/7/1914 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 6/9/1978 Sullivan Co., IN. Buried Providence Cemetery. Married 24/12/1945 to Rossetta ?

2. Francis Marion Booker, b. 18/3/1917 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 7/3/1933 Sullivan Co., IN. Buried Providence Cemetery


The Julia Ann Booker and Samuel H. Robbins Family

Jacob Booker and Henrietta Cowden’s fourth child, Julia Ann Booker, married Samuel H. Robbins on 31 July 1862 in Sullivan Co., Indiana. Samuel had been married before to Avarilla ?, who died 22 November 1858, age 29 years, 7 months, and 12 days (buried Mt. Calvary Cemetery). Stanford Chambers said Julia Ann Booker’s nickname was “Nant.” Julia Ann died in 1883 of Tuberculosis, and was buried at Mt. Calvary Cemetery in Sullivan County. Her tombstone reads “age 49 yrs., 8 m., 25 ds.” Samuel H. Robbins died 27 June 1894; his tombstone reads “73 yrs., 8 m., 17 ds.” From his previous marriage Samuel had two child, Mary Jane and an infant son; both died before reaching adulthood, and are buried in the Mt. Calvary Cemetery also. Samuel H. Robbins and his wife, Julia Ann Booker had six children:

Henrietta Robbins b. 1864 Sullivan Co., IN, d.. Bur. Mt. Calvary Cemetery. Married Richard H. Wright, s/o Churchill Wright and Sarah A. Wilson

Elizabeth Robbins b. 1867 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 8/9/1883 Sullivan Co., IN. Bur. Mt. Calvary Cemetery

Jacob Robbins b. 7/5/1870 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 6/12/1891 Sullivan Co., IN. Bur. Mt. Calvary Cemetery

Sarah Ellen Robbins b. 1873 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 1939 Sullivan Co., IN. Bur. Mt. Calvary Cemetery. Married 24/12/1893 to David Graham (1872-1938) in Sullivan Co., IN. Sarah and David bur. Mt. Calvary Cemetery

Julia L. Robbins b. 1876 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 14/8/1897 Sullivan Co., IN. Bur. Mt. Calvary Cemetery

Nancy Mae Robbins b. 1878 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 5/10/1894 Sullivan Co., IN. Bur. Mt. Calvary Cemetery

The David J. Booker and Mary Ann (Polly) Howard Family

David J. Booker, next son of Jacob Booker and Henrietta Cowden, married Mary Ann (Polly) Howard on 27 October 1859. Polly, born 7 July 1842 near Pleasantville in Sullivan County, was the daughter of John B. Howard and Elizabeth Cox. The Bookers and the Howards lived in the same neighborhood, both families arriving in Sullivan County about the same time (1819/20) from Jefferson Co., Kentucky. According to Don Howard of Casey, Illinois, a researcher of the Howard Family, “Aunt Polly” was remembered for smoking a pipe. David J. Booker and Polly are buried in the Indian Prairie Cemetery in Sullivan County. The exact date of Polly’s death is unknown, no gravestone located. Here are David J. and Polly’s children:

Jacob A. Booker b. 3/2/1861 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 16/10/1894

John B. Booker b. 6/5/1863 Sullivan Co., IN. Never heard from after 1893

Mary Edith Booker b. 29/2/1866 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 18/4/1959 Sullivan Co., IN

Dulcie Jewell was told by Ina May (Robertson) Walters that John B. Booker had homesteaded in another state, and had written his mother in 1893. He told his mother that he had sold his belongings and was going to the World’s Fair. He wrote “not to write any more,” and that he would be home after the he went to the Fair. She never heard from him again.

Mary Edith Booker married John Wesley Carrico on 8 January 1885 in Sullivan Co., Indiana They had one child, Edith Carrico, born 5 October 1901 and died 27 July 1904. John Wesley Carrico was born 4 January 1864 and died 21 January 1953. John W. Carrico, his wife, Mary Edith Booker, and their one child are buried in Bethany Cemetery, Jefferson Twp., Sullivan Co., Indiana.

The Elizabeth Ann Booker and George Samuel Blakeman Family

Elizabeth Ann Booker (Betsy), seventh child of Jacob Booker and Henrietta Cowden, married George Samuel Blakeman on 22 April 1869 in Sullivan Co., Indiana. Samuel, born 1 January 1849 in Nicholsville, Kentucky, was a Confederate veteran of the Civil War, enlisting in Company D, 54th Kentucky Infantry Regiment.

Maurine Blakeman Gambill of Sullivan, Indiana, and grandaughter of Elizabeth Booker and George Blakeman, writes: “I do not remember much about my grandparents except Grandma was very short – under 5 feet and Grandpa was over 6 feet tall. To me as a kid they looked funny together because of their heights. They lived on a farm four miles east of Paxton, Indiana. Grandma was a home-body person. She always had a large garden and sold produce, milk, butter, and eggs. Grandma didn’t talk very much. Grandpa was a Church of Christ preacher. Both were very much Church of Christ people. He was in the war, too [Civil War]. My dad [George Allen Blakeman] told me we were Dutch and Irish. The Bookers are all small, short, green eyes, and brown hair. They were hard workers.”


George died 25 February 1942 in Sullivan County and was buried in the Booker Cemetery next to his wife, Betsy. George and Betsy had nine children:

Mary Belle Blakeman b. 22/2/1870 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 26/5/1936 Sullivan Co., IN

Henrietta Dosha Blakeman b. 3/8/1871 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 29/6/1958 Sullivan Co., IN

Jacob F. Blakeman b. 12/2/1873 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 8/5/1959 Sullivan Co., IN

Aaron Blakeman b. 25/12/1875 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 9/10/1925 Sullivan Co., IN

Celia A. Blakeman b. 7/10/1876 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 28/11/1878 Sullivan Co., IN. Buried Booker Cemetery

Tacy Jane Blakeman b. 21/9/1879 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 11/9/1968 Louisville, KY

Nancy M. Blakeman b. Jan. 1881 Sullivan Co., IN, d. Jan. 1938 Sullivan Co., IN

George Allen Blakeman b. Oct. 1883 Paxton, IN, d. 29/12/1966

Iva Ellen Blakeman b. 31/7/1887 Paxton, IN, d. 12/8/1971

Mary Belle Blakeman Land Leckie

Mary Belle Blakeman, first child of Betsy Booker and George S. Blakeman, was first married to John Land and later to John Leckie. John Leckie was born 24 May 1869 and died 2 June 1956. Both Mary Belle and John are buried in the Woodward Cemetery in Sullivan Co., Indiana. John Leckie and Mary Belle had two children:

I. Lola Leckie b. 1891 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 1974 Sullivan Co., IN, Marr. Roy T. Figg (1888-1944). Both bur. Woodward Cemetery. Two children:

1. Walter Figg, b.

2. Geneva Figg, b., Marr. ?? Colvin

II. Lora Faye Leckie b. 1893 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 23/4/1978 Sullivan Co., IN, Marr. Clarence E. Robbins, (b. 27/3/1892 d. 15/12/1955). Both bur. Woodward Cemetery. One child:

1. Nelson Robbins, b.

The Henrietta Dosha Blakeman and Calvin O. Lisman Family

Henrietta Dosha Blakeman, second child of Betsy Booker and George S. Blakeman, married Calvin Owen Lisman on 11 July 1897 in Sullivan Co., Indiana. Calvin was born 1 November 1865, and died 11 January 1961. Both he and Henrietta are buried in Odd Fellows Cemetery in Carlisle. Calvin and Henrietta had ten children:

I. Flossie Gay Lisman b. 7/5/1898 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 26/4/1985 Buried Mt. Vernon, IL. Married Walter Voelker. No children

II. Mercer (Merse) Lisman b. 13/2/1900 Sullivan Co., IN. Liv. in nursing home in Sullivan Co., IN. Married Katherine Jane McComas, (b. 21/11905 d. 26/8/1974). Seven children:

1. Carolyn Lisman md. Rex Harcourt

2. Virginia Lisman md. William Knotts

3. Patricia Lisman md. Larry Fleener

4. Betty Lisman md. Waldo Feldmeyer

5. Anna Lisman md. Floyd Haltum

6. Gail Lisman md. ? Harmon

7. Bill Lisman md. Rhonda Hill. Two children:

i. Kathy Lisman

ii. John Lisman md. Denise Boone

III. Zelia May Lisman b. 14/3/1901 Sull. Co., IN, d. May 1942 Vincennes, IN. Marr. Roy Nichols. Two children: One girl, One boy

IV. Ralph Lisman b. 25/1/1903 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 2/11/1910 Sullivan Co., IN. Bur. Providence Cemetery, Sullivan Co., IN. Killed by stray bullet.

V. Boyd Lisman b. 19/2/1905 Sullivan Co., IN, Marr. Martha Roberts. Three children: Two girls, One boy

VI. Emma G. Lisman b. 26/8/1906 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 27/5/1981 Terre Haute, IN. Bur. cemetery, South Terre Haute on State Road #63. Married Frank Smith. One daughter

VII. Sarah Ann Lisman b. 15/3/1908 Sullivan Co., IN, Marr. Orval Ferguson (deceased). One daughter

VIII. Celia Fern Lisman b. 19/3/1911 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 30/5/1986 Terre Haute, IN. Bur. cemetery, South Terre Haute on State Road #63. Married Russell Sappenfield. No children

IX. George Owen Lisman b. 19/3/1913 Sullivan Co., IN, Marr. 26/4/1941 to Lucille Gregson. Three children:

1. Rita Kay Lisman, b. 31/10/1946, Marr. Jarrett?

2. Anita Jean Lisman, b. 13/3/1949, Marr. Chickadaunce?

3. Melissa Ann Lisman, b. 11/8/1959, Marr. Ridge?

X. Alta Faye Lisman b. 4/9/1915 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 29/5/1972, Married George Thomas Shoemaker. Four children; Three sons & One daughter; Nine grandchildren

Jacob F. Blakeman

Jacob F. Blakeman, third child and oldest son of George and Betsy Blakeman, married twice. First, Jacob married Susan Storey, daughter of Martin Lewis Storey and Emma Kelly, on 1 September 1895 in Sullivan Co., Indiana. Jacob remarried to Fanny Lewellyn Brodie on 14 July 1922. Fanny born 5 October 1877, died 28 March 1964 and was buried along side Jacob in Center Ridge Cemetery, Hamilton Twp., Sullivan Co., Indiana. From his first marriage Jacob F. Blakeman had two children:

I. Zana Blakeman b. 24/8/1896 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 8/10/1974 Lafayette, IN. Married to Ray Thornell (d. 23/6/1971). Bur. Lafayette, IN

II. Freda L. Blakeman b. 9/4/1905 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 11/8/1980 Sullivan Co., IN, Married Robert Cyril Price (d. Jan. 1960 Indianapolis, IN). Freda, bur. Center Ridge Cemetery Sullivan Co., IN

From Jacob F. Blakeman’s second marriage:

III. Pauline (Polly) Blakeman b. 25/9/1923, 2 Marriages (1) Marr. 14/2/1940 to George Gray, (2) Marr. 7/1/1950 to John J. Patton. Three children by George Gray:

1. Fredia Rose Gray, b. 21/3/1941, Marr. ??. Two children

2. Robert Joseph Gray, b. 14/6/1942, Marr. ??. Three children

3. James Franklin Gray, b. 23/8/1943, Marr.??. Two children


Aaron Blakeman

Aaron Blakeman, next son of George and Betsy Blakeman, married twice. His first marriage was to Maude Chambers on 2 January 1898. Maude was born 1 January 1879, and died 16 March 1899, age 20 yrs, 2 ms., 15 ds. Aaron remarried on 10 December 1903 to Clara Blanche Chambers, sister of his first wife. Clara died in 1959, and she, Maude and Aaron are buried in the Woodward Cemetery in Jefferson Twp., Sullivan Co., Indiana. Aaron Blakeman had one child by his first marriage:

I. Elston Blakeman b. 1/2/1899 Sull. Co., IN, Marr. Mary McLin. Two children:

1. Georganna Blakeman, b. 2/2/1923, Marr. Robert Kabot. Three children:

i. Jacqueline Kabot

ii. Robert Kabot

iii. Paul Kabot

2. Robert E. Blakeman, b. 2/11/1924, Marr. Rosemary O’Connor (b. 1/4/1923 d/o of Dennis and Lillian O’Connor). Six children:

i. Robert Dennis Blakeman, b. 16/11/1947, Marr. Susan Kay Williams (b. 30/11/1946 d/o of Clayton and Maude Williams). One child:

a. Robert Dennis Blakeman, Jr., b.

ii. James Russell Blakeman, b. 26/10/1948

iii. Douglas Kevin Blakeman, b. 27/1/1950, Marr. Pamela June Buxton (b. 2/11/1968 d/o of Clyde and Billy Buxton). One child:

b. Andrew Kevin Blakeman, b.

iv. Marilyn Jeanne Blakeman, b. 3/8/1951

v. Janet Ellen Blakeman, b. 18/7/1953

vi. Dennis Joseph Blakeman, b. 11/2/1960

Children from Aaron’s second marriage to Clara Blanche Chambers:

II. Crystal Opal Blakeman b. 1/12/1904 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 7/1/1923 Sullivan Co., IN

III. Paul Watson Blakeman b. 29/12/1907 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 8/2/1987. Bur. Evergreen Cemetery, Louisville, KY. Marr. 29/6/1945 to Helen Reader, d/o Claude Reader. No children

IV. Ruby Violet Blakeman b. 19/4/1911 Sullivan Co., IN. Marr. 19/10/1935 to Lex R. Bedwell (b. 2/4/1912, s/o Carl and Alice Bedwell). Four children:

1. Judith Ann Bedwell, b. 3/4/1942, Marr. 30/9/1961 to Garvy Cleveland (b. 21/1/1937 son of Paul and Forest Cleveland) Two children:

i. Douglas Jay Cleveland, b. 17/3/1963

ii. Debra Kaye Cleveland, b. 30/10/1967

2. Sharon Lee Bedwell, b. 21/5/1945, Marr. 18/1/1964 to Bill J. Shorter. One child:

i. Steven Brian Shorter, b. 21/12/1964, Marr. 29/4/1983 to Cindy Sligar d/o Red and Ann Sligar. Two children:

a. Heather Ann Shorter, b. 22/5/1984

b. Ashley Nicole Shorter, b. 3/6/1985

3. Brian Lex Bedwell, b. 21/6/1946, d. 31/12/1962 Sullivan Co., IN. Killed in ice Auto accident. Bur. Dugger Cemetery

4. Myra Lynn Bedwell, b. 23/4/1952. Marr. 6/3/1970 to Paul William Exline, s/o John and Doroty (Usrey) Exline. One child:

i. John Rex Exline, b. 29/5/1976 Warwick, CO

V. David Leon Blakeman b. 28/3/1913 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 24/2/1947 Alaska. Killed in Plane crash in Alaska. Veteran of WWII. Marr. Thelma ?. No children

The Tacy Jane Blakeman and Stanford Chambers Family

Tacy Jane Blakeman, sixth child of George and Betsy Blakeman, married 21 September 1898 to Stanford Chambers in Sullivan Co., Indiana. Stanford, born 28 December 1876 in Wright Co., Missouri, was the son of Richard P. and Bertena (Woodward) Chambers. Tacy Jane Blakeman Chambers died 12 August 1971. She and Stanford, a Church of Christ minister (b. 1876 d. 1969), had six children:

I. Lowell Chambers b. 2/5/1900, Marr. 1923 to Matilda Christenson, (b. 10/8/1903). Four children:

1. Charlotte Louise Chambers, b. 27/9/1923, Three marriages: (1) Marr. ?? Schocker, Two children:

i. Christian Russell Schocker, b. 21/12/1941, d. 10/12/1943

ii. Annette Louise Schocker, b. 20/12/1942, d. 10/12/1943

(2) Marr. ?? Auerwald. Two children:

iii. Roberta Frances Auerwald, b. 6/3/1948, Marr. ?? Coe. One child:

a. Thomas Lawrence Coe, b. 2/7/1966

iv. Ralph Thomas Auerwald, b. 18/8/1950

(3) Marr. Frank Martin. Two children:

v. Michael Patrick Martin, b. 5/3/1956

vi. Mary Louise Martin, b. 26/6/1960

2. Audrey Lorraine Chambers, b. 5/12/1924. Two marriages: (1) Marr. ?? Brewer. One child:

i. Danny Brewer, b.

(2) Marr. Lee Murphy. One child:

ii. Elbert Lee Murphy

3. Charles Russell Chambers. b. 29/3/1928. Marr. Beverly ??. Three children:

i. William Russell Chambers, b. 27/3/1946, Marr. ??. One child:

a. Tammy La Gene Chambers, 10/5/1966

ii. Irvin Eugene Chambers

iii. Gary Lowell Chambers

iv. Ramona Chambers, b. 11/2/1935, Marr. Armando Murga. Four children:

a. Armando Murga, Jr., b. 8/12/1956

b. Christopher Murga, b. 8/9/1960

c. Anthony Murga, b. 27/1/1962

d. Maria Murga, b. 1/1/1963,

II. Lois Chambers b. 31/7/1902, Marr. James W. Hill, Jr. s/o of James W. and Emma (Hall) Hill, Sr. One child:

1. James W. Hill III, b. 19/8/1937, Marr. Peggy Lewis. No children

III. Lloyd Chambers b. 12/5/1904, Marr. Paul T. Addams s/o George and Lulu (Morgan) Addams. One child:

1. Shirley Jane Addams, b. 2/12/1936. Marr. 12/6/1965 to Ralph Barrie Javins, s/o Wm. Ray Javins and Mrs. J. W. Riley. Three children:

i. Ralph Barrie Javins, Jr., b. 27/7/1967

ii. Michael Stanford Javins, b. 19/8/1970 Abilene, TX

iii. Christina Javins,

IV. Logan Stanford Chambers b. 5/10/1909, d. 21/3/1964, Marr. Alma Hill, d/o W. Julius and Emma (Starnes) Hill. One child:

1. Janet Lynn Chambers, b.5/7/1944, Marr. Jerry Board

V. Loyal Bruce Chambers b. 14/9/1912, Marr. Mary Louise Yenowine, d/o George and Nancy (Jones) Yenowine. One child:

1. Stanford Hardin Chambers, b. 1/11/1935

VI. Lorraine Chambers b. 11/8/1913, d. 19/10/28. Died of Pneumonia

Nancy M. Blakeman Griffith

Nancy M. Blakeman, seventh child of George and Betsy Blakeman, married Daniel Griffith (b. 1885 d. 23/2/1955). Nancy and Daniel had no children and are both buried in Dugger Cemetery, Sullivan Co., Indiana.

The George Allen Blakeman and Adelaide Brown Family

George Allen Blakeman, eighth child of George and Betsy Blakeman, married Adelaide Brown on 23 April 1913 in Sullivan Co., Indiana. Alelaide, born 10 October 1883, was the daughter of James Brown and Catherine Lambeth. Adelaide died 19 June 1958 in Carlisle and was buried next to her husband in the Odd Fellows Cemetery. Their children are as follows:

Maurine Agnes Blakeman b. 12/1/1918 Sullivan Co., IN, Married 15/1/1953 to Cecil W. Gambill (b. 20/4/1900 d. 31/7/1975) Cecil, bur. Center Ridge Cemetery. No children

Catherine Betsy Blakeman b. 29/12/1919 Sullivan Co., IN, Married 15/11/1945 to Albert E. Brasche (b. 21/5/1893 d. 10/7/1983) Albert, bur. Odd Fellow Cemetery Sullivan Co., IN. No children

Maurice Allen Blakeman b. 17/1/1914 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 16/11/1977 Sullivan Co., IN. Bur. Odd Fellow Cem., Sullivan Co., IN. Never married

The Iva Ellen Blakeman and Jacob Walters Combs Family

Last child of George and Betsy Blakeman, was Iva Ellen Blakeman, who married Jacob Walters Combs on 6 October 1905 in Sullivan Co., Indiana. Jacob was born 28 September 1883 and died 6 January 1950. Both Iva and Jacob are buried in the Roselawn Memorial Cemetery in Terre Haute, Indiana. Iva and Jacob had four children:

Esther Combs b., Marr. Vern Green

Dorothy Combs b.

Virginia Combs b., Marr. Lee DeWitt

William Combs b. 13/7/1912, d. 14/11/1958. Bur. Roselawn Memorial Cemetery. Terre Haute, IN

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