The Bucher/Booker Family, 1686-1990: Chapter IV Part 1


David Booker and Theodosha Smith

David and Theodosia Booker are listed on the Shenandoah Co., VA c.1786 Tax list, Harrison Co., KY c.1796 – 1801, & Jefferson Co., KY c.1801 – 1818. The famil moved to to Sullivan Co., IN c.1818, died c.1819. Children:

George W. Booker, eleven children:

Deliah, Emeline, Silas, William G., Dorcas, Louvisa, Alexander E., Theopelus, Mary S., Nancy A., & Mariah E.

Jacob Booker , ten children

Nancy Ann, John, Mary Ann, Julia Ann, David J., Henrietta, Elizabeth, Nellie A., Jacob C., Sarah A,

Isaac Booker, thirteen children:

Elie, Washington, Elizabeth, Mary, Edward W., America, Ruel, Rhoda, Mahala, Lewis M., Joanna, William, Alvira

Abraham Booker, eleven children:

Rachael J., William O., Keziah, Howell L., Catherine, Sarah A., John, Thomas, James, Carol C., & David E.

Phillip Booker, twenty-one children

?Sarah, ?Jackson, David, Cynthia A., Joseph or Josiah (1836-aft. 1889), Elizabeth, John Ross, George W., Sarah A., Franklin, Perry Ruffin, Thomas Benton, Richard C., Mahala Saphronia, Nancy E. Ruel Howard, William Nelson, James F., Marquis Lafayette, Strauder H., Winnifred Ann, & Samuel Francis.

James Booker, eight children:

Catherine E., Elizabeth, Mary Ann, Samuel H., David D., James J., Christena, & Sarah E.

Polly Booker


Polly Booker married William Powell 12 Sept. 1816 in Jefferson Co., KY

Alexander Evan Booker s/o George W. to Jasper Co., IL c.1861

Abraham Booker to Jasper Co., IL c. 1880

Philip Booker to Piatt Co., IL c. 1881

James Booker to Crawford Co., IL c. 1841; to Macon Co., IL c. 1849

Ruel Booker s/o Isaac Booker married Levinia Booker d/o of William Jarrett


The George W. Booker and Mary (Polly) Padgett Family

(Son of David Booker and Theodosha Smith)

George W. (presumed to be William) Booker was the oldest son of David Booker and Theodosha Smith. The Bennett Genealogy, sent to me by Ralph Woodward of Carlisle, Indiana, states that George W. Booker was born on 31 January 1793 in Virginia, and died in Jefferson Township, Sullivan Co., Indiana on 7 [sic] September 1871. George is buried in the Indian Prairie Cemetery. Engraved on his gravestone are two other names and their dates of death. They are his wife’s and youngest daughter’s. I mention this only because I believe that the quotation of “80 years, 7 months and 8 days after George’s date of death is incorrect. The 1850 Census states George’s age as 56, the 1860 Census – 65, and the 1870 Census – 77. Since George died 9 September 1871 (according to two newspaper obituaries), his tombstone should read age 78. My guess is that when George W. Booker’s wife, Mary (Polly) died in 1895, George’s original stone was replaced by a newer one giving an incorrect age. Also, the Sullivan Democrat on July 19, 1871, listed all old citizens of the county over 70 years of age. In Haddon Twp., George Booker is listed as 78 years old; his brother, Jacob Booker is listed as 72.

George W. Booker married Mary (nicknamed Polly) Padgett most likely in 1821 in Sullivan Co., Indiana, their first child born in September of 1822. As of yet, there is no positive proof as to who might be the parents of Polly. I did find on the 1850 Census just above the George W. Booker family, a Lewis Padgett, age 30, listed with the rest of his family. Listed in Lewis’s family is a Henry Padgett, age 81, born in Virginia. Possibly this man is Polly’s father. Henry Padgett is buried next to his wife, Rachael, at the Pleasantville Cemetery in Sullivan Co., Indiana. His gravestone reads “died October 13, 1861, lived 88 years.” Rachael’s gravestone inscription reads “died March 10, 1836, age 55 years.”

On 21 March 1831 George bought 80 acres in Haddon Township, Section 7, East 1/2, NE 1/4. George and Polly had five children between 1822 and 1830 in Sullivan County and are listed on the 1830 Census, page 348, in the same county under George “Bokker.” Incidentally, all the Bookers listed on the 1830 Census of Sullivan Co., Indiana are found on the pages 340, 348, 352, 354, and 388 twice.

George and Polly were charter members of the First Missionary Baptist Church in southern Sullivan County. Henry Padgett was also a charter member. The church was established in the Indian Prairie neighborhood in 1832, but was destroyed by fire in 1875 (the present building was immediately erected and was dedicated in February 1876).

According to the Bennett Genealogy, Mary (Polly) Padgett Booker was born in Kentucky on 1 January 1801. She died 6 March 1895 in Sullivan County Indiana; on her gravestone (the same as George’s) is engraved “94 years, 2 months, 5 days.”

From the Sullivan Union, Wednesday, 13 September 1871: -Pleasantville Items-George Booker died last Saturday at a good old age.

From the Sullivan Democrat, Wednesday, 20 September 1871: -Died, on Saturday, the 9th inst., Mr. George Booker

By researching all Census’s between 1850 and 1870, all cemetery inscriptions, marriage records and death records in Sullivan County from 1850 to 1920, I have accumulated enough evidence to reconstruct George and Polly Booker’s family. Thanks again to Ralph Woodward who sent me a copy of Sullivan County Warranty Deed 70, pages 514-518, dated 17 July 1896, I have “fleshed” out George and Polly’s complete family. The children listed in the deed were:

Theophilus Booker and wife, Sop Booker to John W. Long and Nancy J. Long, husband and wife, Warranty Deed, dated July 14, 1896. Acknowledged before Daniel S. Monagham, Jr. N. P., Daviess County, Indiana, Recorded July 18, 1896…

…Delila Bennett and Charles F. Bennett, her husband; Silas Booker and Rebecca Booker, his wife; Dorcas Bedwell and S. J. Bedwell, her husband; Nancy Booker, single; Louvisa Cox, widow; children of Geo. Booker, deceased, and Allen Booker and Minnie Booker, his wife; Mary Bowen and James Bowen, her husband; William A. Booker, and Nancy Booker, his wife; Martha R. Wells and Clark Wells, her husband; James L. Booker, single; Thomas B. Jones (widower), Mary Goodman and James Goodman, her husband; Caroline Goodman and Eli Goodman, her husband; George W. Padgett and Eli J. Padgett, his wife; Joseph Padgett and Rosa Padgett, his wife, grandchildren of the said George Booker, deceased,

Convey and Warrant to John W. Long and Nancy J. Long, husband and wife, Dated July 17, 1896, Acknowledged before J. Hurley Drake, N. P. Sullivan County, Indiana…

…Harriett Booker, widow; George Booker and Delila, his wife; Grooms Booker and Anna R. Booker, his wife; Albert Booker and Emma A. Booker, his wife; and Ulyssius Jones, single, to Jno. W. Long and Nancy J. Long, husband and wife,… , Acknowledged before H. A. Eidson, N. P., Jasper County, Illinois, recorded July 16, 1896

The following are the children of George W. Booker and Mary Elizabeth Padgett.

I. Delilah Booker b. 11/9/1822 Carlisle, IN, d. 4/6/1910 Sullivan Co., IN

1. Elizabeth Bennett

2. Mary A. Bennett

3. Wingrove Bennett

4. Juley Ann Bennett

5. Adeline Bennett

6. Louvisa Bennett

7. Vance Bennett

8. Martha A. Bennett

9. Nancy A. Bennett

10. Emaline Bennett

11. William S. Bennett

12. Emma R. Bennett

II. Emeline Booker b. 1824 Carlisle, IN, d. bef. 1896 Sullivan or Greene Co., IN

1. Mary E. Padgett

2. George William Padgett

3. Nancy C. Padgett

4. Josiah Padgett

III. Silas Booker b. 24/2/1825 Carlisle, IN, d. 31/3/1917 Pleasantville, IN

1. Josiah Booker

2. Abraham Booker

3. Harison Booker

4. Harrison Booker

5. Mary J. (A.?) Booker

6. Margaret A. Booker

7. Nancy E. Booker

8. Cela Booker

IV. William George Booker b. Jul. 1826 Carlisle, IN, d. 26/3/1878 Carlisle, IN

1. Harrison Allen Booker

2. Sarah E. Booker

3. Mary Elanore Booker

4. William Albert Booker

5. Martha A. Booker

6. James T. Booker

V. Dorcas Booker b. 10/7/1828 Carlisle, IN, d. 6/8/1903 Pleasantville, IN

1. Melissa J. Bedwell

2. Lucinda C. Bedwell

3. Permelia S. Bedwell

4. Mary T. Bedwell

5. Joshua A. Bedwell

6. Nancy A. Bedwell

7. Martha E. Bedwell

8. Sarah C. Bedwell

9. James A. Bedwell

10. Huddie E. Bedwell

VI. Louvisa Booker b. 1831 Carlisle, IN, d. 1919 Sullivan Co., IN

1. Theophilus Cox

2. William H. Cox

3. George W. Cox

4. Harriet Cox

5. John W. Cox

6. Daniel V. Cox

7. Benjamin Cox

8. Silas Cox

9. Charles Cox

VII. Alexander Evan Booker b. 1834 Carlisle, IN, d. bef. 1880 Census, Jasper Co., IL

1. George Booker

2. Baldwin Booker

3. Groomes Booker

4. William Albert Booker

VIII. Theophelus H. Booker b. June 1838 Carlisle, IN, d. 30/9/1904 Daviess Co., Washington, IN

1. George Booker

2. Nancy A. Booker

3. John A. Booker

4. Dora Booker

IX. Mary S. Booker b. 1840 Carlisle, IN, d. bef. 1896

1. Thomas B. Jones

2. Ulyssess Jones

X. Nancy A. Booker b. 31/12/1842 Carlisle, IN, d. 1937 Sullivan Co., IN

XI. Mariah E. Booker b. 15/10/1844 Carlisle, IN, d. 6/9/1858 Carlisle, IN

The Delilah Booker and Charles T. Bennett Family

Source for the following information on the Bennett family comes from “The Bennett Genealogy” compiled by a Headley (a Bennett descendant) in Kansas, first name unknown. The manuscript is in the possession of the Sullivan County Historical Society of Sullivan County, Indiana.

Delilah Booker married Charles T. Bennett on 23 May 1842 in Carlisle, Sullivan County, Indiana. Charles was the son of Wingrove Bennett, born in Virginia, and a Miss Carrico (first name and birthplace unknown). Charles was born near Carlisle, Indiana on 20 April 1823, and was a Civil War veteran. He died on 12 November 1906 near Carlisle, age 83 years, 6 months, and 22 days. According to Bennett descendant, Don Wilson, Delilah Booker Bennett was living with her daughter, Martha Plummer, when she died in 1910. Any pictures of Delilah or Charles Bennett could possibly be found in the Plummer Family of Sullivan County, Indiana. Both Charles and Delilah are interred in the Trimble Cemetery. Their children are as follows:

Elizabeth Bennett b. 18/3/1843 Carlisle, IN, d. 18/3/1843 Carlisle, IN. Bur. Trimble Cemetery

Mary A. Bennett b. 28/5/1844 Carlisle, IN, d. 1928 Carlisle, IN. Bur. Trimble Cemetery. Married Twice – no children, (1) to Ranson Ashbrook, (2) to Charles Shake, Bur. next to Ranson Ashbrook in Bennett Plot at Trimble Cemetery,

Wingrove Bennett b. 2/1/1846 Carlisle, IN, d. 16/12/1910 Carlisle, IN. Bur. Bethany Cemetery

Juley Ann Bennett b. 25/7/1847 Carlisle, IN, d. 19/1/1926 Mountain Grove, MO. Bur. Union Chapel Cemetery

George Bennett b. 14/5/1849 Carlisle, IN, d. 8/2/1936 Sullivan, IN

Adaline Bennett b. 7/11/1851 Carlisle, IN, d. 3/10/1868 Carlisle, IN. Bur. Trimble Cemetery

Louvisa Bennett b. 2/8/1853 Carlisle, IN, d. 25/3/1932 Sullivan, IN. Bur. Center Ridge Cemetery

Vance Bennett b. 22/8/1855 Carlisle, IN, d. 1/8/1930 Shelburn, IN. Bur. Hickory Cemetery, Dugger, IN

Martha A. Bennett b. 3/9/1858 Carlisle, IN, d. Sullivan County, IN. Bur. Bethany Cemetery

Nancy A. Bennett b. 30/10/1860 Carlisle, IN, d. 28/3/1863 Carlisle, IN. Bur. Trimble Cemetery

Emaline Bennett b. 4/8/1862 Carlisle, IN, d. 13/8/1862 Carlisle, IN. Bur. Trimble Cemetery

William S. Bennett b. 17/2/1864 Carlisle, IN, d. 25/2/1938 Carlisle, IN. Bur. Center Ridge Cemetery

Emma Rilla Bennett b. 14/6/1868 Carlisle, IN, d. 9/1/1949 Carlisle, IN. Bur. Bethany Cemetery

Mary A. Bennett

Mary A. Bennett, daughter of Delilah Booker and Charles T. Bennett, married twice, and had no children by either marriage. Her first marriage was to Ranson Ashbrook, who was born 28 February 1832. Ranson died 4 October 1885 and was interred in the Trimble Cemetery in Carlisle, Indiana. Mary then married Charles Shake. Nothing is known of Charles’death, but some claim that Charles Shake was the first husband of Mary A. Bennett. Although her estate was settled as Shake, apparently Ranson Ashbrook was the first husband as Mary is buried at the side of Ranson Ashbrook in the Bennett Family Plot in Trimble Cemetery.

The Wingrove Bennett and Margaret Ann Dunbar Family

Wingrove Bennett married 26 November 1871 at Carlisle, Indiana to Margaret Ann Dunbar, born 15 June 1848 at Carlisle, daughter of Alexander and Susan Dunbar. Margaret Ann died 22 November 1885 near Carlisle, and was buried in the Trimble Cemetery. Wingrove then remarried Mary Jane Cox Booker, widow of George W. Booker (See Chapter III, The William J. Booker Family). Mary Jane Cox Booker Bennett died in 1919 and was interred in Bethany Cemetery. From his first marriage to Margaret A. Dunbar, there were nine children born:

I. Minnie Alice Bennett b. 17/10/1872 Carlisle, IN, d. 13/2/1877 Carlisle, IN. Bur. Trimble Cemetery

II. William Albert Bennett b. 18/4/1874 Carlisle, IN, d.. Marr. Louetta Pirtle. No children

III. Mary Catharine Bennett b. 15/4/1875 Carlisle, IN, d. 24/7/1896 Carlisle, IN. Bur. Trimble Cemetery

IV. Hulda Jane Bennett b. 6/1/1877 Carlisle, IN, d. 8/7/1879 Carlisle, IN. Bur. Trimble Cemetery

V. John Frank Bennett b. 4/11/1878 Carlisle, IN, d. 1950. Bur. Trimble Cemetery

VI. Lurinda Bennett b. 23/7/1880 Carlisle, IN, d. 31/12/1883 Carlisle, IN. Bur. Trimble Cemetery

VII. James Edward Bennett b. 2/3/1882 Carlisle, IN, d.

VIII. Emery E. Bennett b. 26/10/1883 Carlisle, IN, d. 15/3/1886 Carlisle, IN. Bur. Trimble Cemetery

IX. Rosie Bennett b. 22/11/1885 Carlisle, IN, d. unknown, but was resident of Dugger, IN. Marr. 6/3/1907 to James C. Pirtle in Sullivan Co., IN

X. James Edward Bennett, son of Wingrove and Margaret Ann, married 9 April 1912 at Linton, Indiana to Sadie A. Hinkle (born 7 March 1890 in Greene County, Indiana), daughter of John C. and Etta Hinkle. To this marriage three children were born:

XI. Dorothy Irene Bennett b. 9/3/1915 Carlisle, IN, Marr. 11/5/1944 at Pleasantville, IN to Floyd Phillips (b. 23/3/1911 in IL), No children

XII. John Edward Bennett b. 28/9/1916 Carlisle, IN, Marr. 5/5/1945 at Bedford, England to Ruth Jones, born in England, dau. of Ethel Jones.. Two children:

1. John Michael Bennett, b. 13/12/1947

2. Jane Bennett, b. 14/11/1951

XIII. Margaret Jane Bennett b.17/12/1923 Carlisle, IN, Marr. to an Alsman, son of William and Mattie Alsman, in the state of Michigan. Four children, unknown to author

XIV. Rosie Bennett, daughter of Wingrove and Margaret Ann, married 6 March 1907 to James Pirtle. Rosie and James’ place of interment are unknown, however they lived near Dugger, Indiana, and at one time two of their three children resided there. There children:

1. Hosea Pirtle b. Sullivan Co., IN

2. Frank Pirtle b. Sullivan Co., IN

3. Arnold Pirtle b. Sullivan Co., IN

The Juley Ann Bennett and Thomas Atticus Headley Family

Juley Ann Bennett, daughter of Delilah Booker and Charles T. Bennett, married 29 July 1870 near Carlisle, Indiana to Thomas Atticus Headley. Thomas was born 3 February 1848 near Richmont, Ohio, son of John Graham and Priscilla Larea Neal Headley. Thomas departed this life 25 March 1925 near Mountain Grove, Missouri. Interment was in the Union Chapel Cemetery southeast of Mountain Grove. Juley Ann died 19 January 1926 near Mountain Grove, and she was interred next to her husband. Thomas and Juley Ann had eight children:

Charles Homer Headley b. 17/6/1871 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 2/2/1928 Mountain Grove, MO, Marr. 2/4/1922 to Josephine Caldena Hutsell in Mountain Grove, MO. No children

John William Headley b. 12/9/1876 Wright Co., MO, d. 22/11/1878 Hartville, MO. Bur. Broyles Cemetery, Southeast of Hartville Newton Alfred Headley b. 29/7/1880 Wright Co., MO, d. 19/3/1947 Dawson, MO. Delila Jane Headley b. 18/8/1883 Wright Co., MO, d. 29/9/1958 Carthage, MO Emma Florence Headley b. 23/9/1885 Wright Co., MO, d. 4/10/1960 Sanger, CA George Wesley Headley b. 7/9/1887 Wright Co., MO, d. 28/7/1949 Mapelton, KS Jessie Daniel Headley b. 12/12/1889 Wright Co., MO, d. 9/6/1959 Concord, CA Ollie Evelyn Headley b. 1/5/1890 Wright Co., MO

Newton Alfred Headley, son of Juley Ann Bennett and Thomas A. Headley, married 2 February 1901 at Hartville, Missouri to Dosha Florence Lathrom. Dosha was born 14 January 1879 near Hartville, the daughter of Benjamin Franklin and Susan Lathrom. Dosha died 6 September 1946 at Dawson, Missouri, and Newton in 1947; both interred in the Dawson Cemetery. To this marriage seven children were born:

I. Orville Roy Headley b. 6/10/1901 Rayborn, MO, Marr. 19/9/1932 Hartville, MO to Lulu Sarah Thompson, b. 4/4/1910, dau. of Robert Bishop and Elizabeth Thompson.. Four children:

1. Lammona Ethel Headley, b. 11/5/1933 Mountain Grove, MO. Marr. William Turner. Two children:

i. Dorothy Ann Turner, b. 17/7/1950 Lebanon, OR

ii. Kenneth Herrin Turner, b. 21/5/1952 Lebanon, OR

2. Alfred Lavon Headley, b. 21/9/1934 Mountain Grove, MO, Marr. June Kay Sexton, dau. of Chester and Helen Sexton. Three children:

i. Bryan Wayne Headley, b. 22/8/1959 Hayward, CA

ii. Christopher Alan Headley, b. 25/12/1960 Hayward, CA

iii. infant son, b. 14/1/1962 died at birth

3. Loren Lee Headley, b. 15/6/1936 Mountain Grove, MO, Marr. Wynona Barshaw, dau. of Bart and Irene Barshaw, Three children:

i. Patressa Ann Headley, b. 4/9/1956 Pleaston, CA

ii. Vicky Sue Headley, b. 26/1/1958 San Antonio, TX

iii. Brenda Kae Headley, b. 17/1/1963 Lebanon, OR

4. Ruby Lois Headley, b. 1/4/1938 Mountain Grove, MO. Marr. Henry Richard White, son of Jack and Beathis White. Three children:

i. Rose Mary White, b. 9/1/1956 Lebanon, OR

ii. Burt Henry White, b. 22/1/1960 Lebanon, OR

iii. John Leslie White, b. 23/1/1963 Lebanon, OR

II. Ethel Headley b. 29/8/1903 Rayborn, MO, d. Dec. 1903 Rayborn, MO. Interment held near Prairie, MO

III. Lester Taylor Headley b. 30/9/1904 Rayborn, MO. Marr. 22/7/1939 in Minnesota to Marjorie Mary Somdahl, b. 9/2/1911 at Brained, MN, dau. of Gilbert and Freda Somdahl. Two children:

1. Juanita Florence Headley, b. 20/2/1939 St. Cloud, Minnesota, d. eight months old

2. Donald Lee Headley, b. 28/1/1943 Lebanon, OR

IV. Milford Howard Headley b. 28/2/1907 Rayborn, MO, Marr. 23/2/1951 at Yakima, WA to Juanita Helen Weatherford, b. 8/3/1931 at Cherryvalley, AR, dau. of Edgar F. and Nettie Iceline Weatherford. Five children:

1. Thyne Laverne Headley, b. 29/9/1949 Cherryvalley, Arkansas

2. Arizona Jean Headley, b. 28/2/1952 Sunnside, TN

3. Lavada Sue Headley, b. 15/3/1955 Mountain Grove, MO

4. Newton Howard Headley, b. 10/10/1958 Mountain Grove, MO

5. Harvie Lee Headley, b. 30/5/1962 Mountain Grove, MO

V. Viola Snowflake Headley b. 23/4/1909 Rayborn, MO. Marr. 26/8/1936 in Hartville, MO to Charley Ulmont Thompson, b. 29/2/1912 at Huggins, MO, son of Robert Bishop and Elizabeth Thompson. Two children:

1. Robert Leo Thompson, b. 4/6/1937 Mountain Grove, MO. Marr. 13/1/1956 at Lebanon, OR to Marie Alice Hurst. Two children:

i. Ricky Linn Thompson, b. 20/6/1957 Longview, WA

ii. Bonny Ann Thompson, b. 6/12/1959 Lebanon, OR

2. Hazel Irene Thompson, b. 29/3/1939 Mountain Grove, MO

VI. Rhoda Esther Headley b. 16/9/1911 Rayborn, MO. Marr. 3/6/1933 at Hartville, MO to Jess Warren Bennett, b. 10/2/1902 at Paynesville, MN, son of Henry and Mary Bennett. Jess W. Bennett d. 26/1/1963 at Dalles, OR. Four children:

A. Dale Newton Bennett, b. 19/3/1934 Mountain Grove, MO. Marr. 15/12/1952 at Dalles, OR to Margaret Mary Ray. Three children:

i. Pamela Linn Bennett, b. 14/4/1955 Salem, OR

ii. Michael Dale Bennett, b. 18/12/1956 Oregon City, OR

iii. Patricia Ann Bennett, b. 5/2/1958 Salem, OR

B. Wayne Warren Bennett, b. 26/4/1939 Paynesville, MN

C. Doris Coreene Bennett, b. 13/7/1941 Lebanon, OR. Marr. 13/7/1957 at Dalles, OR to Dale Lavon Cox. No children

D. Eldon Jay Bennett, b. 9/1/1949 Dalles, OR

VII. Franklin Thomas Headley b. 14/10/1914 Rayborn, MO. Marr. 17/10/1940 Reno, Nevada to Thelma Mae Moore, b. 23/10/1922 in Wright Co., MO, dau. of Neal and Velma Gladys Hopkins, Headley Moore. Two children:

1. Donna Lynn Headley, b. 5/11/1943 Watsonville, CA

2. David Glaine Headley, b. 24/7/1946 Watsonville, CA

Juley Ann Bennett and Thomas A. Headley’s fourth child, Delila Jane Headley married 25 February 1903 to Isaac Marion Bittick, born 20 July 1880. Isaac died 15 July 1922 in Douglas County, Missouri at the young age of 41 years, 11 months and 15 days, and was interred in the Mount Ararat Cemetery, east of Topaz, Missouri. Delila died over thirty years later in 1958 in Carthage, Missouri, and was buried next to her husband in Topaz. Before his death in 1922, Isaac and Delila had six children:

I. Ida Emaguine Bittick b. 8/2/1905 Douglas Co., MO, d. 1/2/1957 Sarcoxie, MO. Bur. Sarcoxie Cemetery. Marr. 28/10/23 at Topaz, MO to Cyrus Floyd Lynch. Two children:

1. Curtis Lloyd Lynch, b. 27/3/1926 Mountain Grove, MO, d. four weeks old. Interred in Hillcrest Cemetery, Mountain Grove, MO

2. Harold Floyd Lynch, b. 27/3/1926 Mountain Grove, MO. Two marriages, (1) Marr. unknown to author, One child by this marriage

i. Curtis Dale Lynch, 29/6/1947 Joplin, MO

(2) Marr. 12/5/1951 at Eureka Springs, Arkansas to Mary Ann Zebert, since div.. One child by this marriage

ii. Richard Allen Lynch, b. 1/2/1957 Prior, OK

II. Thomas Earl Bittick b. 22/12/1909 Douglas Co., MO. d. 27/2/1966 Reeds, MO. Marr. 16/6/1929 at Topaz, MO to Ellen Marie Brown of Topaz. Three children:

1. Darral Junior Bittick, b. 28/5/1930 Topaz, MO, Marr. 1/6/1949 at Bentonville, AR to Luena Lee; marriage ended in divorce. One child:

i. Sue Ellen Bittick, b. 27/5/1950 Carthage, MO

2. Betty Lou Bittick, b. 3/8/1932 Topaz, MO. Marr. 23/5/1949 at Bentonville, AR to Leslie J. Wright. Two children:

i. Kevin Lloyd Wright, b. 1/1/1956 Carthage, MO

ii. Barbara Jean Wright, b. 11/9/1958 Tulsa, OK

3. Charles Eugene Bittick, b. 28/8/1934 Topaz, MO. Marr. 15/2/1953 at Miami, OK to Vivian Mae Poindexter. Three children:

i. Charles Eugene Bittick, b. 21/10/1953 Carthage, MO

ii. Steven Darrell Bittick, b. 14/6/1956 Joplin, MO

iii. Vicki Ann Bittick, b. 10/10/1958 Joplin, MO

III. Norma Vietta Bittick b. 12/6/1911 Douglas Co., MO. Marr. a Mr. Belcher. One child:

1. Elizabeth Jane Belcher, b. 13/5/1931 Mountain Grove, MO, d. at birth Mountain Grove, MO. Bur. Topaz, MO, Mt. Ararat Cemetery. Norma remarried 23/5/1959 at Harrison, AR to Ralph Smith

IV. Leota Gennette Bittick b. 19/10/1914 Douglas Co., MO, Marr. 2/10/1938/39 at Aurora, MO to Burley Jack Sanders. One child:

1. Mary Jane Sanders, b. 28/3/1943 Carthage, MO

V. Charles Doil Bittick b. 18/6/1918 Mountain Grove, MO. Married Twice, (1) unknown to author, Mother died giving birth to first child 24/2/1940 Mountain Grove, MO

1. Charles Lee Bittick, b. 24/2/1940 Mountain Grove, MO

(2) 16/11/1944 at Carthage, MO to Alma Edwards. Four children:

2. Ruby Jean Bittick, b. 6/7/1945 Carthage, MO

3. Judy Jane Bittick, b. 6/7/1945 Carthage, MO

4. Glenn Doil Bittick, b. 30/3/1951 Carthage, MO

5. Karen Joan Bittick, b. 22/9/1957 Carthage, MO

VI. Cora Joean Bittick b. 19/9/1922 Prior, MO. Marr. 5/9/1941 at Monet, MO to Lloyd Broam. No children

Thomas’s and Juley Ann’s next child, Emma Florence Headley, married 23 September 1906 at Mountain Grove, MO to James Henry Stillwell. James was born 10 May 1881 at Mountain Grove, the son of Samuel Ross and Clementine Nelson Stillwell. James died 7 January 1958 at Sanger, California with interment held in the Sanger Cemetery. Emma departed this life 4 October 1960 and was interred next to her husband. James and Emma had nine children:

I. Roy Elmer Stillwell b. 11/9/1907 Ann, MO, d. 15/4/1929 Fresno, CA. Never married; interment held in Union Chapel Cem. southeast of Mountain Grove, MO.

II. Delbert Edgar Stillwell b. 16/10/1908 Ann, MO, d. 1913 Mountain Grove, MO. Union Chapel Cemetery

III. James Ethmer Stillwell b. 24/12/1909 Ann, MO, Marr. 1/3/1919 at Selma, CA to Grace Leana Johnson, daughter of Oliver Johnson. Grace died 9/10/1953 at Walnut Creek, CA. Interred in the Sanger Cemetery, Sanger, CA. Two children:

1. Jackie Ethmer Stillwell, b. 6/12/1939 Sanger, CA. Marr. 27/12/1957 at Walnut Creek, CA to Sandra Evans. Two children:

i. Tamra Ranee Stillwell, b. 29/8/1959 Walnut Creek, CA

ii. Christine Le Ann Stillwell, b. 30/9/1961 Walnut Creek, CA

2. Bobbie Lee Stillwell, b. 27/9/1942 Sanger, CA. Marr. 9/11/1963 at Walnut Creek, CA to Judith Lowing. One child:

i. Nancy Lee Stillwell, b. 8/11/1965 Walnut Creek, CA.

IV. Gilbert Edward Stillwell b. 28/3/1911 Ann, MO. Marr. to Unknown. Ten children:

1. Florence Stillwell, b.

2. Jimmie Stillwell, b.

3. Betty Sue Stillwell, b.

4. Elsie Stillwell, b.

5. Corrine Stillwell, b.

6. Evelyn Stillwell, b.

7. Dennis Stillwell, b.

8. Brenda Stillwell, b.

9. Frankie Stillwell, b.

10. unknown

V. Ruby Ellen Stillwell b. 18/10/1912 Mountain Grove, MO. Marr. 8/9/1931 at Fresno, CA to Charles Frank Harden, b. 10/4/1910 at Wichita, KS s/o Charles and Viola Harden. Four children:

1. James Edward Harden, b. 24/11/1932 Sanger, CA. Marr. 18/4/1957 at London, England to Janet Moonshine. Two children:

i. Charles Mark Harden, b. 1/4/1958 Downey, CA

ii. David Michael Harden, b. 26/6/1959 Downey, CA

2. Frankie Marlene Harden, b. 26/1/1936 Sanger, CA. Marr. 15/5/1954 at Reno, NV to Alvie Lee Holmes. Three children:

i. Timothy Jake Holmes. b. 24/6/1959 Dinuba, CA

ii. Penelope Ann Holmes, b. 17/2/1961 Dinuba, CA

iii. Jonathan Lee Holmes, b. 23/8/1963 Dinuba, CA

3. Arlene Mae Harden, b. 18/3/1938 Sanger, CA. Marr. March 1956 at Downey, CA to Robert Jay Carpenter. Three children:

i. Marla Ellen Carpenter, b. 2/10/1957

ii. Robin Jay Carpenter, b. 10/1/1959

iii. Kathy Kay Carpenter, b. 13/4/1962

4. Larry Ervin Harden, b. 29/7/1945 Sanger, CA

VI. Martin Woodrow Stillwell b. 15/3/1914 Mountain Grove, MO, d. 24/11/1963 Mibrae, CA. Marr. 5/1/1935 at Sanger, CA to Gertrude Martha Dittenbir, b. 29/8/1915, dau. of Henry Phillip and Katherine Elizabeth Dittenbir of Fresno, CA. Two children:

1. Bernadine Fay Stillwell, b. 25/2/1936 Sanger, CA

2. Janice Evelyn Stillwell, b. 4/8/1938 San Francisco, CA. Marr. 26/4/1962 at Reno, NV to Joseph Laran. One child:

i. Mitchell Loaquin Laran, b. 7/3/1963 Redwood City, CA

VII. Virgil Ray Stillwell b. 19/12/1915 Ann, MO. Marr. 5/10/1939 at Reno, NV to Eda Rose Colwell, b. 28/10/1920 at Mountain Grove, MO, d/o Martin L. and Elvira Knight Colwell. Two children:

1. Edward Wayne Stillwell, b. 26/11/1942 Glendale, CA

2. Mary Jeannie Stillwell, b. 4/4/1946 Sanger, CA

VIII. Ruth Mildred Stillwell b. 28/2/1918 Ann, MO, d. 23/9/1959 Madera, CA. Interred in the Sanger Cem., Sanger, CA. Marr. Lowell Kuckenbecker. One child:

1. Richard Henry Kuckenbecker, b. 1/5/1940 California. Marr. Lynn Bashiam. One child:

i. unknown to author

IX. Floyd Ervin Stillwell b. 6/9/1920 Ann, MO, Marr. to Edith Eunis Casey. Two children:

1. Ronald Ervin Stillwell, b. California

2. Susan Dianne Stillwell, b. 1/12/1951 California

George Wesley Headley, son of Juley Ann Bennett and Thomas A. Headley, married 5 September 1909 at Topaz, Missouri to Stella May Barnes. Stella, daughter of Elijah and Martha Bell Haddock Barnes, was born 3 September 1890 in Texas County, Missouri. George died 28 July 1949 near Mapleton, Kansas with interment in the Mapleton Cemetery. Stella Kay died 9 January 1966 at Lawrence, Kansas, and was buried next to George. George and Stella had nine children:

I. Sylvia Loretta Headley b. 17/6/1910 Douglas Co., MO, d. 4/12/1930 Tescott, KS. Marr. 3/4/1930 to Donald Burroughs. No children. Sylvia buried in the Franklin Cemetery in Tescott

II. Eula May Headley b. 16/9/1912 Douglas Co., MO, Marr. 25/7/1936 at Hutchinson, KS to Dallas Earl Burroughs. One child:

1. Marvin Earl Burroughs, b. 21/3/1939 Hutchinson, KS. Marr. 21/3/1964 at Tescott, KS to Janice Elaine Robertson. One child:

i. Michael Earl Burroughs, b. 15/6/1964 Great Bend, KS.

III. Lawrence Allen Headley b. 2/9/1914 Texas County, MO, Marr. 21/1/1938 at Nevada, MO to Pearl Mae Morrow. Eleven children:

1. Katherine Louise Headley, b. 11/12/1938 Fort Scott, KS. Marr. 3/12/1957 at Girard, KS to John A. Harris. Six children:

/ i. Randy Lee Harris, Twins b. 5/11/1959 Chanute, KS

\ ii. Johnny Ray Harris, b. 5/11/1959 Chanute, KS

/ iii. Crystal Louise Harris, Twins b. 4/7/1961 Parsons, KS

\ iv. Annette Jean Harris, b. 4/7/1961 Parsons, KS, d. 4/7/1961 Parsons, KS Lakeside Cemetery, Erie, KS

/ v. Donna Marie Harris, Twins b. 26/8/1964 Parsons, KS

\ vi. Richard Emery Harris, b. 26/8/1964 Parsons, KS, d. 26/8/1964 Parsons, KS Lakeside Cemetery, Erie, KS

2. Patsy Jane Headley, b. 8/5/1941 Cambridge, Massachusetts. Marr. 1/1/1960 at Miami, OK to Wendell Jerry Helms. Three children:

i. James Edward Helms, b. 5/10/1960 Tacoma, Washington

ii. Sherry Lynn Helms, b. 25/8/1964 Manhattan, KS

iii. David Eugene Helms, b. 1/4/1966 Chanute, KS

3. Lucille Marie Headley, b. 16/3/1943 Charles City, VA. Marr. 1959 to George Ryan. No children

4. George Allen Headley, b. 5/1/1945 Fort Scott, KS

5. William Doyle Headley, b. 26/8/1946 Fort Scott, KS

6. Lawrence Eugene Headley, b. 4/7/1948 Fort Scott, KS, d. 8/4/1949 Fort Scott, KS. Bur. Marion Cemetery, Uniontown, KS

7. Carolyn Sue Headley, b. 14/5/1950 Fort Scott, KS

8. Thomas Earl Headley, b. 8/10/1952 Fort Scott, KS

9. John Edward Headley, b. 2/11/1954 Fort Scott, KS

10. Delores Kay Headley, b. 11/2/1956 Fort Scott, KS

11. Helen Louise Headley, b. 26/9/1958 Fort Scott, KS

IV. Mearl Odell Headley b. 20/3/1917 Bradford, Arkansas. Two Marriages, (1) 1940 to Maxine Page. One child:

1. Virginia Lee Headley, b. 1941 Fort Scott, KS. (Now married and has two children), (2) 10/7/1943 at Mapleton, KS to Essie Eloie Zion. Five children:

2. Russell Lee Headley, b. 18/4/1944 Fort Scott, KS

3. Sylvia Jean Headley, b. 13/11/1945 Fort Scott, KS. Marr. 29/11/1963 at Independence, MO. to Larry Ringgold. One child:

i. Tracy Lynn Ringgold, b. 2/8/1965 Independence, MO

4. Dorothy May Headley, b. 9/5/1951 Fort Scott, KS

5. Joe Earl Headley, b. 5/8/1957 Fort Scott, KS

6. Letha Faye Headley, b. 30/8/1958 Fort Scott, KS, d. 30/8/1958 Fort Scott, KS. Bur. Marmonton Cemetery

V. Noah Eugene Headley b. 2/6/1919 Douglas Co., MO. Marr. 4/10/1940 at Uniontown, KS to Lenora Fern Walker. Three children:

1. Nolan Arthur Headley, b. 13/9/1941 Fort Scott, KS. Marr. 5/6/1964 Fort Scott, KS to Beverly Jo Thornton. One child:

i. Lisa Ranes Headley, b. 9/10/1965 Fort Scott, KS

2. Mark Wesley Headley, b. 4/8/1944 Fort Scott, KS. Marr. 13/7/1963 at Fulton, KS to Karen. Faye LaFarge. One child:

i. Marka Linette Headley, b. 1/3/1964 Fort Scott, KS

3. Dale Eugene Headley, b. 22/2/1950 Fort Scott, KS

VI. Anna Bell Headley b. 5/8/1921 Solomon, KS. Marr. 5/8/1940 at Nevada, MO to Ernest Lee Page. Five children:

1. Loretta Joyce Page, b. 30/6/1941 Fort Scott, KS. Marr. 15/4/1959 at Miami, OK to Lloyd Benjamin Jones. No children

2. Kathryn Marie Page, b. 2/12/1942 Fort Scott, KS . Marr. 9/11/1963 at Topeka, KS to Edwin Lee Corvi. Two children:

i. Scott Matthew Corvi, b. 20/5/1964 Norwood, MA

ii. Kimberly Ann Corvi, b. 29/9/1965 Norwood, MA

3. Dennis Eugene Page, b. 11/4/1945 Fort Scott, KS

4. Michael Ray Page, b. 4/9/1950 Fort Scott, KS

5. Roger Lee Page, b. 13/7/1952 Fort Scott, KS

VII. Doyle Lee Headley b. 8/1/1926 Chapman, KS, Marr. 13/4/1954 at Clyde, KS to Marilyn Ruth Brooks. Five children:

1. Larry Dee Headley, b. 5/2/1955 Lawrence, KS

2. Gary Lee Headley, b. 26/12/1956 Lawrence, KS

3. Terry Doyle Headley, b. 26/6/1959 Lawrence, KS

4. Barry Gene Headley, b. 6/11/1961 Lawrence, KS

5. Sherry Ruth Headley, b. 3/10/1962 Lawrence, KS

VIII. Herbert Elmer Headley b. 11/5/1930 Culver, KS. Marr. 15/9/1951 at Huntsville, AR to Theda Sharle Keith. Five children:

1. Patricia Sharle Headley, b. 7/8/1952 Fort Scott, KS

2. Teresa Carol Headley, b. 4/6/1955 Fort Scott, KS

3. Steven Harold Headley, b. 16/3/1957 Fort Scott, KS

4. Herbert Wayne Headley, b. 8/7/1958 Fort Scott, KS

5. Edith Arlene Headley, b. 3/8/1959 Fort Scott, KS

IX. Vietta Marie Headley b. 3/2/1932 Culver, KS. Marr. 2/9/1950 at Huntsville, AR to Franklin Lee Burns. Two children:

1. Venita Marie Burns, b. 22/7/1951 Fort Scott, KS

2. William Harvey Burns, b. 6/8/1965 Lawrence, KS

Jessie Daniel Headley, next child of Juley Ann Bennett and Thomas A. Headley, married on 19 August 1909 in Wright County, Missouri to Clennie Bell Taylor. Clennie, born 17 July 1889, was the daughter of Thomas and Laura Taylor. Clennie died 19 March 1932 in Springfield, Missouri, and was interred there in the Maple Park Cemetery. Jessie died in Concord, California in 1959, but was interred next to his wife in Springfield, Missouri. Jessie and Clennie had eight children:

I. Thomas J. Headley b. 25/7/1910 Douglas Co., MO. Marr. 2/7/1939 at Springfield, MO to Eunice Brasfield. Three children:

1. Marcia Jean Headley, b. 25/2/1940 Tracy, CA, Marr. 6/3/1959 at San Francisco, CA to Ronald Duane Hinkle. Two children:

i. Janet Lynn Hinkle, b. 7/12/1960 San Bernardino, CA

ii. Richard Eric Hinkle, b. 18/1/1962 San Bernardino, CA

2. Gary Wayne Headley, b. 1/4/1941 California

3. James Norman Headley, b. 15/3/1942 California, Married and has two children:

i. Tommy Headley, b. California

ii. Randy Headley, b. California

II. Cornelious L. Headley b. 17/6/1912 Douglas Co., MO. Marr. 1/9/1956 at Reno, NV to Bertha Minor Gee (nee Bailey). No children

III. Loran M. Headley b. 17/2/1915 Wood County, MO. Marr. 15/8/1936 at Springfield, MO to Gladys Bailey. Two children:

1. Donald Edward Headley, b. 6/5/1937 Wheatland, CA, Marr. 31/5/1958 to Loretta Lee Moore. Three children:

i. Laura Lynn Headley, b. 1/1/1959 Redlands, CA

ii. Mark Edward Headley, b. 9/2/1960 Redlands, CA

iii. Keith Andrew Headley, b. 2/2/1961 Redlands, CA

2. Doris Ann Headley, b. 11/1/1942 Vallejo, CA. Marr. 5/6/1959 at Redlands, CA to Leroy Leigh Baco. Two children:

i. Patricia Ann Baco, b. 17/4/1960 Redlands, CA

ii. Barbara Dennise Baco, b. 17/10/1961 Redlands, CA

IV. Eulalia M. Headley b. 30/6/1917 Douglas Co., MO. Marr. 28/12/1946 to Mack C. Hacker. Two children:

1. Joan Alice Hacker, b. 26/6/1947 Redlands, CA

2. Carol Jean Hacker, b. 16/12/1949 Honolulu, Hawaii

V. Juley May Headley b. 19/2/1919 Texas Co., MO, d. 19/2/1919 Texas Co., MO. Bur. Union Chapel Cem., Mountain Grove, MO

VI. Myrtle Bell Headley b. 26/4/1920 Mountain Grove, MO. Marr. 8/12/1943 at Springfield, MO to Huber Eugene Baker. One child:

1. Susanne Elizabeth Baker, b. 17/12/1948 Springfield, MO. Jessie W. Headley b. 20/6/1922 Texas Co., MO. Marr. 30/10/1942 at Napa, CA to Lucy Suhr. No children

VII. Laura Headley b. 19/3/1932 Springfield, MO, d. 19/3/1932 Springfield, MO. Bur. Maple Park Cemetery

Last child of Juley Ann Bennett and Thomas A. Headley, was Ollie Evelyn Headley who married on 5 March 1913 at Ann, Missouri to Charles William Stillwell. They had two children. Ollie married for a second time on 8 February 1947 at Vancouver, Washington to Clarence Vail. Charles William Stillwell departed this life on 22 November 1950. Clarence Vail died 11 May 1954 at Fruitland, Oregon. Ollie’s two children by Charles W. Stillwell follows:

I. Samuel D. Stillwell b. 14/6/1925, Marr. and has four children:

1. Brovie Stillwell, b. 5/10/1949

2. Curt Stillwell, b. 22/5/1951

3. Scotty Stillwell, b. 1/5/1953

4. Susie Stillwell, b. 16/8/1955

II. Betty Jo Stillwell b. 16/12/1927, Marr. Gordon Livingston. Two children:

1. Polly Susanne Livingston, b. 21/8/1949

2. Debbie Marie Livingston, b. 16/7/1951

The George Bennett and Florence Miller Family

George Bennett married Florence Miller in the late 1870’s in Sullivan County, Indiana. George and Florence are found on the 1880 Census with their family in Jefferson Township, Sullivan Co., Indiana, just below the Charles T. and Delilah Bennett family. George is listed, age 27, and Florence, age 23. Two children are also listed, Charley Bennett, age 2, and Wesley, age 11 months. The information on George’s and Florence’s children in “the Bennett Genealogy” does not match the census information. George was married three times, but all his children were born by his first wife, Florence. Florence died sometime before 1889, and was buried in the Woodward Cemetery at Dugger, Indiana. George’s second wife was Mary (Molly) F. Bivens whom he married in Sullivan County, Indiana on 6 October 1889. Molly died 15 February 1908 in Sullivan County, and George remarried to Flora B. Herbert on 12 July 1908 in Sullivan County. George died 8 February 1936 in Sullivan, Indiana, and was buried in The Trimble Cemetery northeast of Carlisle. George and his first wife, Florence, had three children:

I. Oscar Bennett b. 8/7/1881 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 22/12/1956 Pleasantville, IN. Moriah Cemetery, Pleasantville, IN. Marr. 29/1/1905 to Zilpha Bell Isabell. Three children:

1. Bernice Vivian Bennett, b. 31/12/1906 Pleasantville, IN. Marr. 8/7/1907 in Sullivan Co., IN to Robert Cecil Gibbs. Four children:

i. Robert Gene Gibbs, b. 1924 Dugger, IN, d. 1924 Dugger, IN

ii. Bobby Alan Gibbs, b. 24/2/1927 Pleasantville, IN

iii. Carole Ann Gibbs, b. 2/9/1933 Terre Haute, IN. Marr. 20/7/1958 at Terre Haute, IN to William Gene Turner. Two children:

a. David Gene Turner, 20/8/1958 Terre Haute, IN

b. Susan Ellen Turner, b. 7/4/1963 Terre Haute, IN

iv. Donald Lee Gibbs, b. 1/5/1935 Terre Haute, IN

2. Hubert Oscar Bennett, b. 2/4/1915 Carlisle, IN. Marr. 1/4/1934 at Sullivan, IN to Dorothy May Joseph. Four children:

i. Thomas Lee Bennett, b. 22/11/1936 Pleasantville, IN. Marr. 15/1/1956 at Dugger, IN to to Marilyn Brownwell. Two children:

a. Renee Lee Bennett, b. 28/9/1956 Linton, IN

b. Roger Lee Bennett, b. 27/10/1962 Linton, IN

ii. James Leon Bennett, b. 10/5/1939 Pleasantville, IN. Marr. 21/2/1959 at Carlisle, IN to Wanda Blice. One child:

a. Karen Sue Bennett, b. 9 /2/19??

iii. Judith Ann Bennett, b. 25/11/1946 Linton, IN. Marr. 13/12/1963 to Daniel Downs. Three children:

a. Terry Ray Downs, b. 21/3/1964 Terre Haute, IN

/ b. Daniel Gene Downs, Twins b. 16/4/1965 Paxton, IN

\ c. Donald Dean Downs, b. 16/4/1965 Paxton, IN

3. Billie Frances Bennett, b. 25/11/1922 Pleasantville, IN. d. 13/10/1944 Killed WWII – Belguim. Age 18 years, 10 months, 19 days. Bur. Mt. Moriah Cemetery, Bucktown, IN

II. John Wesley Bennett b. 26/11/1883 (most likely 1879), Marr. to ?. Three children:

1. John Bennett, b.

2. Florence Bennett, b.

3. Robert Bennett,

III. Charles Bennett b. 2/7/1885 (most likely 1877), d. 16/12/1903 Jefferson Twp., Sullivan Co.. Indiana, bur. Trimble Cemetery, northeast of Carlisle

The Louvisa Bennett and Herman Milburn Family

Louvisa Bennett, daughter of Delilah Booker and Charles T. Bennett, married 8 September 1878 at Carlisle, Indiana to Herman Milburn. Herman, born in Germany on 4 November 1854, was the son of Henry and Mary Milburn. Although they are not found on the 1870 Census of Sullivan County, the 1880 Census of Sullivan County, Indiana, show that Herman’s father’s family came to Indiana from Tennessee just before the 1870 Census. Herman died 1 August 1929 in Sullivan County and was buried in the Center Ridge Cemetery at Sullivan, Indiana. Louvisa died 25 March 1932 at Sullivan, Indiana, and was also interred in the Center Ridge Cemetery. Herman and Louvisa had eight children.

I. Eva May Milburn b. 19/1/1880 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 10/8/1962 Warren, IN. Never married. Bur. Center Ridge Cemetery

II. Allie Arthur Milburn b. 16/7/1881 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 22/9/1946 Jasonville, IN. Marr. Nora Mishler (d. 1/3/1961 in Indianapolis, IN; bur. Center Ridge Cemetery). No children. Allie interred Center Ridge Cemetery

III. Eddie Addison Milburn b. 7/3/1883 Sullivan Co., IN, d., Marr. Stella Lenhart. Three children:

1. Velma Milburn, b. 7/3/1922 Jasonville, IN

2. Jean Milburn, b. 3/7/1926 Sullivan, IN

3. Guy Milburn, b. 26/2/1928 Sullivan, IN

IV. Pearl Milburn b. 20/10/1886 Emison Station, IN, d.. Never married

V. Earl Milburn b. 20/10/1886 Emison Station, IN, d. 24/8/1963 Poland, IN. Bur. Poland, Indiana Cemetery. Marr. 20/11/1907 at Poland, IN to Lydia May Heath, b. 1/9/1887 at Poland, dau. of James Marshall and Lydia Delilah Heath. Four children:

1. Evelyn Norma Milburn, b. 2/1/1912 Jasonville, IN. Marr. 29/6/1935 at Indianapolis, IN to Dale B. Cox. One child:

i. James Phillip Cox, b. 20/5/1943 Indianapolis, IN

2. James Norman Milburn, b. 15/2/1914 Cloverland, IN. Marr. 31/12/1941 at Indianapolis, IN to May Eaton. Five children:

i. James Arthur Milburn, b. 5/11/1945 Collinsville, IN

ii. Stephen Ray Milburn, b. 25/11/1946 Collinsville, IN

iii. Nancy Lynn Milburn, b. 10/7/1951 Collinsville, IN

/ iv. Cindy Milburn, twins b. 25/9/1959 Hollywood, FL

\ v. Sandy Milburn, b. 25/9/1959 Hollywood, FL

3. Dorothy Pearl Milburn, b. 25/10/1915 Carlisle, IN. Marr. 12/8/1940 at Terre Haute, IN to Cyril W. Marshall. Six children:

i. Cyril Dale Marshall, b. 3/7/1941 Collinsville, IN

ii. Robert Wilmot Marshall, b. 20/7/1942 Collinsville, IN

iii. John Heath Marshall, b. 6/4/1944 Collinsville, IN

iv. Susan Elizabeth Marshall, b. 3/11/1946 Collinsville, IN

v. Keith Davis Marshall, b. 12/9/1948 Collinsville, IN

vi. Windy Marshall, b. 27/2/1957 Collinsville, IN

4. Robert Earl Milburn, b. 4/5/1920 Clay City, IN. Marr. 3/6/1944 in Iceland to G. Jonsdotter (b. 4/9/1926 in Iceland, dau. of John and Rosie Jonsdotter). Two children:

i. Michael Thomas Milburn, b. 27/9/1950 Collinsville, IN

ii. Debra Kay Milburn, b. 6/11/1955 Collinsville, IN

VI. Blanche Milburn b. 1/9/1888 Emison Station, IN, d.. Never married

VII. Emma Ardella Milburn b. 9/10/1891 Bruceville, IN, d., Two marriages, (1) 29/7/1909 at Linton, IN to John Peter Fougerousse (b.7/2/1889 at Washington,, IN, s/o Frank & Mary Coleman Fougerousse). John Peter d. 1/12/1950 at Jasonville, IN; interment in the Lebanon Cemetery there., (2) 9/10/1954 at Jasonville, IN to Thurman Christ. All children by first marriage:

1. Lawrence Fougerousse, b. 12/7/1910 Jasonville, IN. Marr. 9/7/1933 at Sullivan, IN to Thelma Frances Rodenbeck. Three children:

i. Nancy Ann Fougerousse, b. 19/2/1935 Jasonville, IN. Marr. 7/6/1955 at Dugger, IN to Melvin Fritz. One child:

a. Christopher Fritz, b. 3/5/1960

ii. Betty Lou Fougerousse, b. 24/8/1936 Linton, IN. Marr. 11/5/1962 at Linton, IN to Bobbie Joe Turpin. One child:

a. Michael Joseph Turpin, b. 21/8/1964 Indianapolis, IN

iii. Lawrence Fougerousse, b. 16/10/1937 Linton, IN, Two marriages, (1) Marr. 30/12/1955 at Winslow, IN to Patricia Sue Trimble. Three children:

a. Deborah Sue Fougerousse, b. 23/5/1956 Sullivan, IN

b. Tamborah Fougerousse, b. 25/3/1959 Sullivan, IN

c. Kembarly Ann Fougerousse, b. 26/3/1961 Sullivan, IN

(2) Marr. 5/7/1964 to Sharon Lee Fairchild, One child:

d. Joan Ann Fougerousse, b. 6/2/1965 Sullivan, IN

2. Howard Fougerousse, b. 19/3/1912 Jasonville, IN, d. 13/12/1947 Rochester, MN. Bur. Lebanon Cem. in Jasonville, IN. Two marriages. (1) to Hazel Myers, dau. of Grover. Three children:

i. James Mourice Fougerousse, b. 6/5/1932 Jasonville, IN

ii. John Cleveland Fougerousse, b. 10/6/1934 Jasonville, IN

iii. Richard Lee Fougerousse, b. 25/5/1935 Jasonville, IN,

(2) to Evelyn Martin, dau. of John, Four children:

iv. Jerry Lee Fougerousse, b. Jasonville, IN

v. Patti Ann Fougerousse, b. Jasonville, IN

vi. William Dean Fougerousse, b. Jasonville, IN

vii. Shirley Jean Fougerousse, b. Jasonville, IN

3. Ruth Fougerousse, b. 5/3/1916 Jasonville, IN. Two marriages, (1) to John Clinton Steuerwald. Two children:

i. Marsha Ann Steuerwald, b. 4/2/1943 Indianapolis, IN. Marr. 26/4/1961 at Coal City, IN to Philip Crist, s/o Helen Crist. One child:

a. Jon Philip Crist, b. 6/6/1962 Sullivan, IN

ii. J. Bradley Steuerwald, b. 22/7/1946 Indianapolis, IN, (2) to Robert Walls White. Two children:

a. Penne Jean White, b. 4/1/1953 Sullivan, IN

b. Teresa Lee White, b. 2/2/1956 Sullivan, IN, William Milburn b. 9/10/1894 Greene Co., IN. d. 11 days later

The Vance Bennett and Mary Jane Headley Family

Vance Bennett, the next child of Delilah Booker and Charles T. Bennett, married 21 September 1876 in Sullivan County, Indiana to Mary Jane Headley. Mary, born 29 October 1856 in Sullivan County, was the daughter of John Graham and Priscilla Larea (Neal) Headley. Note that Mary’s parents were the same parents of Thomas Atticus Headley who married Juley Ann Bennett, Vance’s older sister. Mary Jane departed this life on 2 January 1930 near Shelburn, Indiana, and was buried in the Hickory Cemetery near Dugger, Indiana. Vance, despondent over his wife’s death, drowned himself on 2 August 1930. He was interred next to his wife. Vance and Mary Jane had six children:

I. Delilah Bennett b. 25/9/1877 Sullivan Co., IN, (1880 Census list birthplace as Ohio) (Don Wilson, Delilah Bennett descendant, states she was born in Missouri) d. 28/4/1929 Sullivan, IN, Marr. 27/10/1903 at Sullivan, IN to Elva Farr, s/o Levi and Elizabeth Bolin Boatman Farr. Three children:

1. Everett Farr, b., d. 1920’s of diabetes. Never married. Bur. Hickory Cemetery, Dugger, IN

2. Lawrence Farr, b. 14/3/1912, d. Los Angeles, CA. Never married

3. Mary Elizabeth Farr, b. 13/11/1913 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 20/4/1986 Washington, IN. Two marriages, (1) 20/12/1930 at Paris, IL to James Kenneth Wilson, s/o Elvin Phillippe and Eva Lucille McCleave Wilson, (2) to Everett Fulk. Five children – all from 1st Marr.

i. Mary Eileen Wilson, b. 16/7/1931 Vincennes, IN. Marr. Frances Rego. Two children:

a. George Rego, b., Marr. Lee Ann Hudson

b. Janet B. Rego, b. 1/8/19??. Marr. Paul Treadway

ii. Donald Wayne Wilson, b. 10/4/1933 Vincennes, IN , U.S. Air Force 1952-56. Marr. 18/6/1957 at Harvey, IL to Gladys Mae Bussinger (widow of Udell Small), dau. of Chester A. Bussinger and Ethel Mae Bridgewater. Two children:. (1st child from Gladys 1st marriage)

a. Richard Lee (Small) Wilson, b. 21/2/1953 Washington, IN. Marr. 29/6/1977 at Crown Point, IN to Linda Linstrom

b. David Wayne Wilson, b. 2/11/1958 Hammond, IN. Marr. 16/1/1983 at Gary, IN to Stephany Brisevak

c. James Elvin Wilson, b. 29/9/1935 Vincennes, IN. U. S. Army 1953-55. Marr. 1955 to Shirley Ann Jeanne, born Evans, LA. Five children:

i). Joni Denise Wilson, b. 10/3/1957, Two marriages, (1) to ? Wisby. Two child:

a). Veronica Nicole Wisby, b. 15/8/1975

b). Riki Denise Wisby, b. 30/1/1978

(2) to Henry Presley, Jr., One child:

c). Dusti Ann Presley, b. 31/3/198?

ii). James “Pete” Elvin Wilson, Jr., b. 21/3/1961. Marr. Theresa Marie ?. Two stepsons: John David ?, b. 30/1/1978 & Mark Anthony ?, b. 16/11/1978. One child by Theresa Marie:

a). Amanda Denise Wilson, b. 15/1/1986

iii). Richard Emmit Wilson, b. 9/3/1962. Marr. to Natalia Ann ?. One child:

a). Jacob Ryan Wilson, b. 23/4/1985

iv). Jodi Danielle Wilson, b. 24/8/1971

v). Joel Brent Wilson, b. 11/1/1977

d. Frederick X. Wilson, b. 8/5/1936 Vincennes, IN. U. S. Air Force 1955-76. Electrician on Pres. Nixon’s “Air Force One”. Marr. 30/1/1960 Wichita Fall, TX to Twalla Gayle Sanders. Three children:

1. Frederick Kenneth Wilson, b. 19/5/1961

2. Edward Allen Wilson, b. 31/12/1963

3. John Robert Wilson, b. 28/12/1968

e. Irene May Wilson, b. 24/11/1937 Vincennes, IN, d. 14/4/1987 Joplin, MO. Interred Bridgeport, IL. Marr. 10/2/1955 Bridgeport, IL to James R. Price. Four children:

i). James R. Price, Jr., b. 24/8/1960

ii). Bryan Price, b. 31/10/1962. Marr. Barbara Payne. One child:

a). Amanda Nicole Price, b. 18/3/1982

iii). Tina Price, b. 9/5/1964

iv). Patricia Price, b. 17/2/1972

II. Julia Bennett b. 1/5/1879 Carlisle, IN, d. 6/9/1917 Sullivan Co., IN. Interred Mt. Calvary Cemetery, Dugger, IN. Marr. 14/2/1904 at Sullivan Co., IN to Edward Cecil Alsman b. 27/11/1883 at Sullivan Co., IN, s/o J. D. and Nancy Borders Alsman.. Seven children:

1. Edna Alsman, b. 11/12/1904 Sullivan Co., IN, Marr. 19/5/1926 at Sullivan, IN to Hubert McKinley (1907-1961 bur. Oaktown Cemetery, Oaktown, IN). Two children:

i. Lloyd Houston McKinley, b. 27/10/1928 Little Rock, AR. Marr. 21/9/1950 Vincennes, IN to Grace Etta Martin. Five children:

a. Kathy June McKinley, b. 22/9/1951 Vincennes, IN

b. Patricia Kay McKinley, b. 17/6/1955 Vincennes, IN

c. Linda Jean McKinley, b. 5/11/1955 Vincennes, IN

d. Norma Ruth McKinley, b. 20/12/1960 Vincennes, IN

e. Pamela Sue McKinley, b. 30/11/1965 Vincennes, IN

ii. Hugh Bert McKinley, b. 20/6/1941 Sullivan Co., IN. Marr. 15/7/1962 at Oaktown, IN to Sandra K. Rogers. No children

2. Edith Alsman, b. 11/12/1904 Sullivan Co., IN. Marr. 12/8/1938 at Vincennes, IN to cousin, Harold Moody, son of Daniel and Nora Booker Moody.. One child:

i. Harold Moody, b. 18/2/1941 Carlisle, IN. Liv. 1989 in Oaktown, IN. Three children:. (See this chapter, under Harrison Booker family)

3. Opal Alsman, b. 11/12/1907 Sullivan Co., IN. Marr. 6/5/1931 in Sullivan Co., IN to Alpha James Hinds. One child:

i. James E. Hinds, b. 21/6/1936 Haddon, IN. Marr. 4/7/1963 Terre Haute, IN. One child:

a. Elizabeth Ann Hinds, b. 28/6/1964 Terre Haute, IN

4. Cecil Edward Alsman, b. 16/4/1910 Sullivan Co., IN. Marr. 14/9/1939 at Sullivan, IN to Bernice Mayfield. Liv. 1989 Lakeside West-Sullivan, IN. Four children:

i. Larry W. Alsman, b. 23/6/1940 Sullivan, IN, Christian Church Minister. Lives east of Dugger

ii. Lanna J. Alsman, b. 26/4/1942 Sullivan, IN, Two marriages. Lives in TN with 2nd marr. and family. One daughter from 1st marr.:

a. Tracy Alsman, Adopted and raised by Cecil and Bernice Alsman

iii. Lonnie E. Alsman, b. 11/1/1947 Sullivan, IN. Marr. a Markee, lives near Belleville, IL in 1989

iv. Leslie A. Alsman, b. 21/2/1955 Sullivan, IN, Marr. Ernestine Hancock. Lives in Wisconsin

v. Jessie Marie Alsman, b. & d. as infant. Bur. Mt. Calvary Cemetery, Dugger, IN

vi. Geneive Pearl Alsman, b. & d. as infant. Bur. Mt. Calvary Cemetery, Dugger, IN

vii. Hallie Blanch Alsman, b. & d. as infant. Bur. Mt. Calvary Cemetery, Dugger, IN

III. Charles Thomas Bennett b. 22/4/1881 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 29/11/1921 Sullivan Co., IN. Bur. Hickory Cemetery, near Dugger, IN . Marr. 31/12/1902 at Sullivan, IN to Mary Alice Shipman. Five children:

1. Leon Gerald Bennett, b. Indiana, d. 1965 Indiana. Marr. to unknown

2. Inez Bennett, b. Indiana, d. unknown

3. Lillian Bennett, b. 27/2/1910 Sullivan Co., IN, d. ?1912?

4. Melvina L. Bennett, b. 25/12/1915 Sull. Co., IN. Marr. Charles Fuller

5. Cora Irene Bennett, b. 30/11/1918 Sull. Co., IN. Lived in California

IV. Martha Alice Bennett b. 25/9/1883 Pleasantville, IN, d. 16/11/1939 New Lebanon, IN. Bur. Hickory Cemetery, Dugger, IN. Marr. 11/11/1900 at Sull. Co., IN to Thomas Roseberry, s/o Pilton and Mahalia Roseberry (Thomas d. 1941, bur. Hickory Cemetery). Eight children:

1. Della May Roseberry, b. 20/7/1901 Dugger, IN, d. 16/12/1954 Lawrenceville, IL. Bur. Hickory Cemetery, Dugger, IN. Two marriages, (1) to Mr. Ladson. One child:

i. Melvin Eugene Ladson, b.. Marr. Grace Blackburn. Two children:

a. Anna Belle Ladson. b.

b. Elba Ladson. b.

(2) to James Alsop, s/o John and Julia Alsop, One child:

ii. Helen Alsop, b.. Marr. Donald Fleener. One child:

a. Della May Fleener, b.

2. Lexie Ray Roseberry, b. 16/8/1903 Dugger, IN. Marr. 17/11/1936 Sullivan, IN to Geneva Bennett, d/o Homer and Florence Bennett. Two children:

i. Edith May Roseberry, b. 2/5/1939 Merom, IN

ii. Donald Ray Roseberry, b. 11/2/1942 Merom, IN. Marr. Janice Brown. One child:

a. Steven Ray Roseberry, b. 27/3/1965 Sullivan, IN

3. Paul Albert Roseberry, b. 20/6/1906 Dugger, IN. Married to ?. Three children:

i. Thomas Roseberry, b.

ii. Lois Roseberry, b.

iii. Leon Roseberry,

4. James Clay Roseberry, b. 20/5/1909 Dugger, IN. Married to ??. No children

5. Charles William Roseberry, b. 1/7/1911 Dugger, IN. Marr. Hazel Miller, d/o Ralph Miller. No children

6. Clarence Robert Roseberry, b. 23/9/1913 Dugger, IN, d. 23/3/1966. Marr. 4/3/1957 at Sullivan Co., IN to Katherine Finch. No children

7. Carl Deloris Roseberry, b. 19/9/1915 Dugger, IN, Two marriages, (1) 30/10/1936 at Lawrenceville, IL to Mae Dunlop, died 10/9/1954 at Battle Creek, MI; bur. Presbyterian Cemetery, Vincennes, IN. One child:

i. Patty Lou Roseberry, b. 23/12/1938 Vincennes, IN. Marr. 20/10/1956 at Anglon, MI. to Casper Kulikowski. Three children:

a. Kathy Dianne Kulikowski, b. 15/4/1958 Albion, MI

b. Carl Frank Kulikowski, b. 28/12/1961 Albion, MI

c. Irene Lavon Kulikowski, b. 26/10/1963 Albion, MI

(2) Carl remarried 4/2/1955 at Anglon, MI to Audrey Edith Clark. Two children:

i. Dawn Marie Roseberry, b. 2/2/1957 Marshall, MI

ii. Carla Ann Roseberry, b. 13/9/1959 Marshall, MI

8. Blanche Louise Roseberry, b. 16/7/1918 Dugger, IN. Two marriages, (1) 15/6/19?? at Sullivan, IN to Denver Levi Moore, d. 194? Shelburn, IN, bur. White Cemetery, (2) 3/8/1945 at Lawrenceville, IL to William J. McClure. Three children from 1st marriage:

i. Alice Rose Moore, b. 10/7/1940 Fairbanks, IN, Marr. 15/8/1959 at Metroplis, IL. Lowell F. Larrison. Five children:

a. Patricia Louise Larrison, b. 2/4/1960 Lawrenceville, IL

b. Gregory Lewis Larrison, b. 5/2/1961 Lawrenceville, IL

c. Jeffery Allen Larrison, b. 5/5/1962 Lawrenceville, IL

d. Robert Edward Larrison, b. 29/11/1964 Lawrenceville, IL

e. Rebecca Rose Larrison, b. 19/5/1966 Lawrenceville, IL

ii. Edward Thomas Moore, b. 1/10/1941 Shelburn, IN. Marr. 17/11/19?? at Lawrenceville, IL to Ruth Walker. Two children:

a. Edward Thomas Moore, Jr., b. 26/7/1963 Lawrenceville, IL

b. Tamarra Lee Moore, b. 21/12/1965 Lawrenceville, IL

iii. Jerry Lee Moore, b. Sullivan, IN, d. age 9 months. Bur. White Cemetery.

V. Infant son Bennett b. 15/12/1885 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 15/12/1885 Sullivan Co., IN. Bur. Trimble Cemetery, Carlisle, IN.

VI. Everett Vastine Bennett b. 13/11/1889 Sullivan Co., IN, d. 4/3/1962 Pueblo, CO. Bur. Mountain View Cemetery, Pueblo, CO. Marr. 15/10/1910 at Sullivan, IN to Osa Opal Clark, d. 2/3/1944 Pueblo, CO. Bur. Mountain View Cemetery, Pueblo CO. One child:

1. Robert Eugene Bennett, b. 4/3/1919 Sullivan Co., IN, Two marriages, (1) 21/7/1940 at Denver, CO to Roberta Rae, (2) 25/7/1963 at Pueblo, CO to Grace J. Pinkerton. Three children from 1st marriage:

i. Sandra Jean Bennett, b. 30/11/1941 Colorado Springs, CO, Marr. 21/7/1962 at Colorado Springs, CO to Carroll Jay Murphy

ii. Vicki Lee Bennett, b. 22/5/1945 Colorado Springs, CO. Marr. 7/7/1963 at Colorado. Springs, CO to Temple Lewis Haley

The Bucher/Booker Family, 1686-1990 © 1990 Charles Lee Booker Jr.


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