The Bucher/Booker Family, 1686-1990: Chapter IV Part 2


The Martha A. Bennett and John Plummer Family

Martha A. Bennett, daughter of Delilah Booker and Charles T. Bennett, married 30 September 1877 in Sullivan County, Indiana to John Plummer. John was born 4 December 1852 (1880 Census in Sullivan County, Indiana lists his age as 25 years) in Marion County, Indiana. John died 3 April 1923 near Carlisle, Indiana, and was buried in Bethany Cemetery east of Carlisle. Martha died in Sullivan County and was also buried in Bethany Cemetery. Martha and John had two children:

I. Oliver Osco Plummer b. 10/8/1879 Sullivan Co., IN, d. May 1949 Sullivan Co., IN. Bur. Bethany Cemetery, Dugger, IN. Two marriages, (1) 30/9/1900 at Sullivan, IN to Ethel May Johnson, b. 7/3/1883 in Knox Co., IN, d/o James and Maranda Johnson, (2) 4/10/1917 to Emma Ethel Malone. Three children from 1st marriage:

1. Pauline Glenn Plummer, b. 5/6/1902 Sullivan Co., IN. Marr. 27/11/1918 at Bloomfield, IN to William Alkire. Two children:

i. Helen Louise Alkire, b. 20/12/1919 Linton, IN. Marr. 22/1/1938 Terre Haute, IN to Clifford Franklin Duffey. Four children:

a. Harold Richard Duffey, b. 17/11/1938 Linton, IN, d. 13/3/1953

b. Ronica Louise Duffey, b. 2/1/1941 Linton, IN, Marr. 15/7/1958 at Okeene, OK to Gary Benham

c. Dannie DeWayne Duffey, b. 6/4/1943 Linton, IN

d. Judith Arlene Duffey, b. 28/2/1947 Linton, IN. Marr. 29/5/1965 at Linton, IN to Michael Youdzukinas

ii. Vera Deane Alkire, b. 19/9/1922 Linton, IN. Marr. 1/1/1942 at St. Louis, MO to Garlan Moody, s/o Curt & Lulu Moody. Two children:

a. Patricia Jane Moody, b. 1/12/1942 Linton, IN. Marr. 14/4/1960 at Louisville, KY to Fernand Leroux

b. LeDeana Jean Moody, b. 17/9/1946 Linton, IN. Marr. 29/2/1964 to Jason Cantrell

2. James Russell Plummer, b. 23/8/1906 Sullivan Co., IN. Marr. 5/9/1931 St. Louis, MO to Lucille Brannon. No children

3. Virginia Frances Plummer, b. 9/1/1915 Dugger, IN. Marr. 3/10/11933 at Waterloo, IL to Henry Carnahan, b. 9/6/1911 at Utica, PA, s/o Clarence & Gene Carnahan. One child:

i. Robert Gene Carnahan, b. 1/9/1936 St. Louis, MO. Marr. 26/6/1960 at Ft. Lauderdale, FL to Patricia Williams. Three children:

a. Debra Lynn Carnahan, b. 30/6/1961 Ft. Lauderdale, FL

b. Blinda Kelly Carnahan, b. 27/12/1963 Ft. Lauderdale, FL

c. Lisa Dianne Carnahan, b. 18/10/1965 Ft. Lauderdale, FL

II. Nola Plummer b. 14/9/1881 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 25/9/1931 Sullivan Co., IN. Bur. Bethany Cemetery, Carlisle, IN. Marr. 28/2/1901 in Sullivan Co., IN to Reece Kennedy, b. 11/9/1875 d. 11/9/1947. Bur. Bethany Cemetery, Carlisle, IN. Three children:

1. Della Kennedy, b. 22/9/1902 Pleasantville, IN. Marr. 27/12/1923 at Bloofield, IN to Clifford Inman. Two children:

i. Winona Inman, b. 27/1/1925 White Rose, IN. Marr. at Sullivan Co., IN to Robert Jackson, s/o Carl and Mary Jackson. Six children:

a. Randell Jackson, b. 6/10/1946 Pleasantville, Indiana

b. Janice Reel Jackson, b. 13/2/1949 Pleasantville, Indiana

c. Linda Jackson, b. 31/12/1951 Pleasantville, Indiana

d. Roberta Jackson, b. 13/1/1955 Pleasantville, Indiana

e. Bobby Jackson, b. 4/7/1956 Pleasantville, IN

f. Kimberly Jackson, b. 15/3/1958 Pleasantville, Indiana

ii. Clifford Inman. b. 23/9/1927 White Rose, IN. Married 3 or 4 times. Has children; unknown to author

2. Tressie Kennedy, b. 3/11/1904 Pleasantville, IN. Marr. 29/9/1923 at Robison, IL to Vern Davidson, b. 24/2/1901 Carlisle, IN, s/o of William & Isola Davidson. No children

3. Archie Kennedy, b. 1/11/1908 Pleasantville, IN. Marr. 15/12/1928 in Sullivan Co., IN to Lois Padgett, b. 19/6/1913 Bucktown, d/o James and Pearl Padgett. One child:

i. William Kennedy, b. 22/12/1929 Bucktown, IN. Marr. 31/3/1951 at Carlisle, IN to Colleen Parks. Two children:

a. David Kennedy, b. 6/3/1955 Carlisle, IN

b. Richard Kennedy, b. 22/8/1958 Carlisle, IN

The William S. Bennett and Mary Garfield Brewer Family

William S. Bennett, son of Delilah Booker and Charles T. Bennett, married Mary Garfield Brewer on 30 December 1896 near Dugger, Indiana. Mary, the daughter of Elias and Harriet Miller Brewer, was born 4 October 1880 near Dugger, Indiana. William departed this life on 25 February 1938 near Carlisle, Indiana, and was buried in the Center Ridge Cemetery at Sullivan, Indiana. Mary remarried to John A. McCammon of Sullivan. She died 3 February 1966 at Sullivan, Indiana, and was buried in the Center Ridge Cemetery. William S. Bennett and his wife Mary G. had three children:

I. Grace Ellen Bennett b. 24/12/1897 Sullivan Co., IN, d., Two marriages, (1) Marr. 2/8/1916 at Paxton, IN to Orval Shannon, b. 25/5/1895 in Vermillion Co., IN, d. 28/1/1923 Sullivan, IN; bur. Center Ridge Cemetery, (2) Marr. 19/10/1938 at Farmersburg, IN to Pearl Fiddler (1883-1965). Three children from 1st marriage:

1. Frances Laverne Shannon, b. 30/5/1917 Paxton, IN , d. November 1918 Sullivan Co., IN. Bur. Center Ridge Cemetery, Sullivan, IN

2. Lovella Maxine Shannon, b. 5/3/1919 Sullivan, IN. Marr. 7/6/1937 at Detroit, MI to Arthur Evans; divorced. No children

3. Eula Margaret Shannon, b. 11/11/1921 Sullivan, IN. Marr. 17/4/1942 at Ecorse, MI to John Lewis Toth. Three children:

i. Michael John Toth, b. 10/10/1944 Toledo, OH. Marr. 20/8/1966 at Garden City, MI to Linda Foster

ii. Maxine Ellen Toth, b. 12/2/1947 Tucson, AZ. Marr. 10/7/1965 at Dearborn Heights, MI to Thomas Joseph Roe

iii. Victor Paul Toth, b. 4/2/1948 Tucson, AZ

II. Daisy May Bennett b. 26/7/1899 Sullivan Co., IN. Marr. 4/5/1918 at Sullivan, IN to Elie Pete McCammon, b. 21/2/1897 Sullivan Co., IN; s/o George Baker and Oma Leach McCammon. Four children:

1. Billie Joe McCammon, b. 23/7/1921 Sullivan Co., IN, Two marriages, (1) Marr. to Lucille Hall. Two children:

i. Donald Keith McCammon, b. 17/8/1940 Sullivan, IN

ii. Robert Joe McCammon, b. 20/2/1945 Sullivan, IN. Marr. 7/8/1945 at Sullivan, IN to Carla Jean Olsen. One child:

a. John William McCammon, b. 3/3/1966 Sullivan, IN

(2) Billie remarried 2/1/1950 at Sullivan, IN to Loise Eloise Shepard, d/o Floyd and Ethel Shepard. Two children:

iii. John Mark McCammon, b. 23/6/1953 Sullivan, IN

iv. Ray Eugene McCammon, b. 30/10/1959 Sullivan, IN

2. Betty June McCammon, b. 6/6/1925 Sullivan, IN. Marr. 30/6/1947 at Peoria, IL to Lyle Delbert Webb, b. 9/10/1919 Sullivan, IN, s/o Quince and Maggie Webb. Six children:

i. Larry David Webb, b. 26/10/1948 Sullivan, IN

ii. Sharon Ilean Webb, b. 16/2/1951 Sullivan, IN

iii. Karen Anita Webb, b. 18/7/1952 Sullivan, IN

iv. Johnnie Carter Webb, b. 26/10/1956 Sullivan, IN, d. 26/10/1956 Sullivan, IN. Bur. I.O.F. Cemetery, Carlisle, IN

v. Gary Allen Webb, b. 28/9/1959 Sullivan, IN

vi. Johnna Beth Webb, b. 3/3/1963 Sullivan, IN

3. Paul Lowell McCammon, b. 8/7/1933 Sullivan, IN. Marr. 15/9/1951 at Sullivan, IN to Patsy Houpt. One child:

i. David Lowell McCammon, b. 15/1/1953 Sullivan, IN

4. Dana Mae McCammon, b. 3/11/1940 Sullivan IN. Marr. 17/1/1959 at Sullivan, IN to Billie Ray Burton. One child:

ii. Jerri Lynn Burton, b. 3/9/1959 Sullivan, IN

III. Blanch Ethel Bennett b. 7/5/1907 Sullivan Co., IN. Marr. 5/8/1926 at Sullivan, IN to Paul Creager Simmons. Three children:

1. John Walter Simmons, b. 6/7/1927 Sullivan, IN. Marr. 17/2/1950 at Linton, IN to Wilma Irene Geatches. Two children:

i. Pamela Sue Simmons, b. 13/1/1951 Sullivan, IN

ii. Dianna Lynn Simmons, b. 28/10/1952 Sullivan, IN

2. Mary Estella Simmons, b. 29/3/1929 Sullivan, IN. Marr. 27/5/1950 at Sullivan, IN to Vernal Edwards. Four children:

i. Marilou Edwards, b. 26/5/1951 Sullivan, IN

ii. Paul Vernal Edwards, b. 22/12/1952 Sullivan, IN

iii. David Lee Edwards, b. 3/5/1954 Sullivan, IN

iv. Linda Sue Edwards, b. 27/7/1957 Sullivan, IN

3. Willie Thomas Simmons, b. 30/12/1930 Sullivan, IN. Marr. 14/7/1950 at Sullivan, IN to Mary Alice Walters. Four children:

i. Keith Simmons, b. 17/6/1951 Sullivan, IN

ii. Teresa Louise Simmons. b. 14/4/1953 Sullivan, IN

iii. Steven Kent Simmons, b. 24/11/1955 Sullivan, IN

iv. Susan Marie Simmons, b. 16/1/1961 Sullivan, IN

The Emma Rilla Bennett and James Dunbar Family

Emma Rilla Bennett, daughter of Delilah Booker and Charles T. Bennett, married 20 November 1898 in Sullivan County, Indiana to James Dunbar. James, born 31 July 1843, was the son of Alexander and Susanna Dunbar. James died 20 December 1924 near Carlisle, Indiana and was buried in Bethany Cemetery east of Carlisle. Emma lived until 1949, and was also buried in Bethany Cemetery. James and Emma had eight children:

I. Floyd Dunbar b. 23/3/1900 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 20/8/1920 Sullivan Co., IN. Bur. Bethany Cemetery

II. Corda Dunbar b. 11/10/1902 Sullivan Co., IN. Marr. 27/10/1920 at Sullivan, IN to Floyd Bedwell, b. 24/12/1895 Pleasantville, IN, s/o Calvin Sylvester and Cora Bell Steel Bedwell. Three children:

1. Lois Evelyn Bedwell, b. 9/10/1924 Carlisle, IN. Marr. 25/1/1942 at Pleasantville, IN to Ferne M. Smith. Five children:

i. Alan Maurice Smith, b. 8/2/1944 Sullivan, IN

ii. Gary Guy Smith, b. 14/2/1948 Sullivan, IN

iii. Timothy Wayne Smith, b. 20/4/1951 Sullivan, IN

iv. Janice Evelyn Smith, b. 5/4/1956 Sullivan, IN

v. Jayne Ann Smith, b. 31/3/1964 Sullivan, IN

2. Lowell Wayne Bedwell, b. 3/11/1925 Carlisle, IN. Marr. Feb. 1948 at Carlisle, IN to Yvannia Rose Padgett, d/o Victor and Agnes Cowder Padgett. Four children:

i. Karen Sue Bedwell, b. 13/2/1951 Hartford, KY

ii. Debra Jean Bedwell, b. 12/9/1954 Calhoun, KY

iii. Calvin Wayne Bedwell, b. 7/4/1957 Sullivan, IN

iv. Douglas Floyd Bedwell, b. 20/3/1961 Sullivan, IN

3. Judy Ann Bedwell, b. 17/5/1944 Sullivan Co., IN. Marr. 8/4/1964 at Robinson, IL to Dennis Ray Joseph. No children

III. Rollie Dunbar b. 9/1/1904 Carlisle, IN, Marr. 3/3/1925 at Sullivan, IN to Mildred Helen White, b. 18/1/1908 Marco, IN, d/o Mac and Blanch White. Five children:

1. Norma Jean Dunbar, b. 27/2/1926 Sullivan Co., IN, Two marriages, (1) Marr. to a ? Probst, One child:

i. Fredrick Joseph Probst, b. 23/2/1944 Anderson, IN

(2) Marr. 16/7/1948 at Anderson, IN to, Millard F. Williams. No children

2. Ethel Lorraine Dunbar, b. 21/9/1927 Carlisle, IN. Marr. 10/2/1946 at Elwood, IN to Danzil Eugene Allen. No children

3. Reba Charlene Dunbar, b. 30/7/1931 Anderson, IN. Marr. 27/1/1954 at Middletown, IN to Marcus S. Garrett. Three children:

i. Larry Michael Garrett, b. 5/11/1955 Philippine Islands

ii. Linda Rene Garrett, b. 29/3/1957 Anderson, IN

iii. Bradley Eugene Garrett, b. 5/6/1958 Orlando, FL

4. Darrell Dean Dunbar, b. 27/8/1935 Anderson, IN. Marr. 20/10/1956 Middletown, IN to Carol Dean Burneister. Two children:

i. Darrell Dean Dunbar, Jr., b. 24/7/1954 Crawfordville, IN

ii. Deana Carol Dunbar, b. 12/6/1958 Anderson, IN

5. Ruth Ann Dunbar, b. 5/2/1944 Anderson, IN

IV. Bessie Dunbar b. 19/3/1905 Carlisle, IN, Marr. 22/12/1923 at Sullivan, IN to Plez Sligar, s/o Lewis and Sarah Smith Sligar. Four children:

1. James Lewis Sligar, b. 7/7/1924 Carlisle, IN. Marr. January 1957 at Peoria, IL to Joann Lear. Two children:

i. James Gregory Sligar, b. 16/3/1958 Peoria, IL

ii. Timothy Sligar, b. 9/1/1961 Peoria, IL

2. Rose Mary Sligar, b. 27/10/1925 Carlisle, IN. Marr. 20/9/1945 Indianapolis, IN to Chester Wayne Miller, b. 1924, s/o Garrett and Blanch Walters Miller. Two children:

i. Reginald Wayne Miller, b. 1/1/1947 Indianapolis, IN

ii. David Kevin Miller, b. 1/5/1958 Tucson, AZ

3. Gerald Dean Sligar, b. 22/12/1933 Carlisle, IN. Marr. 29/8/1961 at Sullivan, IN to Mandy Gentry. One child:

i. Pamela Sue Sligar. b. 29/5/1962 Carlisle, IN

4. Wilford Lee Sligar, b. 30/1/1936 Carlisle, IN. Marr. in Tucson, AZ to Ursla Shoemaker born 27/2/1939 in Frankfort, Germany, d/o Charles and Ann Shoemaker. Two children:

i. Deborah Ann Sligar, b. 1/7/1956 Tucson, AZ

ii. Randy Lee Sligar, b. 29/12/1958 Tucson, AZ

V. Tressie Dunbar b. 19/3/1905 Carlisle, IN, d. 20/6/1959 Carlisle, IN. Bur. Mt. Moriah Cemetery, Dugger, IN. Marr. 22/3/1924 at Sullivan, IN to Certhel Brown, b. 6/11/1903 at Pleasantville, IN, s/o John and Leanna Brown. Three children:

1. Certhel Brown, Jr., b. & d. Aug. 1929 Pleasantville, IN

2. Marjorie Juanita Brown, b. 15/4/1931 Pleasantville, IN. Marr. 5/8/1950 at Dugger, IN to James Allen Boone. Two children:

i. Dale Allen Boone, b. 22/10/1951 Anderson, IN

ii. Darrell Wayne Boone, b. 12/4/1956 Anderson, IN

3. Mildred Irene Brown, b. 12/12/1932 Pleasantville, IN. Marr. 24/2/1950 at Linton, IN to Edward Cunningham, died 5/11/1929 Linton, IN. Bur. Mt. Morial Cemetery, Dugger, IN. One child:

i. Mary Lou Cunningham, b. 28/5/1959 Linton, IN

VI. Helen Dunbar b. 2/10/1906 Carlisle, IN. Marr. 26/1/1925 at Vincennes, IN to Donald Charles Palmier, b. 24/9/1903 Sanborn, IN, s/o Henry and Emma L. Palmier. Three children:

1. Paul Loren Palmier, b. 11/3/1929 Dugger, IN. Marr. 25/6/1950 at Dugger, IN to Helen A. Phillips. One child:

i. Paula Diane Palmier, b. 20/2/1954 Munice, Indiana

2. Charles Leon Palmier, b. 11/10/1931 Dugger, IN. Marr. 14/5/1950 at Dugger, IN to Barbara Ruth Jackson. Two children:

i. Bradley Leon Palmier, b. 8/4/1952 Muncie, IN

ii. Andrea Beth Palmier, b. 2/11/1953 Muncie, IN

3. Emma Ruth Palmier, b. 27/9/1939 Dugger, IN, d. in infancy

VII. Ethel Dunbar b. 10/4/1908 Carlisle, IN. Marr. 22/9/1926 at Bloomfield, IN to Marshall Harvey Cobb, b. 12/3/1908, s/o Marshall and Nancy Cobb. Six children:

1. Ethel Cobb, b. 10/4/1927 Pleasantville, IN, d. 11/4/1927 Pleasantville, IN. Bur. Mt. Moriah Cemetery, Bucktown, IN

2. Betty Frances Cobb, b. 9/2/1929 Carlisle, IN. Two marriages, (1) Marr. 6/6/1953 at Anderson, IN to Frank Guenthesberger. One child:

i. Robert Curtis Guenthesberger, b. 21/2/1956 Anderson, IN, (2) Betty remarried 18/4/1954 at Indianapolis, IN to Harold Lee Van Horn. No children by 2nd marriage

3. Floyd Curtis Cobb, b. 23/2/1931 Anderson, IN. Marr. 17/12/1949 at Greenfield, IN to Marcella Belle Tunis. Four children:

i. Michael Curtis Cobb, b. 29/7/1950 Anderson, IN

ii. Lisa Lynn Cobb, b. 13/5/1955 Anderson, IN

iii. Christine Marie Cobb, b. 12/6/1961 Anderson, IN

iv. Brian Keith Cobb, b. 10/4/1962 Anderson, IN

4. Janet Gay Cobb, b. 1/3/1933 Anderson, IN. Marr. 8/6/1952 at Anderson, Indiana to Norman Richard Clear. Four children:

i. Brenda Jo Clear, b. 5/1/1955 Ft. Benning, GA

ii. Anthony Wayne Clear, b. 4/12/1956 Mile, MI

iii. Vicky Lynn Clear, b. 18/7/1959 Anderson, IN

iv. Penny Sue Clear, b. 29/12/1960 Anderson, IN

5. Katherine Elaine Cobb, b. 22/3/1949 Anderson, IN

6. Deborah Joan Cobb, b. 8/6/1953 Anderson, IN

VIII. Leslie Eugene Dunbar b. 11/4/1910 Carlisle, IN. Marr. 1/8/1929 at Sullivan, IN to Mildred Ophelia Bedwell, b. 15/3/1913, in Sullivan Co., IN, d/o Dan and Rose Bedwell. Three children:

1. Barbara Jean Dunbar, b. 11/3/1930 Sullivan Co., IN. Marr. 12/9/1948 at Hopkinsville, KY to William Thomas Fritz. Four children:

i. Barry Allen Fritz, b. 21/6/1949 Anderson, IN

ii. Thomas Gregory Fritz, b. 26/3/1952 Anderson, IN

iii. Connie Lea Fritz, b. 1/2/1954 Anderson, IN

iv. Vicki Sue Fritz, b. 19/9/1957 Anderson, IN

2. Danny Revel Dunbar, b. 29/7/1933 Sullivan Co., IN. Marr. 7/3/1953 at Jonesboro, IN to Mary Eunice Ireland. Three children:

i. Nika Ann Dunbar, b. 2/1/1954 Anderson, IN

ii. Gregory Scott Dunbar, b. 30/9/1955 Anderson, IN

iii. Kim Diane Dunbar, b. 9/5/1957 Anderson, IN

3. Ann Jane Dunbar, b. 17/6/1935 Sullivan Co., IN. Marr. 16/1/1954 at Anderson, IN to Phillip Jay Brandon. Two children:

i. Camille Sue Brandon, b. 2/10/1957 Angola, IN

ii. Phillip Jay Brandon, b. 11/4/1959 Angola, IN

The Emeline Booker and Theopolis Padgett Family

George and Polly Booker’s next child was Emeline Booker. She married Theopolis Padgett (presumably a cousin), on 27 February 1851 in Sullivan County, Indiana. Theopolis and Emeline and their family are found on the 1880 Census, Stafford Township, Greene Co, Indiana. Their children are as follows:

Mary Emeline Padgett b. 1852 Sullivan or Greene Co., IN. Marr. 8/4/1879 to James B. Goodman in Greene Co., IN

George William Padgett b. 3/9/1855 Sullivan or Greene Co., IN d. 23/4/1904 Sullivan Co., IN. Marr. 26/8/1880 to Ellie Jane Cox in Greene Co., IN

Nancy Caroline Padgett b. 1856 Sullivan or Greene Co., IN, d.. Marr. 10/3/1883 to Eli Goodman in Greene Co., IN

Josiah (Joseph) Padgett b. 1871 Sullivan or Greene Co., IN, d.. Marr. 20/10/1894 to Rosanna Wright in Greene Co., IN

The Silas Booker and Rebecca Cox Family

From History of Greene and Sullivan County, Indiana, published in Chicago in 1884, by Goodspeed Bros. & Co. Publishers, page 786, the following passage is found. “SILAS BOOKER, farmer, P.O. Pleasantville, was born February 24, 1825, son of George W. and Mary (Padgett) Booker. Mr. Booker settled in this county in Jefferson Township in the year 1849, and on the 26th of March 1849, his nuptials with Rebecca Cox were celebrated, and to this union six children have been born – Josiah, born February 2, 1850; Abraham, May 22, 1852; Harrison, November 2, 1855; Mary J., March 23, 1859; Margaret A., June 13, 1860; Nancy E., August 1, 1862. Mr. Booker has been a farmer all his life, commencing in the woods with nothing, and has worked hard, and by industry has in his possession 240 acres of land, well improved. Politically, he is a Democrat, casting his first vote for James K. Polk.”

On the 1860 Census of Sullivan Co., Indiana, I found that Silas had one other child, Cela Booker. She is listed as 1/2 year old, and the youngest member of Silas’s and Rebecca’s household. Silas died 31 March 1917 in Pleasantville and was buried next to his wife, Rebecca, who had died 31 July 1896. They are both interred in the Bethany Cemetary northwest of Pleasantville, Indiana.

Josiah Booker

Silas’s and Rebecca’s first child, Josiah, married Catherine Cox on 25 October 1871 in Sullivan County. Josiah and his wife are listed with no children on the 1880 Indiana Census in Jefferson Twp., Sullivan County. On the 1900 Census Josiah is found living in Haddon Township, Sullivan Co., Indiana. He is enumerated as a boarder living with Robert Tarwater. (Tarwater had in 1895 married Margaret A. Booker, Josiah’s younger sister.)

In the death records of Sullivan Co., Indiana, I did find Josiah Booker’s wife, Catherine, who died 5 May 1892 in Haddon Twp. I have no information on any children by Josiah and Catherine. Josiah (also known as Joe or Joseph) is found on the 1910 Census in Pleasantville, living with his sister, Mary A., age 53, and her husband, William L. Long, age 57. Notice that Mary’s age and middle initial are different than what was reported in the short biography of Silas and Rebecca Cox.

The Abraham Booker and Sarah E. Jett Family

Silas’s and Rebecca’s second child, Abraham, married Sarah E. Jett on 10 October 1873 in Sullivan Co., Indiana. Abraham was a farmer and his family lived in Jefferson Twp. in Sullivan County. Abraham died in 1938 in Sullivan County, and both Abraham and Sarah are buried in Bethany Cemetery. Their two sons:

I. Alfred Booker b.1875 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 1929 Sullivan Co., IN. Buried Indian Prairie Cemetery. Marr. 8/10/1895 to Laura A. Johnson in Sullivan Co., IN (Laura born 1876, and bur. next to Alfred). One child:

1. Raymond D. Booker, b. 4/11/1897 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 2/1/1898 Sullivan Co., IN. Bur. Indian Prairie Cemetery

II. Walter Booker b. 24/3/1878 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 13/11/1933 Sullivan Co., IN. Buried Pleasantville Cemetery. Marr. 2/9/1897 to Sarah Isabelle Jones in Sullivan Co., IN (Sarah died 5/12/1956, bur. next to Walter), Two children:

1. Axelina (Zelma) M. Booker, b. 2/1/1899 Sullivan Co., IN. Marr. 18/9/1920 to Henry O. Wilson in Sullivan Co., IN

2. Alma O. Booker, b. 9/4/1901 Sullivan Co., IN. Marr. 5/4/1919 to Raymond H. Gibbs in Sullivan Co., IN

The Harrison Booker and Maryam Jett Family

Harrison Booker was the third child of Silas and Rebecca Booker. Harrison married Maryam Jett on 14 November 1878 in Sullivan Co., Indiana. Maryam was born in August of 1852 in Kentucky. Harrison and Maryam had seven children:

Nora Booker b. 22/5/1879 Sullivan Co., IN , d. 1944

Elizabeth Booker b. Aug. 1880 Sullivan Co., IN, d.

Erma (Della) Booker b. Aug. 1882 Sullivan Co., IN, d.

Ada Booker b. May 1884 Sullivan Co., IN,

Alvin Ocie Booker b. 1/9/1888 Sullivan Co., IN, / d. 10/11/1917, bur. Bethany Cemetery,. Twins Sullivan Co., Indiana (buried next to his \ mother)\

David Booker b. 1/9/1888 Sullivan Co., IN, d. not on 1900 Census, not on death Index

Silas Booker b. 15/9/1895 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 21/11/1976 IN

Harrison Booker and Maryam Jett’s first child, Nora married Daniel Moody on 7 October 1902 in Sullivan Co., Indiana. Nora and Daniel had four children:

Mark Moody b. 17/1/1904, d. 1920 of Scarlet Fever

Olive Mary Moody b. 12/2/1906, d. 22/8/1980, Married 19/5/1926 to Lloyd E. Booker (a descendant of Isaac Booker (See Chapter IV for descendants of Olive Mary Moody and Lloyd E. Booker)

Harold Moody b. 28/7/1907 , d. 19/11/1973

James Harrison Moody b. 29/8/1909, d. 21/6/1975

Harold Moody, son of Nora and Daniel Moody, married Edith Alsman, and had one son:

I. Harold Moody, Jr. b. 19/2/1941, Married Elizabeth (Tibb) Meeks. Three sons:

1. Reg Lynn Moody, b. 3/7/1965

2. Rhett Alan Moody, b. 25/7/1967

3. Russ Daniel Moody, b. 25/8/1970

James Harrison Moody, son of Nora and Daniel Moody, married Burl Willington. James and Burl had three daughters:

I. Betty Imogene Moody b. 7/2/1933. Marr. Bob Townsley. Three children:

1. Jimmy Townsley, b. 16/5/1953. Marr. Janet Pope. Four children:

i. David Townsley, b. 5/3/1977

ii. Jonathan Townsley, b. 22/12/1979

iii. Elizabeth Townsley. b. 2/12/1982

iv. Sara Ruth Townsley, b. 3/4/1985

2. Terry Townsley, b. 13/9/1951. Marr. Larry Keck. Four children:

i. Jason Keck, b. 29/1/1972

ii. Jennifer Keck, b. 3/10/1973

iii. Amy Keck, b. 8/5/1975

iv. Lisa Keck, b. 15/2/1977

3. Luke Townsley, b. 21/12/1975

II. Sandra Sue Moody b. 7/4/1938, Marr. John Mitchell. Two children:

1. Tambela Dawn Mitchell, b. 27/10/1959. Marr. Jerry Fisher. One son:

i. Jeremy Fisher, b. 9/10/1979

2. Johnna Sue Mitchell, b. 28/10/1960. Marr. Jim Caylor. Two children:

i. Corey Caylor, b. 18/9/1982

ii. Cassandra Michelle Caylor, b. 27/6/1985

III. Darlene Janet Moody b. 21/3/1941, Marr. Gene Noel. One daughter:

1. Carrie Noel, b. 2/4/1964. Marr. R. J. Mitchel


Elizabeth (Lizzie) Booker, daughter of Harrison Booker and Maryam Jett, married John Kennedy on 30 September 1900 in Sullivan Co., Indiana. Lizzie and John had three sons:

James Kennedy b.

Paul Kennedy b.

Phillip Kennedy b.

Next child of Harrison Booker and Maryam Jett, Erma (Della) Booker, married Lewis Till Alsman on 22 May 1903 in Sullivan Co., Indiana. Della and Till had five children:

I. Hazel Alsman b. 1903 Sullivan Co., IN

II. Claude Alsman b. 1904 Sullivan Co., IN. Marr. Crean ?. Three children:

1. Freddie Alsman

2. Claude Alsman, Jr.

3. Barbara Alsman, (died age 13 yrs.)

III. Cecil Alsman b. 1909

IV. Verna Alsman b.

V. Eva Mae Alsman b.

Ada (Addie) Booker, daughter of Harrison Booker and Maryam Jett, married Vernon Plummer on 31 January 1904 in Sullivan Co., Indiana. They had no children.

Silas Booker, last child of Harrison and Maryam Booker to reach adulthood, married Hester Mae Long in Sullivan Co., Indiana on 5 March 1921. Hester was born 30 March 1899. Silas and Hester had three children:

I. Edward Eugene Booker b. 12/1/1923, d. 14/6/1985. Marr. Rosalind Gillespie on 21/4/1946. Four children:

1. infant son, b.&d. 22/1/1948

2. Ralph Booker, b. 22/1/1948. Marr. Norma Jones 5/9/1971. Two Children:

i. Mathew Errin Booker, b. 15/3/1973

ii. Amy Elizabeth Booker, b. 2/10/1975

3. Silas Morris Booker, b. 11/7/1952. Marr. Linda ? 2/8/1975. Two children:

i. Samuel Booker, b. 7/6/1981

ii. Luke Nathan Booker, b. 16/9/1986

4. Mary Louise Booker, b. 4/12/1959. Marr. Joseph Raymond Loermer 12/8/1984. Two children:

i. Michael Joseph Loermer, b. 26/7/1985

ii. son Loermer, b. 28/11/1986

II. Helen Mildred Booker b. 6/7/1926. Marr. Clifford Zaza on 26/9/1964. No children

III. Willard Wayne Booker b. 28/8/1934. Marr. Beverly Cathcart on 13/8/1955. Two children:

1. Tara Lee Booker, b. 2/12/1958. Marr. Dean Kurtz 7/10/1983

2. David Booker. b. 28/7/1960. Marr. Monica Ross Smith on 25/8/1984


Silas’s and Rebecca’s fourth child was Mary A. Booker as mentioned in the newspaper article. Mary A. Booker married William L. Long on 3 October 1875. By the 1910 Census Mary and William had had three children but only one was living.


Silas’s and Rebecca’s fifth child, Margaret A. Booker, married Robert Tarwater on 17 April 1895.


The sixth child of Silas and Rebecca Booker, Nancy E. Booker, married George W. Jones on 17 March 1887. On the 1910 Census, dated 15 April, in Pleasantville, Nancy and George W. Jones are listed with their daughter, Mary Jones, age 13. Also living with them is Nancy’s father, Silas Booker, widow, age 85. The Census states that Nancy and George W. Jones had two children but only one living.

>The William George Booker and Charlotte Cox Family

The fourth child of George W. Booker and Mary (Polly) Padgett was William George Booker. William’s Civil War records state at the time of his enlistment on 13 October 1864, his age was 39 years; eyes blue; hair dark; height 5 feet 4 and 1/2 inches; complexion fair; nativity Sullivan County, Indiana; and occupation farmer. William George Booker married Charlotte Cox on 25 September 1849 in Sullivan County, Indiana probably in Carlisle. Charlotte, born 13 September 1830 in Indiana, was the daughter of Christopher Cox and Anna Littlejohn.

William George Booker was drafted and mustered into the U. S. Army on 13 October 1864 at Terre Haute, Indiana. Private William G. Booker was assigned to Company B, 30th (Re-Organized) Indiana Regiment Volunteers, Infantry. His length of service was for one year, and William was discharged from the Army at Victoria, Texas, on 13 October 1865. During his one year service, he and his company had pursued Hood’s Army (Confederate) from Nashville, Tennessee to Huntsville, Alabama, 15 through 16 December 1864.

William G. Booker died 26 March 1878, and Charlotte (Cox) Booker died 6 August 1884. They were buried next to each other in the Indian Prairie Cemetery in Carlisle, Indiana. Before William’s death, he and Charlotte had six children:

Harrison Allen Booker b. 10/2/1850 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 21/10/1922 Sullivan Co., IN

Sarah E. Booker b. 1852 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 5/1/1882 Sullivan Co., IN. Buried Indian Prairie Cemetery

Mary Elanore Booker b. 10/7/1855 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 10/12/1926 Sullivan Co., IN

William Albert Booker b. 22/12/1858 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 8/4/1937 Sullivan Co., IN

Martha A. Booker b. 29/1/1864 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 17/12/1945 Sullivan Co., IN

James T. Booker b. 1868 Knox Co., IN, d. 1951 Knox Co., IN

Harrison Allen Booker

William George and Charlotte Booker’s first child, Harrison A. Booker, married Susan Robbins on 16 October 1870 in Sullivan Co., Indiana. Susan was born on 16 June 1849 in Knox Co., Indiana, and died 11 July 1885 in Sullivan Co., Indiana. She is buried in the Indian Prairie Cemetery. Susan had one child by Harrison before her death. This child’s name was Elmira (“Myra”) Booker born in 1875 in Sullivan County. Elmira married Charles Wengedoht of Sullivan Co., Indiana on 2 March 1893. Elmira and Charles had three children (one married a person named Denver, lives near Freelandsville). Harrison A. Booker remarried to Wilhemina “Minnie” Begeman on 28 January 1886 in Greene Co., Indiana. Minnie was born 24 October 1863 in Sullivan Co., Indiana and died 21 January 1957 in Sullivan County. She was buried in Indian Prairie Cemetery next to her husband, Harrison Allen Booker. Harrison and Minnie had three children:

I. Mary Booker b. 29/9/1887 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 29/6/1967 Sullivan Co., IN. Buried Indian Prairie Cem. (marr. late, no children)

II. George William Booker b. 29/5/1889 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 27/11/1967 Sullivan Co., IN. Two marriages, (1) Marr. 11/9/1909 to Nellie Lisman. One daughter:

1. Beulah M. Booker, b. 2/6/1911 Sullivan Co., IN.

Nellie Lisman Booker died (2) Marr. 12/8/1917 to Della O. Neal in Bicknell, IN; Della died 12/4/1966; Bur. Indian Prairie Cemetery; George and Della had one daughter:

2. Ruth Booker, b. 21/6/1918 Sullivan Co., IN. Bessie O. Booker b. 2/1/1892 Knox Co., IN. Marr. 26/8/1918 to Oris W. Neal in Sullivan Co., IN. One daughter:

i. daughter Neal

Della O. Neal, born 31 August 1880 and Oris W. Neal, born 24 January 1891, were children of Alexander Neal and Rosa Robbins. Both Della and Oris were born in Sullivan Co., Indiana.

The Mary Elanore Booker and James Marion Bowen Family

William’s and Charlotte’s third child, Mary Elanore Booker, married James Marion Bowen on 18 May 1877 in Carlisle, Indiana. One of ten children of Tavner B. and Anna (Robbins) Bowen, James M. Bowen was born 18 October 1856 in Knox Co., Indiana, . While working as a farmer in Sullivan County, he met Mary Elanore Booker, “Mollie.” James Marion Bowen and “Mollie” Elanore Booker had seven children:

William Sherman Bowen b. Sept. 1878 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 1924 Carlisle, IN, bur. Indian Prairie Cemetery; Marr. 6/5/1903 to Pearl Bennett in Sullivan Co., IN

Maude Bowen b. May 1880 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 11/9/1932. Bur. Indian Prairie Cemetery. Marr. 29/3/1900 to Charles Campbell in Sullivan Co., IN

Mary D. Bowen b. Oct. 1882 Sullivan Co., IN. d. 25/6/1883 Carlisle, IN. Buried Indian Prairie Cemetery Berdia (Verda) Bowen b. Aug. 1884 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 18/5/1959 Vincennes, IN. Buried Fairview Cemetery, Vincennes, IN. Marr. Sherman Oaks

James Frank Bowen b. 30/12/1886 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 12/5/1973 Sullivan Co., IN. Buried Indian Prairie Cemetery. Married 8/10/1908 to Laura Bell Kennedy, Sullivan Co., IN

Thomas Tavner Bowen b. 22/9/1888 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 7/8/1979 Sullivan Co., IN. Buried Oddfellows Cemetery, Carlisle, IN. Marr. 11/3/1910 to Leulla Pearl McKinley in Sullivan Co., IN

Claude Clinton Bowen b. 28/10/1895 Carlisle, IN, d. 5/11/1977 Cleveland, OH. Buried Grandview Cemetery, Terre Haute, IN; Veteran of World War I

Mary Elanore (Booker) Bowen died 10 December 1926 and was buried in Indian Prairie Cemetery. James Marion Bowen died 30 June 1948, and was buried next to his wife.


Claude Clinton Bowen, youngest son of Mary Elanore Booker and James Marion Bowen, married Pearl May Shipp in 1917 in Sullivan Co., Indiana. Pearl, born on 13 October 1898 in Crawford Co., Illinois, died 13 July 1928 in Merom, Indiana of tuberculosis, and was buried in Indian Prairie Cemetery in Carlisle, Indiana. Claude remarried to a lady named Gladys, and resettled in Terre Haute until her death in 1972. Until his death in 1977, Claude lived with his son. Claude was buried beside his second wife in the Grandview Cemetery in Terre Haute, Indiana. Claude and his first wife, Pearl, had five children, the youngest, a daughter, dying at birth. (The youngest child is buried beside Pearl May Bowen.) The other four children:

I. Nathan Clinton Bowen b. 30/1/1918 Carlisle, IN, Liv. Cleveland, OH. Marr. Bertha Mae Lackey 1/6/1938 Cleveland, OH. Veteran of World War II, Seven Children:

1. James Nathan Bowen, b. 17/12/1938 Cleveland, OH, d. 11/1/1941 Cleveland, OH. Bur. Woodland Cemetery

2. Nathan Clinton Bowen, Jr., b. 24/8/1940 Cleveland, OH. Veteran of the Vietnam War. Marr. Renate Elise Hildegard, Freudenberger on 16/3/1963 in Ludwigsburg, West Germany. Three Children:

i. Patricia Renate Bowen, b. 7/1/1964 Ft. Bragg, NC

ii. Evelyn Kathleen Bowen, b. 11/6/1965 Ft. Bragg, NC

iii. Kenneth Michael Bowen, b. 29/6/1967 Ft. Bragg, NC

3. Jacqueline Bowen, b. 2/3/1942 Cleveland, OH. Marr. Joseph D. Virag, Jr. on 24/2/1962 Cleveland, OH. One Child:

i. Darren Virag, b. 23/9/1966 Bedford, OH

4. Carol Ann Bowen, b. 20/11/1943 Cleveland, OH. Marr. Everette Dale McCracken on 21/1/1964 Detroit, MI. Five Children:

i. Dale Everette McCracken, b. 11/10/1964

ii. Paul Michael McCracken, b. 12/9/1965

iii. Kelly Ruth McCracken, b. 4/2/1969

iv. Shawn David McCracken, b. 5/11/1970

v. Holly Lynn McCracken, b. 28/1/1974

5. Claude David Bowen, b. 3/12/1945 Cleveland, OH,. d. 14/1/1980 Cleveland, OH. Marr. Charlene Marie Davis 25/11/1966 Detroit, MI. Three Children:

i. David Claude Bowen II, b. 13/6/1967 Cleveland, OH

ii. Tammy Marie Bowen, b. 18/6/1969 Cleveland, OH

iii. Charles Nathan Bowen, b. 7/4/1971 Cleveland, OH

6. Paul Revere Bowen, b. 9/7/1948 Cleveland, OH. Marr. Mary Ann Matulis 2/10/1971 Cleveland, OH. Five Children:

i. Melisa Marie Bowen, b. 11/2/1972 Cleveland, OH

ii. Cherie Denise Bowen, b. 19/2/1974 Parma, OH

iii. Paul Revere Bowen II, b. 14/10/1978 Willoughby, OH

iv. Jason Joseph Bowen, b. 10/11/1979 Euclid, OH

v. James Nathan Bowen, b. 10/1/1978?? Euclid, OH

7. Sharon Lee Bowen, b. 29/9/1953 Cleveland, OH. Marr. Steven Kokoruda on 17/3/1973, Cleveland, OH. One child:

i. Stephen Shawn Kokoruda, b. 19/3/1975 Cleveland, OH

II. Charles Edward Bowen b. 23/12/1921 Freelandsville, IN, d. 10/9/1967 Terre Haute, IN. Marr. Beatrice Elaine Blackburn in Terre Haute, IN. Two children:

1. Michael Edward Bowen, b. 12/6/1945 Portland, OR. Two marriages:, (1) Marr. Ester Summers. One child:

i. Michael Edward Bowen II, b. 3/2/1969 Terre Haute, IN

(2) Marr. Karen Sue Church

ii. Patrick Joseph Bowen, b. 1/7/1947 Terre Haute, IN, d. 13/7/1963 Terre Haute, IN. Bur. Grandview Cemetery

III. Myrtle Irene Bowen b. 1/12/1923 Merom, IN. Two Marriages, (1) Marr. Charles William Scott, (2) Marr. 26/9/1969 to Harley Wilson. One child by first marriage:

1. Charlotte Loretta Scott, b. 23/11/1941 Merom, IN.. Two marriages:, (1) Marr. Oct. 1956 to John Albert Hallett. One child:

i. Kathy Charlene Hallett, b. 2/4/1957. Marr. Dan Stultz on 26/7/1976. One child:

a. Teresa Danuel Stultz, b. 25/12/1977

(2) Marr. 22/8/1958 to Jerry Pruitt, Charles Kenneth Bowen b. 11/5/1926 Merom, IN, d. 19/5/1979 Baltimore, MD. Marr. Anne Poe on 24/1/1946 Baltimore, MD. Seven Children:

i. Charles Kenneth Bowen, Jr., b. 13/10/1947 Baltimore, MD. Marr. Margie Tarlton 20/6/1972. Baltimore, MD

ii. Ella Anna Bowen, b. 21/6/1950 Baltimore, MD. Marr. Gregory Abshire

iii. Deborah Claudette Bowen, b. 5/4/1952 Baltimore, MD. Marr. Aaron Tex Randolph on 12/12/1970 Baltimore, MD

iv. Joyce Mae Bowen, b. 19/7/1953 Baltimore, MD. Marr. George Joseph Schuritch

v. Carl Richard Bowen, b. 28/1/1955 Baltimore, MD

vi. Jeffrey Paul Bowen, b. 4/3/1958 Baltimore, MD

vii. Judy Bowen, b. 10/3/1965 Baltimore, MD

William Albert Booker

William George and Charlotte Booker’s fourth child was William Albert Booker. He married Lucy Bell Gibbs on 30 November 1886 in Sullivan Co., Indiana. Born on 22 February 1862, Lucy was the daughter of Robert and Francis Elizabeth Gibbs. On the 1910 Census in Sullivan County, William Albert Booker is listed as a coal miner. He and Lucy had six children:

I. Rosa Ethel Booker b. 21/1/1888 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 1978, Sullivan Co., IN. Marr. 19/8/1908 to William C. Little in Sullivan Co., IN. Three children:

1. Lucy Little, Marr. to ?. No children

2. Elisha Little. Marr. to ?. One child

3. Dorothy Little, Marr. to Richard Sutton, Living Clearwater, FL, Two children

II. Edna Olla Booker b. 19/1/1890 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 1972 Bicknell, IN. Marr. 13/1/1909 to William L. Howard in Sullivan Co.. Nine children:

1. Dorothy Edith Howard, b., d.

2. Mary Evangeline Howard, b., d.

3. Glenn Howard, b.,

4. James Albert Howard, b.

5. McConold Howard, b., d. at 13 months old

6. Iva Edna Howard, b. 10/12/1917. Married Carl Lester Johnson. Twin to Ivan Edward Howard. Living in Lake Station, IN. Five children:

i. Carl Lee Johnson, b. 9/7/1943 Vincennes, IN. Living New York City. Professional Vocalist; not married

ii. Curtis Alan Johnson, b. 25/8/1949 Vincennes, IN. Marr. Roseanne Bravo. Liv. Lake Station, IN. Two children:

a. Courtney Johnson, b. 27/12/1979

b. Chapin Alan Johnson, b. 2/3 Oct. 1981

iii. Myrna Rae Johnson, b. 30/6/1951 Vincennes, IN. Marr. Robert Jeffrey Horvath. No children

iv. Cebra Anne Johnson, b. 25/3/1954 Vincennes, IN. Marr. Michael Jesse. No children. Liv. Valparaiso, IN

v. Craig Vance Johnson, b. 18/9/1955 Vincennes, IN. Marr. Judy Ray Campbell. Two children:

a. Mathew Craig Johnson, b. 3/12/19??

b. Marci Rene Johnson, b.

7. Ivan Edward Howard, b. 10/12/1917 Sullivan Co., IN, Twin to Iva Edna Howard

8. Pauline Howard, b. 15/11/1922

9. Virginia Howard, b.

III. Gertrude Francis Booker b. 4/3/1892 Sullivan Co., IN, d. March 1988 Decatur, IN. Marr. 11/9/1911 to Dovie Lewis Bedwell in Sullivan Co., IN. Ten children:

1. Dovie Darrell Bedwell, b. 8 April 1912. Marr. 5/2/1934 to Emma Gordon in Sullivan Co., IN. Three children:

i. Jane Bedwell, b.

ii. John Bedwell, b.

iii. Kathy Bedwell, b.

2. Dale Eugene Bedwell, b. 1914?, Liv. Plainfield, IN

3. Agnes Bedwell, b. 1917, d. 1984/85. Marr. Mitchell Harges

4. Laurel Bedwell, b., Liv. Ft. Wayne, IN

5. Fairy Bedwell, Liv. Ocala, FL

6. Leo Bedwell, b.

7. Wade Bedwell, b.. Liv. Decatur, IN

8. Bill Dean Bedwell, b.. Liv. Ft. Wayne, IN

9. Eunice Bedwell, Died young

10. Lloyd Bedwell. Died young

IV. Flossie Booker b. 2/4/1897 Sullivan Co., IN, d. at birth, bur. Indian Prairie Cemetery. Twin to Lossie Booker

V. Lossie Booker b. 2/4/1897 Sullivan Co., IN, d. at birth, bur. Indian Prairie Cemetery. Twin to Flossie Booker

VI. Ivan Albert Booker b. 13/1/1901 Sullivan Co., IN., d. 1985 Virginia Beach, VA., marr. Fairyitless Meir 1923, 2 children:

1. Lewis Booker, Liv. Arlington, Virginia. Four children: One daughter, Three sons

2. Elizabeth Joan Booker. Married Karl Schellenberg. Liv. Norfolk, VA, Four children:, Two daughters, Two sons

William Albert Booker died 8 April 1937 in Sullivan Co., Indiana, and was buried in Indian Prairie Cemetery. His widow, Lucy, died 22 July 1946 in Sullivan County and was buried next to him.

The Martha A. Booker and Amzy Clark Wells Family

William George and Charlotte Booker’s fifth child, Martha (“Mattie”) A. Booker, married Amzy Clark Wells on 16 December 1885 in Sullivan County. Clark, as he was called, was born 24 August 1859 in Sullivan Co., Indiana. Martha and Clark had two children:

Teressa O. Wells b. 1886 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 1976 Sullivan Co., IN. Bur. Indian Prairie Cemetery. Marr. Jesse C. Page. Three sons

Paul Wells b. 1888 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 1937, Marr. Stella Wellington, One daughter

The following is an extract from a letter written to Nathan C. Bowen, Jr. (great-grandson of James Marion Bowen and Mary Elanore Booker) from Doctor Ivan Albert Booker (son of William Albert Booker). The letter is dated 14 November 1978.

“…One summer I stayed a month or so with Uncle Jim and Aunt Mary [James M. and Mary E. (Booker) Bowen], and “helped” him farm! He had a very reliable team of horses with which I could be trusted, and he taught me to plow corn with a riding cultivator (something we didn’t have at home). I suppose I was about 11 or 12 years old that summer. A few times, after supper, George Booker (who lived just up the road a short distance) would take me fishing in a creek not far away. They spoiled me no end, and of course Aunt Mary was a wonderful cook. “And there were visits at Uncle Allen’s [Harrison Allen Booker] at sorghum-making time, or at hay harvest. Uncle Allen kept bees and there was always clover honey and hot biscuits when one was there. Likewise at Aunt “Mat” Wells’ place, a visit was always something to remember. She used to bemoan the fact that I had never had a grandmother (both having died before I can remember [William George Booker and Charlotte (Cox) Booker]). So, she proclaimed that she was going to be my grandmother; and she really tried to be. Uncle Clark was the rough, blustery type, and let it be known that he wasn’t going to be anybody’s grandfather! But he had only a rough exterior and was really very nice to me, and to other people in general. The last time I saw Aunt Mat, my wife and I were back home to see mother and dad, and [we] went down to see Aunt Mat and Uncle Clark. She had baked fresh lightbread that day, and when we got there, it was still warm. I can taste it yet – spread with home-churned butter and blackberry preserves..”

James T. Booker

The last child of William George and Charlotte (Cox) Booker was James T. Booker, born 4 December 1868 in Widner Twp., Knox Co., Indiana. James married Lena N. Meier (Meyer) in Knox County on 21 August 1904. Lena was born in 16 Feb. 1887 in Freelandsville, Knox County, the daughter of German immigrants, August Meier and Carrie Kruse. James and Lena had eight children:

Lillian Booker b. 8/9/1906 Knox Co., IN, d. 17/3/1909 Sullivan Co., IN

Ruth Booker b. 1907 Sullivan Co., IN, Marr. Lewis Jordan, liv. Goshen, IN

William Albert Booker b. Aug. 1909 Sullivan Co., IN. Last heard – married and liv. in CA

Jewel E. Booker b. 19/4/1912 Sullivan Co., IN. Marr. (1) Paul Edds, (2) Jessie Correll

Charles Arthur Booker b. 14/8/1914 Sullivan Co., IN. Liv. between Dugger and Pleasantville, IN

Charlotte Booker b. 16/4/1919 Sullivan Co., IN. d. 1/3/1977 Portland, OR, Bur. Willamette National Cemetery. Marr. 3/11/1940 to Billy Grubb in Sullivan Co., IN

Mary Sparkle Booker b. Marr. Herbert J. Lemon, living Walkerton, IN

Alice Booker b., James T. Booker died in 1951 in Sullivan Co., Indiana, and Lena (Meier) died in 1965, also in Sullivan County. Both are buried next to each in Indian Prairie Cemetery near Carlisle.

Much of the information on the William George Booker family was generously given to me by Nathan C. Bowen, Jr. of Fayetteville, North Carolina. Nathan, a great-great-grandson of William George Booker, is a retired Sergeant Major, serving in the U.S. Army for over twenty years, including service as a Green Beret in the Vietnam War. He holds a Bachelor Science Degree in Business Administration, and is currently a Federal employee at Ft. Bragg, North Carolina.

The Dorcas Booker and Squire Jordan Bedwell Family

George W. and Polly (Padgett) Booker’s fifth child, Dorcas Booker, married Squire Jordan Bedwell on 18 November 1850 in Sullivan Co., Indiana. Squire, born on 18 February 1830, was the son on John Bedwell and Permelia March. Dorcas died 6 August 1903 in Pleasantville, Sullivan Co., Indiana, and Squire died 8 August 1920, also in Pleasantville. Both Dorcas and Squire were buried in the Pleasantville Cemetery. Thanks to information obtained from the book Bedwell, Beaux, & Belle, Vol. I & II by Ericson, the Census’s of 1860, and 1880, and Marjorie (Booker) Harwood, below are the children of Dorcas Booker and Squire Bedwell.

Melissa Jane Bedwell b. 1/4/1852 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 1939 IN; Marr. Fred Bergeman ca. 1872

Lucinda Caroline Bedwell b. 7/9/1853 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 22/9/1883 IN; Marr. Sam Enochs

Permelia Susan Bedwell b. 27/9/1855 Sullivan Co., IN, d. April 1926 Sullivan Co., IN. Marr. Martin Hale

Mary Tabitha Bedwell b. 14/5/1857 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 3/7/1925; Marr. Theodore Bedwell

Joshua Alsop Bedwell b. 2/5/1859 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 5/4/1938 Sullivan Co., IN. Marr. 6/3/1884 to Mary Jane Bedwell in Greene Co., IN; Bur. Mt. Moriah, Cemetery

Nancy Antice Bedwell b. 6/12/1862 Sullivan Co., IN, d. Oct. 1947 Indianapolis, IN. Marr. John Johnson

Martha Elizabeth Bedwell b. 3/4/1865 Sullivan Co., IN, d. ??. Marr. Charles Fry

Sarah Catherine Bedwell b. 7/11/1867 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 28/1/1886 Sullivan Co., IN. Buried Pleasantville, IN

James Albert Bedwell b. 9/9/1871 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 18/2/1904; Marr. Alice Montgomery (1872-1966); Alice is bur. Mt. Moriah Cemetery

Huddie Elmer Bedwell b. 10/7/1873 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 8/3/1874 Sullivan Co., IN

Marjorie Booker Harwood tells a story about Dorcas Booker and Squire Bedwell that had been told to her by her mother, Elva Raye Bedwell Booker. “Squire was sent over to the Booker farm on an errand, and returned home and told his father that he had just seen his future wife swinging on the gate and a year later he married her.”

The Louisa Booker and Christopher H. Cox Family

George and Polly’s sixth child was Louvisa Booker who married Christopher Harrison Cox on 21 March 1850 in Sullivan Co., Indiana. Christopher was born in November of 1825 in Jefferson Co., Indiana, the son of Christopher Cox (b. Ohio, d. 1836) and Anna Littlejohn. Christopher Cox and Anna Littlejohn were married 7 April 1816 in Madison, Jefferson Co., Indiana, and were also the same parents of Charlotte Cox who married Louvisa’s older brother, William George Booker. Christopher Harrison Cox died 9 August 1876, and Louvisa died in 1919. Both died in Sullivan County, and were buried in the Indian Prairie Cemetery. There children are listed as follows:

Theophilus Cox b. 1851 Carlisle, IN, d. 1937 Carlisle, IN. Never married; Bur. Indian Prairie Cemetery

William Henry Cox b. 1853 Carlisle, IN, d. ?. Married 6 March 1887 Sullivan Co., IN to Nancy Bishop

George W. Cox b. 1855 Carlisle, IN, d. ?

Harriet Cox b. 4/7/1857 Carlisle, IN, d. 10/5/1881 Carlisle, IN; Bur. Indian Prairie Cemetery

John W. Cox b. 1859 Carlisle, IN

Daniel V. Cox b. 1863 Carlisle, IN, d. 26/10/1899 Carlisle, IN; Bur. Indian Prairie Cemetery

Benjamin Cox b. 9/12/1865 Greene Co., IN, d. 14/1/1940; Bur. Mt. Calvary Cemetery, Sullivan Co.; Married 6 September 1891, Sullivan Co., IN to Perlina Benefiel (b. 17/6/1871, d. 28/2/1952), buried Trimble Cemetery, Carlisle, IN

Silas Cox b. 1867 IN, d. ?. Married 2/2/1891 Sullivan Co., IN to Ora A. Stuart

Charles Cox b. 1869 IN, d. ?. Married 5/2/1903 Sullivan Co., IN to Nellie Figg

The Alexander Evan Booker and Harriet Cox Family

George and Polly Booker’s seventh child was Alexander Evan Booker. Evan, as he was called on the 1860 Census of Sullivan Co., Indiana, married Harriet Cox on 14 October 1856 in Sullivan County. According to the 1900 Census of Jasper Co., Illinois, Harriet, then living alone, was born in [9] March 1842 [sic]. Her death record states she was born 3 March 1831 (on the 1850 Census in Sullivan County, she is listed as age 13). I know of only four children of Evan and Harriet. I could not find this family on the 1880 Census Soundex in Illinois or Indiana, but Harriet, a widow, and her two older children are found on the Jasper Co., Illinois Census of 1900, and their youngest son is on the 1910. The family of Alexander Evan and Harriet (Cox) Booker:

George Booker b. 28/7/1859 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 24/10/1940 Jasper Co., IL. Bur. Brockville Cemetery

Baldwin Booker b. Mar. 1860 Sullivan Co., IN, d. unknown

Groomes Booker b. 9/3/1862 Carlisle, IN, d. 24/12/1930 Jasper Co., IL. Bur. Brockville Cemetery

William Albert Booker b. 29/3/1868 Carlisle, IN, d. 22/7/1947 Mill City, OR. Bur. Fairview Cemetery

From Mrs. Mary Evelyn Booker Snyder, great-granddaughter of Alexander Evan Booker and Harriet Cox, I received the following newspaper clipping. The clipping from the Belleville, Illinois “Daily News-Democrat,” was not dated, but from the article I concluded it was probably written in 1932. It begins with a 3 x 4 picture of Mrs. Harriet Booker.

One-Hundred One Year Old Woman Smokes Her Pipe of Clay Each Day.

Mrs. Merla Guettermann of 611 State St. and Mrs. Elizabeth Cooper, corner Belle and Delaware Avenue, Belleville, are mighty proud of their one-hundred and one year old grandmother, Mrs. Harriet Booker who resides with their father, George Booker in Brockville, Ill. Mrs. Booker was born in Sullivan County, Indiana, March 3, 1831 and is the daughter of Abraham and Harriet Beebe Cox, who emigrated to the Hoosier state by ox-team and covered wagon from Connecticut-a long, slow trek. During her childhood there were a few Indians in Indiana. She remembers hearing that her father’s house was at one time a rendezvous for a small band of Indians, who caroused about and often came to the Cox home in an intoxicated condition. Mr. Cox seemed to have a lot of influence over them. He made the redskins keep out of deviltry by putting them to sleep around his own fireplace and depriving them of more “fire-water.” The Mexican War Grandma Booker in speaking of her school days declared that the old school house in Indiana in which school was held for only two months of some years, had very few modern facilities. The desks and benches were hewn slabs mounted on legs of rough wood. The ventilation problem was easily solved by omitting the glass which was very expensive in those days and by simply barring the windows with wooden shutters when it rained or snowed and at night.

During the time that the centenarian lived in Indiana, the Mexican War broke out, and when the company from Sullivan and surrounding counties arrived, she and her mother rode an old mule to the place where the soldiers were to mustered out. The crowd which gathered in wagons and carts was so great, that the sham battle which had been arranged as part of the homecoming celebration, had to be foregone because the vehicles and crowd occupied all of the clearing.

The Civil War

In 1859 she was married to Evan Booker, and in 1861 she and her husband came to Illinois by ox-cart driving their poultry and livestock with them. They settled about two miles north of Hunt City. Their cabin was about thirty feet long and about twelve or fifteen feet across and in Mrs. Booker’s words, “as nice as log cabin as anybody would want.” The windows were of glass, the fire-place of sand stone and the logs as smoothly hewed as if they had been sawed.

Mrs. Booker remembers the Civil War and Lincoln’s election and assassination. She has some strong feelings on the subject of war, however, and declares that she doesn’t call it a Civil War, when brother fights brother as they did then. She also recollects the return of many of the soldiers in coffins.

One of the important differences in that day and this, she explains is that families were largely self-sufficient and spent little money, chiefly because they had little cash. Many of the things that we call necessities today, things which we must buy, were made in the home or secured from the field or forest. Matches, for instance, were not in use then. Punk, decayed matter out of knot holes in hickory trees, a flint rock, and a piece of steel, ignited their fires.

Tobacco Home-Grown

In those days they had no stoves but used fire-places instead. Their food consisted of “jerked” venison, cured by smoking as bacon is, cornbread made from meal which had been ground at a horse grist mill in the neighborhood, light bread from home produced wheat, ground at a nearby mill; vegetables grown in the garden, “meal” coffee, made out of rye, because coffee was twice as expensive as it is now and money was much scarcer (even more scarce than during this depression), and meat from home-grown animals. Clothes were practically all homemade from wool and flax which the people raised themselves and made into cloth by hard work over hand looms. The flax furnished another necessity – paper. Tobacco was home-grown.

In fact Grandma’s son still grows all of their tobacco, for she doesn’t like store tobacco. Her mother and grandmother smoked before her and she ridicules the idea that the use of tobacco is physically harmful or apt to cut one’s life short.

Five Generations

She is a widow and the mother of four children, two of whom are living: George Booker with whom she makes her home in Brockville, Ill; and Albert Booker who lives in the state of Oregon. There are five generations of the family living, viz: Grandma, herself, her son George Booker, his daughter, Mrs. Merla Guettermann of 611 State Street, Belleville; Nomel Breitwieser, wife of Henry Breitwieser, of East St. Louis; and her daughter, LaVerne Breitwieser.

Grandma has other Belleville relatives in the persons of: Mrs. Elizabeth Cooper, …who is her grandaughter; Leola, George, Margaret and Robert Byrd, children of John Byrd, who are all great grandchildren as is Melvin Byrd, son Mrs. Merla Guettermann. Little Charles Breitwieser is another great great grandchild of Mrs. Booker, his sister LaVerne having been mentioned above in the five-generation group. Mrs. Booker and her husband came to Brockville, Ill. which is located in Jasper County, in 1869 and bought five town lots and a pole cabin for $100.

Brockville is located about nine miles in the country from Newton. It was then a thriving community with about fifteen or twenty houses, a big store, a saloon and a church. The coming of the railway, ended the growth of Brockville, but not Mrs. Booker’s habitation there, for she thinks Brockville is the finest spot on earth.

Has Active Mind

Mrs. Booker is a small frail woman but has a very active mind. She is no longer able to move about freely, but derives a great deal of satisfaction in sitting in her rocking chair and conversing and reminiscing. At her elbow is her clay pipe, which she has used throughout most of her life, and a box of home-grown tobacco which she smokes at intervals throughout the day.

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The George Booker and Delilah Ann Matthews Family

George Booker, son of Alexander Evan Booker and Harriet Cox, married Delilah Ann Matthews on 24 March 1880 in Brockville, Jasper Co., Illinois. Delilah, born 30 March 1859, the daughter of Joseph Matthews and Rachael (Spitler?), died 6 September 1931. Both George and Delilah were buried in the Brockville Cemetery in Brockville. George and Delilah had seven children:

I. Elsie Ethel Booker b. 31/12/1883 Brockville, Jasper Co., IL, d. 30/1/1968 Brockville, Jasper Co., IL. Marr. Francis Loamma Scott 29/8/1901. Bur. Brockville Cemetery. Four Children:

1. Alice Evelyn Scott, b. 31/12/1911 Jasper Co., IL. Marr. Maurice Rodgers. Four children:

i. Ralph Don Rodgers

ii. Paul Douglas Rodgers

iii. Edward Dale Rodgers

iv. James Rodgers

2. George Earl Scott, b. 15/10/1903 Brockville, IL, d. 14/12/1965 Brockville, IL. Bur. Brockville Cemetery

3. Harold William Scott, b. 22/10/1909 Brockville, IL, d. 11/2/1985 Brockville, IL. Bur. Brockville Cemetery

4.Ruby Mae Scott, b. 1/8/1916 Brockville, IL. Liv. Hidelgo, IL

II. Merla Evelyn Booker b. 30/3/1887 Brockville, Jasper Co., IL, d. 30/6/1979 Belleville, IL. Two Marriages, (1) Marr. to John Byrd, (2) Marr. to John Guetterman., All Three children from first marriage

1. Nomel Christinia Byrd, b. 13/1/1908. Marr. Henry Frederick Breitweiser 28/5/1927 Belleville, IL. Two Children:

i. Charles Frederick Breitweiser, b. 15/5/1930 Belleville, IL. Marr. Althea June Dillow 2/7/1954 E.St. Louis, IL. Six Children:

a. Althea L. Breitweiser, b. 17/3/1956. Marr. Ronald L. Taake. Three Children:

i). Anna Merla Taake

ii). Andrew Leslie Taake

iii). Adam Louis Taake

b. Chet F. Breitweiser, b. 6/3/1957

c. Eric J. Breitweiser, b. 6/3/1959

d. Todd D. Breitweiser, b. 7/9/1960

e. Melissa J. Breitweiser, b. 13/3/1962

f. Lisa Y. Breitweiser, b. 10/6/1965

ii. Nomel Lavern Breitweiser, b. 26/2/1928. Marr. Richard Haley, E. St. Louis on 26/10/1947. Three Children:

a. Richard Alan Haley, b. 9/1/1949

b. David Scott Haley, b. 8/6/1951

c. Michael Kevin Haley,

2. Melvin Charles Byrd. Marr. Ann Gregowicz. Liv. Tucson, AZ.. Two children:

i. Elvelyn Byrd. Marr. Bill Britch. Liv. Lexington, KY.

ii. Melvin Charles Byrd, Jr.

3. Molly Ann Byrd, b. 1914, d. 1918

III. Elizabeth Ann Booker b. 13/5/1889 Brockville, Jasper Co., IL, d. 28/2/1964 Belleville, IL. Two marriages, (1) to Charles Byrd, (2) to Archie Cooper. All Children by first marriage

1. Robert Rudolph Byrd, b. 14/1/1921. Marr. in 1944 to Mildred Davison. Liv. Wichita, KS. One son:

i. Roland B. Byrd, b.. Liv. Butte, Montana. Two sons:

a. Donald Robert Byrd, b. 1969

b. Roland Shea Byrd, b. 1967

2. George Byrd, Liv. Maryville, IL

3. Leola Byrd

4. Margaret Byrd

IV. Emma Lurinea Booker b. 24/12/1885 Brockville, Jasper Co., IL, d. 1925; Marr. Charles Scott. Five children

1. Floyd Scott

2. Dorothy Scott

3. Melvas Scott. Marr. ? Scarborough. Liv. Centralia, IL?

4. Norman Scott

5. Norma Scott

V. Molly Booker b.&d. in infancy Brockville, IL

VI. Robert Lincoln Booker b. 4/10/1895 Brockville, Jasper Co., IL, d. 24/7/1972 Brockville, Jasper Co., IL. Marr. Eva Pearl Miller on 26/3/1924. Bur. Brockville Cemetery. Nine Children:

1. Mary Evelyn Booker, b. 24/6/1925 Brockville, IL. Marr. Arthur J. Snyder 9/4/1944. LaPorte, IN; Mary widowed, living in LaPorte, IN. Two children:

i. Francis Arthur Snyder, b. 21/11/1945. Vietnam Veteran – Marines. Marr. Carol J. King 1/8/1970. Two children:

a. Michael Arthur Snyder, b. 11/5/1971

b. Gregory Scott Snyder, b. 7/3/1973

ii. Robert Joseph Snyder, b. 21/3/1956. Marr. Debra Schumaker on 5/9/1978 South Bend, IN. Lives in Ypsilanti, MI. Two children:

a. Robert Jos. Snyder, Jr., b. 1/10/1982

b. Melissa Dora Snyder, b. 21/7/1985

3. Jacqueline Lynn Snyder, b. 10/7/1987 South Bend, IN

2. Zella Zoe Booker, b. 19/8/1927. Marr. Maurice E. Fox on 7/11/1948 (Maurice died 2/5/1988). Liv. Kokomo, IN. Two children:

i. Myra Ann Fox, b. 24/10/1950. Terre Haute, IN. Marr. 15/5/1976 to Dennis McGrath

ii. Susan Elizabeth Fox, b. 24/2/1956 Terre Haute, IN.. Marr. 16/11/1974 to Daniel Hollis. Kokomo, IN; Liv. Orlando, FL. Three children:

a. Selena Marie Hollis, b. 5/9/1976 Kokomo, IN

b. Joshua Daniel Hollis, b. 23/6/1980 Kokomo, IN

c. Russel Murrey Hollis, b. 25/7/1981 Kokomo, IN

3. Harold William Booker, b. 1/7/1929 Jasper Co., IL. Marr. Reta Ann Woodard 5/4/1958 Jasper Co., IL; Liv. Willow Hill, IL. Four children:

i. Jerry Lee Booker, b. 17/2/1959 Olney, IL. Marr. 1/12/1979 to Regina K. Harris in Robinson, IL. Four children:

a. Jobina Lynn Harris, b. 16/10/1978 Robinson, IL. From Regina’s 1st marriage

b. Trisha Ann Booker, b. 23/6/1980 Robinson, IL

c. Bradley Duane Booker, b. 11/1/1982 Robinson, IL

d. Douglas Albert Booker, b. 7/12/1984 Robinson, IL

ii. Donald Ray Booker, b. 7/11/1960, Marr. 3/7/1982 to Sharon Hjertquist

iii. Vincent Booker, b. 3/9/1962. Marr. 3/7/1981 to Gina Marie Woods

iv. David Ray Booker, b. 20/8/1966. Marr. 4/6/1988 to Marita Jo Ferguson

4. Ellen May Booker, b. 22/8/1931. Two marriages, (1) Marr. 20/4/1957 to Herman Conrad Nobe, widowed.. One child:

i. Kevin Leon Nobe, b. 9/12/1964 Belleville, IL (Adopted at age 3 by Kenneth P. Rodgers) (2) Marr. 20/9/1967 to Kenneth Paxton Rodgers. One child:

a. Stephen Patrick Rodgers, b. 18/3/1968 Belleville, IL

5. Anna Elizabeth Booker, b. 19/8/1933. Two marriages (1) Marr. 10/10/1953 to Grover Cleveland Powers in LaPorte, IN , (2) Marr. Donald Mayo Ford. Three Children from 1st Marriage:

i. Patricia Ann Powers, b. 24/5/1954 Rensselaer, IN. Marr. David Nelson. One child:

a. Michael Powers, b. 27/6/1981

ii. Stanley Leonard Powers, b. 20/6/1955 Rensselaer, IN. Marr. 15/1/1977 to Teri Jane Palmer; Liv. NY State. Four children:

a. Timothy Glen Powers, b. 22/10/1977 NY

b. Steven Michael Powers, b. 26/5/1980 Michigan City, IN

c. Joseph Aaron Powers, b. 16/12/1981 Michigan City, IN

d. Benjamin Thomas Powers, b. 20/8/1984 NY

e. Joshua Powers, b. 1987/88

iii. Jane Lee Powers, b. 5/1/1958 Rensselear, IN. Marr. Lester Heichel, Michigan City, IN. Three children:

a. Jonathan Eddy, b. 7/6/1981 (father – John R. Eddy)

b. Christian Heichel, b. 10/8/1984

c. Justin Alexander Heichel, b. 1/4/1985

d. Jennifer Ann Rachael Heichel, b. 28/4/1988

Three Children from 2nd Marriage:,

e. Diane Ester Ford, b. 4/6/1964. Marr. 22/8/1982 to Richard Clark in Michigan City, IN. One child:

i). Crystal Ann Clark, b. 7/9/1988

f. Donald Ray Ford, b. 26/1/1966. Marr. 3/11/1987 to Helen Beaty. One child:

i). Donald R. Ford, Jr.. b. 6/3/1989

g. Donna Jean Ford, b. 20/7/1968. Marr. Kevin Bealor. One child:

i). Terri Lynn Bealor, b. 21/11/1986 Jacksonville, NC

ii). child expected 1989

6. Samuel George Booker, b. 13/10/1935. Marr. 3/5/1958 to Annie Mae Woodel in Louisiana. Liv. Shreveport, LA. 20 Yrs. Air Force. Two children:

i. Jill Lynette Booker, b. 18/3/1962. Marr. 12/3/1983 to Fred Roy (Casey) Bussa. One daughter:

a. Ashley Michelle Bussa, b. 30/8/1983. Living in Mansfield, TX

ii. Lisa Marie Booker, b. 29/12/1964. Living in Baton Rouge, LA

7. Marjorie Louise Booker, b. 1/11/1940. Marr. 6/7/1962 to Darrell Gene Shipman, Three children:

i. Stephen Ray Shipman, b. 10/5/1963 Robinson, IL. Marr. Connie Veach 23/3/1985. One child:

a. Bryant Ray Shipman, b. 28/2/1989

ii. Gary Leon Shipman, b. 11/3/1965 Robinson, IL, Marr. 29/2/1988 to Rebecca. Automont; liv. in Cameron, LA

iii. Jeffrey Alan Shipman, b. 2/6/1969 Robinson, IL

8. Gordon Dean Booker, b. 20/2/1943. Two marriages, (1) Marr. 26/6/1965 to Rebecca Charlene Pearson, (2) Marr. 1/12/1978 to Beverley Kuchar Leach. All children from first marriage

i. Julie Marie Booker, b. 14/5/1966 Christian Co., IL. Liv. Springfield, IL. Two children:

a. Monica Lynn Pyle, b. 26/11/1985

b. Michelle Marie Pyle, b. 30/6/1987

ii. Sarah Jane Booker, b. 8/7/1968 Christian Co., IL. Liv. Morrisville, IL

iii. Samuel Dean Booker, b. 28/10/1969 Christian Co., IL

9. Mona Lou Booker, b. 20/10/1945. Marr. Roger Wayne Yockey 28/5/1964. Liv. New Lenox, IL. Three children:

i. Mark Wayne Yockey, b. 3/7/1965 Fairfield, CA

ii. Phillip D. Yockey, b. 1/2/1970 Springfield, IL

iii. Andrew Kent Yockey, b. 16/9/1975 Springfield, IL

VII. William N. Booker b. 7/9/1901 Brockville, IL d. 1918 Brockville, IL. Bur. Willow Hill, IL, Shiloh Cemetery. Marr. Golda Norma Fear. No children

The second child by Alexander and Harriet (Cox) Booker was Baldwin Booker, who appears on the 1860 Census of Sullivan Co., Indiana. Baldwin is listed as being four months old. Since the date of the Census is 30 June 1860, he was born in March of that same year. Alexander Evan and Harriet are not on the 1870 Census of Sullivan Co. I have no other record of Baldwin Booker.

Groomes Booker

The third child of Alexander and Harriet Booker was Groomes Booker, who married Anna Ro Bowers on 9 January 1888. Anna, born 13 May 1867, was the daughter of David and Susanna Bowers. The 1900 Census lists Groomes and Anna R. Booker as having one daughter, Augusta Booker, born in Jasper Co., Illinois in May 1884, age 16. Anna R. Booker died on 17 February 1908 in Willow Hill, Illinois, and Groomes in 1910 remarried to Austa Deloe. Groomes is buried next to Anna R. in the Brockville Cemetery in Jasper Co., Illinois.

The William Albert Booker and Emma A. McNair Family

The fourth child of Alexander and Harriet Cox Booker was William Albert Booker. The 1910 Census lists Albert, age 39, born Indiana, and his wife, Emma [A.], age 36, born Illinois. Besides their three children listed, Emma’s father is listed also – John McNair, age 77, born in Indiana. Albert and his family moved by railroad to Mill City, Oregon in June 1912. The John McNair and William Albert Booker Bible is currently in the possesion of Darrell Booker of Mill City, Oregon. Darrell is the son of Harry Booker and grandson of Albert Booker. Much of the following information was given to me by Darrell during my visit to Oregon in October 1986.

According to his obituary in the Oregon Statesman dated Friday, 25 July 1947, William Albert Booker was born in Carlisle, Indiana on 29 March 1868, and died in Salem (Mill City), Oregon on Tuesday 22 July 1947. He was a section forman for the Southern Pacific Railroad. At the time of his death he had 13 grandchildren and one great grandchild. Here are Albert and Emma’s children:

Orville A. Booker b. 1/10/1893 Willow Hill, IL . d. 24/11/1893 Willow Hill, IL

Harry Vernon Booker b. 3/10/1894 Willow Hill, IL, d. 28/11/1983 Mill City, OR. Buried Fairview Cemetery

Millard McNair Booker b. 11/2/1898 Willow Hill, IL, d. 15/7/1960 Arlington, WA. Bur. Arlington Cemetery

Willard M. Booker b. 11/2/1898 Willow Hill, IL, d. 9/3/1970 Albany, OR. Buried in Fairview Cemetery

Harry V. Booker

Harry V. Booker married first to a Josephine, last name unknown. Nothing much is known about her except she and her infant died at childbirth, and Harry never mentioned her name. Harry later married Norma Stahlman. According to his obituary, Harry was born in Willow Hills, Illinois, and came to the Detroit-Mill City, Oregon area in 1912. He was a retired mill worker for Wills Shingle Mill, a veteran of World War I, and a member of the Jehovah Witnesses in Stayton. Harry and Norma had three children:

I. Roberta Booker b., Three Marriages, (1) Marr. Melvin Derrick, Three children:

1. Nickie Derrick, b.

2. Richard Derrick, b.

3. Connie Derrick, b.

(2) Marr. Charles Golden, One child:

4. Vernon Golden, b.

(3) Marr. Bill Halligan

II. Rose Ann Booker b., Two Marriages, (1) Marr. Albert Derrick. Three children:

1. Rickie Derrick, b.

2. Roxanne Derrick, b.

3. Robert Derrick, b.

(2) Marr. ?? Barker, One child:

4. Timothy Barker, b.

III. Darrell Booker b.. Marr. Faye Keene. Two children

1. Stephen Jay Booker, b. 1965. Liv. Mill City, OR

2. Wayne Dale Booker, b. 1969. Liv. Umitilla, OR

Millard McNair Booker

Millard Booker married Ida Belle Marks on 18 June 1925 in Corvallis, Oregon. Dorothy (Booker) Leffler, daughter of Willard M. Booker writes: “…that Harry was more stable than Dad and Millard. We moved a lot when we were kids. Millard would move and after a while Dad [Willard] would have to go where he was at, so we moved back and forth between Oregon and Washington quiet a bit.”

Millard Booker died 15 July 1960 in Arlington, Washington and was buried in the Arlington Cemetery. Millard and Ida Belle had four children:

I. Leroy Booker b. 1926 Eugene, OR, Living in Arlington, OR. Married Jean Parker. Three children:

1. LeRoy Booker, Jr., b. 1946 in CA. Living in Corsicana, TX. Married to Lisa Tucker. Three children:

i. Richard Booker, b. 22/8/1967

ii. Lisa Booker, b. 18/5/1971

iii. Jeanie Booker, b. 15 June 1975

2. Karen Booker, b. 1948 CA. Living in Darrington, WA. Married in 1966 to Jack Diebag. Four children:

i. James Diebag, b. 25/9/1967

ii. Shelly Diebag, b. 15/3/1969

iii. Jenny Diebag, b. 19/5/1971

iv. Jason Diebag, b. 26/1/1979

3. Ronald Booker, b. 1950 in CA. Living in Seattle, WA. Marr. to Sandy Green. Three children:

i. Ronald Booker, Jr., b. 5/6/1977

ii. Ryan Booker. b. 4/9/1978

iii. Kimberly Booker, b. 16/1/1981

II. Harold V. Booker b. 25/7/1927 Salem, OR. Living in Darrington, WA. Marr. to Lucille Lathrop in 1953. Six children:

1. Gary Booker, b. 23/4/1954 Arlington, WA. Marr. in 1976 to Kathy Shellinhammer. Two children:

i. Shanon Booker, b. 1/10/1979

ii. Christopher Booker, b. 30/4/1982

2. Debbie Booker, b. 5/10/1955 Arlington, WA. Marr. to Jerold Nations. One child:

i. Krise Nations, b. 10/6/1979 Concrete, WA

3. Richard Booker, b. 19/9/1956 Arlington, WA

4. Tim Booker, b. 25/4/1957 Arlington, WA

5. Linda Booker, b. 1/9/1958 Arlington, WA. Married 1979 to Guy Lovelady. Two children:

i. Alicia Lovelady, b. 12/8/1980 Mossy Rock, WA

ii. Jessie Lovelady, b. 26/5/1984 Mossy Rock, WA

6. Randy Booker, b. 9/3/1960 Darrington, WA

III. Francis Booker b. 5/2/1932 Oregon, Living Darrington, WA. Married 1959 to Anne Greene. Three children:

1. Judy Booker, b. 7/9/1961 Arlington, WA. Living Arlington, WA. Marr. 1986 to Douglas Pendegrass. One child:

i. Mellisa Pendegrass, b. 11/9/1983 Arlington, WA

2. Diane Booker, b. 21/3/1964 Arlington, WA. Marr. 1985? to Michael Dellinger. Four children:

i. Michael Dellinger, b. 16/3/1980 Arlington, WA

ii. Mathew Dellinger, b. 21/6/1983 Everett, WA

iii. Kelsie Dellinger, b. 11/10/1984 Everett, WA

iv. Brian Dellinger, b. 13/10/1986 Sedro Woolley, WA

3. Steven Booker, b. 11/7/1966 Arlington, WA. Marr. 1983 to Michelle Sinoko. Two children:

i. Tammy Booker, b. 19/4/1984 Sacramento, CA

ii. Brandon Booker, b. 29/5/1985 Everette, WA

IV. Darlene Booker b. 15/6/1934 Detroit, OR, Living Darrington, WA. Three marriages, (1) Marr. 1953 to Edward Fortner, (2) Marr. 1955 to Charles Rimer. One child:

1. Francis Rimer, b. 1956 Arlington, WA. Marr. 1977 to Michelle Reed. Liv. Keaau, Hilo, Hawaii. One child:

i. Christine Rimer, b. 24/12/1978 Keaau, Hilo, Hawaii,

(3) Marr. 1963 to Robert Cox. One child:

2. Robbie Cox, b. 1964 Springfield, OR. Liv. in Darrington, WA

V. Shirley Booker b. 1942 Yakima, WA. Living Darrington, WA. Marr. 1962 to Dennis Killingstad. No children

Williard M. Booker

Willard M. Booker married Naida Ellen Stahlman, sister of Norma Stahlman. According Willard’s obituary in the Oregon Statesman Tuesday, 10 March 1970:

“…he was born in Willow Hill, IL., moved to Detroit, Oregon as a child, and attended high school there. He operated a Detroit grocery store, and worked in the lumber industry in Sweet Home. He moved in 1952 to Washington, where he worked for the forestry department and came here [Albany, Oregon] in 1963.”

Willard’s wife, Naida Ellen, was born on 19 December 1907 in Detroit, Oregon, and attended high school in Stayton. She died at the age of 44 on 18 April 1952 in Lebanon, Oregon, and was buried in Fairview Cemetery. Willard and Naida had five children:

I. Norman Eugene Booker b. ?? in Oregon, d. 26/4/1985. Lived in Aberdeen, WA in 1970

II. Dorothy Booker b. 10/2/1930 Detroit, OR, Three Marriages. (1) Marr. 28/2/1948 to Bernard Hackney. Three children:

1. Tom Hackney, b. 27/1/1949. Marr. ?? to ??. One child:

i. Carrie Hackney, b.

2. David Hackney, b. 12/12/1950

3. Larry Hackney, b. 4/9/1952. Marr. ?? to ??. One child:

i. Jeffrey Hackney

(2) Marr. 5/4/1957 to Vern Lively

(3) Marr. 10/4/1963 to Skip Leffler. Liv. Canby, OR

III. Lorraine H. Booker b. 15/8/1933 Detroit, OR, d. 23/10/1982 Oregon City, OR. Three Marriages, (1) Marr. to Robert Cavanaugh, Four children:

1. David Cavanaugh, b., Liv. Sandpoint, Idaho

2. Diane Cavanaugh, b.. Marr. ?? to ?? Timm. Liv. Ponco City, OK

3. Dennis Cavanaugh, b.. Liv. Government City, OR

4. Dean Cavanaugh, b.. Liv. Los Angeles, CA

(2) Marr. to Loren Muno

(3) Marr. to Eugene Pluard

IV. Marjorie Booker b. 17/4/1936 Detroit, OR, Liv. Albany, OR. Two marriages, (1) Marr. May 1957 to Paul Turner. One child:

1. Paul Brian Turner, Jr., b. 21/9/1958

(2) Marr. 30/10/1961 to Robert Crooke, Three children:

2. Debra Crooke, b. 21/4/1955, Marr. 25/10/1974 to Michael Still. Two children:

i. Karie Still. b. 4/8/1977

ii. Jeremy Still, b. 25/10/1979

3. Cheryl Crooke, b. 27/5/1957 Myrtle Creek, OR. Marr. 17/12/1976 to Jay Ramsey. Three children:

i. Wendy Ramsey, b. 17/3/1978

ii. Debi Ramsey, b. 14/8/1979

iii. Jennifer Ramsey ,b. 18/8/1981

4. Robin Crooke, b. 4/11/1984 Lebanon, OR. Marr. 2/2/1985 to Tim Keener in Albany, OR

V. Joan Booker b. 18/6/1939 Astoria, OR. Liv. Albany, OR, Two marriages, (1) Marr. 25/5/1959 to John Hanson in Stevenson, WA. Two children:

1. Daniel Hanson, b. 23/11/1959. Liv. Albany, OR

2. Joni Hanson, b. 22/10/1965. Marr. 6/6/1987 to Keith Killgore in Albany, OR

(2) Marr. 27/5/1979 to William Hobbs

The Theophelus H. Booker and Sophia Young Family

Theophelus H. Booker, eighth child of George W. Booker and Mary (Polly) Padgett, married Sophia Young in Sullivan Co., Indiana on 8 December 1859. According to his death certificate, Theophelus worked for the Railroad as a Watchman. Sophia died at age 65 in Daviess Co., Washington Twp. on 11 March 1904, and Theophelus died at age 66 30 September 1904, same county and township. Theophelus is buried in the Oak Grove Cemetery in Washington, Indiana. On the 1870 Census of Sullivan Co., Indiana dated 23 July 1870, Haddon Twp., I found Theophelus and Sophia’s family as follows:

George Booker b. 1860 Sullivan Co., IN

Nancy A. Booker b. 1862 Sullivan Co., IN

John A. Booker b. 1864 Sullivan Co., IN

Dora Booker b. 1866 Sullivan Co., IN

The next child of George W. Booker and Mary (Polly) Padgett was Mary S. Booker who married William A. Jones on 3 February 1859 in Sullivan Co., IN. I believe William and Mary S. had at least two children – Thomas B. Jones (b. December 1859) and Ulyssess Jones. George and Mary Booker’s only other child to live to adulthood was Nancy A. Booker, who remained single until 4 August 1910. On this date in Sullivan County, Indiana, she married Daniel Hines who was 71 years old at the time. This was Daniel Hines second marriage. Daniel died 31 October 1919 in Carlisle, leaving Nancy a widow. At this time I do not know the exact date in 1937 when Nancy A. (Booker) Hines died.

The Bucher/Booker Family, 1686-1990 © 1990 Charles Lee Booker Jr.


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