The Bucher/Booker Family, 1686-1990: Chapter III, Part 2


The James Baxter Booker Family

of Moultrie Co., Illinois

The following information was sent to me from Mabel M. Booker of Sullivan, Moultrie Co., Illinois. She received some of her information from her cousin, Dorothy Booker Kious, daughter of Samuel Arthur Booker. As mentioned earlier in this chapter, Mrs. Kious has James Baxter Booker’s family Bible. The entries in the Bible were first made in 1822. James B. Booker lists his birthplace as Tennessee on the 1850 Census of Sullivan Co., Indiana. James is not on the 1855 Census of Illinois, but since his son, John Davis Booker, was married in Moultrie Co., Illinois in September of 1855, I believe that James B. Booker and family moved to Moultrie County just after the 1855 Census. On the 1860 Census of Moultrie Co., Illinois, James B. Booker lists his birthplace as Kentucky. Interestingly, James spells his name Bucker on the 1860 Census. The Shelby County, Illinois History, published in 1881, in the list of patrons, T. J. Booker (Thomas Jefferson Booker – son of James B. Booker) is found, living in Lovington, Illinois, Section 33 (Moultrie Co.), farmer and house builder, born in Sullivan Co., Indiana, and settled in Shelby county in 1857.

From the Western Sun, dated June 14, 1834 in Sullivan Co., Indiana:

“At a numerous and respectable meeting held in the Academy…for the purpose to celebrate the ensuing Nation anniversary….Resolved that a committee of fourteen persons….The committee heretofore appointing Capt. H. Eaton’s Company of Cavalry consisting…and the Committee heretofore appointed on the part of Capt. McConnell’s Rifle Company, voz: Messers. Price, Davidson, and Booker, all being present, retired with the committee…

Because of the relationship between the Davidsons and the Bookers, the Booker referred to here is most likely James B. Booker. Notice in Chapter III – Part 1, all of James B. Booker’s children were born in Sullivan Co., Indiana except for Mary and George D. Booker who were born in Jefferson Co., Kentucky. I can’t but wonder about the nature of James trip back to Kentucky; most likely to visit relatives there. Almeda Jane, James and Elizabeth’s first child, is found on the 1880 Census of Moultrie Co., Illinois living with her brother, John D. Booker. She is listed as Alminda J. Howard, sister of head of household.

Nancy Ann, James and Elizabeth Booker’s second daughter, married John Wesley Ingle in 1845 in Sullivan Co., Indiana. John was Nancy’s first cousin, the son of Catherine M. Booker and John Ingle. Nancy and John’s family is listed on the 1870 Census of Moultrie Co., Illinois. (See descendants in Chapter III – Part 1.)

The John Davis Booker and Susannah Hastings Family

John Davis Booker, son James B. and Elizabeth Booker, married Susannah Hastings on 4 September 1855 in Moultrie Co., Illinois. Susannah was born 27 February 1838 in Pickaway Co., Ohio, and came to Illinois in 1847. John D. Booker and Susannah Hastings had nine children:

Esther H. Booker b. 11/12/1856 Moultrie Co., IL, d. 13/2/1857 Moultrie Co., IL

Mary Elizabeth Booker b. 9/2/1858 Moultrie Co., IL, d. 8/4/1859 Moultrie Co., IL

Charles Dexter Booker b. 6/2/1860 Lovington, Moultrie Co., IL, d. 23/7/1944 Sullivan, Moultrie Co., IL

George W. Booker b. 26/9/1861 Moultrie Co., IL, d. 12/9/1869 Moultrie Co., IL

Harriet Ellen Booker b. 31/8/1863 Moultrie Co., IL, d. 1/8/1943

John Wesley Booker b. 28/11/1865 Moultrie Co., IL, d. 27/5/1945 Farmington, MI. Parkview Cemetery

William Ellery Booker b. 17/3/1867 Moultrie Co., IL, d. 15/10/1905 Moultrie Co., IL

Minnie Booker b. 1869/70 Shelby Co., IL, d.

Richard Arthur Booker b. 1873 Moultrie Co., IL, d. 24/8/1875 Moultrie Co., IL

All of the above family, with the exception of John Wesley Booker, are buried in Keller Cemetery, south of Lovington, Illinois. One of the homes where the family lived was immediately west of Keller Cemetery. In the 1940’s the log cabin was still standing. The then owner of the farm promised Charles Dexter Booker it would be left there as long as he, Charles, lived, since it was his birthplace. It was not until several years later (after Charles’s death) that it was torn down.

Charles Dexter Booker

John Davis Booker’s eldest son, Charles Dexter Booker, married Laura Boyd at the bride’s home near Gays, Moultrie Co., Illinois. Laura was born 7 March 1861 in Illinois, the daughter of Thomas M. Boyd and Catherine Cox. Charles and Laura had eight children:

Minnie Elsie Booker b. 30/4/1889 Moultrie Co., IL, d. 14/8/1955 Decatur, IL

Flossie Ellen Booker b. 23/7/1891 Moultrie Co., IL, d. 21/3/1986 Moultrie Co., IL

Nellie Marie Booker b. 28/7/1893 Moultrie Co., IL, d. 26/9/1893 Moultrie Co., IL

Joseph Harry Booker b. 11/2/1895 Moultrie Co., IL, d. 19/2/1985 Decatur, IL

Susan Catherine Booker b. 5/8/1897 Moultrie Co., IL, d. 29/8/1929 Moultrie Co., IL

Myrtle Edith Booker b. 2/3/1899 Cape Girardeau, MO, d. 11/7/1965 Madison, WI

Bertha Laura Booker b. 24/12/1900 Moultrie Co., IL, d. 21/11/1901 Moultrie Co., IL

Charles Virgil Booker b. 14/2/1903 Moultrie Co., IL, d. 31/7/1980 Decatur, IL

At the time of Charles Dexter Booker’s death in 1944, his surviving children were living in the following locations: Elsie Booker and Harry Booker in Decatur, Illinois; Flossie Turner in Allenville, Illinois; Edith Henninger in Waterloo, Iowa; and Charles Virgil Booker in Sullivan, Illinois. Upon his death Charles Dexter Booker had seventeen grandchildren. Flossie Ellen Booker, daughter of Charles Dexter Booker and Laura Boyd, married John Allen Turner 24 February 1909. John Allen Turner, son of William Turner, was born 14 January 1886, and died of leukemia on 31 December 1950 in Moultrie Co., Illinois. They had three children:

I. Myrtle Fern Turner b. 14/1/1910 Allenville, IL, d. 5/10/1984. Married 4 times: (1) Olaf Black, who died of TB when Fern was 19, (2) ? McDowell, marr. 3 mos. (div.), (3) Ernest Davis (Ernie), (4) Bollie Gilbode of Sullivan, IL in 1948. No children

II. John Beldon Turner b. 26/1/1912 Allenville, IL, d. 5/5/1978. Married Ethel ? in Detroit, MI. Divorced while Beldon was overseas in WWII Died of Leukemia. One child:

1. Dion Turner, later named Danny, b.

III. Berdena Louise Turner b. 25/6/1918 Allenville, IL, Two Marriages, (1) John Smith, (2) Kenneth E. Cross. Children of Berdena and John Smith:

1. Richard Alan Smith, b. 21/10/1937. Marr. Joan ?. Three children:

i. Julie Smith. Marr. Lyle Schoonover. Three children:

a. Cyrus Schoonover,

b. Bonnie Joan Schoonover

c. Emily Rose Schoonover

ii. Myrtle Darlene Smith, b. 12/10/1935. Marr. Louie Oyler. Four children:

a. Terra Lynn Oyler b. 8/8/1956. Marr. Terry Edwards. Four children:

i). Theresa Edwards

ii). Troy Edwards

iii). Tracy Edwards

iv). ?

b. Christine Lou Oyler, b. 15/5/1959. Marr. ?. One child:

1. Nichole ?

c. Douglas Lane Oyler, b. 2/12/1961. Marr. Tani ?

d. Steven Oyler, Marr. Lynette ?

iii. Diana Carol Smith, b. 23/9/1942. Marr. Richard Muzzy. Two children:

a. Penny Louise Muzzy, b. 9/5/1959. Marr. James Boyce. One child:

i). Krista Boyce

b. Tammy Marie Muzzy, b. 6/7/1962. Marr. ? Simmons. Two children:

ii). Shawn Vance Simmons

ii). Charlene Carol Simmons

Joseph Harry Booker, son of Charles Dexter Booker and Laura Boyd, married twice; first to Mary Virginia Sullivan in Sullivan, Illinois on 17 December 1916, and later to Mae Kathryn Heitman in 1947 in Sullivan (Mae Kathryn died in Decatur on 12 September 1983). From his first marriage, Harry and Mary had two children and one adopted daughter:

Mary Virginia Booker b. 11/12/1919 – died in infancy

Joseph Allen Booker b. 19/8/1924 Sullivan, IL, d. 19/7/1981 Phoenix, AZ. Former WWII Vet. & POW

Dorothy Booker b.. Married Joseph Boise of Palmetto, FL

There were no children by Harry’s second marriage. Joseph Harry Booker was buried in the Fairlawn Cemetery in Decatur, Illinois. At the time of his death, he left nine grandchildren, 27 g-grandchildren, and 3 g-g-grandchildren.

Joseph Allen Booker, Sr., son of Joseph Harry Booker, married Noma Jones in Decatur in 1942. Noma was born 22 August 1924. Joseph Allen and Noma had five children:

I. Joseph Allen Booker, Jr. b. 24/1/1943 Decatur, Macon Co., IL, Two marriages:, (1) Bonnie Norman, (2) ?. Children by second marriage:

1. Joseph Allen Booker III, b. 4/10/1960

2. Cynthia Joline Booker, b. 4/12/1961

II. Donald Eugene Booker b. 16/4/1946 Decatur, IL, d. 1/9/1985 Houston, TX, married Carol ?,. Cremated in Northwoods Chapel, Houston, TX. Member of Prairie Avenue Christian Church. Three children (liv. 1985 in Houston, TX)

1. Thomas Booker

2. Christopher Booker

3. Deborah Booker

III. Mary Elizabeth Booker b. 30/6/1947 Decatur, IL

IV. Norma Jean Booker b. 5/10/1948 Decatur, IL

V. Kathryn Ellen Booker b. 19/9/1950 Decatur, IL

At the time of Donald E. Booker’s death in 1985, Joseph Allen Booker’s children were living in the following cities:

Joseph Allen Booker, Jr. – Decatur, IL

Mrs. Rex (Mary E.) Wiley – Decatur, IL

Mrs. Arthur (Norma Jean) Morstatter – Garland, TX

Mrs. Michael (Kathryn) Sleeth – Sullivan, IL

Susan Catherine Booker, daughter of Charles Dexter Booker and Laura Boyd, married Henry Vernon Loy on 20 January 1916. Susan and Vernon had three children:

Vera Edith Loy b. 11/12/ 1916 Moultrie Co., IL, d. 19/12/1928 Moultrie Co., IL

Veda Laura Loy b. 14/2/1918 Moultrie Co., IL. Married 21/3/1935 to Dale Franklin Murphy. Living in Milwaukee, WI

Roy Vernon Loy b. 14/7/1921 Moultrie Co., IL, d. 5/6/1978. Married 12/9/1947 to Mildred Draheim

Henry Vernon Loy disappeared in 1920 or 1921. He simply left for work one day (just before Roy was born), and no one ever saw him again. Susan Catherine was a member of the First Christian Church in Sullivan, Illinois, and was buried in Greenhill Cemetery. Veda Laura Roy and Dale Franklin Murphy had one child:

I. Janice LeAnn Murphy b. 14/4/1936 Sullivan, IL. Two Marriages:, (1) Roger Moyle, in MI, Div. 1962, (2) Marr. 28/4/1963 to Paul Kruczynski in Dubuque, IA. Two children by Roger Moyle:

1. Dale Albert (Moyle) Kruczynski, b. 19/3/1959 Milwaukee, WI.. Marr. 19/1/1980 to Nedra Kay Ferguson in Ft. Knox, KY. One child:

i. Samantha Kruczynski. b. 5/9/1980 Ft. Knox, KY

2. Gary Alan (Moyle) Kruczynski, b. 16/4/1960 Milwaukee, WI. Marr. 27/6/1982 to Teresa Lee Kezele in Apache Junction, AZ. One child:

i. Jeff Alan Kruczynski, b. 2/2/1983 Phoenix, AZ (* Both Dale and Gary adopted by Janice’s second marriage to Paul Kruczynski.). Two children by Paul Kruczynski

3. Carla Marie Kruczynski, b. 21/1/1964 Needles, CA.. Marr. 21/8/1982 to Terry Lyons in Mesa, AZ. One child:

i. Joshua Allen Lyons, b. 21/1/1983 Mesa, AZ

4. David Scott Kruczynski, b. 30/6/1967 Milwaukee, WI

Veda and Dale divorced, and Veda remarried to Edward Michael Poplawski on 17 November 1967 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. There are no children by Veda’s second marriage.

Roy Vernon Loy married Mildred Draheim Eaton on 12 September 1947.

This was Mildred’s second marriage. Roy was a aviation mechanic in the U.S. Navy during WWII, serving in the Pacific. Roy died of a heart attack in 1978. He and Mildred had two children:

I. Deidra Ann Loy b. 29/12/1948. Married 24/4/1971 to Joseph Morris Zerillo. One child:

1. Gina Rose Zerillo, b. 8/10/1975

II. Richard Vernon Loy b. 28/2/1953. Married 11/9/1976 to Bonnie Lynn Watson

Myrtle Edith Booker, daughter of Charles Dexter Booker and Laura Boyd, married Roy William Isaac Phillip Henninger on 31 March 1917 in Sullivan, Illinois. Roy, born on 20 May 1893 in Jasper City, Indiana, was the son of Andrew Henninger and Maggie Moad. Myrtle and Roy had four children:

Dorothy Marie Henninger b. 27/7/1917 Moultrie Co., IN, d. 5/8/1986 Waterloo, IA. Buried Littleton, IA

Marguerite Henninger b., d. 24/7/1986 Waterloo, IA

Charles Warren Henninger b., d. Waterloo, IA

William Roy Henninger b., d. 1985 Waterloo, IA

At the time of her death, Myrtle was survived by her two sons, Charles W. Henninger and William R. Henninger, two daughters, Mrs. Marie Stone, and Mrs. Mauguerite Long of Ft. Atkinson, Wisconsin. Also, survived were 17 grandchildren, and 18 great-grandchildren. Her husband Roy had died in 1964, and both she and Roy were buried in the Garden of Memories at Ft. Atkinson.

Dorothy Marie Henninger married Loren Brewter Stone (nicknamed Boot) on 27 July 1934. She and Loren had six children:

I. Rodney Le Roy Stone b.

II. Cheryl Joyce Stone b., Married 1986 to Asa Bushnell

III. Constance Marie Stone b.

IV. Loren Brewster Stone, Jr. b. 13/9/1943

V. Vicki Aileen Stone b. 7/7/19??, Married and divorced, Two children:

1. Emeline, b. 1973

2. Travis, b. 1983

VI. Dean Adelbert Stone b. 5/5/19??. Married ? to Terri

Marguerite Henninger married Merle Long on 16 August 1936. Marguerite and Merle had two children:

Karen Long b.

Larry Long b.

Charles Warren Henninger married Darlene ?, and had two children:

Craig Henninger b.

Christine Henninger b.

William Roy Henninger married Mary ?, and had four children:

William Roy Henninger, Jr. b.

Terrence Henninger b., Married 6/2/1973 to Rebecca Edith Runyan

Rebecca Marie Henninger b.

Timothy Henninger b.

Both Charles Warren Henninger and William Roy Henninger, Sr. served in the military forces during WWII.

Charles Virgil Booker, the youngest child of Charles Dexter Booker and Laura Boyd, married Stella May Hughes on 28 December 1919 in Waterloo, Iowa. There children are as follows:

I. Stella Virginia Booker b. 10/6/1923 Sullivan, IL, d. 7/7/1923 Sullivan, IL

II. Mabel Mae Booker b. 6/1/1927 Sullivan, IL, Living Sullivan, IL

III. Virgil Eugene Booker b. 28/12/1932 Sullivan, IL. Married Carlin Jo Manship 16/9/1950 in St. Charles, MO. Two children:

1. Michael Eugene Booker, b. 7/3/1951 Decatur, IL.. Three marriages, (1) 22/9/1972 to Candace A. Jaycox, (2) 14/7/1979 to Deborah S. Dugan, (3) 8/3/1985 to Jerilee Sanders in Sullivan, IL. One child:

i. Jamie Lynn Booker, b. 19/7/1988 Springfield, IL

ii. John Michael Booker, b. 18/10/1989 Springfield, IL

2. Joey Lynn Booker, b. 4/8/1956 Decatur, IL, d. 24/6/1978 Sullivan, IL (truck accident)

IV. John Dexter Booker b. 10/9/1934 Sullivan, IL, Two marriages, (1) 1/7/1956 to Nancy Joanne Montonye, (2) 8/9/1978 to Joyce Harlin (Morgan). Three children by 1st Marriage:

1. Vicki Joanne Booker, b. 16/4/1958 Decatur, IL. Marr. 25/11/1977 to Dennis Leon Binder in Sullivan, IL. One Child:

i. Douglas Andrew Binder, b. 20/12/1977

2. Eric John Booker, b. 4/8/1959 Decatur, IL. Marr. 27/12/1981 to Mary Jo Myers in Lovington, IL. One child:

i. Aaron John Booker, b. 19/4/1985 Neenah, WI. Liv. in Newnan, Georgia

3. Daniel Jeffrey Booker, b. 1/6/1962 Decatur, IL. Single-liv. in Falls Church, VA

V. Ronda Jo Morgan Booker, Marr. 22/7/1989 to John Michael Durbin in Sullivan, IL; (step-daughter of John D. Booker)

VI. George Roger Booker b. 29/1/1937 Sullivan, IL. Two marriages, (1) 3/4/1959 to Betty Lorene Tynan, (2) 3/8/1963 to Patricia Ann Little. One child by 2nd Marriage:

1. Scott Devin Booker, b. 5/9/1965 Decatur, IL. Marr. 5/8/1989 to Paula Lee James in Norman, OK

At the time of his death in 1980, Charles Virgil Booker was survived by his three sons, Virgil E. Booker of Sullivan, Illinois, John D. Booker of Lovington, Illinois, and George Roger Booker of Midwest City, Oklahoma, and daughter, Mabel M. Booker of Sullivan, Illinois. Charles Virgil Booker was buried in Greenhill Cemetery, in Moultrie County. Stella M. Hughes Booker, his wife, lived with her daughter, Mable, in Sullivan, Illinois until her death 11 June 1988. Stella was buried in the Greenhill Cemetery in Sullivan, Illinois.

Harriet Ellen Booker and Amos A. Ross

Harriet Ellen Booker, daughter of John Davis Booker and Susanna Hastings, married Amos A. Ross in 1883 or 84. Amos died 7 March 1938 in Decatur, Illinois. Their children were:

Loral Claude Ross b. 19/6/1885, d. 17/3/1904

Edith Elthel Ross b. 6/8/1889, d.

Lydia Ross b. 31/12/1894, d. ??1911. Married Ward L. Baker

Roy Amos Ross b. March 1896, d.. Married 28/2/1921 to Neva Lynch

Ruth Augusta Ross b. 5/10/1900

The Amos A. Ross and Harriet Ellen Booker Family lived mostly in Decatur, Illinois.

John Wesley Booker

John Wesley Booker, son of John Davis Booker and Susannah Hastings, married twice. First, to Effie Jane Jenkins on 8 September 1886, and later to Effie May Downey on 4 July 1891. From his first marriage, John Wesley Booker had two children:

Lewis Harvey Booker b. 18/8/1887, d.

Myrtie Ester Booker b. 11/11/1889, d. 20/2/1966

From John Wesley Booker’s second marriage to Effie May Downey, there are ten known children:

William Loral Booker b. 21/5/1893, d.

Jesse Oral Booker b. 22/5/1895, d. 11/10/1953

Florence Catharine Booker b. 16/4/1898, d. 25/8/1980 Farmington, MI

Bessie Ethel Booker b. 23/3/1900, d. 31/12/1957

John Wesley Booker, Jr. b. 28/4/1902, d.

Clarence Elva Booker b. 7/10/1904, d.

Leona Mabel Booker b. 25/4/1907, d.

Aca Otis Booker b. 12/2/1910, d. 22/4/1960

Cecile Opal Booker b. 9/5/1912, d.

Lena Pearl Booker b. 8/4/1916

On the 1900 Census of Moultrie Co., Illinois, John and Effie May (born August 1878) are found living in Jonathan Creek Township. Lewis Harvey Booker, son of John Wesley Booker and Effie Jane Jenkins, married twice – first to May Butts on 13 November 1907. May died, and Lewis remarried to Fannie E. Brown on 21 November 1909. Lewis’s only children were by his second marriage:

I. Claude Edward Booker b. 26/11/1910. Married 30/8/1941 to Freda Emmons in Allenville, IL

II. Vade Woodrow Booker b. 16/1/1913, Married Lucille Weitakampf, living in Lovington, IL. One child:

1. Joseph Scott Booker, b.. Liv. in Lovington, IL

Myrtie Ester Booker, John Wesley Booker’s second child from his first marriage, married Charles L. Bovee on 31 October 1914. Myrtie’s only child, Dolores Geneva Booker, born 21 November 1906, took her step-father’s name (Bovee). Dolores married Virgil E. Fitch on 24 November 1928, and from this marriage four children were born:

I. Richard Norman Fitch b. 14/1/1929. Two marriages, (1) 18/1/1947 to Bonnie Everly (div.), (2) Carroll Jarchow. Two children:

1. Terri Lee Fitch

2. John Allan Fitch

II. James Edwin Fitch b. 25/11/1929. Married Carolyn Carson on 8/8/1953. One child:

1. Deborah Jean Fitch

III. Dolores Marilyn Fitch b. 8/11/1931. Married Leo R. Everhardt on 3/6/1950. One child:

1. Kathleen Marie Everhardt

IV. Allan Duane Fitch b. 6/6/1936

William Loral Booker, first child of John Wesley and Effie May Downey, married Jennie Dominique on 23 February 1915. Jennie died on 30 March 1918, and William remarried to Freida Robertson on 14 June 1919. There was one child from William’s first marriage:

I. Myrtle Ellen Booker b. 27/1/1918. Married Kenneth Graham on 28/3/1936. Two children:

1. Barbara Ellen Graham, b. 17/2/1938

2. Janet Carol Graham, b. 27/9/1941

Jesse Oral Booker, son John Wesley Booker and Effie May Downey, had two marriages. His first to Amber Pifer ended in divorce, and he remarried to Ethel Hill on 3 November 1920. Jesse and Ethel had four children:

I. Jesse Oral Booker, Jr. b. 26/1/1922

II. Ethel Eleanore Booker b. 1/3/1927. Two marriages, (1) 15/5/1941 to Preston Truax, (2) 26/4/1943 to Charles Ray. Three children from second marriage:

1. Joyce Charleen Ray, b. 3/4/1944

2. Sue Lavinia Ray, b. 6/2/1946

3. Dixie Darlen Ray, b. 17/10/1947

III. Harold Earl Booker b. 16/3/1930

IV. William Claude Booker b. 28/5/1934

Florence Catherine Booker, daughter of John Wesley Booker and Effie May Downey, married Rollie Lee on 4 June 1914. Florence and Rollie had seven children, and at the time of Florence’s death, she had 11 grandchildren, 15 great-grandchildren (two grandchildren had preceded her in death). Here are the Lee children:

I. Irene Muriel Lee b. 1/12/1915. Two marriages, (1) 11/3/1935 to Clarence Wendlandt, (2) 12/4/1947 to James Heath. Two children by 1st marriage:

1. Nancy Ellen Wendlandt, b. 12/9/1935, d. 2/10/1935

2. Beverly Sue Wendlandt, b. 10/10/1937. Married 29/4/1961 to David Bratton. One child by 2nd marriage:

3. James Raymond Heath, b. 31/10/1947, d. 2/1/1948

II. James Wesley Lee b. 6/4/1918. Married 1/4/1944 to Mary Jane Cooper. Three children:

1. Charlotte Mary Lee, b. 8/2/1946

2. James Wesley Lee, Jr., b. 22/6/1947

3. Carol Ann Lee, b. 6/7/1951

III. Ralph Kenneth Lee b. 3/10/1920, d. 6/10/1920

IV. Charles Alva Lee b. 4/10/1921, d. 6/5/1924

V. Geraldine Bernice Lee b. 1/6/1928. Married 18/4/1947 to Frank Harrington. Two children:

1. Philip Lee Harrington, b. 5/4/1947

2. Sheri Colleen Harrington, b. 9/9/1951

VI. Millie Carol Lee b. 3/7/1932. Married 4/11/1949 to Glen Miracle. Four children:

1. Glen Merideth Miracle, b. 23/6/1950

2. Wanda Carol Miracle, b. 14/7/1952

3C. Gail Ann Miracle, b. 26/7/1955

VII. Shirley Joan Lee b. 11/12/1934, d. 8/9/1949

Bessie Ethel Booker, daughter of John Wesley Booker and Effie May Downey, married 29 November 1916 to John Klocke (died 14 November 1964). Bessie and John had five children:

I. Wesley John Klocke b. 27/10/1917. Married Ellen Margaret Tinson on 18/9/1937. Three children:

1. Mary Ellen Klocke

2. John Carl Klocke

3. Wesley Irvin Klocke

II. Charles Carl Klocke b. 20/8/1919. Married Rose Ernestine Strawhel 8/6/1940. Three Children:

1. Charles Ernest Klocke

2. Gary John Klocke

3. Linda Rose Klocke

III. Ernest William Klocke b. 6/6/1921. Married Ellen Cunningham on 5/2/1942. No children

IV. Irvin Otis Klocke b. 29/3/1923. Married Ann Aiella?. Two children:

1. Thomas Klocke

2. Robert Klocke

V. Gladys Ethel Klocke b. 20/4/1926, d. 15/6/1932

John Wesley Booker, Jr., son of John Wesley Booker, Sr. and Effie May Downey, married Etta Smith in August of 1926. From this marriage there were five children:

I. Lillian Esther Booker b. 21/6/1928. Married Leroy Powell on 2/6/1946. Three children:

1. Anna May Powell, b. 3/1/1947

2. Herschel Powell, b. 1951/52

3. Daniel Powell, b. 1953

II. Viola Virginia Booker b. 26/11/1929, d. Sept. 1931

III. Velma Mae Booker b. 23/11/1931. Married Jerry Welch on 6/12/1947. Three children:

1. Pamela Lee Welch, b. 20/6/1949

2. Debora Lee Welch, b. 3/11/1952

3. Jerry Welch, Jr., b.

IV. Margie Irene Booker b. 19/9/1933. Married Weldon Bordner in 1953. Two children:

1. Dennis Howard Bordner, b. 5/4/1955

2. Ronald John Bordner, b. 1/7/1956

I. Shirley Berniece Booker b. 9/4/1935. Married John Baris 1953. Two children:

1. Jackie Baris, b. 23 Nov. ?

2. Dottie Lou Baris, b. 19 Sept. ?

Clarence Elva Booker, next child of John Wesley Booker and Effie May Downey, married twice; first to Ola Dugan in 1925 or 1926, and then to Elsie Oliver on 16 February 1939. Clarence had two children by his first wife:

Goldie May Booker b. 10/5/1927

James Calvin Booker b. 7/7/1929

Leona Mabel Booker, John Wesley Booker’s next child, married Burdette Rawson Zimmer on 11 October 1924. Leona and Burdette had seven children:

Dorothy May Zimmer b. 8/11/1925

Betty Jane Zimmer b. 28/2/1927, d. 4/3/1927

Alice June Zimmer b. 20/9/1929, d. 20/2/1930

Richard Keil Zimmer b. 20/10/1931

Robert Carl Zimmer b. 11/6/1933

Ralph Earl Zimmer b. 23/7/1939

Russell Lawson Zimmer b. 6/4/1941

Aca Otis Booker, John Wesley Booker’s next child, married three times; first to Lucille Nestor on 9 April 1927, then to Casimira Wojtzuk in April of 1934, and lastly to Ruby Radford on 23 March 1942. There were no children by any marriages.

Cecile Opal Booker, John Wesley Booker’s next child, married William A. Barnes on 24 October 1929. Cecile and William had one adopted child. Her name is Bonnie Louise Barnes. Finally, John Wesley Booker’s last child was Lena Pearl Booker. At this time I have no information on her.

William Ellery Booker, son of John Davis and Susannah Hastings, married Laura Bell Coward on 4 July 1889 in Lovington, Illinois. The older members of the family could remember that William and Laura had “an adopted boy” named Aubrey, but there is no record on him. There is a picture of him at about age eight, but he may not have lived far past that. According to Mabel M. Booker, Laura Bell was a smallish, thin woman. After William died in 1905, Laura remarried to Emery Newlan, but when she died in 1949, she was buried next to her first husband, William Ellery Booker, in the Keller Cemetery south of Lovington.

The Thomas Jefferson Booker and Charlotte Ann Bell Family

Third son of James Baxter Booker and Elizabeth Davidson, was Thomas Jefferson Booker. Thomas married Charlotte Ann Bell in Lovington, Illinois on 10 April 1856. They had twelve children:

Laura Alice Booker b. 4/7/1857 Lovington, IL, d. 10/4/1858 Lovington, IL

Thomas Albert Booker b. 1/8/1858 Lovington, IL, d. 2/12/1891 Moultrie Co., IL

Zora Ellen Booker b. 24/9/1860 Lovington, IL, d. 9/8/1861 Lovington, IL

Florry Bell Booker b. 17/9/1962 Lovington, IL. d. 12/10/1916 Lovington, IL

Marcus Alfred Booker b. 30/5/1864 Lovington, IL, d. 1/8/1864 Lovington, IL

Zorado Margot Booker b. 15/12/1865 Lovington, IL, d. 26/3/1900 Lovington, IL. Never Married

William Lowe Booker b. 16/9/1867 Lovington, IL, d. 30/6/1923 Lovington, IL

Leotia Charlotte Booker b. 6/9/1868 Lovington, IL, d. 11/6/1877 Lovington, IL

Maude Ann Booker b. 13/7/1869 Lovington, IL, d. 18/9/1869 Lovington, IL

Arilla Agnes Booker b. 3/7/1872 Lovington, IL, d. 20/8/1872 Lovington, IL

Samuel Arthur Booker b. 19/11/1874 Lovington, IL, d. 10/8/1943

Ada Ethel Booker b. 25/9/1881 Lovington, IL, d. 23/10/1881 Lovington, IL

Thomas Albert Booker

Thomas Albert Booker (Bert) was married twice. His first wife’s name was Laura A. Huffman. Thomas and Laura were married on 21 March 1880. Before her death on 25 May 1886, Thomas and Laura had two children:

Ethel Charlotte Booker b. 12/12/1882 Lovington, IL, d. 31/10/1969

Edward Booker b.

Thomas then married Mrs. Mary Catherine Browning (maiden name Wren), who already had four children of her own: Bertha, Etta, Frank and Olive Browning. Then Thomas and “Mrs. Browning” had three children of their own:

I. Oral Thomas Booker b. 11/4/1888 Moultrie Co., IL, d., Marr. ? to ?. At least one son:

1. Oral Thomas Booker, Jr., b.. Married Clara ?. At least one son:

i. Robert William Booker, b. 24/6/1943. Marr. Sharon Ann Turley. Three children:

a. Michael Scott Booker, b. 4/11/1962. Medical Doctor; liv. in Portland, OR

b. Stacy Leigh Booker, b. 8/6/1968. Liv. Springfield, IL

c. Kristie Joann Booker, b. 18/4/1970

II. Elsie Booker b. 6/12/1889 Moultrie Co., IL, d.. Married a Goren

III. Floyd Booker b. 27/11/1891 Moultrie Co., IL, d.

Ethel Charlotte Booker, from Thomas A. Booker’s first marriage, married Don Ed Kingery. Ethel and Don had the following children:

I. Laura Pearl Kingery b. 2/8/1905 Lovington, IL. Marr. 11/2/1928 to Louie Albert Stagner in Detroit, MI. One child:

1. Don Larry Stagner, b. 21/7/1939 Detroit, MI. Marr. 1/10/1960 to Edeltraud Kuhn. Four children:

i. Linda Kay Stagner, b. 29/7/1962 Birmingham, MI

ii. David Don Stagner, b. 18/9/1963 Birmingham, MI

iii. Dean Louis Stagner, b. 14/3/1969 Birmingham, MI

iv. Donna Ann Stagner, b. 18/7/1971 Birmingham, MI

II. Hubert Young Kingery b. 17/3/1907 Guymon, OK. Marr. Adeline Elliot

III. Lillian Bell Kingery b. Aug. 1909 Guymon, OK, d. Oct. 1909 Guymon, OK

IV. Albert Dean Kingery b. 22/4/1918 Sullivan, IL, d. at 22 months old

V. Lorene Kingery b. 11/4/1919 Sullivan, IL. Liv. Sullivan, IL. Marr. 22/11/1936 to Burl Jividen in Sullivan, IL. Three children:

1. Shirley Jividen, b. 10/12/1938 Sullivan, IL., Marr. Clifford Evans

2. Karen Jividen, b. 22/4/1940 Sullivan, IL.. Marr. Robert Cochran

3. Jon Gary Jividen, b. 10/10/1950 Sullivan, IL.

Florry Bell Booker

Florry Bell Booker, fourth child of Thomas Jefferson Booker, was a teacher. She married Frank Kanitz, and she and Frank had four children:

I. Viola Kanitz b., Married a Huntzburger

II. Ray Kanitz b.

III. Glenn Kanitz b.

IV. Alta Kanitz b. 31/12/1890, d. 7/6/1967. Married Glenn Foster. 5 children:

1. Vere Foster

2. Gail Foster

3. Gene Foster

4. Rosemary Foster m. a Tolen

5. Glenadene Foster m. a Trent

William Lowe Booker

William Lowe Booker, son of Thomas Jefferson Booker and Charlotte Ann Bell, married Dora Wheeler on 8 September 1889 in Lovington, Illinois. Born on 5 October 1871, Dora was the daughter of Benjamin and Dianna Wheeler. Found on the 1900 Census in Lovington Twp. in Moultrie Co., and the 1910 Census in Sullivan, Moultrie Co. (listed under Leows Booker), William and Dora M. (b. October 1872) are listed with seven children:

Bessie Mildred Booker b. 4/7/1891 Lovington, IL, d. Nov. 1921

Jessie Merle Booker b. 28/5/1893 Lovington, IL, (Female) d. 6/3/1959 Sadorus, IL

Claudia Guy Booker b. 8/6/1896 Lovington, IL, (Male) d. 4/6/1968 Decatur, IL

William Frederick Booker b. 15/6/1900 Lovington, IL, d. 3/11/1969 Decatur, IL

Gilbert Lowe Booker b. 21/10/1904 Lovington, IL, d. 16/11/1969 Decatur, IL

Thomas Benjamin Booker b. 11/4/1907 Lovington, IL, d. 28/11/1972 Decatur, IL

Dale Robert Booker b. 13/3/1910 Lovington, IL, d. 25/2/1983 Sullivan, IL

Bessie Mildred Booker married George E. Pierce in 1911. Bessie and George had five children all of whom died in infancy. Bessie is buried in the Monticello, Illinois Cemetery. Bessie and George’s children were:

Ray Pierce b.

Mildred Pierce b.

Evelyn Pierce b.

Keith Pierce b.

baby Pierce b.

Jessie Merle Booker married John Frederick Weaver who was born in Nebraska in 1888. John died 20 August 1977 in Sullivan, Illinois. Jessie and John had ten children:

Helen Weaver b. 1/5/1912 Lovington, IL, d. 4 mos., bur. in Arthur, IL

William Kenneth Weaver b. 14/8/1913 Lovington, IL

Edna Lucille Weaver b. 19/1/1915, Married Donald P. Cheever

Katherine Lorene Weaver b. 31/1/1918, 2 Marriages, 1. David Alumbaugh, 2. ? Silva

Margaret Louise Weaver b. 30/1/1920. Married ? Love

Robert Edward Weaver b. 31/121921, d. 30/1/1945, Killed in France WWII; bur. in Lovington, Illinois

Imogene Weaver b. 6/1/1924. Married ? Florey

Billie Dean Weaver b. 23/10/1927

Dale Booker Weaver b. 6/9/192?

Gerald Duane Weaver b. 24/4/1930, d. 25/6/1984 Decatur, IL. Married 11/10/1961 to Rosetta Auten

Claudia Guy Booker, third child of William Lowe Booker and Dora Mae Wheeler, married Coral Wallace on 20 November 1920 in Sullivan, Illinois by Rev. Hopper of the First Christian Church. Coral, born 15 February 1899 in Prairie Home, Illinois, was the daughter of James Edward Wallace and Elizabeth Cazier. By occupation, Guy was a Mechanic and Car Salesman. Guy died at St. Mary’s Hospital in Decatur of a heart attack in 1968. He was buried in the Greenhill Cemetery in Sullivan, Illinois. Guy and Coral had nine children:

Willa Berniece Booker b. 15/1/1922 Sullivan, IL

Robert Dean Booker b. 29/8/1924 Sullivan, IL

Betty Jane Booker b. 26/12/1925 Sullivan, IL

Richard Eugene Booker b. 19/4/1927 Sullivan, IL

Dorothy Jean Booker b. 26/9/1930 Sullivan, IL. Marr. 22/7/1950 to Donald Jean Warren in Sullivan, IL

William Lowe Booker b. 3/6/1933 Sullivan, IL

Joan Elouise Booker b. 8/1/1935 Sullivan, IL

Wallace Duane Booker b. 7/5/1937 Sullivan, IL

Judith Kay Booker b. 17/9/1940 Sullivan, IL

Willa Berniece Booker married Norris Alexander Mathey on 3 December 1942. Willa and Norris have two children:

Robert Mathey b.

Alice Mathey b.

Robert Dean Booker married Alice J. Reider on 13 May 1949. Alice is the daughter of Clyde Reider. Robert and Alice have six children:

Debbie Booker b.

Tamara Booker b.

Doug Booker b.

Randy Booker b.

Ronnie Booker b.

Deanne Booker b.

Betty Jane Booker married twice; the first time in December 1945 to Frantz Purdue. Betty and Frantz had one child: Dennis Purdue. Betty’s second marriage was to Evert Purdue.

Richard Eugene Booker married Dorothy Hollenbeck (Sadie) on 29 August 1952. Richard and Dorothy have three children:

Rodney E. Booker b.. Marr. 30/5/1983 to Beverly J. Chamberlain

Teresa Marie Booker b.. Marr. 25/8/1977 to Doug Lane

Cheryl Booker b.

Dorothy Jean Booker married Don Gene Warren, and she and Don have four children:

Don Gene Warren, Jr. b. 22/5/1951 Decatur, IL. Marr. Sue Bariether

Pamela Kay Warren b. 13/9/1952 Lompoc, CA

David Guy Warren b. 21/4/1957 Mattoon, IL

Vanessa Warren b. 10/3/1961 Decatur, IL

William Lowe Booker, son of Claudia Guy Booker and Coral Wallace, married Peggy McDaniel on 13 September 1952 in the bride’s home. Peggy was born in Moultrie County on 5 June 1934. William and Peggy have five children:

I. Gary Dean Booker b. 19/9/1953 Ft. Ord, CA. Two marriages, (1) Jeanine Elder, (2) Debbie Kirk. One child by Jeanine Elder:

1. Lynette Booker, b. 22/11/1975

II. Timothy John Booker b. 6/3/1955 Ft. Lewis, WA, Marr. 8/6/1974 Marsha Lynn Shain in Sullivan, IL. One child:

1. John William Booker, b. 22/3/1978 Decatur, IL

III. James Guy Booker b. 6/3/1955 Ft. Lewis, WA . Marr. 14/8/1976 to Kathy Lehman in Sullivan, IL (Kathy – dau. of Ellsworth Lehman and Nellie Malloy). Two children:

1. Rosemary Nichole Booker, b. 30/5/1978 Decatur, IL

2. Benjamin Ellsworth Booker, b. 7/2/1981 Decatur, IL

IV. Patty Joan Booker b. 11/6/1956 Decatur, IL, Two marriages, (1) Kevin Blythe, (2) Gary Storm. Children by Kevin Blythe:

1. Leslie Jo Blythe, b. 15/7/1975

2. Lori Ann Blythe, b. 6/9/1976

V. Charles William Booker b. 17/11/1959 Decatur, IL. Marr. 1/9/1978 Sullivan, IL. Two children:

1. Shonnie Renee Booker, b. 7/11/1980 Decatur, IL

2. Sophie Jo Booker, b. 30/1/1986 Decatur, IL

Joan Elouise Booker married twice. From her first marriage to Richard Turrentine on 12 June 1954, she and Richard had two children:

Kathy Turrentine b.

Karen Turrentine b.

Joan E. Booker Turrentine remarried to Delbert Ary, and from this marriage one child was born:

Theresa Ary b.

At this time I have no further information on Wallace Duane Booker.

Judith Kay Booker married Harold Rich. She and Harold had three children:

Mike Rich b.

Teddy Rich b.

Tammy Rich b.

William Frederick Booker, son of William Lowe Booker and Dora M. Wheeler, married Mabel Ruth Beitz 3 October 1923 in Monticello, Illinois. Mabel died 11 July 1979 in Decatur, but both are buried in Moultrie County in the Greenhill Cemetery. They had no children.

Gilbert Lowe Booker, also son of William Lowe Booker and Dora M. Wheeler, married Ruby Fultz, daughter of Jewel and Minnie Burnett Fultz. Ruby was born 19 July 1905, and died 2 December 1964 in Sullivan, Illinois. Gilbert and Ruby had five children:

I. Richard W. Booker b. 12/5/1927. Liv. Mattoon, IL. Two children:

1. Steve Booker, b.

2. Jean Booker, b.. Marr. 21/11/1975 in Sullivan, IL to Robert D. Ashley

II. Jack L. Booker b. 2/3/1933, Liv. Massachusetts. Has two children

III. Patsy Ann Booker b.. Marr. Mr. ? Ledbetter, Liv. Tuscola, IL. Has three children

IV. Peggy L. Booker b. 10/3/1941 Sullivan, IL, Two marriages. Marr. Rex Leon Orr 11 August 1962, Two children:

1. Kevin Rex Orr, b. 12/3/1964 Champaign, IL

2. Richard Ray Orr, b. 13/1/1968. Marr. 1/9/1988 to Sherry Sharpe

Peggy 2nd Marr. after 1982 to Jack Holt;. Living in Matton, IL

V. Linda Sue Booker b.. Marr. Mr. Dan Fultz, Living Sullivan, IL. Has four children

At the time of Gilbert L. Booker’s death, there were eleven grandchildren. Both Gilbert and Ruby are buried in the Greenhill Cemetery.

Dale Robert Booker, son of William Lowe Booker and Dora Mae Wheeler, married Nellie Winchester, 5 September 1939 in St. Charles, Missouri. Dale and Nellie had one daughter, Joan Booker, who married a Robertson of Decatur, Illinois. At the time of his death, Dale had one grandchild. Dale was a member of the First United Methodist Church in Sullivan. His wife survives him. Dale was buried in the Greenhill Cemetery.

Samuel Arthur Booker

Samuel Arthur Booker, son of Thomas Jefferson Booker and Charlotte Ann Bell, married Odessa Pearl Everett (b. 7 April 1886) in 1905 in Lovington, Illinois. Samuel and Pearl had three children:

I. Deloss Everett Booker b. 25/6/1907 Lovington, IL, d. 30/5/1985 Findlay, IL. Bur. Findlay Cem., Shelby Co., IL. Marr. 28/9/1930 to Retha Adeline York. One child (adopted):

1. Fred Arthur Booker, b. 8/3/1942. Marr. 22/4/1967 to Sharon Fore in Decatur, IL, Liv. Charleston, SC. Five children:

i. Michelle Booker, b. 11/4/1968

ii. Theresa Ann Booker, b. 11/5/1969

iii. Michael Todd Booker, b. 25/8/1970

iv. John Everett Booker, b. 21/1/1972

v. Chad Davis Booker, b. May 1979

II. Evelyn Madge Booker b. 1/10/1913 Lovington, IL. Marr. 15/3/1936 to Leroy Schuetz in Lovington, IL. One child:

1. Donna Pearl Schuetz, b. 18/7/1938 Decatur, IL. Married 5/8/1962 to Carl Albert Budelsky in Lovington, IL. Four children:

i. Rachel Ann Budelsky, b. 2/10/1965 Tucson, AZ

ii. Amy Diane Budelshy, b. 19/12/1967 Decatur, IL

/iii. Carl LeRoy Budelsky, “Twins”, b. 21/8/1970 Carbondale, IL

\ iv. Stephen Andrew Budelsky, b. 21/8/1970 Carbondale, IL

III. Dorothy Pearl Booker b. 19/4/1917 Lovington, IL. Liv. Murphreesboro, TN. Marr. 4/10/1940 to Donald Wayne Kious in Lovington, IL. Two children:

1. Sue Ellen Kious (adopted), b. 3/5/1946. Marr. 31/10/1970 to John Paul Jones (b. 16/10/1943 Clinton, IL). Three children:

i. Christopher Wayne Jones, b. 10/1/1974 Decatur, IL

ii. Jeffrey Allen Jones, b. 18/8/1976 Decatur, IL

iii. John David Jones, b. 16/7/1977 Decatur, IL

2. David Wayne Kious, b. 16/9/1948. Two marriages, (1) 20/12/1969 to Jacaline Elizabeth Holloway in Murfreesboro, TN; No Children., (2) 12/1/1979 to Connie Lou Stankwytch in Murfreesboro, TN. Two children:

i. James David Kious, b. 31/12/1979 Murfreesboro, TN

ii. Lindsey Ann Kious, b. 3/8/1982 Murfreesboro, TN

Samuel died in 1943, and Pearl died 16 May 1973 in Decatur, Illinois. Both Samuel and Pearl are buried in the Keller Cemetery in Moultrie County. At the time of Pearl’s death in 1973, she and Samuel had four grandchildren, and eight great-grandchildren.

The James Madison Booker Family

The next son of James Baxter Booker and Elizabeth Davidson, was James Madison Booker who according to Florence Booker Lee, had fifteen sons and three daughters in two marriages. James and his first wife, Elizabeth, are on the 1860 Moultrie Co., Illinois Census (Booker spelled Bucker). Along with James and Elizabeth are son, William W. Bucker, and an un-named baby son, age 3 months (John W. Booker). Elizabeth, died in 1864, and James remarried to Martha J. ? (born in NJ) and moved to Shelby Co., Illinois, Mowequa Twp., prior to the 1870 Census. Using the 1880 and 1900 Census’, most of James Madison Booker’s children are listed:

William W. Booker b. 5/2/1858 Lovington, IL, d. 17/8/1860 Lovington, IL. Bur. in Kellar Cem., Moultrie Co., IL. Inscription: “William W., son of J. & E. Booker”

John W. Booker b. 1/4/1860 Lovington, IL, d. Jan. 1960. Went to live with Thomas Jefferson Booker after his mother, Elizabeth, died.

Louis Booker b. 1867

Edward Booker b. 1868

Charles Booker b. 1871

Thomas Booker b. 1872

Augustus Booker b. 1873

Caroline M. Booker b. 1876

Lizzie May Booker b. 1877

Anna N. Booker b. 1879

Arthur Booker b. 18/4/1882, d. 8/6/1902 Killed in racing accident. Arthur was a horse trainer and jockey.

Wilbur Booker b. Oct. 1883, d.

James M. Booker, Jr. b. Apr. 1887

Bessie Booker b. May 1889

Richard Booker b. Oct. 1895

All children were born in Illinois, the first two in Moultrie Co., the latter in Shelby County. On the 1880 Census James M. Booker states his father was from Pennsylvania. In the I.O.O.F. Cemetery at Moweaqua, Shelby Co., Illinois, James M. Booker and Martha J. are found. James’s inscription reads, “b. July 17, 1835, d. Sept. 15, 1901.” Martha’s reads, “b. May 2, 1849, d. Oct. 13, 1900.”

John W. Booker, son of James M. Booker and first wife, Elizabeth, married in 1893 to Amelia Anderson. On the 1900 Census of Decatur, Macon Co., Illinois, the following John W. Booker family is found living on 1119 E. William St.:

Emiline Booker, wife, b. April 1868, age 32, b. in IA

Mabel D. Booker, daughter, b. Nov. 1894, age 5, b. IL

Alberta D. Booker, daughter, b. May 1900, age 0/12, IL

Wilbur Booker, brother, b. Oct. 1883, age 16, b. IL

On the 1910 Census of Macon Co., Illinois, I found in John W. Booker’s household one other brother, Richard Booker, age 14.

The Richard Davidson Booker Family

Richard Davidson Booker, next child of James B. Booker and wife Elizabeth, married twice. First he married Harriet W. Hastings of Lovington, Illinois on 22 August 1859. She died 18 December 1862, and Richard remarried to Sarah E. Reed in Lovington, Illinois on 11 November 1863. From the 1860 Census we find one daughter from Richard’s first marriage, Melissa Booker, age 1. Two other children by Richard D. Booker’s first marriage are both buried in the Kellar Cemetery in Lovington, IL.

Alonzo H. Booker b. 12/2/1861, d. 23/10/1861

Amanda M. Booker b. 9/10/1862. d. 16/12/1862

Also, in the Kellar Cemetery, is one of Richard D. Booker and Sarah E. Reed’s children:

Sarah Ellen Booker b. 4/5/1867 Lovington, IL, d. 15/10/1868 Lovington, IL

On the 1870 Census of Moultrie County, Richard Booker, age 32, born in Indiana is enumerated with his wife Sarah E., age 28, also born in Indiana, and the following Booker children:

Allice (Melissa) Booker b. 1859

Lenora M. Booker b. 1861

Hattie L. Booker b. 1864

Louetta M. Booker b. 1869

The Bucher/Booker Family, 1686-1990 © 1990 Charles Lee Booker Jr.


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