The Bucher/Booker Family, 1686-1990: Chapter V, Part 2


The Jacob C. Booker and Christiana Clayton Family

Ninth child of Jacob Booker and Henrietta Cowden, Jacob C. Booker, married Christiana Clayton on 3 November 1870 in Sullivan Co., Indiana. Christiana, born 7 October 1851 in Sullivan County, was the daughter of William Clayton and Ann Lund. Much of the following information on the Booker Homestead was given to Dulcie Jewell by Ina May Walters.

“At the time of their marriage, Jacob C. was living with his parents Jacob and Henrietta Booker. Jacob C. Booker and Christiana continued to live there, having been given 80 acres of the Booker homestead by his father. Jacob C. Booker’s father died in 1882, and Jacob C. died in 1892. Christiana (now a widow herself) and her family lived with and took care of Jacob C. Booker’s mother, Henrietta and sister, Nellie Ann, until their deaths in 1893. Christiana continued living on the homestead until all her children were married. Ida Booker and her husband, Jacob Louis Pirtle, made their home there for a short while, and their oldest child, Bernice, was born there in 1900. Christiana married Luke Walters in 1905, and they spent one year in the State of Washington. Later Christiana and Luke visited his daughter, Lizzie, in Colorado. While they were away, Louis Pirtle and Ida, and their children Bernice, J. Harold, and Opal, stayed at the Booker Homestead. Upon their return, Luke Walters and Christiana, and her sons, Albert, John and Eli, continued to live there. John Booker married in 1909; Luke Walters died in January of 1910, and Albert married in February the following month. Albert and his wife lived on the homestead until that fall. Chrisitiana then broke up housekeeping, living first with her daughter, Clara Shepherd, and later, making her home with her daughter, Ida Pirtle, near Sullivan in May 1914. Christiana sold her 80 acres to Thomas Bird on 14 November 1911. The Booker Homestead changed hands several times after that, and was lived in by several different families before it was torn down. Christiana and Jacob C. Booker were members of the Shiloh Church of Christ.”

Here are the children of Jacob C. Booker and Christiana Clayton.

William Perry Booker b. 31/1/1872 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 12/8/1938 Midland, IN

Clarinda Alice Booker b. 26/9/1874 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 1941 Sullivan Co., IN

Annie Jane Booker b. 18/4/1877 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 13/1/1954 Terre Haute, IN

Henrietta Ida Booker b. 20/11/1879 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 10/5/1951 Sullivan Co., IN

John Thomas Booker b. 5/8/1882 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 7/11/1961 Dugger, IN

Albert Wilkes Booker b. 15/2/1885 Sullivan Co., IN, d. March 1953 Sullivan Co., IN

Eli Francis Booker b. 5/11/1887 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 1955 Florida

infant daughter Booker b. 4/9/1890 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 7/11/1890 Sullivan Co., IN. Bur. Booker Cemetery

Roy Elva Booker b. 28/8/1891 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 6/2/1892 Sullivan Co., IN. Bur. Booker Cemetery

The William Perry Booker and Alpha A. Moore Family

William Perry Booker, first child of Jacob C. Booker and Christiana Clayton, married Alpha A. Moore on 5 September 1894 in Sullivan Co., Indiana. Alpha, born 25 April 1875 in Dugger, Indiana, was the daughter of Isaac Moore and Mary Catherine Chambers. Alpha died 24 November 1954 in Piatt Co., Illinois. William Perry Booker is buried in the Lebanon Cemetery near Midland, Indiana. William and Alpha had the following children:

I. Perry L. Booker b. Jul. 1895 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 15/3/1982 Danville, IL. Two marriages. (1) Ardella Mae Merkle on 5/9/1925, (2) Katrina D. Rabel on 1/6/1946, Two children by 1st Marriage

1. Virginia Mae Booker, b. 18/9/1926. Married Russell James Franton

2. William Daniel Booker, b. May 1937, d. 7/2/1941

II. Harry Orvel Booker b. 24/4/1898 Sullivan Co., IN, d., Married Ella Ferne Merkle on 1/11/1924, Children:

1. Robert Eugene Booker, b. 21/8/1926

2. Dorothy Mae Booker, b. 5/6/1928. Married Ray Seavey

3. Richard Lee Booker, Married Juanita Mears

4. Mary Ann Booker, Two marriages, (1) Wlliam Gifford, (2) James Lawton

5. Daniel Orval Booker

6. Janet Louise Booker

7. George Edward Booker, Floyd Russell Booker b. 25/12/1900 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 9/4/1971 Linton, IN. Bur. Midland, IN; Lebanon Cemetery. Married Belle Olive Bedwell 10/7/1920. Children:

i. Hilda Lucille Booker ,b. 1922, d. 18/5/1976, Married Alberta A. Reed

ii. Floyd Norman Booker, b. 10/6/1924 Greene Co., IN, d. 23/4/1976. Married June Ellis

iii. Chester Wayne Booker, Married Madge Severn.

iv. John Alden Booker. Married Judy Swan

v. Tommy Lee Booker

vi. infant

III. Edith Lilliam Booker b. 10/6/1904 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 25?/7/1973 Tuscola, IL. Two marriages, (1) Levi Willard Daugherty -23/12/1925, (2) Lyman E. Cole. Children:

1. Willard Leon Daugherty. b. 20/7/1928. 2 Marriages, (1) Emma Jean Grafton, (2) Martha Elizabeth Jewell

IV. Pansy Marie Booker b. 30/8/1907 Sullivan Co., IN. Married Ray Carl Crist on 23/2/1929. Children:

1. Donald Ray Crist, b. 2/7/1929, Two marriages, (1) Mary Jane Aslinger on 12/3/1949, (2) Mabel Evelyn Landever on 6/3/1954

2. Harold Eugene Crist, b. 23/10/1930

The Clarinda Alice Booker and Edward Shepherd Family

Clarinda Alice Booker, second child of Jacob C. Booker and Christiana Clayton, married Edward Shepherd in Sullivan Co., Indiana on 23 May 1893. Edward, born 11 November 1872, was the son of Francis M. Shepherd and Sarah Willis. Edward died 7 October 1961 in Dugger, Indiana, and was buried in the Booker Cemetery as was Clarinda in 1941. Edward and Clarinda had five children:

I. Paul D. Shepherd b. 17/3/1899 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 10/2/1971 Dugger, IN. Bur. Dugger Cemetery, Sullivan Co., IN. Married Aretha Hunt. Three children:

1. C. Lorene Shepherd. Marr. Dexter Fordyce. One child:

i. Janice Fordyce. Marr. Dave Page. Two children:

a. Curtis Page

b. Deidre Page

2. Haldon L. Shepherd. Marr. Mary Dozier. Two children:

i. Haldon Lee Shepherd. Marr. Melissa Lynn Lucas

ii. Claudia Shepherd

3. Delema L. Shepherd. Marr. ? Kennard.

II. Otto Shepherd b. 3/6/1903, d. 1936. Married Della Rhodes. One child:

1. Esther Ann Shepherd

III. Ona May Shepherd b. 8/5/1894 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 13/2/1977 Sullivan Co., IN. Married Matison Rush Bedwell on 3/2/1912 in Sullivan Co., IN. Bur. Dugger Cemetery, Sullivan Co., IN. Four children:

1. Joy Bernice Bedwell, b. 16/1/1915 Sullivan Co., IN. Married Glenn A. Boone on 11/7/1936. Six children:

i. Larry Boone, b. 22/11/1938. Marr. Joan Jennings

ii. Linda Jean Boone, b. 19/12/1940

iii. Janice Boone, b. 21/12/1942. Marr. Darrell Lawhorn

iv. Joyce Ann Boone, b. 11/9/1948. Marr. Larry Fidler

v. Jerri Dene Boone, b. 2/12/1952

vi. Jennie Lee Boone, b. 25/4/1954. Marr. Eddie Bigger

2. Mary Maxine Bedwell, b. 24/2/1918 Sullivan Co., IN. Married Lewis Buck. Four children:

i. Shirley Ann Buck, Marr. Don DeLong

ii. Nancy Buck, Marr. Kenneth Adkins

iii. Wilma Jean Buck, Marr. John Crowthers

iv. Susan Buck, Not married

3. Dale Edward Bedwell, b. 12/12/1921 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 19/11/1956 Sullivan Co., IN. Buried Dugger Cemetery. Married June Eicher. Three children:

i. Patty Bedwell

ii. Marsha Bedwell

iii. Allen Bedwell

4. Donald Wayne Bedwell, b. 4/1/192? Sullivan Co., IN. Married Patty Jane Goodman on Apr. 1956. Three children:

i. Cindy Bedwell, Marr. Ron Horn

ii. Teresa Bedwell, Marr. Robin Robins

iii. Pamela Sue Bedwell. Not married

IV. Grace Oneta Shepherd b. 9/8/1908 Sullivan Co., IN. Married Kenneth Bill Page on 24/12/1927 in Sullivan Co., IN, Bill, b. Jan. 1908 Sullivan Co., s/o John Page and Elizabeth Daugherty. Kenneth died 9/10/1969. Three children:

1. Sherrel Page, b. 12/8/19??, 2 Marriages, (1) Ruth ??. Two children:

i. Cynthia Page. Marr. 2/5/1970 to Roger Boston

ii. Virginia Page. Marr. 11/8/1973 to Paul Kitzmiller

(2) Vera Reeves

2. Sharon Page, b. 1/11/1933. Married Robert Earl Wilson. Two sons

3. Sherle Wendell Page, b. 14/12/1938, d. 1944 Dugger, IN. Buried Dugger Cem..

V. Cecil H. Shepherd b. 18/5/1906 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 7/12/1906 Sullivan Co., IN. Buried Booker Cemetery

The Anna Jane Booker and Charles Edwin Wall Family

Third child of Jacob C. Booker and Christiana Clayton, Annie Jane Booker, married Charles Edwin Wall on 27 March 1895 in Sullivan Co., Indiana. Charles, born 10 November 1869 in Rush Co., Indiana, was the son of Frederick Wall and Emma Myrtilla Culver. Charles died 4 October 1957, and was buried next to his wife in Roselawn Cemetery in Terre Haute. Charles and Anna Jane had seven children:

I. Claude Raymond Wall b. 17/3/1896 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 28/2/1950 Villa Park, IL. Married Dorothy Stitt on 25/10/1922 Chicago, IL. Children:

1. Richard V. Wall (adopted)

2. June Marie Wall (adopted)

II. Ruby Myrtilla Wall b. 14/1/1898 Sullivan Co., IN. Married Manford W. Harris on 25/8/1920. Three children:

1. William Harvey Harris. b. 19/9/1921 Sullivan Co., IN. Marr. 12/8/1945 to Ada Frances Davis

2. Leah Helen Harris, b. 13/9/1925 Terre Haute, IN. Marr. 12/11/1950 to Walter Joseph. Myette

3. Anna May “Susie” Wall Harris, b. 14/12/1927 Terre Haute, IN. Marr. 31/1/1947 to Charles Rodney Spangenberg

III .Guy Osro Wall b. 10/1/1900 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 16/1/1985 Greensburg, PA. Buried Jeanette, PA. Married Donna Wees on 25/12/1927 in Sullivan Co., IN. Children:

1. Guy Osro Wall, Jr., b. 7/11/1945. Married Judith Danks 26/8/19?? Greensburg, PA

IV. Lexy Herbert Wall b. 11/2/1902 Sullivan Co., IN. Married Marjorie Irene Stewart on 11/12/1924 Lombard, IL

V. infant daughter Wall b. 7/4/1904 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 11/4/1904 Sullivan Co., IN

VI. Arlie Donald Wall b. 18/5/1905 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 14/1/1965 Terre Haute, IN. Buried Terre Haute, IN. Married Eva Stewart on 14/7/1929. Two children:

1. Stewart Gregory Wall, b. 5/10/1932. Married Linda Lou Davis on 14/6/1960

2. Eleanor Wall, b. 7/2/1936. Married to Don Colter 14/6/1958

VII. Eugene Carl Wall b. 29/1/1908 Sullivan Co., IN. Three marriages, (1) Geneva Creager, (2) ?, (3) Ruth Hartley on 26/1/1956. Children of first marriage:

1. Shirley Ann Wall, b. 1/1/1935

2. Sharon Lee Wall, b. 1/2/1937

The Henrietta Ida Booker and Jacob Louis Pirtle Family

Henrietta Ida Booker, daughter of Jacob C. Booker and Christiana Clayton, married Jacob Louis Pirtle on 4 March 1900 in Sullivan Co., Indiana. Jacob Louis, born 27 June 1874 in Jefferson Twp., Sullivan County, was the son of Jacob Linder Pirtle and Louisa Woodward. Jacob Louis Pirtle died 6 May 1926 in Hamilton Twp., Sullivan County, and was buried in Woodward Cemetery, Jefferson Twp., in Sullivan County. He and Ida (Henrietta went by her middle name) were members of the Shiloh Church of Christ. After Jacob Louis’s death, Ida joined the First Baptist Church of Sullivan in 1933. Jacob Louis Pirtle and Henrietta Ida Booker had twelve children:

Eva Bernice Pirtle b. 10/11/1900 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 4/9/1951 Shelburn, IN

Jacob Harold Pirtle b. 20/1/1903 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 13/1/1979 Sullivan Co., IN

Milton Opal Pirtle b. 30/9/1904 Sullivan Co., IN, Eunice May Pirtle b. 27/11/1906 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 3/3/1989 Lake Wells, FL. Bur. Sull. Co., IN, Center Ridge Cem.

Clara Elizabeth Pirtle b. 10/11/1908 Sullivan Co., IN, Dulcie Irene Pirtle b. 2/9/1910 Sullivan Co., IN. Living Sullivan Co., IN

infant daughter Pirtle b. 29/1/1913 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 29/1/1913 Sullivan Co., IN. Buried Woodward Cemetery

infant son Pirtle b. 27/12/1913 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 27/12/1913 Sullivan Co., IN. Buried Woodward Cemetery

Ada Katharine Pirtle b. 28/1/1915 Sullivan Co., IN

infant daughter Pirtle b. 8/6/1917 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 8/6/1917 Sullivan Co., IN. Buried Woodward Cemetery

Ralph Edward Pirtle b. 11/8/1919 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 25/9/1983 Sullivan Co., IN

Francis Wayne Pirtle b. 19/10/1922 Sullivan Co., IN

The Eva Bernice Pirtle and Cecil W. Gambill Family

Eva Bernice Pirtle, daughter of Jacob Louis Pirtle and Henrietta Ida Booker, married Cecil Walcy Gambill in Sullivan County on 20 May 1919. Cecil, born 20 April 1900, was the son of Walcy Gambill and Elizabeth Hawkins. After Bernice’s (Eva went by Bernice) death in 1951, Cecil married one of Bernice’s cousins, Maurine Blakeman, who has also given me much Booker/Blakeman information. Cecil died 31 July 1975 and was buried in the Center Ridge Cemetery in Sullivan County. Bernice was buried there as well. Bernice and Cecil Gambill had seven children:

I. Harold Seward Gambill b. 27/11/1919 Flint, MI, 2 Marriages, (1) Kathryn Nell Leach on 26/6/1940, (2) Nancy (Holt) Boone on 14/7/1984. Four children from 1st Marriage:

1. Lela Kathryn Gambill, b. 2/5/1942. Marr. Robert Street. Two children:

i. Erin Wynne Street, b. 19/9/1964. Marr. George Michael Sloan

ii. Heather Leigh Street, b. 10/8/1969

2. Janis Margaret Gambill, b. 21/6/1947. Marr. William W. Lynch III. One child:

i. Mindy Ann Lynch, b. July 1983

3. Gloria Jean Gambill, b. 31/7/1948. Not married

4. Kathy Jane Gambill, b. 4/1/1962. Not married

II. Mildred Laverne Gambill b. 27/5/1921 Flint, MI, d. 21/1/1970. Married Milburn Pirtle on 23/6/1940. Three children:

1. Reah Suzanne Pirtle, b. 2/11/1941. Marr. Allen Winger. Three children:

i. Terri Lee Winger, b. 14/7/1961. Marr. Harold Brinkley

ii. Lisa L’Rae Winger, b. 21/6/1964. Marr. David Robert Grounds

iii. Teena Renae Winger, 11/1/1970

2. Beverly Jean Pirtle, b. 15/8/1946. Three marriages, (1) Richard Ray Alumbaugh. Two children:

i. Michael David Alumbaugh

ii. Stacey Alumbaugh

(2) Marr. Paul Hill

(3) Marr. Dennis ?

3. Barbara Lynn Pirtle, b. 12/9/1949. Marr. George Gregory Pitts. Two children:

i. George Gregory Pitts, Jr., b. 27/12/1970

ii. Robert Shawn Pitts, b. 16/6/197?

III. Evelyn Mae Gambill b. 18/2/1923 Sullivan Co., IN. Married Lloyd Fisk on 14/9/1947. One child:

1. Stephen Sterling Fisk. b. 21/11/1952. Marr. Frances Holt Green

IV. Wilma Cecile Gambill b. 22/6/1924 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 2/11/1978 Sullivan Co., IN. Buried Center Ridge Cemetery. Married Paul Thornberry on 16/7/1943. Three children:

1. Jerry Ray Thornberry, b. 30/6/1944. Marr. Sharon Hawkins. Two children:

i. Michael Dwayne Thornberry, b. 22/5/1965

ii. Michele Leann Thornberry, b. 13/5/1969

2. Peggy Jo Ann Thornberry, b. 14/8/1947. Marr. Robert Tibbits. Three children:

i. Angela Christine Tibbits, b. 29/5/1969

ii. Nicole Tibbits

iii. Kevin Brandon Tibbits, b. 5/3/1977

3. Rita Paulette Thornberry, b. 25/9/1948. Marr. Jerry Stagg. Two children:

i. Douglas Scott Stagg

ii. Ryan Stagg

V. Wendell Leon Gambill b. 18/7/1925 Sullivan Co., IN. Married Mary Dietz on 20/7/1947. Three children:

1. Ted Ronald Gambill, b. 17/5/1948. Marr. Rosemary Lloyd. Two children:

i. Jill Michale Gambill, b. 15/7/1976

ii. Lindsey Suzanne Gambill, b. 1/5/1979

2. Gary Alan Gambill, b. 12/10/1953. Two marriages:, (1) Marr. Vicki Sue Sullivan, One child:

i. Wendell James Vincent Gambill, b. 19/7/1972,

(2) Marr. Rose Nash, Two children:

ii. Jason Travis Gambill, b. 29/1/1975

iii. Jamie Alan Gambill, b. 14/6/1977

3. Alice Dawn Gambill, b. 26/5/1957. Marr. Ronnie Joe Shorter. Two children:

i. April Leanne Shorter, b. 26/6/1981

ii. Kyle Christopher Shorter, b. 28/3/1985

VI. Sylvan Ray Gambill b. 12/8/1926 Sullivan Co., IN, d. October 1926 Sullivan Co., IN. Buried Center Ridge Cemetery

VII. Ervin Reed Gambill b. 25/9/1927 Sullivan Co., IN, d.30/11/1972 Ann Arbor, MI. Buried Center Ridge Cemetery. Sullivan Co., IN

The Jacob Harold Pirtle and Daisy Brodie Family

Jacob Harold Pirtle, second child of Jacob Louis Pirtle and wife, Henrietta Ida Booker, married Daisy Brodie in Sullivan County on 14 October 1933. Daisy, born 20 July 1904, was the daughter of John Brodie and Eliza Dailey. Jacob Harold was buried in the Center Ridge Cemetery. Jacob Harold Pirtle and Daisy Brodie had two children:

I. Harold Edward Pirtle b. 7/10/1939 Sullivan Co., IN. Married Carolyn Buckels on 9/10/1959 in Sullivan Co., IN. Two Children:

1. Michael Wayne Pirtle, 23/8/1963

2. Rush Alan Pirtle, 25/11/1964

II. Euretta Jane Pirtle b. 8/1/1941 Sullivan Co., IN, 3 Marriages, (1) Donald McMahan on 3/6/1959, (2) Harold Martin on 14/5/196?, (3) Jack Cover on 8/5/1981. Two children from First Marriage:

1. Bretton Donald McMahan, b. 28/2/1960. Marr. Debra Ann Britton. One child:

i. Breanna Michelle McMahan, b. 27/12/1980

2. Bradley Edward McMahan, b. 3/2/1962. One child from Second Marriage:

3. Karen Sue Martin, b. 25/11/1968

The Milton Opal Pirtle and Martha Cecilia Pinkston Family

Milton Opal Pirtle, next child of Jacob Louis and Henrietta, was married twice. His first marriage was to Martha Cecilia Pinkston on 25 June 1925 in Paris, Illinois. Martha, born 1 December 1907 near Merom, Indiana, was the daughter of Albert Andrew Pinkston and Nettie Melvina Hussey. Martha died 5 October 1975 in Sullivan Co., Indiana, and was buried in Center Ridge Cemetery. Milton remarried 10 July 1976 to Helen (Collins) Simmers. Children of Milton Opal Pirtle and Martha Cecilia Pinkston are:

I. Donald Ross Pirtle b. 1/11/1934 Sullivan Co., IN, Married Miriam Hoerger on 8/6/1958. Three children:

1. Miriam Jane Pirtle, . 17/4/1959. Marr. Jeffrey Harold Kennison

2. Susan Ann Pirtle, b. 15/6/1960

3. Michael Donald Pirtle, b. 23/6/1963

II. Patricia Ann Pirtle b. 27/8/1933 Sullivan Co., IN. Married Robert E. Devlin on 19/7/1969

The Eunice May Pirtle and Claude Walters Family

Eunice May Pirtle, fourth child of Jacob Louis Pirtle and Henrietta Ida Booker, married Claude Walters on 6 November 1927 in Sullivan Co., Indiana. Claude, born 25 August 1906, is the son of Philip Walters and Maude Spear. Eunice and Claude were members of the Christian Church in Sullivan, Indiana. Eunice recently died in Lake Wells, Florida on 3 March 1989. She was interred in the Center Ridge Cemetery in Sullivan Co., Indiana. Eunice and Claude had two children:

I. Norman Lee Walters b. 29/10/1928 Terre Haute, IN, Married Barbara Lee Owen on 18/1/1946 in Morgantown, KY. Two children:

1. Mark Owen Walters, b. 7/4/1947. Marr. on 8/6/1974 to Mary Susan Kyle. Two children:

i. Sarah Carolyn Walters, b. 11/3/1979

ii. Rachel Elizabeth Walters, b. 2/8/1981

2. Robin Lee Walters, b. 23/3/1951. Two marriages:, (1) Marr. Jimmie A. Neal. Killed in Auto Accident, (2) Marr. 25/6/1974 to Will Downs. Two children:

i. Jennifer Ryan Downs, b. 25/9/1976

ii. Nathan Vee Downs, b. 1/7/1979

II. Phyllis Elaine Walters b. 9/6/1934 Terre Haute, IN. Living Plainfield, IN

The Clara Elizabeth Pirtle and Henry A. Milam Family

Clara Elizabeth Pirtle, next child of Jacob Louis and Henrietta, married Henry Ansler Milam in Bloomfield, Indiana on 16 December 1930. Henry, born 15 September 1903 south of Lebanon, Sullivan Co., Indiana, was the son of Charles Henry Milam and Mary Elizabeth Spencer. Clara is a member of the First Baptist Church of Sullivan. Henry died 27 November 1981 in Sullivan, and was buried in Center Ridge Cemetery. Clara and Henry had four children:

I. James Ronald Milam b. 5/8/1931 Sullivan Co., IN. 2 Marriages, (1) Delores Elaine Crouch on 16/10/1953 in Hyattsville, MD, (2) Beverly Johnson on 10/4/1964. One child from 2nd Marriage:

1. James Ronald Milam II, b. 30/5/1966

II. Carolyn June Milam b. 2/11/1932 Sullivan Co., IN. Married Donald Leslie Lamberson on 2/9/1951 in Sullivan Co., IN. Two children:

1. Steven Edward Lamberson, b. 13/10/1952. Marr. Mada Annah Hester. Three children:

i. Annah Pearl Lamberson, b. 8/11/1979

ii. Steven Edward Lamberson II, b. 13/7/1981

iii. Eileen Faith Lamberson, b. 15/5/1983

2. Deborah Sue Lamberson, b. 16/2/1955. Marr. Michael L. Archer. One child:

i. Angela Marie Archer, b. 28/12/1974

III. Norma Joan Milam b. 26/12/1936 Sullivan Co., IN. Married Robert Earl Lamberson 24/8/1958 in Sullivan Co., IN

1. Charles Michael Lamberson, b. 27/9/1961

2. Nancy Ellen Lamberson, b. 19/12/1966

IV. Helen Judith Milam b. 13/7/1939 Sullivan Co., IN. Married Raymond Leroy Shannon 20/6/1959 in Sullivan Co., IN. Four children:

1. Matthew Raymond Shannon, b. 20/4/1960. Marr. Jody Ann Malast. One child:

i. Lorelei Crystal Shannon, b. 16/11/1983

2. Janessa Eileene Shannon, b. 2/5/1962

3. Derrick Dewayne Shannon, b. 2/2/1965

4. Jocelyn Suzanne Shannon, b. 1/5/1969

The Dulcie Irene Pirtle and Denver Jewell Family

Dulcie Irene Pirtle, next child of Jacob Louis and Henrietta, married Denver Jewell on 28 October 1933 in Kaukakee, Illinois. Denver, born 16 July 1909 in Martin County, Indiana, was the son of William Robert Jewell and Rose Etta Smith. Denver died 1 January 1989, and was buried in Center Ridge Cemetery. Dulcie resides in Sullivan, Indiana. Again, most of the family information in this Chapter was generously given to me by Dulcie Pirtle Jewell. Dulcie and Denver had two children:

I. Allan Leon Jewell b. 5/4/1938 Sullivan Co., IN, Two marriages, (1) Sarah Louise Campbell on 12/6/1960 in Indianapolis, IN, (2) Virginia Lee Richardson on 3/3/1973 in Indianapolis, IN. Two children by 1st Marriage:

1. Steven Allan Jewell, b. 20/6/1961

2. Karen Louise Jewell, b. 31/12/1963

II. Karen Marlene Jewell b. 22/6/1941 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 22/6/1941 Sullivan Co., IN. Buried Center Ridge Cemetery Sullivan Co., IN

The Ada Katherine Pirtle and George W. Atkinson Family

Ada Katherine Pirtle, ninth child of Jacob Louis Pirtle and Henrietta Ida Booker, married George W. Atkinson in Sullivan County on 25 April 1944. George, born 28 December 1917 in Clinton, Indiana, was the son of Joe Atkinson and Elizabeth Waters. George and Ada are Baptist. They had two children:

I. Alice Elaine Atkinson b. 19/12/1947 Sullivan Co., IN

II. Ronald William Atkinson b. 20/9/1949 Sullivan Co., IN. Married Rebecca Faye Lasley on 20/11/1971 in Dunkirk, IN. Three children:

1. Matthew Allen Atkinson, b. 10/3/1973

2. Cheryl Yvonne Atkinson, b. 1/4/1976

3. Patricia Elaine Atkinson, b. 12/9/1979

The Ralph Edward Pirtle and Betty Jean Turpen Family

Eleventh child of Jacob Louis Pirtle and Henrietta Ida Booker, was Ralph Edward Pirtle. Ralph married Betty Jean Turpen in Sullivan County on 9 March 1946. Betty, born 29 December 1923 in Sullivan, was the daughter of Helmer Turpen and Lillie Edna Holtsclaw. Betty had been married to Herschel Alumbaugh, and had one son, Richard Alumbaugh, born 22 October 1944 in Sullivan Co., Indiana. Ralph Edward Pirtle and Betty had two children:

I. Terry Lee Pirtle b. 7/6/1947 Sullivan, IN. Married Susan Squire on 24/8/1968. Three children:

1. Benjamin James Pirtle, b. 17/3/1970. d. 22/8/1983 Killed in bicycle and car accident

2. Sarah Elizabeth Pirtle, b. 1/4/1978

3. Jacob Lawrence Pirtle, b. 24/7/1982

II. Debra Elizabeth Pirtle b. 27/12/1955 Columbus, Ohio. Married Mark Blann on 10/6/1978. Divorced

The Francis Wayne Pirtle Family

Francis Wayne Pirtle, last child of Jacob Louis Pirtle and Henrietta Ida Booker, married twice. His first marriage was to Mae Ching in Wahiawa, Hawaii. Mae was born 18 August 1922 in Honolulu, Hawaii, the daughter of Kwong Sung Ching and Ah Hao Tam. Mae and Francis Wayne had three children:

I. Ada Michele Pirtle b. 17/3/1944 Wahiawa, Hawaii. Married David Carroll McGlothlin on 20/4/1963 in Manassas, VA. Four children:

1. David Carroll McGlothlin, b. 31/1/1964

2. Robert Arwood McGlothlin, b. 26/12/1966

3. Sarah McGlothlin, b. 11/12/1970, d. 11/12/1970

4. Amy McGlothlin, b. ??/1973

II. Carol Ann Pirtle b. 11/10/1945 Schofield Barracks, HI. Three marriages, (1) Paul J. Kiefer, Jr. on 5/2/1966, (2) Laurence Venne in Feb. 1970, (3) Lt. Col. Virgil D. Detrick on 3/12/1973. One child from 1st Marriage:

1. Susan Annette Kiefer, b. 13/4/1967

III. Linda Lou Pirtle b. 11/11/1949 Wahiawa, HI. Married Ernesto S. Gutierrez on 23/8/1969 in Severna Park, MD. Two children:

1. Nicole’ Simone Gutierrez, b. 8/12/1975

2. Antonio Philipe Gutierrez, b. 20/12/1979

Francis remarried Leilani (last name unknown by author) on 29 October 1952 in Hawaii. Francis and Leilani had four children:

IV. Deborah Elayne Pirtle b. 29/8/1954 Honolulu, Hawaii (Hawaiian name “Puanani”) Married Harry Okabe. One child:

1. Jennifer Kela Kinuko Okabe, b. 5/12/1977

V. Beverly Jo Pirtle b. 6/6/1956 Honolulu, Hawaii (“Leinani”) Married William Arthur on July 1982. One child:

1. Adrianne Leilani Arthur

VI. Meredith Kay Pirtle b. 15/7/1958 Honolulu, Hawaii (“Lehua”) Married James Harvey Bracken on 5/5/1979 in Greencastle, IN. Two children:

1. Jacob Palani Bracken, b. 15/10/1980

2. Sarah Jo Bracken, b. 31/10/1981

VII. Michael Way Pirtle b. 31/12/1960 Honolulu, Hawaii. Married Mai L. Lee 3/9/1983 in Honolulu, Hawaii

The John Thomas Booker and Clara Maud Robertson Family

John Thomas Booker, fifth child of Jacob C. Booker and Christiana Clayton, married Clara Maud Robertson on 18 April 1909 in Sullivan Co., Indiana. Clara, born 20 March 1882 in Sullivan County, was the daughter of James Robert Robertson (1834-1913) and Louiza Jane Hester (1848-1941). John, by occupation was a coal miner, making his home in Dugger, Indiana. He was buried next to his wife, Clara (died 4 February 1949) in the Woodward Cemetery in Sullivan County. John Thomas Booker and Clara Maude Robertson had two children:

I. Dorothy Laverne Booker b. 23/9/1910 Greene Co., IN. Two marriages, (1) Ellerd Q. Cleveland on 24/6/1931 in Sullivan Co., IN, (2) Hosea Pirtle. Two children from 1st Marriage:

1. Eileen Cleveland, b. 15/5/1942. Marr. on 5/5/1961 to Phillip Coen. Three children:

i. Brian Keith Coen, b. 31/7/1964

ii. Brad Coen, b. 19/9/1965. Marr. on 20/10/1984 to Julie Ann Steinway. One Child:

a. Tyler Scott Coen, b. 13/4/1985

iii. Stacey Coen, b. 14/8/1971

2. Norma Cleveland, b. 16/4/1946. Marr. 5/6/1964 to Ronald Phegley. Three children:

i. Shannon Derrick Phegley, b. 28/10/1965

ii. Shauntel D’hee Phegley, b. 15/2/1970

iii. Shauna D’heen Phegley, b. 11/9/1971

II. Delmas L. Booker b. 20/8/1914 Sullivan Co., IN. Married Vivian Marie Rusk on 17/8/1940 in Sullivan Co., IN. Two children:

1. Beverly Booker, b. 25/12/1941 Sullivan Co., IN. Marr. 27/8/1961 to Eugene V. Brodie. Three children:

i. Curtis Eugene Brodie, b. 25/11/1964

ii. Angela Kay Brodie, b. 3/11/1967

iii. Dawn Kathleen Brodie, b. 3/4/1969

III. Donna J. Booker, b. 14/11/1944 Sullivan Co., IN. Two Marriages:, (1) Marr. Terry Dickinson, (2) Marr. Theodore John Michel, Jr.. One child by 1st Marriage:

1. Tammy Dickinson, b. 31/7/1963

The Albert Wilks Booker and Bessie G. McCammon Family

Next child of Jacob C. Booker and Christiana Clayton, was Albert Wilks Booker, who married Bessie G. McCammon on 22 February 1910 in Sullivan Co., Indiana. Bessie, born 5 November 1890, was the daughter of William P. McCammon and (Molly) Mary Hume. Albert and Bessie were married at the Baptist Parsonage in Sullivan County by the Rev. J. W. Neyman. Albert died in 1953 and was buried in the Indian Prairie Cemetery in Sullivan County. Bessie died 7 December 1973 in Linton, Indiana, but was buried in Indian Prairie Cemetery also. Albert Wilks Booker and Bessie McCammon had three children:

I. Glendon H. Booker b. 13/12/1910 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 1/2/1979 Sullivan Co., IN. Buried Indian Prairie Cemetery. Married Lois Geneva Wright (b. 6/10/1912) on 11/8/1939. Two children:

1. Sherril L. Booker

2. Phillip R. Booker

II. Geneva Booker b. 18/11/1914 Paxton, IN. Married Delmas Carrithers on 10/6/1933 in Sullivan Co., IN. Two children:

1. Larry L. Carrithers

2. Roger Carrithers

III. Barbara Booker b. 12/11/19??, Married Joe Miley, One child:

1. Mike Miley

Eli Francis Booker

Eli Francis Booker, seventh child of Jacob C. Booker and Christiana Clayton, had three marriages: (1) Stella ?; (2) Eva ?; and (3) Condita Osuna. Eli died in Florida in 1955, exact date unknown to author.

The Sarah Ann Booker and Thomas Clayton Family

Sarah Ann Booker, last child of Jacob Booker and Henrietta Cowden, married on 13 January 1870 in Sullivan County to Thomas Clayton, brother of Christiana Clayton. Christiana Clayton had married Sarah Ann Booker’s older brother, Jacob C. Booker. Thomas was born 7 April 1849 in Cass Twp., Sullivan Co., Indiana, and died 15 February 1924 in Haddon Twp., east of Paxton, Sullivan County. He and Sarah Ann were buried in the Booker Cemetery. Sarah Ann (known as “Sally”) and Thomas had six children:

Henrietta Clayton b. 1871 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 1933 Sullivan Co., IN. Never married. Buried in Booker Cemetery

Anna E. Clayton b. 1873 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 1915 Sullivan Co., IN. Buried Providence Cemetery

Mary L. Clayton b. 21/11/1875 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 4/10/1966 Sullivan Co., IN. Buried Woodward Cemetery

Nellie Clayton b. Sullivan Co., IN, d. 1895 Sullivan Co., IN. Buried Booker Cem., no tombstone. Never Married

William J. Clayton b. 26/7/1880 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 26/10/1951 Sullivan Co., IN. Buried Woodward Cemetery

Thomas Perry Clayton b. 5/5/1883 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 3/10/1970 Sullivan Co., IN. Buried Bethany Cemetery

The Anna E. Clayton and John M. Ladson Family

Anna E. Clayton, second child of Sarah Ann Booker and Thomas Clayton, married John M. “Jack” Ladson on 2 December 1900 in Sullivan Co., IN. Anna and Jack had three children:

I. Lora Ladson b. 1907. Marr. Marion Padgett. Three children:

1. Leland Padgett

2. Carl Dean Padgett, b. 1933, d. 1942

3. Marion Padgett, Jr.

II. Lola Ladson b.. Marr. ? Stuller

III. Herbert Ladson b. 10/8/1909. Marr. Violet Gore

The Mary L. Clayton and Elmer H. Robertson Family

Mary L. Clayton, next child of Sarah Ann Booker and Thomas Clayton, married Elmer H. Robertson. Mary and Elmer had three children:

I. Ruth Robertson b. 9/3/1902. Marr. 21/7/1932 to Neville Brodie. One child:

1. Eugene Brodie md. (distant cousin) Beverly Booker – (see Delmas L. Booker this Chapter)

II. Loren James Robertson b. 4/3/1900. Marr. Gladys Deiss. One child:

1. Doris Ruth Robertson md. Carl Sproatt

III. Lawrence Thomas Robertson b.. Marr. Edith Tally. Three children:

1. Lowell Robertson

2. Dolores Ruth Robertson md. Wilfred, Hamilton

3. Mary Gertrude Robertson md. James, William Benefiel

The William J. Clayton and Louettie Robertson Family

William J. Clayton married Louettie Robertson 31 December 1902 in Sullivan Co., Indiana. William and Louettie had three children:

I. Hercules Clayton b. 3/3/1904. Two marriages:, (1) Ben Perkins. One child:

1. Carl Dean Perkins

(2) Marr. ? Mitchell

II. Edith Marie Clayton b. 16/7/1909, Two marriages:, (1) Dr. Harvey Franklin Page. Two children:

1. Willard Page

2. Catharine Page

(2) Marr. ? Ritterscamp

III. Robert T. Clayton b. 2/10/1912, d. 12/7/1980. Marr. Freida Boone. No children

The Thomas Perry Clayton and Mary Blanche Shake Family

Thomas Perry Clayton married Mary Blanche Shake on 4 February 1911 at the home of the bride in Sullivan Co., Indiana. Mary, born 13 October 1890, was the daughter of Lucian Shake and Margaret Alsman. Mary died 26 March 1969 in Terre Haute, Indiana, but was buried in Bethany Cemetery in Sullivan County. Thomas Perry Clayton and Mary Blanche Shake had three children:

I. Eugene Emil Clayton b. 10/9/1912, Married Clara Overton. Four children:

1. Jerry Leon Clayton, b. 11/12/19??

2. Judy Clayton, b. 16/1/194?

3. Gerald Eugene Clayton, b. 22/8/19??

4. Ronald Perry Clayton, b. 11/12/195?

II. Elston Lucian Clayton b. 6/6/1917. Married Fern Walters. Five children:

1. Carolyn Sue Clayton. Marr. Wayne Horbard

2. John Elston Clayton

3. Robert Thomas Clayton

4. Richard Clayton

5. Linda Jane Clayton

III. Lois Evelyn Clayton b. 3/6/1926, Married Paul Anderson. Two children:

1. Marcia Kay Anderson

2. Kathy Lynn Anderson

The Bucher/Booker Family, 1686-1990 © 1990 Charles Lee Booker Jr.


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